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Quilt Appraisals Great for Insurance, Curiosity

At Cabin Place, we specialize in rustic cabin décor for all the rooms of your home. We have everything you need, from decorations for your bathroom and kitchen to rustic bedding and lighting for the ultimate in rural decoration. One of our most popular products is our rustic quilts. Some of the finest rustic décor designers are featured in our rustic quilts section there, you’ll find only the highest quality rustic quilts available.

Plenty of attention to detail is paid when it comes to our rustic bedding. In fact, our quilts are so beautiful they only get better with age, and you may want to consider quilt appraisals at some point in the future. Quilt appraisals can help you accurately assess the value of a family quilt. Here are some instances when you may want to get your rustic bedding appraised:

  • Insurance Purposes. Although the sentimental value of a rustic quilt can never be replaced, you can at least receive monetary value if something should happen to it. Most insurance adjustors are not well-versed in quilt appraisals, so your best bet is finding a certified appraiser to help you.
  • Selling a Quilt. If you’re thinking of selling a quilt, whether at a market or online, it’s a good idea to have it appraised. You’ll be able to find the value of comparable quilts and can put a fair price on it.
  • General Curiosity. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know how much your rustic quilts are worth. Quilt appraisals can also help you learn about the quilt pattern used and a little bit of history on your particular quilt.

Cabin Place quilts are available in full American sizes, from twin to king, so you can easily find rustic bedding to fit both your bed and lifestyle. We’re sure our well-made quilts will be in your family for generations to come browse our selection of rustic bedding to find the perfect quilt to bring home today.

Should You Have Your Rustic Quilts Appraised?

We’re always surprised when we ask someone with beautiful rustic quilts whether they have had a quilt appraisal done and they’ve never even heard of such a thing. The fact is, many quilts are quite valuable, and there are several good reasons to consider having a qualified professional appraiser give you a quilt appraisal.

The main reason many people have a quilt appraisal done is to establish the value for insurance purposes. For many of us who have received rustic quilts which have been handed down over the generations, no amount of market value could describe the real value these precious heirlooms have to us. In addition to being ties to our family history and their historic value, they are valuable to us for entirely personal reasons.

Of course, such items are irreplaceable. Even still, many rustic quilts, and especially older ones if they are in good condition, have a high market value which is worth insuring. Without a quilt appraisal, most insurance companies will only compensate you for the cost of the materials in your rustic quilts, should they become damaged. Obviously, the materials aren’t worth anything near what even a brand new rustic quilt is worth, much less an antique.

It’s also important to have a quilt appraisal performed if you plan to sell or donate your rustic quilts. Knowing what your quilt is worth can help you establish a price with a potential buyer. It can also help ensure that you get full credit for tax purposes if you give your quilt away as a charitable gift.

If you do decide to have a quilt appraisal on your rustic quilts, make sure to have a certified appraiser do the appraising. The most common certifying body for quilts is the AQS. An AQS certified appraiser can give you an accurate value for your old or new rustic quilts based on current market trends and a general knowledge of quilts and the history of rustic quilts.