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Best Uses for Cabin Rugs

Cabin rugs can do a lot to bring a sense of softness to any lodge retreat. If you are looking to use rugs in your lodge décor, there are few ways to incorporate them quickly, easily, and so that they will have a practical use as well as a decorative one.  There are several different uses for cabin rugs throughout the home, but here we will list just a few of them.

  • Accent Pieces – Rugs make great accent pieces when strategically placed around the cabin. You can liven up any rustic décor theme up a bit with a well-placed cabin rug.
  • Cozy Throw rugs- Rugs create a soft look in nay room. Throw rugs are great for the living area of your cabin because they can give it a warm and cozy look and feel.
  • Warming Up the Floor – Nothing wards off the chill of the winter or a cool summer morning like soft and warm cabin rugs. Use them throughout the cabin to keep your feet warm and the rooms cozy.
  • A Welcome Mat That Keeps the Dirt Out – welcome mats generally double as a place to wipe your feet to keep the cabin floors clean. Welcome mats are wonderful cabin rugs because they can be whimsical, utilitarian, and welcoming all at the same time.

Here at Cabin Place we have cabin rugs for all your needs. We have a large selection of door mats, throw rugs, accent rugs, and other rugs to help make your cabin cozy and welcoming. We pride ourselves on the quality of the products that we sell, and work hard to offer the lowest prices on the best quality cabin décor around. Give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 if you have any questions or concerns, or even if you just want to know more about our wonderful selection of rustic products. Remember, if you’re looking for the best décor pieces for your lodge or cabin, Cabin Place is you one stop shop!

Rustic Cabin Rugs Warm up Any Home

Cabins are known for having beautiful wood floors. Although these add to the rustic feel of your cabin, look great, and are easy to clean and maintain, they can also get cold in the winter months. Rustic cabin rugs are a way to add warmth and comfort to your cabin or hardwood floors at home while adding style, personality, and versatility at an affordable price.

The style of cabin rugs can vary in shape, size, material, and pattern. Some are meant for large areas, such as in front of a fireplace or in the middle of a living room, while others are designed as hallway runners or to function as door mats. Many rustic rugs from are also durable, stain-resistant, and washable to withstand many years of wear and tear without looking worn out.

Rustic rugs are themed subtly, so they aren’t likely to clash with any of your other cabin décor, but will accent and add depth to what’s already there. This makes them extremely versatile. You can purchase a variety of them at and switch them out with the seasons or simply as you please.

If your cabin rugs keep slipping on your smooth log or wood floors, try securing them with Comfortgrip rug pads available from These pads come in different sizes to fit many style and shapes of rugs, and are guaranteed with a ten year warranty, a deal you won’t find many other places. These pads protect you from slipping, keep your rugs in place, and protect your wood floors from scratching.

Don’t forget to get an indoor/outdoor rug for the patio, as well as rustic rugs for welcome mats.

Find the best selection and pricing in cabin rugs when you shop online at Once you discover the usefulness and decorative value of rustic rugs for your cabin or hardwood floors, you will be going back for more.

Great Christmas Traditions from Simpler Times

The Holidays are coming, and it’s a great time to gather around the fireplace and ask the question, “œRemember when?” All of us remember those special details which make Christmases past so fond in our memories. The idea that links all of these warm remembrances is simple traditions.

Some great Christmas traditions are universal, such as Christmas caroling, hanging stockings, and leaving cookies for Santa. Others are unique to your family and the special memories you’ve created together time and again, often handed down for several generations.

Cabin Place is the best place to find the décor and accessories which bring to life the traditions of your past and make them part of your present. We carry a wide range of rustic décor to bring back those memories of chopping your own Christmas tree and decorating it together. When you see our colorful braided cabin rugs, or curl up in our cozy cabin bedding, you will be reminded of all the things you hold dear.

Cabin Place carries not only the necessities for your holiday decoration such as cabin rugs and cabin bedding, but the simple little things which make your home cozy, inviting, and looking and feeling like Christmas.

Christmas in the country or in the woodlands can be yours again with the click of your mouse as you browse our site’s categories of cabin décor for Christmas which includes a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials in cabin rugs, and a great selection of cabin bedding, throws, sheets, pillow covers, quilts, and more.

Browse our rustic décor and get all your holiday shopping done in one place, a convenience which can’t be beat. Pricing on our décor, cabin bedding, cabin rugs, and other furnishings makes it affordable to go all-out this Christmas and redecorate your home or cabin just the way you’ve always wanted.

The warm feeling of memories and comfort you create when you decorate your home with our cabin bedding, cabin rugs, and other décor will be enjoyed by everyone who enters this Christmas season. Shop today for the best selection and pricing in our online store.

Don’t Get Frozen Toes”¦Cover Those Bare Floors With Rustic Cabin Rugs

Hardwood floors look great, and are easy to clean and maintain. If you have hardwood floors, you take pride in them. But when it comes to cold weather, things are feeling a bit bare, and we know exactly what you’re missing. Hardwood floors don’t offer you the comfort, style, or cozy feel of our rustic rugs or cabin rugs.

If your hardwood floors are new and the weather has been warm, you probably haven’t noticed any discomfort. If anything, hard, bare floors are nicer in the summer because they feel cool and refreshing to the feet. But as soon as the weather turns cold, you will notice the difference, especially if you like to walk around barefoot.

Rustic rugs for your cabin or home are a great and practical solution to this seasonal problem with cold, bare floors. At Cabin Place, our cabin rugs come in all shapes and sizes for every room and section of flooring in your home, no matter how big or small.

If you are an outdoor-lover who loves to decorate in rustic cabin themes, our rustic rugs are the perfect pick for you. Not only will your floors be warm and cozy on bare feet; they will fit in with your nature-themed décor, and pull your whole look together.

If you own a cabin, cabin rugs are the ideal solution to the bare, simple feel of your cabin which would be disrupted by any other type of rug.

While your decorating and warming up the floors of your house or cabin with our colorful, themed cabin rugs, don’t forget to lay a welcome mat or patio rug for all your guests to use and enjoy as they enter your home this holiday season.

And, last but not least, while you are shopping for your rustic rugs on our convenient site, don’t forget to pick up some non-slip rug pads to keep your rugs right where you want them, warming your feet.

Pull Out Those Rugs From Storage and Get Them Ready for Fall!

Fall is fast approaching, meaning it’s time to air out your cabin, beat your cabin rugs, and prepare them for the highest-trafficked season. If you’ve had a cabin for a while, you’re probably a pro at cleaning it. But cleaning cabin rugs can get tricky, especially if you’ve never been taught how to properly care for and maintain them.

First of all, it is important to make sure your cabin rugs are clean and dry when you put them into storage each year. This will save you some time cleaning cabin rugs in the fall when you just want to settle in and maybe decorate your cabin. However, if you are like most people, you probably didn’t take the time to do this last year, and now your cabin rugs need to be cleaned. Follow these tips for the best results.

  • Vacuum the back of your cabin rugs as well as the tops to get out the most dirt. Beating also works, but creates a lot of dust. It is helpful to know what materials your rugs are made of, so that cleaning cabin rugs will not cause more wear and tear. Beware of sucking up fringe or tassles, causing them to fray.
  • Follow the instructions for care on your rugs; the manufacturers know best. Do not assume that you can use carpet products on rugs. Carpet cleaners are meant for wall-to-wall carpet, made of different materials than most rugs. If your care instructions indicate it is okay to use a mild cleaner, make sure you remove all off the soap when you rinse. Otherwise, the soap will attract dirt. Check your rugs for colorfastness by blotting them with a damp white, cotton cloth.
  • Extend the life of your cabin rugs by purchasing rug pads for them. These keep your beautiful rugs from slipping, scratching or transferring stains to the floor, and allow air to circulate to fend off mildew.
  • If it is not recommended that you clean your rugs by hand, you may need to employ the services of a professional rug cleaner. These companies are experts at cleaning cabin rugs, and will ensure your rugs are not damaged in the cleaning process.

If you can’t find any care information for your rug on the tag, check with the manufacturer you bought it from. Some online rustic rug stores provide this information when you browse their sites.

The Story of the Beautiful Braided Rug

It’s hard to get any more rustic than a beautiful braided rug. After all, it was the original American floor covering. Dating back to the Colonial Period, braided rugs have graced American floors for over 300 years.

It’s impossible to say exactly where or how the first braided rugs were made, but these rustic rugs undoubtedly had their origins in the New England Colonies. The thrifty colonists threw very little away if it could possibly be re-used. That was just a necessity of life at the time. The original braided rugs were made from the scraps of clothing which had been outgrown or become too worn out to be of further use.

The initial purpose was to add warmth to the cold floors of the Colonists, but it didn’t take long for the rustic cabin rugs to be recognized as things of beauty. In a time and place where creature comforts were few, these colorful cabin rugs soon became prized possessions. Different braiding techniques developed, and different kinds of fabric came into use. Eventually, many braided rugs were made using new cloth rather than castoff clothing.

Today, these colorful, rustic rugs are often machine made. Available in a variety of colors and styles, braided rugs are a perfect floor covering for any home, but are particularly well suited to rustic homes and cabins. Rustic wood floors benefit from the protection cabin rugs afford, and the braided rugs add a splash of color sure to brighten up any rustic décor.

Cabin place offers a wide selection of rustic rugs, including many styles and sizes of braided rugs. Whether you are using a rustic theme for your home or cabin, or going for something more contemporary, braided rugs add beauty and sense of history to any home. After all, these are the same kinds of rustic rugs which were used by our ancestors shortly after they arrived from overseas.

Rustic Floors Need Special Care, Protect Them With Rustic Rugs!

If you have gone to the trouble to secure a vintage barn board floor or are struggling to maintain an original wood floor in your home, you probably worry about marks and scuffs marring the beauty of your floors. Rather than worrying, polishing, and buffing, try adding an assortment of rustic rugs to cover high traffic areas while still showcasing the natural beauty of your floors.

Cabin rugs are made to be durable and versatile, able to serve as welcome mats and dirt catchers or simply protectors of the high traffic zones. Use rustic rugs to welcome guests to your home and let them know that you value nature and the outdoors the moment they enter. Utilize cabin rugs to catch the inevitable dirt and dust that accompanies shoes into the home or as a home for shoes that aren’t allowed throughout the house. You can also use your rustic rugs as a mat while washing dishes or as a runner down oft-trodden hallways.

There are plenty of options in rustic rugs available at, the home of true rustic décor for every room in your home. Cabin rugs are not limited to wildlife scenes or muted colors but can be found with a wide variety of natural themes and colors ranging from muted sunset colors to vibrant shades that will coordinate with virtually any design scheme.

Bring Country Charm Into Your Kitchen With Rustic Rugs

The kitchen is one of the most exciting rooms in the home to decorate, because you can do so much with them and take your décor in just about any direction. One of the most popular themes for kitchens has always been to decorate it in country cabin décor; and this still remains one of the most popular themes for kitchens today. There are many reasons why this theme is so popular. It’s very easy and can be done with just a few accessories, such as rustic rugs, and it’s one of the cheapest ways to decorate a kitchen too.

Putting country cabin rugs down on the kitchen floor is one of the easiest ways to start bringing cabin décor into your kitchen. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used for any size of kitchen. If you have a large kitchen, you can use several different cabin rugs to break up the space. Lay one down in the eating area, and then separate ones to differentiate working stations or other areas. If you have a small kitchen, use one small cabin rug by the sink to top off the look.

Another great idea when decorating your kitchen in country cabin décor with the help of rustic rugs is to match the rugs to the curtains. If you don’t already have country, or cabin, curtains now can be a great time to expand on the country cabin theme and match two items when buying them together. These two items alone will help you brainstorm and pick out other pieces that will fit in with your new country cabin décor perfectly.

If you’re ready to start decorating your kitchen in cozy cabin décor, we have many cabin rugs that will get you off to the right start. Find one perfect for your kitchen and then order it online, by phone, or by mail. Then while you’re waiting for it to arrive at your door, start thinking about all the other ways you can add to your new country cabin décor!

How To Care For Your Cabin Rugs

Your cabin rugs are an essential part of your cabin décor and unfortunately, they’re also susceptible to the most wear and tear, because they’re right under people’s feet and are often placed in high traffic areas. You certainly don’t want to be replacing them all the time, and you don’t have to. You just have to know how to care for cabin rugs properly.

  • To make sure that your cabin rugs get even wear throughout, and don’t start thinning on just one side, rotate them as part of your regular cleaning.
  • Don’t place your cabin rugs directly in sunlight as this will only fade them much faster. If you have to put your rug directly under a window or door, cover it with curtains or draperies to help protect the rug.
  • Vacuuming rugs regularly is one of the most obvious ways to care for your rugs. Don’t wait until you notice they’re dirty though, as by that point the soil will have already damaged the fibers. And if you have western rugs or other rugs that have fringes on the sides, make sure you never let these get close to the vacuum as the suction may tear the main part of the rug.
  • If something is spilled on your rug, scoop as much of it off as possible and then blot the area with a dry cloth. Apply warm water to the stain and continue to blot as much as possible. If that still does not get the stain out, mixing a little bit of laundry detergent with water and continuing to blot may work. To dry the rug, use a hair dryer but be sure not to overuse it as the extreme heat will damage the rug.

Cabin rugs are beautiful and can last you for several years, even decades if they’re taken care of properly. All of our rustic rugs are very easy to maintain and are guaranteed to last you for several years with proper care. Check out our full selection of rustic rugs, western rugs, and other cabin rugs that will be perfect for your cabin, or your home!