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Heartwarming Gifts Bring Holiday Cheer

If you’re looking for a heartwarming gift this Christmas, we have the perfect idea for the sailor or marine enthusiast in your life. Donna Sharp quilts, each designed by Donna Sharp and hand made, are collector’s items which grow in value over the years while providing unequalled comfort and warmth.

At Cabin Place, we offer lighthouse themed Donna Sharp quilts which depict five famous lighthouses over a shaded blue background:

  • Nubble Lighthouse in Maine
  • Montauk Point in New York
  • Nauset in Massachusetts
  • Cape Hattera in North Carolina
  • Big Sable in Michigan

Because each quilt is hand cut and quilted, each is a unique work of art in and of itself.

Donna Sharp quilts are the perfect cabin quilts for the beach house, or for any bedroom with a nautical theme. Even when it gets too cold to be out on the water under full sail, the hearts of your loved ones will practically smell the briney air and feel the foam as they snuggle in to ward off the chill of winter under their Donna Sharp quilts.

In addition to nautically themed Donna Sharp quilts, Cabin Place features a wide selection of rustic quilts perfect for your cabin or home and even better for gift ideas. Why not bless someone special this year with rustic cabin quilts, true works of art that will spread Holiday cheer and warmth for a lifetime, all year long?

Cabin quilts come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, ranging from camouflage to woodland square designs. Let the snow fly outside, your loved ones will be snuggly and warm tucked in under one of our soft, warm cabin quilts.

We’ve all given and received lots of gifts which have been forgotten about (or even returned), but if you put Donna Sharp quilts or rustic cabin quilts under the tree this year, you truly are giving a gift which will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.

Should You Have Your Rustic Quilts Appraised?

We’re always surprised when we ask someone with beautiful rustic quilts whether they have had a quilt appraisal done and they’ve never even heard of such a thing. The fact is, many quilts are quite valuable, and there are several good reasons to consider having a qualified professional appraiser give you a quilt appraisal.

The main reason many people have a quilt appraisal done is to establish the value for insurance purposes. For many of us who have received rustic quilts which have been handed down over the generations, no amount of market value could describe the real value these precious heirlooms have to us. In addition to being ties to our family history and their historic value, they are valuable to us for entirely personal reasons.

Of course, such items are irreplaceable. Even still, many rustic quilts, and especially older ones if they are in good condition, have a high market value which is worth insuring. Without a quilt appraisal, most insurance companies will only compensate you for the cost of the materials in your rustic quilts, should they become damaged. Obviously, the materials aren’t worth anything near what even a brand new rustic quilt is worth, much less an antique.

It’s also important to have a quilt appraisal performed if you plan to sell or donate your rustic quilts. Knowing what your quilt is worth can help you establish a price with a potential buyer. It can also help ensure that you get full credit for tax purposes if you give your quilt away as a charitable gift.

If you do decide to have a quilt appraisal on your rustic quilts, make sure to have a certified appraiser do the appraising. The most common certifying body for quilts is the AQS. An AQS certified appraiser can give you an accurate value for your old or new rustic quilts based on current market trends and a general knowledge of quilts and the history of rustic quilts.

How To Make Squares For Cabin Quilts

It can be wonderful to collect the odd scrap of material here and there, until you have enough to make your own quilt; and doing this with special items like baby clothes for a baby’s quilt can be even more wonderful. But if you want an authentic log cabin quilt, you’ll need to follow a specific pattern when creating the squares. Log cabin quilts are unique quilts that involve many different colors and sizes of squares, all perfectly lined together to make one beautiful and intricate square. And this pattern is repeated over and over again. These quilts are the perfect addition to any cabin décor, and the squares are really easy to make too!

First, start collecting fabric in seven different colors. For a really authentic look, try to use the same color but different tones of that color, or that color in different patterns that look nice when placed together. Then begin with the lightest color and cut it into 2″ x 2″ squares. Then cut the second-lightest tool into another 2″ x 2″ square. Create a 1/2″ seam with the two squares and sew them together. Then to prevent bunching and to make it easier to complete the rest of the square for your log cabin quilt, iron the seam so that both squares lay flat. Again using the second-lightest color, cut a 2″ x 3 1/2″ square. Sew this new square to the bottom of material that has the same color and the lightest color. Iron the seam open once again.

You’ll then need to use a third fabric to cut one square that’s 2″ x 3 1/2″, and one that’s 2″ x 5 1/4″. Sew the smaller piece to the along the left side of the small square you’ve already made, iron the seam and then sew the larger piece of the third fabric to the top of the log cabin quilt square you’re creating. Again, finish that piece by ironing the seam open.

With the fourth fabric, you’ll want to do much the same as you did with the third fabric, but the pieces will be slightly larger and you’ll need to attach them onto the right side of the quilt square. One of these pieces will be 2″ x 5 1/4″ and the other will be 2″ x 7″. Sew the smaller piece to the right side of the square, and the larger piece onto the bottom of the quilt square.

The fifth fabric will be used to cut one piece that’s 2″ x 7″ and one that’s 2″ x 8 1/2″. The smaller piece needs to be sewn along the left edge of the main cabin quilt square, while the larger piece should be sewn along the top. Just like the other squares, after you’re finished sewing each onto the main square, iron the seam open.

The sixth fabric needs to be cut into one square 2″ x 8 1/2″ in size and one in 2″ by 10″ in size. Use the smaller piece to sew along the right side of the quilt square and then iron the seam open. Then using the larger piece, sew it along the bottom and iron the seam. Lastly, use the seventh, darkest piece of fabric to create one 2″ x 10″ square and one 2″ x 11 1/2″ square. Sew the smaller piece along the left and iron seam the open and then sew the larger piece along the top and iron the seam again.

Continue to do this until you have enough cabin quilt squares to sew together an entire quilt of any size you please!