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Cabin Décor: Old is Beautiful

Cabin décor is a classic old setting, taking you way back to the classic wooden era, before the birth of the word, ‘contemporary’. Rich, ethnic and traditional décor styles are evergreen and precious. Some things become better and grander with age; wine, cheese and of course your cozy escape from hectic schedules. Within originality lies the essence of beauty, vintage is priceless and cannot be replicated. Sadly, for some who did not belong in the era, where the experience of vintage cabins was real rather than created. There is hope in the thought that with a creative mind and eye for antique items, the ambience can be imitated. True antiques are expensive and seldom fit in decorating budgets. Especially original vintage pieces are a rare collection and thus costly too. So how does one enjoy the old fashioned way without getting bankrupt?

Cabin décor

Vintage for the limited budget

Now you can have your cake and eat it too; without compromising on original look of the cabin décor or spending a large amount of money. You can have the cabin décor of your dreams within your budget using a few creative approaches and surveying for good durable alternatives.

The more the merrier

For honeymooners, the cabin will represent ‘igniting the fire’, while for nesters, the cabin will be a holiday get away, and for the empty nesters, the cabin will hold, ‘memories’ and a peaceful retirement nest. Thus, encourage family and spouses to chip in their feedback to the cabin décor. Discuss what everyone wants and try to reaching a consensus. Combining everyone’s’ synergies is the key success factor for every project. Women are good with budgeting and aesthetics, while men have an eye for looking at the practical aspects and durability. And children of course, children add fun and creativity to the whole process.

What to look for

Cabin décor consists of two basic elements; the interior and exterior which need to be designed and personalized according to your taste; interior choices are needed for the following:

  • Wall designs
  • Beam construction
  • Metal or wood frames
  • Wood structure; Counters, shelves etc
  • Rugs or carpeting
  • Art pieces
  • Fire place
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Heating/cooling
  • Appliances

The exterior of the cabin will consist of the following aspects:

  • Outdoor wall designs
  • Ceiling, roof
  • Window and doors
  • Fences and enclosures
  • Gates
  • Path ways
  • Garden or lawn

Once listed what cabin décor you are looking for, search online; amazing things in top notch condition can be purchased online. Antique stores also stock a lot of relevant items like braided rugs, and old furniture pieces. Other accessories are mostly heirlooms; therefore consider yourself lucky if your grandparents had a passion for cabin living. Some home stores also stock vintage style lighting and lamps to choose from. With a revived demand for old fashioned furniture, many manufacturers are imitating old designs; they might not be as good as the real stuff, but look very authentic and are comfortable.

Enjoy decorating your cabin, and make it a fun experience, with memories to last a lifetime!

Indoor Cabin Fun

Sure, some of the best things about being up at the cabin are that you can go out to fish, hike, sit around the campfire, or just spend time enjoying the great outdoors. But sometimes, storm clouds encroach, or the wind and cold pick up, making it far too nasty to go outside to play. But that doesn’t have to stop you from having some good ol’ cabin fun. Often, the best thing about being up at the cabin, is being in the cabin. So when the weather’s stopping you from going out, or you just want an indoor day, here are some ways to still have great fun at the cabin!

One great thing to do on a rainy day in the cabin is to cook! Cooking is great when you’re on your on your own, but it’s even more fun when you can get the kids in the kitchen with you! Bring them in and teach them some basics about preparing a meal, grocery shopping, and eating healthily. You can even set up a herb windowsill garden to teach them about growing your own things from nature to eat. Or, just have them pull out some rustic dinnerware and set the table. Cooking is not only an activity that the whole family can become involved in, it’s also practical. Take this time to make and freeze whole meals and casseroles and when the sun comes back, you can go out and enjoy rather than sit in the cabin and cook!

Of course, lodge quilts are a must for any rainy day up at the cabin. Lodge quilts are great for snuggling up under when watching a movie, a great rainy day time-passer, or for building forts! When the kids get a little bored, have them pull out all the Western bedding that they can find and then drape them over couches, cardboard boxes, or anything else that will hold them up. Make the fort extra-fun by serving lunches and dinners in there, just like a real saloon! Pour apple juice into Mason jars for a really authentic feel, and give the kids chips and hot dogs in baskets lined with paper towels. They’ll have so much fun living in the West that they won’t even realize they aren’t able to go outside!