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Get Rustic with a Variety of Quilt Themes

Whether you’re using them in the family cabin or your home bedroom, rustic quilts are a great way to add a little kitsch to any kind of décor. Quilts from Donna Sharp (Quilts by Donna, originally) are high quality quilts with plenty of attention paid to detail. At Cabin Place we have a huge selection of Donna Sharp quilts and cabin quilts in general to give your home or lodge a truly rustic feel.

We have a number of different themes when it comes to our rustic quilts at Cabin Place:

  • Bear Quilts. The bear is a fascinating animal. Whether black or grizzly, the bear exudes a quiet sense of strength and curiosity. From our Midnight Bear Quilt to our understated Bear Creek Quilt, you’re sure to find bear-themed rustic quilts to fit your style.
  • Pinecone Quilts. For years, cultures have been using pinecones in arts and crafts projects due to their simple beauty. Whether you’d prefer the lively Whispering Pines Quilt with its colorful mosaic of patchwork or the muted tans and olives of the Barn Raising Pine Cone Quilt, these Donna Sharp Quilts are destined to become family heirlooms.
  • Fishing Quilts. What’s a trip to the cabin without a little time spent outdoors casting your line? With Cabin Place’s Gone Fishing Quilt you can let everyone know how you like to spend your leisure time. Bring the lake inside and have pleasant fishing dreams with this beautiful, earthy cabin quilt set.
  • Nature Quilts. You could probably qualify most of our cabin quilts as nature quilts. The majority of our rustic quilts get their inspired designs from the natural world. Many of our Donna Sharp quilts are available with matching sheets and accessories for a streamlined look.

At Cabin Place, we appreciate the subtle beauty of a lake at dawn or a majestic conifer, and our rustic quilts reflect our admiration. Donna Sharp quilts are of the finest quality available and are both attractive and durable. Browse our great selection to find the perfect cabin quilts for your favorite getaway.

New Quilts for a New Year”¦Perfect for Any Cabin

Quilts often bring us a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of chilly winter nights snuggled deeply in our beds, perhaps listing to a nighttime story or the crackling of a cheery fire. A beautiful quilt can quickly become the star attraction in any bedroom and Donna Sharp Quilts are specially designed for homes featuring rustic décor. Cabin quilts are almost a fundamental part of any room in which you what to bring a homey, rustic feel to. This year, start off by ordering from the Donna Sharp Quilts private label collection offered by

The rich blues and greens in the Midnight Bear Quilt Collection are the perfect starter to a bedroom beautifully decorated in classic colors. The same can be said of the Donna Sharp Quilts designed with muted neutral tones in the Campfire Quilt Collection or the earthy colors in the Woodland Quilt Collection. Both cabin quilts offer the perfect start to a color scheme perfectly suited to rustic cabin design.

These Donna Sharp Quilts and many other cabin quilts can all be found in the bedding section of They are all beautiful and high quality quilts, making it hard to decide on which of these stunning works of art should grace your bedroom. But don’t think you have to decide on just one! If you find there is more than one pattern you absolutely love, why not get several cabin quilts, and switch them out from time to time!

Each of these Donna Sharp Quilts are made with high quality material, sewn with a very high stitch rate, and bears the embroidered signature of Donna Sharp along with its production year on the reverse. Cabin quilts are reversible, with the reverse color equally appealing in any cabin décor.

Whether you’re looking to buy one or several cabin quilts for your home, you can’t go wrong with a quilt from the Donna Sharp Quilts collection at!

Heartwarming Gifts Bring Holiday Cheer

If you’re looking for a heartwarming gift this Christmas, we have the perfect idea for the sailor or marine enthusiast in your life. Donna Sharp quilts, each designed by Donna Sharp and hand made, are collector’s items which grow in value over the years while providing unequalled comfort and warmth.

At Cabin Place, we offer lighthouse themed Donna Sharp quilts which depict five famous lighthouses over a shaded blue background:

  • Nubble Lighthouse in Maine
  • Montauk Point in New York
  • Nauset in Massachusetts
  • Cape Hattera in North Carolina
  • Big Sable in Michigan

Because each quilt is hand cut and quilted, each is a unique work of art in and of itself.

Donna Sharp quilts are the perfect cabin quilts for the beach house, or for any bedroom with a nautical theme. Even when it gets too cold to be out on the water under full sail, the hearts of your loved ones will practically smell the briney air and feel the foam as they snuggle in to ward off the chill of winter under their Donna Sharp quilts.

In addition to nautically themed Donna Sharp quilts, Cabin Place features a wide selection of rustic quilts perfect for your cabin or home and even better for gift ideas. Why not bless someone special this year with rustic cabin quilts, true works of art that will spread Holiday cheer and warmth for a lifetime, all year long?

Cabin quilts come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, ranging from camouflage to woodland square designs. Let the snow fly outside, your loved ones will be snuggly and warm tucked in under one of our soft, warm cabin quilts.

We’ve all given and received lots of gifts which have been forgotten about (or even returned), but if you put Donna Sharp quilts or rustic cabin quilts under the tree this year, you truly are giving a gift which will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.

Donna Sharp Quilts are All About Color, Color, Color!

Anyone who knows anything about quality professional cabin quilts knows the name Donna Sharp. This Kentucky native is a 5th generation quilter, and it shows. Passing on her wealth of inherited knowledge received from her family’s legacy, she adds her own unique, artistic touches to each quilt she creates, so that each is truly a work of art.

Donna Sharp quilts are not only unique, artistic, and a result of the collective skill of several generations, they are unquestionably colorful. Cabin quilts created by many other designers are lackluster and uncreative. Not so with Donna’s cabin quilts.

Browse through her quilts offered by many high-profile retailers, and you will discover a world of color and imagination that still radiates that rustic, home-grown vibe. No matter the colors of your room, Donna Sharp quilts are bound to have something which goes perfectly and becomes the focal point upon entering it.

The vivid colors Donna Sharp displays in her quilts are evident when you browse through any of her creations. She manages to create rustic cabin quilts in colors that are not usually seen in common cabin decor, such as orange, pink, red, yellow, and blue. You are sure to find a cabin quilt for every bedroom in your cabin, from children’s rooms to the guest room and master bedroom.

On the extremely bold and colorful Donna Sharp quilts, you will find a variety of traditional and unique patterns. Her cabin quilts are especially fitting for log cabins, portraying wooded scenes, deer, bears, moose, pinecones, and other rustic themes.

The beauty and creativity of Donna Sharp quilts would be worth nothing if not also coupled with quality craftsmanship. All of her quilt designs are made with double the amount of stiches found in other quilts, adding security and durability, as well as enhancing their beauty.

Find a large selection of Donna Sharp quilts also at great prices when you shop at, an online retailer of the talented quilt artist. Bed quilts are available on the site in generous American sizes and come with accessorizing pillows, shams, and valances to enhance their beauty. Shop from the convenience of your home today and find that heirloom-quality quilt you’ll be proud to pass on to your loved ones.

Donna Sharp Quilts And Quilt Accessories Are The Most Envied!

Searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list? Donna Sharp quilts and accessories are the answer.

Every home can benefit from the warm embrace of a Donna Sharp quilt, regardless of season, temperature, location, or design aesthetic. The private label quilts offered at are designed specifically for the consumer searching for heirloom quality quilts in the best designs, styles and price range. All Donna Sharp quilts are created with top quality fabrics and twice the stitch rate so you are guaranteed durability and comfort.

Donna Sharp quilts are not limited to one color palette or theme but cover a broad range of rustic designs. You can find everything from the vibrant colors of the Midnight Bear quilt to the subdued palette of Terra Square. Sink into the Woodland quilt or snuggle in with Moose Crossing on those cold winter nights. From Logan Bear to Campfire, Earth Patch to Bear Lake, you can find a design and color palette that will please every gift recipient and coordinate with every bedroom.

Don’t give your loved ones a cheap quilt that you found at the mall, give them an heirloom quality quilt that will stand the test of time. Not only will the seams not fray or stretch, but the colors won’t fade or bleed. You can rest assured that Donna Sharp quilts are the best on the market and available at a price you can’t resist.

Christmas, birthdays, house warming or weddings, Donna Sharp cabin quilts are the perfect gift for any occasion.