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Donna Sharp Quilts

Donna Sharp quilts are the perfect way to add beauty to your bedroom decor. The designs, colors, fabrics and textures created by quilting stitches are a whimsical representation of country chic, blending classic and contemporary elements into a beautiful and unique finished product that you are sure to cherish for years to come.

For the country decor purist, several simple patterns are available from Donna Sharp. Quilted multicolored checkerboards, concentric squares, diamond patterns and more take a more traditional approach, but you are certain to notice the Donna Sharp flair added to these designs, such as frayed joint seams that add dimension, tactile and visual interest and unique style to your bedroom design scheme.

Extending far beyond the symmetrical lines of traditional geometric quilting, several Donna Sharp quilt patterns incorporate various sizes, shapes and colors of fabric swaths to create quilts that draw the eye to admire and invite the body to slumber. Patchwork patterns and applique embellishments range from simple pine trees and fall leaves to wildlife such as bears and moose.

Whether you use them in your master suite or the spare bedroom, these generous quilts will give you plenty of aesthetic and practical comfort and warmth. Donna Sharp quilts come in a variety of sizes so that you can cozy up anywhere in your home or cabin.

  • Throw
  • Twin
  • Full/Queen
  • King

Matching sheet sets, bedskirts, pillow cases, valances and throw pillows help you create an effortlessly coordinated look within a room. Several of the designs are even reversible so that you can easily change out your decor by simply flipping the quilt over. The colors on the reverse coordinate with the accessory pieces; this doubles your value without requiring you to purchase several quilts.

Whether you are creating a rustic decor scheme in your entire cabin or are simply updating a room within your home to reflect the quiet beauty of the country, these luxurious quilts will blend perfectly with other elements in your design.

Donna Sharp quilts are unique among others that you may find shopping elsewhere: They feature custom-designed fabrics and patterns that can’t be found at the bog-box stores and that can’t be matched for quality or comfort by any you might find at one. They are sold exclusively at select brick-and-mortar and online retailers. Each one of these cozy quilts is proudly made by American artisans in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, so you can rest easy under their high-quality construction. Some Donna Sharp quilts are made of 100 percent cotton, and these designs are machine washable for your convenience; however, dry cleaning may be necessary depending upon your preference of pattern.

Many of her quilts have been passed down to the next generation since the early 1980s when Donna Sharp first began making them with her mother. They are sure to become treasured items in your family, as well. Their timeless beauty and unique designs have all of the makings of true heirloom pieces. Discover the pattern that’s right for your home and begin enjoying the timeless beauty, ultimate comfort and incredible value of Donna Sharp quilts for yourself today.

Get Rustic with a Variety of Quilt Themes

Whether you’re using them in the family cabin or your home bedroom, rustic quilts are a great way to add a little kitsch to any kind of décor. Quilts from Donna Sharp (Quilts by Donna, originally) are high quality quilts with plenty of attention paid to detail. At Cabin Place we have a huge selection of Donna Sharp quilts and cabin quilts in general to give your home or lodge a truly rustic feel.

We have a number of different themes when it comes to our rustic quilts at Cabin Place:

  • Bear Quilts. The bear is a fascinating animal. Whether black or grizzly, the bear exudes a quiet sense of strength and curiosity. From our Midnight Bear Quilt to our understated Bear Creek Quilt, you’re sure to find bear-themed rustic quilts to fit your style.
  • Pinecone Quilts. For years, cultures have been using pinecones in arts and crafts projects due to their simple beauty. Whether you’d prefer the lively Whispering Pines Quilt with its colorful mosaic of patchwork or the muted tans and olives of the Barn Raising Pine Cone Quilt, these Donna Sharp Quilts are destined to become family heirlooms.
  • Fishing Quilts. What’s a trip to the cabin without a little time spent outdoors casting your line? With Cabin Place’s Gone Fishing Quilt you can let everyone know how you like to spend your leisure time. Bring the lake inside and have pleasant fishing dreams with this beautiful, earthy cabin quilt set.
  • Nature Quilts. You could probably qualify most of our cabin quilts as nature quilts. The majority of our rustic quilts get their inspired designs from the natural world. Many of our Donna Sharp quilts are available with matching sheets and accessories for a streamlined look.

At Cabin Place, we appreciate the subtle beauty of a lake at dawn or a majestic conifer, and our rustic quilts reflect our admiration. Donna Sharp quilts are of the finest quality available and are both attractive and durable. Browse our great selection to find the perfect cabin quilts for your favorite getaway.

Appliqué Quilts Are Some of the Most Rustic There Are!

Whether you actually have a cabin or are just going for that rustic feel in your home décor, rustic quilts (and especially rustic appliqué quilts) can really give you that stylish, down home look that you’re going for. They’re warm, inviting, and designed to really highlight the rustic feel you know and love.

Appliqué quilts come in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement any rustic setting. While simple patterned cabin quilts are available (and also a good option for rustic homes), appliqué quilts offer the ultimate in comfort and rustic charm.

Appliqués come in a number of styles. Among the most popular rustic appliqué quilts are ones featuring pine or oak trees, autumn leaves, and woodland critters such as bear, moose, and deer. Nautical themed appliqué quilts are also popular among rustic cabin quilts.

The best part about choosing appliqué quilts is that it allows you to really express yourself in your rustic decorating. While all quality cabin quilts will brighten and warm your home or cabin, appliqué quilts take it to the next level by allowing you to customize your home.

Many people choose different appliqué quilts for each room, and build the rooms’ overall décor around the cabin quilts. While it’s best to keep to one overall theme (i.e., nautical themed or woodland themed) for your home, there’s certainly nothing wrong with having one room themed with bears, another with moose, and a third with some other kind of appliqué quilt and matching artwork.

Whatever theme you choose, appliquéd quilts are among the most rustic, coziest ways to warm your heart and your home. No rustic cabin should be without at least one, and some would even argue that no room in a rustic home should be without one of its own. Check out the wide selection of rustic quilts and appliqué quilts at Cabin Place.