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Best Uses for Cabin Rugs

Cabin rugs can do a lot to bring a sense of softness to any lodge retreat. If you are looking to use rugs in your lodge décor, there are few ways to incorporate them quickly, easily, and so that they will have a practical use as well as a decorative one.  There are several different uses for cabin rugs throughout the home, but here we will list just a few of them.

  • Accent Pieces – Rugs make great accent pieces when strategically placed around the cabin. You can liven up any rustic décor theme up a bit with a well-placed cabin rug.
  • Cozy Throw rugs- Rugs create a soft look in nay room. Throw rugs are great for the living area of your cabin because they can give it a warm and cozy look and feel.
  • Warming Up the Floor – Nothing wards off the chill of the winter or a cool summer morning like soft and warm cabin rugs. Use them throughout the cabin to keep your feet warm and the rooms cozy.
  • A Welcome Mat That Keeps the Dirt Out – welcome mats generally double as a place to wipe your feet to keep the cabin floors clean. Welcome mats are wonderful cabin rugs because they can be whimsical, utilitarian, and welcoming all at the same time.

Here at Cabin Place we have cabin rugs for all your needs. We have a large selection of door mats, throw rugs, accent rugs, and other rugs to help make your cabin cozy and welcoming. We pride ourselves on the quality of the products that we sell, and work hard to offer the lowest prices on the best quality cabin décor around. Give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 if you have any questions or concerns, or even if you just want to know more about our wonderful selection of rustic products. Remember, if you’re looking for the best décor pieces for your lodge or cabin, Cabin Place is you one stop shop!

Rustic Cabin Rugs Warm up Any Home

Cabins are known for having beautiful wood floors. Although these add to the rustic feel of your cabin, look great, and are easy to clean and maintain, they can also get cold in the winter months. Rustic cabin rugs are a way to add warmth and comfort to your cabin or hardwood floors at home while adding style, personality, and versatility at an affordable price.

The style of cabin rugs can vary in shape, size, material, and pattern. Some are meant for large areas, such as in front of a fireplace or in the middle of a living room, while others are designed as hallway runners or to function as door mats. Many rustic rugs from are also durable, stain-resistant, and washable to withstand many years of wear and tear without looking worn out.

Rustic rugs are themed subtly, so they aren’t likely to clash with any of your other cabin décor, but will accent and add depth to what’s already there. This makes them extremely versatile. You can purchase a variety of them at and switch them out with the seasons or simply as you please.

If your cabin rugs keep slipping on your smooth log or wood floors, try securing them with Comfortgrip rug pads available from These pads come in different sizes to fit many style and shapes of rugs, and are guaranteed with a ten year warranty, a deal you won’t find many other places. These pads protect you from slipping, keep your rugs in place, and protect your wood floors from scratching.

Don’t forget to get an indoor/outdoor rug for the patio, as well as rustic rugs for welcome mats.

Find the best selection and pricing in cabin rugs when you shop online at Once you discover the usefulness and decorative value of rustic rugs for your cabin or hardwood floors, you will be going back for more.

Fall Is the Perfect Time To Decorate with Rustic Décor!

Rustic décor is fitting for any season, but fall just seems to fit it the most. With plentiful nature themes, leaves, and fall colors, rustic décor such as rustic rugs can instantly change your home’s theme to fit the season beautifully.

Fall décor is usually composed of stereotypical cornucopia, gourds, and corn stalks. If you’re getting bored of the usual fall decorations, try a rustic theme this year. Rustic décor can add a subtle fall feel to any room with just the change of a few pieces.

Rustic rugs are a great way to simply and affordably add a touch of the fall woods to your cabin or country home. They can be easily stored from year to year so you can switch them out quickly to add interest to any room or doorstep. You can use large braided rugs to cover a bare space of floor, or add a fun rustic doormat to greet your visitors as they enter your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a color or pattern you haven’t used before. Fall is the time of family gatherings, and your rustic rug will be a great conversation piece.

Other items that are as versatile as rustic rugs are bathroom items, which can be changed out easily and without much expense. The bathroom is often a neglected room of the house because of its focus on utility over looks, but this room is a great place to display your fall spirit by utilizing rustic décor items.

Consider changing out your shower curtain, hand towels, soap dispenser, wall art, or storage accessories. Browse websites that specialize in cabin decorations, and you will most likely find a variety of simple items to bring rustic décor into your fall theme.

The kitchen is another great place to incorporate a rustic touch this fall. Families gather around and in the kitchen for meals in the fall season, so what better place to display your creative touches? Switching out items such as serving spoons, dish towels, cups, canisters, candles, or serving trays can instantly add home-spun touches to your family meal times.

Sites such as offer great ideas for decorating these and other areas of your home in a rustic theme this fall season. From rustic rugs to art, kitchen utensils to handtowels, they provide one of the best places to update your décor this fall season.

The Story of the Beautiful Braided Rug

It’s hard to get any more rustic than a beautiful braided rug. After all, it was the original American floor covering. Dating back to the Colonial Period, braided rugs have graced American floors for over 300 years.

It’s impossible to say exactly where or how the first braided rugs were made, but these rustic rugs undoubtedly had their origins in the New England Colonies. The thrifty colonists threw very little away if it could possibly be re-used. That was just a necessity of life at the time. The original braided rugs were made from the scraps of clothing which had been outgrown or become too worn out to be of further use.

The initial purpose was to add warmth to the cold floors of the Colonists, but it didn’t take long for the rustic cabin rugs to be recognized as things of beauty. In a time and place where creature comforts were few, these colorful cabin rugs soon became prized possessions. Different braiding techniques developed, and different kinds of fabric came into use. Eventually, many braided rugs were made using new cloth rather than castoff clothing.

Today, these colorful, rustic rugs are often machine made. Available in a variety of colors and styles, braided rugs are a perfect floor covering for any home, but are particularly well suited to rustic homes and cabins. Rustic wood floors benefit from the protection cabin rugs afford, and the braided rugs add a splash of color sure to brighten up any rustic décor.

Cabin place offers a wide selection of rustic rugs, including many styles and sizes of braided rugs. Whether you are using a rustic theme for your home or cabin, or going for something more contemporary, braided rugs add beauty and sense of history to any home. After all, these are the same kinds of rustic rugs which were used by our ancestors shortly after they arrived from overseas.

Rustic Floors Need Special Care, Protect Them With Rustic Rugs!

If you have gone to the trouble to secure a vintage barn board floor or are struggling to maintain an original wood floor in your home, you probably worry about marks and scuffs marring the beauty of your floors. Rather than worrying, polishing, and buffing, try adding an assortment of rustic rugs to cover high traffic areas while still showcasing the natural beauty of your floors.

Cabin rugs are made to be durable and versatile, able to serve as welcome mats and dirt catchers or simply protectors of the high traffic zones. Use rustic rugs to welcome guests to your home and let them know that you value nature and the outdoors the moment they enter. Utilize cabin rugs to catch the inevitable dirt and dust that accompanies shoes into the home or as a home for shoes that aren’t allowed throughout the house. You can also use your rustic rugs as a mat while washing dishes or as a runner down oft-trodden hallways.

There are plenty of options in rustic rugs available at, the home of true rustic décor for every room in your home. Cabin rugs are not limited to wildlife scenes or muted colors but can be found with a wide variety of natural themes and colors ranging from muted sunset colors to vibrant shades that will coordinate with virtually any design scheme.

Where To Place Lodge Rugs in Your Home

Rugs are often the first impression a visitor has of your home and decorating style. A welcome mat or entry way rug or runner gives a guest an initial glimpse of your style and is a reflection on you as well. Other interior rugs can either further the initial impression or work against it but a cohesive theme is generally recommended. You can use lodge rugs throughout your home to create a rustic and traditional feel that will make all of your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Visit to get cabin decorating ideas and search through their selection of lodge rugs that can be used in almost any area of the home. A welcome mat in a cabin or outdoor theme lets your guests know that you value nature and are probably have an almost old-fashioned decorating sense. Runners and area rugs in a moose, bear or pine cone pattern or simply with natural forest colors or designs also denote a symbiotic relationship with the interior of your home and nature. also offers a beautiful selection of indoor / outdoor patio rugs that help bridge the gap between your sun room, deck or patio and the rest of the home. Any guest will appreciate the feel of a plush rug under their feet during an impromptu barbecue or backyard gathering.

Don’t forget the bathroom and kitchen when considering cabin decorating ideas; find bathroom rugs and kitchen mats at to extend the Western or cabin theme throughout the entire home. You will also find curtains, shower curtains, and other accessories to help you firmly establish a welcoming, rustic theme in every room of the house.

How To Clean And Maintain Rustic Area Rugs

There’s no doubt that using a rustic area rug is a great way to instantly add a little bit of fair and personal style into your cabin décor. Plus, they can also bring a little bit of warmth to cold hardwood or tile floors, especially on those cooler fall nights or cold, early winter mornings. But if you’re going to use area rugs in your lodge décor, it’s important that you take proper care of them so that they won’t fade or fray, and to keep the rest of your home clean too!

Should something wet spill on your lodge area rug, use nothing but a 100% cotton towel to mop it up. When doing so, make sure that you lay the towel over the spill, pressing it down so that it soaks up the spill. Once the towel is completely soaked, move a dry portion of the towel over the spill and press again. Repeat until little to no moisture can be absorbed from the spill. When taking care of spills on rustic area rugs, it’s important that you never blot using a circular motion. This can cause a great amount of damage to occur to the rug.

If the spill is something that will really stain the rug such as red wine, use a solution made of equal parts of Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Again, blot using straight lines, not circular motions. Pet stains can be cleaned using a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water, thoroughly mixed. If the stain is really stubborn and you can’t get it out on your own, call in professional carpet cleaners to come in and do the job. And, even if you don’t have any noticeable stains on your lodge area rugs, you should still get them professionally cleaned once a year to keep them fresh and to clean up dirt that you can’t always see.

The most important part of rustic area rug maintenance is vacuuming. Regular vacuuming is crucial for the proper care of lodge area rugs because this prevents the microscopic pieces of dirt that you can’t see from building up. Vacuuming your rustic area rugs also keeps the rest of your home healthy and clean because it prevents dust from the rug flying up and into the air of the home. When vacuuming your area rugs, don’t just sweep the vacuum across it a few times. Instead, pick it up and vacuum the back of the rugs; this will loosen the dirt and dust that has sunk very low in the fibers. When the rug is back on the floor, also don’t run the vacuum straight across it, onto the floor beneath and then pull it back and over again; this can cause the edges to fray very easily. Instead, vacuum right to the edge and then pull it back to vacuum the rest of the rug.

Maintaining your rustic area rug isn’t hard, and it’s extremely important to do. This is the only way to ensure that you’ll have a beautiful floor covering for as long as the rug was meant to last.

Bring Country Charm Into Your Kitchen With Rustic Rugs

The kitchen is one of the most exciting rooms in the home to decorate, because you can do so much with them and take your décor in just about any direction. One of the most popular themes for kitchens has always been to decorate it in country cabin décor; and this still remains one of the most popular themes for kitchens today. There are many reasons why this theme is so popular. It’s very easy and can be done with just a few accessories, such as rustic rugs, and it’s one of the cheapest ways to decorate a kitchen too.

Putting country cabin rugs down on the kitchen floor is one of the easiest ways to start bringing cabin décor into your kitchen. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used for any size of kitchen. If you have a large kitchen, you can use several different cabin rugs to break up the space. Lay one down in the eating area, and then separate ones to differentiate working stations or other areas. If you have a small kitchen, use one small cabin rug by the sink to top off the look.

Another great idea when decorating your kitchen in country cabin décor with the help of rustic rugs is to match the rugs to the curtains. If you don’t already have country, or cabin, curtains now can be a great time to expand on the country cabin theme and match two items when buying them together. These two items alone will help you brainstorm and pick out other pieces that will fit in with your new country cabin décor perfectly.

If you’re ready to start decorating your kitchen in cozy cabin décor, we have many cabin rugs that will get you off to the right start. Find one perfect for your kitchen and then order it online, by phone, or by mail. Then while you’re waiting for it to arrive at your door, start thinking about all the other ways you can add to your new country cabin décor!

What To Consider When Buying Rustic Area Rugs

Cabin floors are very often wood, because this lends to the natural and charming look and feel of lodges and cabins. But that wood can often become cold, and can also be a boring design element. But rustic area rugs take care of that. By throwing a rug down you can instantly change and completely revamp your entire cabin’s décor, and you can bring some of the warmth back to the log cabin. There are many different cabin area rugs out there; but when it comes to buying area rugs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, think about what design would look good on a cabin area rug in your lodge. If you have a country cabin, think about rustic area rugs that depict animals, wildlife, cute patterns, or floral prints. If you have a hunting cabin, you might be more interested in area rugs that show deer, moose, or other game that you enjoy chasing. The chances are that you already have many of these design elements set in place so your new cabin area rug will fit right in.

The next thing to think about when buying area rugs is the shape of the rug that you want. Rustic area rugs come in all different shapes but the most common are square, rectangle, circle, and oval. Mostly the one you choose will depend on your personal preference but the shape of a rug can greatly add to the design scheme. Large square rugs can break up a large common area into different sections and can utilize different spaces for different things. Smaller, circle area rugs can be used as accent pieces or to make a particularly high traffic area a little warmer and more comfortable.

One of the things that many people overlook when buying area rugs is the non-slip underlay that should go underneath. Cabin area rugs don’t usually come with their own non-slip backing and on smooth wooden floors, you definitely want to make sure that they don’t slip out from under someone. You can usually find underlays for cabin area rugs in the same place you found the rug itself.

If you’re thinking about buying area rugs for your cabin, we have all the rustic area rugs, and the safety underlays to go with them, that will be the perfect addition to any space in your cabin.

Match Your Lodge Rugs And Lodge Lighting To Pull A Room Together

Even if you don’t have the faintest idea how to start decorating your cabin, if you start with the lighting and the rugs, you’ll see how easily the rest of the room falls into place. There are lodge rugs and lodge lighting options for every cabin theme wilderness, animals, western, south-western. So think about what you love and the overall look you’re going for, and then choose some rugs and lights to match!

Remember that every room needs to have an overhead light. There’s nothing worse than groping around in a dark room looking for a light. But you can decorate these any way you’d like. If you have a country cabin theme, choose a lighter cover shade that’s wrapped with metal pine cones. Or if you have a hunter’s lodge, choose antler chandeliers. These are easy ways to show off your cabin’s personality and really give it some flair.

Once you have your lodge lighting in place, choose some rugs to match. Do you have a western themed cabin? Find lodge rugs that feature cowboys, horseshoes, stars, or horses on them. Or if you have a fishing cabin by the river, choose a rug that shouts the happy expression, “œGone Fishin’!” with a silly looking fish on it.

If you’re just starting off in decorating your cabin, we have great lodge rugs and lodge lighting that will get you started. Once these basic elements are in place, you can then get carried away in all the other details to bring the entire theme together!