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You Can’t Beat Rustic Quilts for Winter Cuddling

Autumn is in full swing and the first chill of winter is already in the air. Leaves are falling, and soon snow will follow behind them. That’s all right. Bring on the cold. Those who appreciate rustic country living know that fall and winter are the best times of the year. We can sit inside by the fireplace, enjoying a home filled with warm rustic décor, and cuddling up in a rustic quilt.

Rustic bedding make the perfect lodge décor. Whether you use them as bedspreads or to throw over the back of your couches, they are attractive and inviting, adding warmth to any room in the home. Betters still, you can’t beat a rustic quilt when it’s time to cuddle.

Whether you want to cuddle up with your grandkids, that special someone, or just with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book, you’ll want to cuddle up in a warm rustic quilt. You’ll find a wide selection of beautiful rustic quilts and other lodge décor at Cabin Place. Cabin Place has all of the rustic décor you need to make your whole home warm and cozy for those months of winter hibernation.

Rustic quilts are one of the few home décor items which will often appreciate in value. Think about it. There’s a huge collector’s market for old quilts. These days, there are few places where you can find quality, handmade rustic quilts (Cabin Place is one of them, by the way). These will become tomorrow’s heirlooms, growing in value both financially and sentimentally.

Rustic quilts are great for making memories. They’re also among the best holiday gifts you can give, providing years of warmth and special memories for those who receive them. They’re more than just a piece of lodge décor. Rustic quilts quickly become treasured possessions, passed from generation to generation. Just think. Someday, your grandkids could be snuggling with their own grandkids in the beautiful rustic quilt you pass down to them.

Decorating for a True Country Christmas

Most of us have fond memories of Christmases long, long ago. Think back to those iconic images of Christmas that you know and love: We’re willing to bet that your favorite Christmases were country Christmases. The good news is that, with holiday cabin décor and lodge décor, those old fashioned Christmases don’t have to be a thing of the past. You can create the country Christmas memories today that your kids, your grandkids and their kids will be talking about for generations to come.

We all have that special place we used to love to go as a child. Maybe it was grandma’s. Maybe it was a favorite aunt and uncle’s place. Rustic holiday décor can help make your home (or even apartment) that place for your loved ones.

The way you decorate makes a statement. Lodge décor, and especially rustic holiday décor, creates a warm, inviting environment. It says, come on it, sit down, relax and take your boots off. You’re home, whether you live here all the time or not.

Rustic decorating is not only heartwarming, it’s also affordable. You can decorate your entire home or apartment in lodge décor for a modest price. You can find everything you need, from quilts to shower curtains and bathroom décor to lamps, clocks, and outlet covers at Cabin Place. If you want to use rustic décor to make your home the place the whole family will want to come home to during the holidays, you owe it to yourself to check out Cabin Place’s extensive selection of rustic décor.

Get a live Christmas tree. Decorate it in old fashioned popcorn and cranberries (a fun project for the grandkids, by the way). Fill the home with warm holiday lodge décor.  Light the fire and put out the holiday spread. The whole family will want to come back year after year. Cabin Place is also a great place for rustic holiday gift ideas.

Before the First Snow Fall, Fill Your Cabin with Rustic Quilts

Those of us who love rustic country living don’t fret about a little cold weather. In fact, most of us look forward to the winter months. It’s in winter time that the real charm and beauty of rustic décor makes itself most evident. So, let the leaves fall off the trees. Let those first snowflakes of winter start to fall. There’s nothing better than a home with beautiful, heartwarming cabin décor, a cozy fireplace, and a cup of hot coffee to enjoy the cold season.

Everyone who uses rustic décor for their home will want to check out Cabin Place’s wide selection of cabin décor and rustic quilts. Every bed needs a rustic quilt for the winter time, and it’s ideal to have a few quilts or Denali throws in the living room as well. Of course, you’ll want to pick out quilts which go well with your cabin décor. This isn’t a problem if you shop at Cabin Place. They have a wide selection of quits and throws to go with nearly any rustic or nautical theme.

Whether you’re completely redecorating for the winter and holiday seasons, decorating a new cabin from the ground up, or just looking for that perfect piece to add to the rustic décor you already have, you’ll find what you need at Cabin Place.  

Winter’s coming, with all of the many holidays and occasions to get the family together that it brings. You’ll be spending your time indoors more, so it’s all the more important to fill your home with the rustic cabin décor that you love.

Don’t let winter get here before you order your rustic quilts. You’ll want them here and ready to snuggle into before Jack Frost makes his grand entrance.  Show the world why you and other rustic décor enthusiasts actually look forward to the winter months. Fill your home with beautiful rustic cabin quilts and other heartwarming cabin décor.

Rustic Quilts Aren’t Just For Winter Time

Rustic quilts are so wonderful that they can’t just be for wintertime.  And they really aren’t.  These quilts are made to be used all year long and here are some of the reasons why they are a staple of rustic décor.  These reasons will make you want to keep rustic style quilts around you always.

It Gets Cool At Night

The most practical reason for quilts all year long is that it can get chilly anytime of year, especially at night.  There’s nothing better than a cozy quilt to fight off the cold and there’s nothing like an authentic rustic style quilt to do just that.  Even in summer, the warmth of a rustic quilt can be the perfect companion.  This is the best reason to keep these quilts in use in every season but not the only one.

Part Of The Experience

These quilts are part of the experience of cabin life.  They don’t need to be restricted to use in cabins but they conjure up the feeling of being in a rustic cabin and listening to the sounds of nature as you fall asleep.  You shouldn’t have to wait for wintertime or even for a trip to the cabin to enjoy the experience of rustic style quilts.

Quilts For Decoration

These quilts make fantastic decorative pieces.  They may have practical uses but they look great just draped over couches and other pieces of furniture too.  Adding these quilts to your rustic décor instantly makes that décor warmer and more inviting for everyone.  Having them around also inevitably leads to people snatching them up to cocoon themselves inside these perfectly cozy quilts.

Rustic quilts aren’t just for wintertime.  They bring such warmth to any setting that they should be used on a daily basis.  Even during the warmer months when the physical warmth of these quilts isn’t needed all the time, the emotional warmth brought about by these quilts is certainly a welcome addition to any setting.

Quilt Appraisals Great for Insurance, Curiosity

At Cabin Place, we specialize in rustic cabin décor for all the rooms of your home. We have everything you need, from decorations for your bathroom and kitchen to rustic bedding and lighting for the ultimate in rural decoration. One of our most popular products is our rustic quilts. Some of the finest rustic décor designers are featured in our rustic quilts section there, you’ll find only the highest quality rustic quilts available.

Plenty of attention to detail is paid when it comes to our rustic bedding. In fact, our quilts are so beautiful they only get better with age, and you may want to consider quilt appraisals at some point in the future. Quilt appraisals can help you accurately assess the value of a family quilt. Here are some instances when you may want to get your rustic bedding appraised:

  • Insurance Purposes. Although the sentimental value of a rustic quilt can never be replaced, you can at least receive monetary value if something should happen to it. Most insurance adjustors are not well-versed in quilt appraisals, so your best bet is finding a certified appraiser to help you.
  • Selling a Quilt. If you’re thinking of selling a quilt, whether at a market or online, it’s a good idea to have it appraised. You’ll be able to find the value of comparable quilts and can put a fair price on it.
  • General Curiosity. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know how much your rustic quilts are worth. Quilt appraisals can also help you learn about the quilt pattern used and a little bit of history on your particular quilt.

Cabin Place quilts are available in full American sizes, from twin to king, so you can easily find rustic bedding to fit both your bed and lifestyle. We’re sure our well-made quilts will be in your family for generations to come browse our selection of rustic bedding to find the perfect quilt to bring home today.

Get Rustic with a Variety of Quilt Themes

Whether you’re using them in the family cabin or your home bedroom, rustic quilts are a great way to add a little kitsch to any kind of décor. Quilts from Donna Sharp (Quilts by Donna, originally) are high quality quilts with plenty of attention paid to detail. At Cabin Place we have a huge selection of Donna Sharp quilts and cabin quilts in general to give your home or lodge a truly rustic feel.

We have a number of different themes when it comes to our rustic quilts at Cabin Place:

  • Bear Quilts. The bear is a fascinating animal. Whether black or grizzly, the bear exudes a quiet sense of strength and curiosity. From our Midnight Bear Quilt to our understated Bear Creek Quilt, you’re sure to find bear-themed rustic quilts to fit your style.
  • Pinecone Quilts. For years, cultures have been using pinecones in arts and crafts projects due to their simple beauty. Whether you’d prefer the lively Whispering Pines Quilt with its colorful mosaic of patchwork or the muted tans and olives of the Barn Raising Pine Cone Quilt, these Donna Sharp Quilts are destined to become family heirlooms.
  • Fishing Quilts. What’s a trip to the cabin without a little time spent outdoors casting your line? With Cabin Place’s Gone Fishing Quilt you can let everyone know how you like to spend your leisure time. Bring the lake inside and have pleasant fishing dreams with this beautiful, earthy cabin quilt set.
  • Nature Quilts. You could probably qualify most of our cabin quilts as nature quilts. The majority of our rustic quilts get their inspired designs from the natural world. Many of our Donna Sharp quilts are available with matching sheets and accessories for a streamlined look.

At Cabin Place, we appreciate the subtle beauty of a lake at dawn or a majestic conifer, and our rustic quilts reflect our admiration. Donna Sharp quilts are of the finest quality available and are both attractive and durable. Browse our great selection to find the perfect cabin quilts for your favorite getaway.

Taking Care of Your Quilts

Rustic quilts and applique quilts have long been a part of our culture. Many have treasured memories of applique quilts that lay across grandmother’s bed or rustic quilts that hung on mother’s wall. Some are lucky enough to still have those rustic quilts and applique quilts in their possession due to the good quilt care taken by ancestors.

Some of the most beautiful applique quilts available today can be found at The patterns and colors are designed to perfectly compliment rustic cabin décor and these rustic quilts and applique quilts are made with extra durable fabric with a high stitch count to aid in durability. If cared for properly, rustic quilts can last generations.

The first thing to remember about quilt care is quilts must not be treated like any other blanket or throw. They’re just as much a work of art as anything you’d hang on your wall. To extend the life of your rustic quilts and applique quilts, don’t over-wash them. Cleaning once a year is sufficient quilt care for most quilts.

When it’s time to wash your rustic quilt you’ll first want to check for colorfastness of material. To check for colorfastness, wet a white cotton cloth with hot water and rub it over the quilt. If color comes off, your rustic quilt needs to be dry-cleaned.

If you are able, hand-washing your rustic quilt is best, although washers without an agitator can be used for quilt care. If your rustic quilt has rips or places where the fabric has separated, repair these areas before you wash. If you have an applique quilt, have them repaired before washing.

Use cold water with a liquid detergent and add 1/2 c. vinegar to keep colors bright. After your rustic quilt has been washed, take care when transferring the wet quilt. A sheet used as a sling is helpful to prevent the seams from pulling. It is best to lay quilts flat to dry. If you want to take your rustic quilt outside to dry, cover it top and bottom with a sheet to prevent sun damage.

Using good quilt care techniques for your rustic quilt or applique quilt from will help preserve it for generations and give your children something to treasure.

Before You Give Them As a Gift, Know What Your Rustic Quilts are Worth

Quilting is an American tradition which is still going strong, a craft which takes time and dedication to perfect, but can yield beautiful and valuable results. Making quilts for family members is a common reason for quilting, and a noble one. Gifting a quilt to a child is a great way to leave your legacy to the next generation, and personalized quilts make very unique and special gifts.

Beyond the sentimental and heirloom value of quilts, many quilts can be worth a lot of money. Rustic quilts, in particular, are highly sought after, and can often sell or auction for hundreds or even thousands of dollars because of the quality of the stitching, unique pattern, or a combination of both.

Before you give that new quilt as a gift, it is a good idea to take it to a dealer or business which offers quilt appraisals so you know how valuable your quilt is. One good reason to know this is for insurance purposes. Just like expensive jewelry or other valuables, a quilt can be insured for its monetary value.

Taking rustic quilts to get quilt appraisals isn’t very commonplace, but there are certain places to look and go for this special and necessary service. The best advice is to make sure your rustic quits are evaluated by someone certified with the American Quilters Society. A great place to find the nearest business certified for quilt appraisals is the Internet. For instance, lists contacts for certified appraisals, so you are sure to get a professional opinion on the value of your rustic quilts.

Giving your hand-made rustic quilts as a gift to a beloved family member is a timeless tradition. Getting quilt appraisals on them is a modern safeguard which can benefit you as the designer, as well as the person receiving the quilt. Although money can’t replace a one-of-a-kind quilt created by your hands, it is one measurement of the value of these treasured heirlooms which is worth being at least aware of.

Heartwarming Gifts Bring Holiday Cheer

If you’re looking for a heartwarming gift this Christmas, we have the perfect idea for the sailor or marine enthusiast in your life. Donna Sharp quilts, each designed by Donna Sharp and hand made, are collector’s items which grow in value over the years while providing unequalled comfort and warmth.

At Cabin Place, we offer lighthouse themed Donna Sharp quilts which depict five famous lighthouses over a shaded blue background:

  • Nubble Lighthouse in Maine
  • Montauk Point in New York
  • Nauset in Massachusetts
  • Cape Hattera in North Carolina
  • Big Sable in Michigan

Because each quilt is hand cut and quilted, each is a unique work of art in and of itself.

Donna Sharp quilts are the perfect cabin quilts for the beach house, or for any bedroom with a nautical theme. Even when it gets too cold to be out on the water under full sail, the hearts of your loved ones will practically smell the briney air and feel the foam as they snuggle in to ward off the chill of winter under their Donna Sharp quilts.

In addition to nautically themed Donna Sharp quilts, Cabin Place features a wide selection of rustic quilts perfect for your cabin or home and even better for gift ideas. Why not bless someone special this year with rustic cabin quilts, true works of art that will spread Holiday cheer and warmth for a lifetime, all year long?

Cabin quilts come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, ranging from camouflage to woodland square designs. Let the snow fly outside, your loved ones will be snuggly and warm tucked in under one of our soft, warm cabin quilts.

We’ve all given and received lots of gifts which have been forgotten about (or even returned), but if you put Donna Sharp quilts or rustic cabin quilts under the tree this year, you truly are giving a gift which will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.

Appliqué Quilts Are Some of the Most Rustic There Are!

Whether you actually have a cabin or are just going for that rustic feel in your home décor, rustic quilts (and especially rustic appliqué quilts) can really give you that stylish, down home look that you’re going for. They’re warm, inviting, and designed to really highlight the rustic feel you know and love.

Appliqué quilts come in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement any rustic setting. While simple patterned cabin quilts are available (and also a good option for rustic homes), appliqué quilts offer the ultimate in comfort and rustic charm.

Appliqués come in a number of styles. Among the most popular rustic appliqué quilts are ones featuring pine or oak trees, autumn leaves, and woodland critters such as bear, moose, and deer. Nautical themed appliqué quilts are also popular among rustic cabin quilts.

The best part about choosing appliqué quilts is that it allows you to really express yourself in your rustic decorating. While all quality cabin quilts will brighten and warm your home or cabin, appliqué quilts take it to the next level by allowing you to customize your home.

Many people choose different appliqué quilts for each room, and build the rooms’ overall décor around the cabin quilts. While it’s best to keep to one overall theme (i.e., nautical themed or woodland themed) for your home, there’s certainly nothing wrong with having one room themed with bears, another with moose, and a third with some other kind of appliqué quilt and matching artwork.

Whatever theme you choose, appliquéd quilts are among the most rustic, coziest ways to warm your heart and your home. No rustic cabin should be without at least one, and some would even argue that no room in a rustic home should be without one of its own. Check out the wide selection of rustic quilts and appliqué quilts at Cabin Place.