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Essential Pieces of Lodge Office Furniture You Need To Consider

Your work space is an important area to any place you’re living in. When you have a cabin or a lodge, you may want to have an office, to work on a number of different things. For some, this is a no brainer, and for others this will bring about a new consideration to the space that abounds free. Regardless of the purpose of this area, you’ll want to look into Lodge Office Furniture that is not only functional, but ties together the design flow of the rest of the domicile. Sure, you can find versatile pieces that will work as far as functional design, but if you want to really get something that serves as a bridge between function and fashion, you’ll definitely want to take a little bit of time to consider the options that you have. There’s a plethora of choices in regards to fine office furnishings, especially if you want to stick to a certain design motif. Whether you are looking at writing the next break out novel of our times, or you are going to simply surf the web, you’ll find that there are some essential pieces that you will want to consider moving forward.

The Desk

There’s nothing more powerful than a solid wood desk. Whether you’re at the lodge or you’re going into the corporate world, solid wood trumps all other design options. Even if you are just looking at a writing table, or something for logging files, you will definitely want to look at wood furniture above all others. There is something compelling, heavy, and long lasting when it comes to this option. You will not find another style that has the same kind of connection and rustic overall feel that hardwood does. Whether you want an executive style solution, a corner option, or one that is simple in frame, this is an important and powerful essential element in any home office. Take time to find the best desk, and you will have the center piece to your office on hand.

Lodge Office Furniture

The Bookshelf

Another standard in any major office area is that of a bookshelf. You could easily get lost in the options here, but you’ll want to look at raw materials once again. Making sure that this matches the rest of the furnishings is important, but as long as you go with something rustic and functional, you will have a solid choice on your hands. Getting shelves to house your books will help you organize, and keep things in proper order overall. Whether you go with standalone shelving, or something with a little more artistic elements, you will find that this is an essential piece to the furniture that you’re going to house in your office. When purchasing these, make sure that you get more than one, as you want to have a uniformity to the design flow.

The Right Chair

The right chair is one of the wild cards that you’re going to have to consider working with. You’ll find that this piece could either make or break your comfort and work. If you’re uncomfortable at your desk, even if it is the premier staple of your lodge, you will not want to work behind it. It’s for that simple reason that you want to take into consideration the right chair for your needs. If you’re going with something like cedar, oak, or any other hardwood, you’ll want to make sure that it is comfortable. Aesthetics are one thing, but again, comfort will dictate whether or not you’re going to use it for the intended purpose. Keep that in mind as you cycle through the options that you have, and when you find the right one, consider purchasing a cushion, as most executive chairs do not come with upholstered seats and backs.

Overall, finding the right Lodge Office Furniture is a balancing act that most people don’t realize until they are amidst purchasing decisions. Look for something that is going to be functional overall, but do not neglect to keep an eye out for items that fit the décor that you’re going for. It’s too easy to get caught up with function over design, and that can lead you to getting items that stand out amidst your rustic home. Whether you are going to spend a great deal of time in the lodge, or it’s going to serve as a vacation spot, make sure that you take your time picking out the perfect pieces for the office. Do not utilize haste, or you could end up spending on something that doesn’t fit the overall rustic ideal that you may be chasing.

Elements of Lodge Dining Room Furniture

Millions of people don’t break a sweat when it comes to finding furniture for their home. However, things can get complicated when you’re not in a metropolitan setting. For instance, if you have a lodge or a cabin, the pieces that would normally work with the design interior of your average apartment will stick out like a sore thumb. When you have a location that you want to outfit with proper furnishings, and you want to get back to the rustic and wondrous allure of Lodge Dining Room Furniture, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Taking your time filling out the rooms is important, and when you get to the dining area, you’ll want to factor in a few elemental pieces. If you’re not sure what to put into the dining area, consider a few essentials, and then accent areas with different larger pieces.

First and foremost, every dining room will need a table. There are a lot of different types that you can choose from when it comes to this essential piece, so make sure that you’re looking for more than the traditional. Whether you want a square design, round design, or you want a larger communal offering, there’s a great number of options that you can explore in this regards. The raw materials of the table matter greatly here, and you’ll want to go with solid wood. Matching the materials that make up the cabin or lodge matters, so look at contrasting and complimenting the wood finishes and stains that are in place. You’ll find that with complimentary design, you will tie together the visual design flow quite easily.

Aside from the kitchen table, chairs should be considered, usually formed from wooden pieces. The pieces should match the table’s overall look and feel, and should be of solid construction. Whether you choose a high back chair with arms, or a no arm chair for the sides, you’ll find a great deal of options abound in regards to this. If you want upholstered options, make sure that the frame is sturdy and solid. These elements all serve to add an accent piece to the initial table design. To ease the burden of picking out all the pieces individually, you could look into purchasing a set or a group of dining room furniture for your lodge. A package deal may be the best way to get all the pieces in place without worry of whether or not they will match the décor that you’re going for.

Lodge Dining Room Furniture

Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces that you should consider purchasing for your kitchen is that of a large hutch. Hutches can bridge the gap between open kitchen designs and interior dining room areas. These can be made of hard woods, stained to match the other pieces, and create a great deal of space for just about anything you may need. Aside from the extra shelves and cabinet space, you could also include a buffet. Whether you choose barnwood, cedar, hickory, or other solid wood options, this staple is perfect for all cabins and lodges overall. This may be the largest furniture pieces that you will end up utilizing overall, and it’s definitely one that should not be purchase in haste, as it will either make or break your interior design flow.

As far as Lodge Dining Room Furniture, there are several elements at play overall. Unlike other areas of the home, this is one that will have high traffic on a regular basis. It’s for that reason that time should be taken when picking out the pieces. Essential pieces such as a dining room table and chairs are paramount, but as far as additional accents, consider taking time to look through available selections. You’ll want to make sure to build this area slowly as it can be easy to over purchase and run out of room overall.

Finding the right elements for your dining room is a matter of assessment. Before purchasing anything, measure the space you have to ensure that you get only pieces that will fit in the allotted space. Take into consider the raw materials, look and feel of the items as well. When outfitting a natural space, especially one that is combining nature and modernity, you’ll want to explore solutions that will be functional and design heavy. That’s where natural woods come into play best. When in doubt, look for unfinished wood items, as you can stain and coat them yourself for that perfect match. Once in place, your dining area will become one with the lodge.

Cedar Log Furniture Brings A Whole New Connection To Nature In Your Lodge

When you’re trying to fill out your lodge or cabin with furnishings, it’s tempting to just get anything that looks good. However, you will be missing out on a great deal of promise if you expedite the process, without looking at certain options. For instance, you may find that Cedar Log Furniture brings about a certain amount of rustic flair that most other solutions will not bring. In fact, it’s this hardwood that may change everything for you upon looking at all the different options that abound. You’ll want to take your time sifting through the possibilities, especially in regards to solid furnishings and accessories that you can purchase and place in your home.

Picking out furniture that is both natural in materials, and showcases a certain flair for design is difficult at times. Many designers and companies don’t really know how to match the two, opting for function or fashion and not the two together. However, when you’re looking at lodge furnishings, you may find that the wooden options made of cedar log are fascinating to say the least. Whether you are fitting a bedroom, living room, dining room, or even an office, you’re going to find that there are several steps that you will want to take on before you finish furnishing even the most modest of cabins.

Starting With The Living Room

One of the first things that people see when they walk into a home is the living room. From the front door to the living area is the common step forward, which is why this room is the first that should be furnished. With that in mind, consider looking into sofas, recliners, and chairs that have the cedar framework. Since many people are going to be sitting and relaxing on these pieces, make sure that the upholstery is solid and the design mixes warm colors, camouflage, and more. Connecting with nature is a matter of adding a bit of lateral visual aesthetics when mixing pieces. Whether you want one large sofa and a few chairs, or you want something more relaxing and less formal, you’ll find that cedar is a good option overall.

Moving To The Dining Room

After you’ve fitted your living room with the right components, look at the dining room area. This will connect the kitchen and living areas well, especially if you pick the right options. This may seem like an easy task, picking out a table and some chairs, but you will have to cycle through more than just that. For instance, you will want to look at whether you want a round, oval, or square dining table. Cedar options come in all shapes and forms, and will lend itself credibility to any option you can think of. Once you have a table, you’ll need chairs, and then to tie things all together you need to look at a buffet and hutch. Without these things working together, your dining area may clash with the living room furniture, and the whole cabin décor could fall apart. Getting the right elements together is more than just about raw materials, it’s about function and visual design flow.

Office Furnishings Stand Out

Another thing to consider in regards to furniture for your lodge is that of office selections. Whether you have a full office to fill in, or you just need a few pieces, there’s something grand about getting office furniture in cedar log style. The solid wood gives a sense sustainability, and natural appeal that flows with the rest of the rooms that you may have. From desks, cabinets, chairs, and more, you’ll find that the most versatile furnishings are usually along the lines of the office. Putting these elements together for the purpose of function comes easy once you have the dining room and living room all situated.

Cedar Log Furniture

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are hard to fill in with furniture, especially with so many coming with fixtures and vanities. If you want to remodel or you want to add a more natural element, you will want to look into vanities and cabinets. These will allow you to get the right kind of flow and connect all the rest of the home’s furnishings with relative ease. Cedar log bathroom vanities and cabinets may not be the first thing on your list, but they certainly will provide you with a level of quality that is unmatched by other offerings.

In the end, take your time when you’re working with Cedar Log Furniture. If you simply give yourself enough time to look around, select the right options and put together solutions that will give you long term use, you will have sustainability overall.

A Breakdown of Lodge Accessories To Consider

One of the aspects of filling out your cabin or lodge is not just about furniture. Sure, that is a focal point, but once you have your furnishings chosen and in place, you’ll want to explore a variety of accessories that will tie everything together. Lodge Accessories aren’t just about visual design flow, as they are needed for function as well. Without having something that is fully functional, the best looking items will be nothing more than paper weights. There’s nothing wrong with decoration, but function and design should go hand in hand when you’re trying to go for that rustic appeal of being amidst nature. At first glance this is an easy task, picking out items that will serve a dual purpose, but when you start to run down all the options, you will find yourself dealing with a bit of a painstaking task. It’s for that simple reason that the following compilation of accessories are noted, so that you can make a much easier final decision on what to place in your home.

Lighting Matters

Whether you have electricity, a generator, or you’re doing things all natural, you’ll want to have proper lighting throughout your lodge. Do not make the mistake of missing out on this opportunity, as you will end up in the dark. Candles work great, and having holders is a good thing, but that may not brighten up the area as much as you need. To get more of a view in the dark, especially when the sun goes down, perhaps you should consider table lamps and shades. When highlighting these, consider the components and make sure that they offer both visual design and function. Solid hardwood bases, as well as shades that have a rustic feel are great. A tree stump or branch could work well if it is sturdy and wired correctly. Adding these to end tables, and alongside furnishings is a great way to bring a lasting impression of nature into the home, even if the lighting is not 100% natural.

Lodge Accessories


Towel racks, coat racks, paper holders, and all sorts of shelving is another piece to the proverbial puzzle that you do not want to miss out on. When considering these pieces, look for natural wood that matches the overall décor that you have going. Barnwood, cedar, hickory, and other woods should be either unfinished or treated lightly so that they stand out as complimentary. The last thing you want is for accessories and extra elements to stand out in the wrong way. It’s easy to get pieces that clash with your overall natural motif, so look out for items that have that solid wood finish and are made to last.

The Mighty Porch Swing

If you have a nice wooden deck or porch, you’re going to want to look into the incredible option of a porch swing. Whether you go for a classic design, or you go for something that will hang with supports, you will find that there’s nothing more relaxing than a swing. Putting a solid wood swing on the front porch or the back deck can be illuminating, relaxing, and compliment the rustic nature of having a lodge amidst nature. There are several solutions that you can comply with, and each one will deliver that feeling of relaxation with relative ease. Just remember to consider the raw materials, and the weight maximums when setting these up. You want to ensure that safety is a primary component of your decision making process. Whatever you decide to pick here, you will find that a porch swing can definitely bring about some great days of just enjoying your view.

The Little Things

There are a lot of little things that you can add alongside the aforementioned Lodge Accessories. For instance, you may want to have a footstool. This seemingly simple option can be tricky, especially when you see all the options that are available in this department. Aside from that, you may want to look into brackets, free floating shelves, and even toilet paper holders. All of these play smaller roles in the home, but can accent a room to give you an eye popping push forward. Sometimes it’s the little things that really make the visual design flow of a home stand out, which is why accessories are so important to sift through.

In the end, wait a short while before investing too much into the aforementioned pieces. You want to fill out your large areas and then add an accent piece once they are in place. You’ll find that it’s far easier to go that route than to purchase a great deal of smaller items and then try to fill the room around them.

Best Cabin Lodge Decor in the Market

If you are looking for outstanding lodge decor pieces to complement and complete a rustic-inspired room, there are a lot available in the market today. An important thing to remember when buying pieces is that these should not clash with one another or else, there’s certainly a mismatch. Buy decorations that will add charm to your lodge, cabin or office. Never sacrifice functionality or quality because in the long run, these will serve as investments as well.

1. Decorative Accessories

Nature-inspired objects like ducks, deers and other animals usually found in the forest are great lodge decor pieces. In most country-themed homes, deer antlers and bear heads litter an entire wall giving an atmosphere of a game hunt. Huge fur lined area rugs provides the right touch and accent to a particular nook.

On top of tables and cabinets, wood carved figures of bears, pine cones and other woodland animals are placed with decorative wooden picture frames. Rustic vases are all time favorites and provide functionality for the home.

Cowboys and horses depicted in the wall decors are beautiful. These lodge decor pieces show a rustic, western appeal that makes these pieces widely popular. Look for hand crafted ones that are coated with a clear coat sealant to protect the finish.

2. Furniture

A fine selection of log furniture usually consists of the following:

•       Rustic beds
•       Bed Benches
•       Nightstands
•       Armoires
•       Log dressers
•       Cedar Chests
•       Coffee tables
•       Log dining room furniture
•       End tables
•       Log living room furniture
•       Barstools

These are versatile lodge decor pieces that can fit an existing theme and are very sturdy. Handcrafted and made from quality pine, it is made to provide years of enjoyment, a sure value for money. Customized pieces can be purchased to fit the size of the room and a particular theme preferred by the home owner.

3. Lighting

A variety of rustic, ranch, cabin, lodge, country and western style lights for indoor and outdoor use are available.  These lodge decor products will surely add the right touch of fun and warmth that everyone longs for.

Lamps can provide decorative and accent lighting to lodge decor. Some lamps have a vintage lantern for base with a burlap linen shade to add a striking addition to the overall ambiance. It is both stylish and practical. With the right illumination, it can add warmth and elegance to any room.

Sconces are beautiful, wall-mounted fixtures that cast an upward lighting that instantly brighten up a room. Wooden based ones decorated with woodland animals are great cabin lodge decor pieces. Four types of finish are usually available: Craftsman Brown Finish, Natural Rust Finish, Antique Copper Finish and Verdigris Finish.

Chandeliers are a striking addition to any house or business. Usually placed in entryways, social or dining rooms, these can make a room feel instantly richer and elegant. Several assortments are available for different sizes and style options, suitable for any budget for lodge décor projects. There are two types of finish available: Frontier Rust and Canyon Black Finish.

Choosing the right lodge decor pieces for the home or office can be an enjoyable task. It is not going to be a tedious job if the prime goal will always be functionality, durability and value for money.

Add Pizzazz to Any Room With Antler Lamps

Finding the right type of décor for your home is important. A decorating style can help bring a specific feel to your house and even your entire home. Warm colors and rich fabrics can make it feel inviting even on cold winter days. The use of airy fabrics and light colors can help make even the darkest space feel full of light.

There are many ways to add a sense of character to your home. If you like the feel of a rural environment where the outside is brought inside, consider a country look for your home. Country style often involves the use of natural woods, plain fabrics and homemade items. One of the most commonly used items in a country style decorating scheme is an antler lamp.

Antlers are large, bony, protruding appendages that male deer grow. The antlers reach a certain height and width each year and then fall off. Afterwards, the deer grow new antlers. People have often found these discarded antlers and used them in decoration.

An antler lamp is a lamp that uses the deer antlers as a base. Electric hardware is attached to the base to provide light. Antler lamps can be fashioned from a single pair of antlers or even multiple pairs of antlers. A single pair of antlers can serve as a scone. Several pairs can be fashioned into larger light fixtures including large chandeliers.

A classic antler lamp designed to fit on a table usually has the prongs of the antlers arranged to provide stable support for the lamp. On top of the base is a light fixture and a shade. More elaborate antler lamps can make use of several antlers and multiple shades. Floor lamps made from antlers are also widely available. Usually the base of the lamp has antlers around it as does the shade. The rest of the lamp is made from more traditional materials such as metal and fabric. Lamps created from stacking antlers upright and then pulling hardware through the antlers are also common.

An antler lamp can be created from actual authentic antlers. Lamps that have been crafted from material designed to resemble antlers are also commonly used. Some stores will make a custom designed antler lamp for you from antlers you already own. You can also make your own if you are comfortable working with electrical hardware.

Decorating with antler lamps requires some advance planning. Think carefully about where to place the lamp and what to use with it. A large antler floor lamp can serve as a focal point in any room. The eye will be drawn to it as someone enters a room. Smaller lamps can act as accent pieces. Use several small antler table lamps to create a mood of country comfort in a small space.

Antler lamps go well with certain other types of furniture. Place one underneath a painting of an outdoor scene. Use a larger one in a large room with knotty pine paneling. The warm brown tones and texture of the lamp will help bring out the sheen in the wood.

When used with care, an antler lamp is an ideal way to add a welcoming touch of the outdoors to any home.

The Perfect Lodge Décor

Creating the perfect lodge experience is a task requiring attention to detail. It needs passion, decent aesthetic sense and yes, cash comes in handy! However for those on a budget, there are many ways to attain the warm cozy lodge décor without emptying your pockets.

Lodge décor revolves around a series of decisions about flooring, lighting, walls, and accessories and of course the exterior. Interior décor decisions require more thought, due to so many various designs, making the appropriate choice is tricky. Furniture is all together another topic. First of all deciding upon the theme of the lodge is pertinent to continuation of the remaining lodge décor.Lodge Décor


Colors play a vital role in complimenting the theme. Warm tones of brown, gold, green and deep red will make a cozy rustic theme. To create openness, some lighter tones of beige may be used to blend in the warm tones. At the end of the day, whatever pleases the eye should matter. Some people might want lighter tones for an airy effect. Since lodge décor is correlated with the outdoors, off-white and blues may be added to give openness. Green adds an essence of natural and freshness, blending with any theme.


Stones, marble, and wooden floors are some of the many options to choose from. Depending again on the theme, however wooden floors are the safest choice without doubt. For decades, wooden flooring has been a unique aspect of lodge décor and has gained affiliation with it. Imagining flooring with any other medium is difficult. To soften the hard and rough look of wooden flooring, nice soft rugs and throws can be used.


Furniture is the main item in interior lodge décor. The style and design of the furniture will dictate the theme of the lodge. Furniture tends to overshadow everything else; other things portray a supporting role. Therefore furniture should be chosen with time and care. Rustic furniture best suits lodge décor. Lodge décor is not at all about wildlife. Many people like indulging in animals plastered on the walls. However for the soft hearted, lodge décor with rustic setting is possible without the presence of wildlife stuffing on the wall. Rugs also add to the personality of the room, giving a touch of softness.


The tone of the room is accentuated with the appropriate light settings. Day light can also be controlled, if more is needed adding sun beams, and light curtain/shades are preferably. For a darker den look, thick curtains, blinds etc may be installed to give a dark richer look. Warm lighting creates better ambience in lodge décor than white light.


A lodge is incomplete and lacks soul without the romantic fireplace lit, crackling fire within wooden logs. A stone encased fireplace is necessary to add personality to the lodge décor. Various companies have introduced fireplaces with electric setting to avoid smoke and exhaust issues. So now, having the perfect fireplace in your lodge will not only look beautiful, but will also be practical.

Lodge Décor Can Bring the Feel of Country Living To Your Town Home

If you live in the city but want to bring the charm of the country to your townhome, all you need is the right lodge décor. The great thing about living in the country is that things are relaxed and laid back. If you can bring that feeling of warmth, welcome, and comfort to your home, you have successfully brought the charm of country living into your home! When you combine rustic lighting with warm throws and natural wood furnishings, you can create that charming and welcoming feel in any room of the house. For those who love the comforts of the country but have to live in town, you can recreate your own oasis of charm and warmth in your living room with rustic décor pieces.

A great rustic chandelier can be the starting point of your cozy and welcoming living area. Soft throws on the backs of chairs and couches give a sense of warmth and comfort that is hard to create any other way. With natural wood furniture you are bringing a bit of nature into the space you live in, and the light from your rustic chandelier can bring out all of its warmth and beauty. A few well-placed throw rugs and you have a living area with the feel of the country no matter where your home is located.

Cabin Place can help you bring the feel of country living to your townhome because we are the one stop shop for rustic cabin décor. Since 1999 we have been selling the highest quality rustic décor items at the lowest possible prices to help people all over the country bring the charm and warmth of the country into their homes. Give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 if you want to learn more about how you can create a rustic and charming décor scheme using products from Cabin Place. Our knowledgeable customer service agents are standing by to answer all of your questions!