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The Different Types of Lodge Curtains

Lodge curtains help complete the picture when creating a rustic look in a room or cabin. There are so many options available at that you just might choose to expand your theme from one room to the entire house. Lodge curtains include more patterns and styles than you might expect so you can vary the theme slightly from room to room while still maintaining a cohesive style.

For instance you could you pair cabin valances in a printed fabric, pine cones, bears, or moose, with a plain fabric curtain in a coordinating color. This window treatment brings the lodge or cabin feel into the room with overwhelming a small room or going overboard on the wilderness theme if you are just looking for a touch of nature in the room. Another understated option is to hang cabin valances in a natural or a subtle wilderness print over blinds or basic curtains. offers faux leather valances and some with a barbed wire motif and a fringe.

If you prefer to go all out with the cabin or wilderness theme, opt for lodge curtains with a full print. From ducks to fish, elks to deer, there are fabrics that will fit into virtually any cabin décor or hunter’s favorite theme. You can pair patterned lodge curtains with matching cabin valances or choose to coordinate with a plain valance.

The type of fabric you choose makes as much of a difference as the pattern of the fabric. Coarse and thick fabrics will obviously block a lot of natural light and help to keep heat or cool air in. However, you may wish to allow more natural light in or hope for an unobstructed breeze with lighter, flimsier fabric curtains.

Whichever type of curtains and valances you choose, make sure you measure properly from either the inside or outside of the window frame to ensure a proper fit. Once you have installed curtain rods, test fabric swatches in both morning and evening, natural and artificial light, to see how the colors and patterns blend with existing paint and furniture colors.

Ideas For Rustic Window Treatments

When it comes to the types of rustic window treatments that you can choose for your cabin décor, you have a world of options at your fingertips. There are tons of choices from rustic curtains, shutters, and valances and any of them will look great in your cabin décor. So when you’re looking for ideas for rustic window treatments, these few are just the beginning!

Rustic curtains are some of the most popular rustic window treatments and even among this specific type you have tons of styles and ideas to choose from. Long full-length draperies are best reserved for very large windows or windows that are in formal settings, such as a formal dining room. To keep with the rustic feel, choose neutral earthy tones, especially if they are drapes that take up a large part of the wall.

For medium-sized windows you can use rustic curtains that hang just over each side of the window, so that it is fully covered when the curtains are drawn. Because these rustic curtains aren’t as large, they’re not as much of a focal point and you can get away with bolder and louder designs such as wildlife, fish, or western designs.

Shutters are another very popular type of rustic window treatment. Shutters are wooden slat blinds that can be used either inside or outside the home and they can also either cover the entire window or just part of the window. Covering the lower half of the window with rustic wooden shutters and the top half with a western valance decorated with stars can be a great way to tie together a western bathroom. When shutters cover the entire window, they allow filtered light through and when closed they can provide maximum privacy. Shutters can also be installed outside of the window and this can not only greatly add to the rustic look, but it can also bring added security when they are closed.

Valances are another type of rustic window treatment that is popular due to their versatility, their functionality, and their rustic look. Valances sit at the top of the window only and they can be paired with curtains for a more formal look that allows for more privacy; or they can be used on their own to allow for an unobstructed view and a more casual look. Rustic valances can be found in denim, wildlife designs, and other rustic valances. Whatever types of rustic window treatments you’re considering, considering valances will always give you more options!

There are many ways to decorate your windows, and they’ll all help add to your rustic décor in a way that’s pretty and practical all at the same time. If you need more ideas for your rustic window treatments, check out all of the rustic curtains, shutters, and valances we have in stock. And if you’re not sure what window treatments would work best on your windows, contact us we’d love to help you decide!

Privacy And Light, The Two Most Important Factors When Choosing Cabin Window Treatments

When it comes to your cabin window treatments, there are two things you should consider before even thinking about patterns and designs; those are privacy and light. You need your cabin curtains to be able to give you the privacy you need in your own home, so that you don’t feel like you’re living in a fishbowl. But yet, they still also need to be able to allow light in, so that you don’t feel like you’re living in a cave either. So, how do you find stylish cabin window treatments that will give you the proper balance of privacy and light?

Use windows that look onto private areas to maximize the amount of natural light that’s allowed in by installing cabin curtains or drapes in those windows. Curtains can be pulled fully back to allow in the most light when the window is facing your empty backyard, because no one will be looking in yet, you’ll still get all that wonderful natural light and heat.

However, if you have a window that looks into your neighbor’s kitchen or out onto a busy street, you may want cabin window treatments that give you privacy and natural light. While this may seem like a difficult situation, there are actually a couple of choices available. Café curtains can cover the bottom portion of the window, leaving the top open to allow for light to seep through. If this is still too exposed for you, you can pair the café cabin curtain with a matching cabin valance. This will cover even more of the window, and will look really cute too!

Another option to solving the problem of too little light and privacy is to use bottom-up blinds. These mini-blinds work on a string that pulls every blind up to expose the bottom portion of the window when you want to let light in, but can also be let down when you want the window completely covered. These types of cabin window treatments are another great way to get both more light, and a little more privacy.

Ignore privacy and light when choosing your cabin curtains and you’ll probably end up really missing both. We have cabin window treatments that will suit your needs whether you want to let the sun shine in or institute a privacy policy make sure you check them all out when choosing cabin curtains to match your cabin décor!

How To Hang Two-Tone Log Cabin Curtains And Cabin Valances

Hanging log cabin curtains and cabin valances in your lodge or home is one of the best things you can do in cabin décor. These can add a dramatic effect or a subtle elegance to any room. And hanging these types of curtains and valances isn’t really any different than hanging other types of window treatments. You just have to remember to keep a few of the basics in mind.

Start by choosing log cabin curtains and cabin valances that complement the room they will be in. If you have country cabin décor for example, you don’t want to be hanging Western curtains and valances. Rustic valances are also especially useful when you’re trying to incorporate accent colors. Deep greens and reds are very popular cabin accent colors and so you can pair a dark green rustic valance with cream or tan cabin curtains.

Once you’ve chosen the colors of your log cabin curtains and cabin valances, you can then choose how you want to hang the curtains. This is usually done by choosing the number of cabin curtain panels that you want to use. Using four panels and alternating them in color as you hang them gives off a very dramatic effect, and can look great even when using neutral colors. Or you could choose two of the same color to hang on the outside, with two different colored panels on the inside of the cabin curtains. Just choosing the panels for your cabin curtains goes a long way in deciding how they will ultimately look.

Next comes the rustic valance to pair with your curtains, and there are many ways to do this. You can simply hang a rustic valance and pair it with a sheer curtain to draw extra attention to the valance itself. This is also a really great look for country kitchens! Choosing a valance that will also match your curtains is another great way to really add a dramatic flair to any room. So if your cabin curtains are in a gorgeous red color that you love, choose a rustic valance that has red in it to really accent that color.

No matter what cabin curtains and rustic valances you choose, the one thing that you need to avoid is choosing cabin curtains that are completely one color and pairing them with valances that are also completely that same color. This gives no texture or detail to the window treatments and will only result in a giant block of color in the room, and it won’t blend in with the rest of your cabin décor as nicely.

Whether you’re looking for bold, colored cabin curtains, curtains that are decked out in cute cabin prints, or treatments that are solid and simple, we have cabin window treatments for every cabin theme and valances to match!

Been Away For Awhile? Freshen Up Your Cabin’s Curtains!

If you haven’t been up to the cabin for awhile, the first thing you’ll probably notice is a lot of dust. But something that might not be as apparent is all the dust that’s in the curtains. Cabin curtains collect a large amount of dust when they’re not in use. This is because they’re often directly in sunlight and because they often have bunches of gathered fabric in them which is a great place for dust to settle down in. Not cleaning your cabin’s curtains, especially if it’s been awhile since you used them, can shorten their life and will leave dust throughout your entire cabin. Take a few minutes to freshen those curtains up, and you’ll find these simple steps help to give your whole cabin a much fresher feel.

Regular vacuuming is an important part of cabin curtain care. This is especially true if you visit the cabin during the summer months, and often have the windows open, because the curtains will catch a lot more dirt particles. But even in the cooler months, vacuuming your curtains with the hose attachment can be a quick way to get rid of all that dust, spider webs, and other nasty things you don’t want in your draperies.

If you find that your curtains carry a stale odor with them, you’ll also want to remove this as it can quickly stink up the rest of your cabin. You might be tempted to try a fabric spray such as Febreeze but these can damage the fabrics in rustic curtains and might not be that effective once the spray has worn off. Instead, taking the curtains off of the rod completely and hanging them outside on a clothesline or railing for several hours, is a much more effective way to care for your cabin’s curtains and remove the stale odor from them.

If your cabin’s curtains are very badly soiled, or you find that they stink very badly from cigarette smoke or are damaged from water condensation, you’ll have to get them dry-cleaned. Never wash your cabin curtains in your washing machine unless the label on the curtain specifically says that they are machine washable. Once they’ve been cleaned, take the appropriate steps to care for your cabin’s curtains so that you don’t have to make the investment again.

Cabin curtains might not be one of the first things you think about when you think about cabin cleaning and maintenance. But, taking proper care of your cabin curtains will not only keep them around for a long time, but will also help keep your entire cabin cleaner. If you still need cabin curtains, or you just want to freshen up your old ones by totally replacing them with new ones, make sure to check out all the cabin curtains we have, for any style of cabin!

Things To Consider When Choosing Window Treatments For Your Cabin

Window treatments can truly make or break the overall design scheme of any cabin. If they’re too understated, they’re just going to look plain and boring. But if you work in too many different styles and patterns, window treatments just start to overpower the rest of the design scheme, and they’ll end up making the entire space looking too busy. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful window treatments in every room of your cabin though.

When choosing cabin window treatments, you can choose different patterns and prints for different rooms, but never mix patterns within the same room. Also, choose bold and dramatic window treatments for the main living areas of the cabin and leave understated treatments for other areas. This doesn’t mean however that the drapes in your cabin’s living room need to be colorful and bright and filled with prints and patterns. Dramatic window treatments can be as simple as full-length curtains or pleated drapes.

Incorporate the design theme of other rooms when choosing the window treatments for other parts of the cabin. A great choice for kitchens is to use a sheer curtain with a country or rustic valance. Valances also work great in bedrooms, where they can don the top of Venetian blinds and still greatly add to the design scheme of the room.

If you know the style of cabin window treatments that you want to use, but are still aren’t sure as to what style of window treatments you really want, come check out our huge selection ( We have valances, tabbed curtains, tie-back curtains, and more that come in many different cabin and country themes. Plus, they also match many of our cabin bedding options, so you can coordinate your entire cabin!