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How to Incorporate Wildlife Rustic Bedding into Your Bedroom

There are a number of ways that lodge style bedding can be used to create a relaxing hideaway that reflects some of the things you love most about nature. Colors, patterns, and plants designed with the same colors that Mother Nature uses to paint the scenery you find so refreshing can be found in the rustic bed sets that capture some of the most glorious examples of wildlife many of us appreciate for its beauty and strength.

Anyone who has ever glimpsed a bear in the woods or seen a gathering of deer in the middle of a field knows how enchanting wildlife is every time you have the chance to experience it. Lodge style bedding which features these and other animals associated with cabin style decor will remind you of that special feeling every time you look at them. There is no simpler or more inviting way to bring the beauty of nature into one of the most important rooms of your home.

The Simple Beauty of Nature

The rustic bed sets featuring wildlife designs are perfectly coordinated to the area rugs, lamps, lodge furniture, and decorating accessories made in traditional rustic designs. To incorporate one or more animals into the decor, it isn’t necessary to drench the room with the same design repeated over and over again. The bed sets are made of coordinating colors and designs that give your wildlife theme just the right emphasis. A throw pillow with a beautifully detailed bear tossed into a corner chair is all that you need to bring that corner into the mix with all of your other accessories.

The bear, moose, and deer all exist among the same settings. Bring all of them into yours! Wall hangings, shelf brackets, fan pulls, and switchplate and outlet covers are just some of the ways that you can add small but significant details that will turn your bedroom into a realistic cabin in the woods. The rustic bed sets are easily coordinated with window treatments, bed linens, and blankets for the decorator touch that you need to give your bedroom an authentic and personalized feel.

The Ideal Cabin Bedroom for You

The way you decorate the rest of your home may be more for your guests than for yourself. When it comes to decorating your bedroom, your goal should be to create a safe haven where you will feel comfortable, relaxed, and inspired. Nothing will be more soothing to your spirit than being surrounded by the colors, plants, and animals that are as natural as it gets! Make decisions that you know you will be happy with, since this is the one room that is designed for you.

Decorating around Your Wildlife Lodge Style Bedding

Narrowing down the choice to one of the beautiful rustic bed sets will be the first and most important decision you make about decorating your bedroom. Your bed will be the focal point of the room and, most likely, the place in which you will spend the most time when relaxing. From there, you can add all the details that carry your theme to every corner of the room. To learn more about the selection of rustic themed bedding and furniture from Cabin Place, call 1-877-884-0248.

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How to Incorporate Nature Themed Rustic Bedding into Your Bedroom

Adding a touch of nature to your bedroom is one of the simplest and most effective ways to turn the room into a comfortable retreat. One of the primary rustic cabin decorating ideas for the bedroom is to pick out your choice in nature-themed rustic bed sets, around which you can build a decorative theme. While the bedding is the primary focus of the room, you will need to add additional touches around the room to create a unified theme that has the impact you are looking for. The themes you have to choose from include those based on the types of land, plants, animals, and water that we all instantly recognize as having their place in the woods.

Focus on Color

Although you may focus on placing a few items with a similar theme into the room, everything from the floors up should incorporate the colors found in nature, to give the room a truly natural impact. It only takes one boldly colored accessory to take away from the natural effect. Although rustic bed sets may combine only a couple of colors, you can add additional colors to the room, as long as they are appropriate choices. Think of the deep burgundy of fall leaves, the wide array of greens in vegetation, and the crystal blues found in streams.


Rustic furniture, particularly the bed, is the ideal way to increase the natural look of your bedroom. Even if you don’t want to invest in larger pieces of furniture, such as the bed and wardrobe, consider adding one or two small accent pieces, such as a nightstand or accent table with mirror, and keep your choices of larger pieces of furniture limited to those made from natural looking wood, copper, or leather materials.

Choosing the Right Accessories

In addition to rustic bed sets, coordinating window treatments, blankets, throw pillows, and area rugs are all tools that will help you incorporate a natural rustic theme into your bedroom. One of the best accessories to bring your look together is a rustic wallpaper border. This decorating tool is one of the most attention-getting rustic cabin decorating ideas you will find.

Additional accessories are those that add to the functionality of the room, while also having the same basic theme. Be careful not to add too many different patterns and contrasting features, to ensure the overall appearance of the room is one that reflects nature, and which creates a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. Keep sculptures separate, instead of putting large numbers of them together, so that they stand out for their unique and realistic design. Consistency of color, materials, and design will allow you to incorporate a natural rustic theme into your bedroom to the degree with which you are most comfortable. While following these guidelines is a good way to create a well-designed room, there is always flexibility to add the features that reflect your personal style and taste. To learn more about designing your bedroom around our nature-themed rustic bed sets, call Cabin Place at 1-877-884-0248.

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Cabin Décor: Old is Beautiful

Cabin décor is a classic old setting, taking you way back to the classic wooden era, before the birth of the word, ‘contemporary’. Rich, ethnic and traditional décor styles are evergreen and precious. Some things become better and grander with age; wine, cheese and of course your cozy escape from hectic schedules. Within originality lies the essence of beauty, vintage is priceless and cannot be replicated. Sadly, for some who did not belong in the era, where the experience of vintage cabins was real rather than created. There is hope in the thought that with a creative mind and eye for antique items, the ambience can be imitated. True antiques are expensive and seldom fit in decorating budgets. Especially original vintage pieces are a rare collection and thus costly too. So how does one enjoy the old fashioned way without getting bankrupt?

Cabin décor

Vintage for the limited budget

Now you can have your cake and eat it too; without compromising on original look of the cabin décor or spending a large amount of money. You can have the cabin décor of your dreams within your budget using a few creative approaches and surveying for good durable alternatives.

The more the merrier

For honeymooners, the cabin will represent ‘igniting the fire’, while for nesters, the cabin will be a holiday get away, and for the empty nesters, the cabin will hold, ‘memories’ and a peaceful retirement nest. Thus, encourage family and spouses to chip in their feedback to the cabin décor. Discuss what everyone wants and try to reaching a consensus. Combining everyone’s’ synergies is the key success factor for every project. Women are good with budgeting and aesthetics, while men have an eye for looking at the practical aspects and durability. And children of course, children add fun and creativity to the whole process.

What to look for

Cabin décor consists of two basic elements; the interior and exterior which need to be designed and personalized according to your taste; interior choices are needed for the following:

  • Wall designs
  • Beam construction
  • Metal or wood frames
  • Wood structure; Counters, shelves etc
  • Rugs or carpeting
  • Art pieces
  • Fire place
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Heating/cooling
  • Appliances

The exterior of the cabin will consist of the following aspects:

  • Outdoor wall designs
  • Ceiling, roof
  • Window and doors
  • Fences and enclosures
  • Gates
  • Path ways
  • Garden or lawn

Once listed what cabin décor you are looking for, search online; amazing things in top notch condition can be purchased online. Antique stores also stock a lot of relevant items like braided rugs, and old furniture pieces. Other accessories are mostly heirlooms; therefore consider yourself lucky if your grandparents had a passion for cabin living. Some home stores also stock vintage style lighting and lamps to choose from. With a revived demand for old fashioned furniture, many manufacturers are imitating old designs; they might not be as good as the real stuff, but look very authentic and are comfortable.

Enjoy decorating your cabin, and make it a fun experience, with memories to last a lifetime!

How to Decorate a Bathroom in Rustic Décor

Whether you’ve already decorated most of your home in rustic style or are trying to decide which room to give a rustic makeover to first, the bathroom is an ideal place to add a touch of country style. If the rest of your home is already decked out in rustic décor, don’t leave the bathroom out. And if you’re just getting started, rustic bathroom décor will give you a fantastic start on the rustic themed home or cabin of your dreams.

When creating a themed bathroom, it’s best to start with the big, noticeable changes first if you can afford to do so. After all, that’s what everyone will see first when they step into your newly decorated rustic bathroom. Applying rustic themed wallpaper or painting to compliment the overall theme is a good start.

Next, add large, noticeable accessories. The shower curtain and bath towels are a good place to start. There are several styles of shower curtain available to complement your rustic bathroom décor. Rustic toilet seat covers are another good accessory which can be added at low cost.

No matter which rustic style you want for your themed bathroom, you will have little trouble finding rustic themed bathroom accessories like soap dispensers, toilet paper racks, and cupboard handles featuring all of your favorite themes. Bear, moose, woodland, Cowboy, and woodland themes are all well represented with rustic bathroom décor. One thing we’re sure of: you’ll be delighted at just how easy it is to find rustic décor for your bathroom.

Cabin Place has many of the accessories and rustic bathroom décor you need to create the themed bathroom of your dreams. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for that perfect piece to complete your rustic bathroom décor, you’ll find it at Cabin Place. Before you take another step in your decorating process, check out the wide variety of rustic décor at Cabin Place.

From Floors To Fixtures, How To Decorate Your Rustic Bathroom

When it’s time to redecorate your bathroom choosing a rustic theme can be perfect. Rustic décor lends a warm and comforting feel, which is the perfect environment for any bathroom. Also, because this look can be achieved with just a few simple pieces, it’s a very budget-friendly option and is perfect for any sized bathroom. Here are a few ideas to help you get started decorating your rustic bathroom.

Starting with the floors and walls is a great way to start decorating any room, and the case is no different when decorating a rustic bathroom. Wood is usually the most preferred choice for rustic décor but this is obviously not practical for a bathroom. Instead, buy budget-friendly linoleum that’s done in a wooden design or install stone tile. Stone tile can also be used for areas inside the bathroom and shower. Any stone material is going to look more natural than synthetic materials and when you’re thinking rustic décor, you must think natural!

The next most important thing to consider when creating a rustic bathroom is to think of the fixtures such as the taps in the sink and the bathtub. Choose fixtures that are done in brasses or bronzes and that have a used, weathered look to them will really make the rest of the rustic décor in your bathroom pop. Also, while you may not be able to have a wooden vanity, due to the water that can get splashed onto it, you can load your vanity up with tons of wooden rustic bathroom accessories. Choose matching wooden soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and towel racks with rustic designs such as pine cones, fish, or western designs on them.

Even if you can’t change the floors, shower tiles, or vanity in your bathroom, there are still many things you can do to give it a rustic design. Rustic bathroom accessories such as wastebaskets, tissue boxes, and even wooden stools can be placed strategically around the bathroom to really give it a rustic feel.

From floors to fixtures, rustic bathroom accessories, and even shower curtains and shower curtain rings, we have all the rustic décor you need to turn your bathroom into a relaxing rustic getaway. Check out our selection and you’ll see just how easy having a rustic bathroom can be!

Western Wastebaskets, And Rustic Shower Rings Decorating Your Cabin’s Bathroom

You’ve spent so much time decorating your cabin’s bedrooms, living room, and kitchen don’t forget about the bathroom! Cabin bathrooms are a great place to introduce a different theme from the rest of the cabin, or to bring the rest of the theme in, tying the entire cabin’s décor all together. And whether you want a rustic bathroom in your cabin, or you want to dress them up in Western themes, there are tons of cabin bathroom decorating ideas you can use!

When you’re looking to decorate a rustic bathroom, you might want to consider using neutral colors and tones. These are some of the most popular color schemes for rustic bathrooms, and it will help add to the natural, rustic look. You might also want to include some elements of nature in your rustic cabin bathroom, such as bears, ducks, or moose. We have many cabin bathroom sets that come in these patterns. Our Woolrich Woodlands Shower Curtain and Accessories and our Rather Be Fishing set are just a few examples of the perfect furnishings and accessories that can be used to decorate a rustic bathroom.

If you want to bring nature into your cabin bathroom, but would prefer to leave the animals out of it, you can choose natural elements such as pine cones. Our Barn Raising Pine Cone shower curtain set is cute and lovely, and perfect for any cabin bathroom décor!

And if you come up to your cabin to unleash the cowboy or cowgirl in you, you might want to have a western bathroom in your cabin. Western décor for the bath is very popular, mostly because it’s so easy to decorate with and there’s perhaps no better way to decorate your cabin than by bringing in the spirit of the Old West! We have any accessory you could need to decorate your western bathroom from countless options and patterns in western bathroom shower curtains to anything you could need to dress up your western bathroom vanity. If horses, lassos, and cowboy boots are your thing, we’re sure to have the perfect accessories and furnishing for your cabin’s western bathroom.

Don’t forget about your bathroom when you’re decorating your cabin! This is one of the most fun rooms to decorate in your entire cabin, and one where it’s truly all the little details that make it such a beautiful space!

The Finishing Touches For Your Cabin Bathroom

You might think that a cabin bathroom is just a bathroom. But you’ve no doubt taking some time decorating the bathroom in your own home, so why not do the same for your cabin? Especially when there are so many wonderful things that will help you spruce it up! And once you start looking for ways to decorate your cabin bathroom, the chances are you won’t be able to stop yourself!

When many people start decorating their bathroom, whether it be at the cabin or in their home, they often like to start with the shower curtain. This larger accessory will be one of the first things that a person’s eye is drawn to when they enter a bathroom. So it makes sense to start with that, and then begin filling in all the details based on that theme. Make sure you check out the many, many options we have in rustic shower curtains. Most of these are sold as sets so not only will you get that beautiful shower curtain, you’ll also get all those little finishing touches such as shower hooks, tissue holders, and garbage cans. There really is no better way to make sure that your cabin bathroom is fully decorated from top to bottom!

And don’t forget about the towels you need to hang in there! Lodge bathroom towels not only serve a practical purpose, but they also pull together the whole look of your bathroom. Get towels to match the rest of your bathroom, or choose a neutral look with moose or pine cones on it. These towels will fit in anywhere! And, most of our cabin bathroom towels are designed to be mixed and matched with any of our shower curtain sets. So you can decorate your whole bathroom for less, and all from the same place too. Because we know that you want to spend as much time as possible actually using your cabin and not running around shopping for it.

When you’re decorating your cabin bathroom, you want to make sure that no detail is missed, and nothing has been overlooked. We know that it’s in the bathroom where the finishing touches make all the difference, and we want to help you decorate yours! Come check out all the products we have for your cabin bathroom. It’s never been easier, and your lodge bathroom will never look cuter!