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Beddings by Donna Sharp

Donna Sharp is one of the country’s foremost designers and manufacturers of quality beddings and home accessories. Donna Sharp bedding comes in the form of high-quality and stunning quilts. These quilts are an example of great value without the need to sacrifice quality. Moreover, these quilts are best suited to be used in Arts and Crafts and rustic interior design surroundings. Donna Sharp bedding features reversible backing and intricately detailed borders. Donna Sharp features a lot of products like signature bedding, patchwork bedding, theme bedding, whole cloth bedding, and promotional sets, among other bedding types.

The Mountain Whispers is one popular Donna Sharp bedding set. This design is meant for the person who loves the outdoors and wildlife in general. The quilted bedding set features appliqued bears, moose, wolves, fish, and eagles. Other elements that complete the stylish quilt are pine trees and traditional quilting elements.

Another Donna Sharp bedding design is Pinecone. The quilt has appliqued pine cones and wildlife. Squirrels, owls, and pine trees are reflected within the pinecone theme in order to bring an outdoor and relaxing theme. The neutral earth colors and pinecone border makes this design adaptable to any interior design theme. The euro shams and dust ruffles provide contrasting colors of black plaid and rustic red.

Donna Sharp bedding

The Wolf Trail Quilt set was conceptualized to create a rustic and subtle wolf theme to the bedroom. The appliqued pine trees and wolves run along the border and give off a unique accent to salmon shades and large green blocks in the quilt’s body. The patchwork and applique is created artistically to give a handcrafted feel and look with the complementary dust ruffle in brown Chambray color, which completes the look.

The Gone Fishing Quilt collection is perfect for people who have cabins by the lake. This is also for people who may live in urban or suburban areas but who want the look and feel of cabins. This quilt has a calm lake scene together with fishing poles, a cabin, fish, and fish lures. The quilt design’s natural earth tones of browns and greens are matched by the black plaid and rustic red euro sham and dust ruffle. People who love life by the lake would want to be inspired by this Donna Sharp bedding set.

The Terra Square quilt is a conventional set that has a patchwork design that incorporates colors like slate grey, dark sienna, sponged olive, tan, and light grey. The effect is that it is inviting and warm and emits a feeling of rustic elegance to a place. The Timberline quilt collection features appliques of prowling bears, moose, and galloping deer that are situated around a cabin scene that has pine tree accents. Some of the incorporated colors are hunter green, navy, tan, brown, and red. Red buffalo plaid is the shade of the bedding set’s bed skirt and euro shams.

Many people would find the rustic life quite comforting. Any Donna Sharp bedding set can add a lot of rustic charm to the place. All one has to do is to shop online or visit physical locations to get the feel of Donna Sharp products.

Summer Bedding for Your Cabin

With the change in seasons comes the need for changes in bedding as well.  Summer bedding for your cabin or lake retreat should match your surroundings as well as be made from lighter weight materials than your winter bedding. If your overall cabin décor has a wilderness or rustic theme to it, then you have several bedding options to choose from depending on the look of the bedroom. You can have multiple blankets and a thin coverlet, a quilt, or a lightweight duvet in patterns that range from animal prints to wilderness designs and camouflage. Whatever designs you choose, make sure that your summer bedding is made of lighter, cooler materials than your winter bedding.

Match Your Surroundings

Finding summer bedding to match your lodge décor doesn’t have to be difficult. If you already have a décor theme you can find appropriately weighted bedding to match your current style. If you are looking to create a more rustic or cabin-like décor style for your summer home, you should look to the outdoor environment for color and design cues. For instance, if you are decorating a lake house, then colors and themes in blues or greens would work well, as would décor featuring fishing or fish. Even a bear theme might be appropriate if you are in an area with many wild bears.

For a wooded or mountain retreat, you might consider earth tones and woodland or wildlife themes that match your local fauna.  If you want to create one all-season theme for your bedroom, you can get a duvet cover that goes with your current décor and purchase multiple duvets to match the needs of the season. In this way you keep your bedding fresh and temperature appropriate throughout the year.

Cabin Place is a one-stop shop for everything you need to create a rustic cabin experience. From bedding to living room and kitchen décor, we have what you’re looking for to create a calm and relaxing getaway. Check out our bedding section to find everything you need to make the changeover to summer when you visit your lake retreat or mountain cabin. To learn more, give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 today to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

Changing the Bedding for the Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to open up the cabin or switch out the winter blankets for lighter summer bedding. Rustic décor is the perfect theme for a summer lake house or hunting cabin because it fits so well with your surroundings. When you are looking for a change of bedding for the summer season you should keep a few things in mind. First, you’ll want to match the season and the rest of the room, but you also want to make sure that you have blankets of an appropriate weight for cool summer nights. In many places, the temperature can drop significantly overnight, so make sure you have extra blankets on hand.

Matching the Season

With summer comes lots of bright light and sunshine that can really open a room up. If your bedroom gets plenty of sunshine all day long, you will definitely want to choose lighter colors for your summer bedding. Most people actually prefer bright and light colors for the summer to match the abundance of sunshine and overall all good feeling of being outdoors in the warmth. If your walls are a dark wood or painted in dark colors, a lighter, creamier color to you bedding will really brighten up your lodge décor.

Consider the Temperature

If the days are warm but the nights tend to drop in temperature unexpectedly during the summer, you should consider layering your summer bedding. If you like your duvet cover, you can switch to a lighter weight duvet for the summer to keep the look of your bedroom consistent. Another good option is to have layers of blankets that can be added or taken away as the temperature dictates. If you have plenty of light blankets on hand it won’t matter how chilly the night gets, you’ll always be cozy in bed.

At Cabin Place we specialize in rustic cabin décor. Here you will find the best bedding for your cabin, lodge, or lake house. We have bedding for every season and encourage you to browse through our products to find something that suits your existing cabin décor or to create a rustic theme throughout your family retreat. If you have questions or want to learn more about all the products that we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 today!