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How to Make Your Home Look and Feel like a Rustic Retreat

Your desire to turn your home into a rustic retreat may be based on fond childhood memories of time spent enjoying nature or simply a matter of creating a relaxing atmosphere that reflects the solitude and beauty of nature. Rustic decorating is simple with the right tools and some tips to make the best use of each piece. Since simplicity is at the heart of the rustic style, placing a piece of rustic wall art here and tossing an animal-themed pillow there are the little touches that combine to turn your home into the rustic retreat you have in mind. Whether you are decorating a real cabin or creating the illusion of one, these tips will help you get the desired effect.

1. Mix Up the Materials – Use the materials that come from nature, including wood and copper. The more natural the materials appear, the more they will fit into your decorating scheme. Items obviously made from synthetics have no place in rustic decorating.

2. Choose Soft Natural Colors – Balance out the rugged materials with softer colors like robin’s egg blue or goldenrod. The contrast will create more visual interest.

3. Mix Fabrics – Items made from fabric to decorate your rustic retreat come in a variety of natural themes. Some, like the coordinated bedding sets, already contain two or more prints that work well together. Don’t be intent on using the same pattern or specific theme such as an animal or print throughout a room or the entire house. Red plaid can be just as rustic looking as a bear print.

4. Focus on the Fireplace – The fireplace in any room will be a central part of your rustic retreat. Using stone and wood around the fireplace with give it a look of authenticity. If there is a mantel, use it to display your rustic themed decorating items. If not, the right piece of rustic wall art will make the perfect addition.

During the time when rustic decorating was the only thing people knew, it was created out of practicality and the need to use the resources that were available. Today, rustic styled decorating is a choice that a growing number of people have learned to appreciate for its simplicity and beauty. Incorporating rustic decorating items into every room in a balanced way and leaving out modern items that obviously do not belong in your cabin makes creating an authentic rustic retreat simple enough for any amateur decorator. To learn more or to order, call Cabin Place at 1 877-884-0248.

Rustic cabin lighting



Themed Décor: How Much is too Much?

Decorating your home, office, or other space with themed items is generally a good idea. It keeps things concise and gives your space a particular feel that goes along with the theme. However, it is possible to over-do theme décor, causing it to become overwhelming or start to look tacky.

Cabin Place exists to provide themed furniture and décor; items that would look at home in a log cabin. The goal of décor like this is to present a charming and rustic look, but you could easily go overboard with this kind of décor, causing a different look and feel entirely. But, how do you know how much is too much? We’ve put together a little guide to help you keep your lodge décor balanced and tasteful.

1. Be Wary of Using too Much of one Thing: Say you love bears, (or wolves, moons, etc.) it’s perfectly fitting for some of your cabin décor to feature bears, but you don’t want that to be the case with every piece you have. We have a great selection of wilderness themed décor and furniture, so finding one of everything you want, all complete with a bear, wouldn’t be very difficult. However, it wouldn’t end up looking as tasteful or as charming as having a handful of things that feature bears while your other, different pieces add some contrast to your décor.

2. Not Every Single Thing has to be Themed: if you’re decorating a house, this may not be as difficult as it might be when decorating a cabin. A cabin, already feeling like part of the theme itself, may increase the urge to fill it with only country and wilderness themed lodge décor. The truth is, though, this will create an overwhelming environment that lacks the important contrast we talked about previously. Like with the bears, adding in other pieces, in this case ones that aren’t part of the theme, will give the space much needed contrast and make it that much more appealing.

3. Statement Pieces: A statement piece is something that is more intricate, loud, colorful, or eye-catching than what surrounds it. Statement pieces are meant to be the most noticeable item in a room and putting more than one of these in one space together will quickly become more cluttered than eye-catching. Having one large piece of furniture with an intricate design on it or one antler lamp is enough for a single space. If you really must have more than one of something like these, be sure they aren’t in the same room.

Lodge décor is beautiful, rustic, and appealing in so many ways. Just be sure to keep these little tips in mind when you’re decorating your cabin, lodge, or home. Too much of anything can be bad, even too much of a good thing.

Need some ideas for decorating your cabin? Take a look and see what catches your eye.

Factors to Consider in Cabin Décor Fixtures

These days, a lot of people are seeking to retreat to a place that allows them to be far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. As technology becomes more dominant by the day, people tend to long for some simplicity and a sense of serenity when they come hope at the end of the day.  Away from the steely gray buildings of the city, more and more people are opting to for homes with cozier cabin decor.  Houses with this theme are becoming more popular as vacation houses too where people can go for a weekend retreat.  This theme is perceived to be more comfortable and relaxing.  You can choose to redecorate your home with this theme so you do not have to go anywhere else for your respite from the daily tolls of living.

When you are shopping for new cabin decor fixtures, there are a few important factors you need to consider, including atmosphere, functionality, and simplicity.

The first factor, which is simplicity, is probably the most vital of all. Fortunately, it is also typically the easiest concept to grasp and execute. All of your cabin decor accessories need to have a look of simple sophistication, from doorknobs to light fixtures. A charming little piece of decor can go a long way in making your space feel like a relaxing and warm place in a rustic style. For example, a few wooden figures here and there, or a basic vase filled with dried flowers, can make your space attractive without running the risk of becoming overly decorated. Rustic cabin decor is truly about stylishness through simplicity.

The next factor you need to keep in mind is functionality.  Veer away from useless clutter.  Keep with the simple characteristic of this theme.  When shopping for cabin decor, choose items that are purposeful while decorative at the same time.  Make sure that your selections will not get in the way of your space’s functionality. Small and subtle cabin decor add-ons are most preferable since they are not obtrusive. It would be so much better if you find decors that also serve a practical use, as well. For instance, a nice set of painted mugs can be placed on a mug rack in order to boost both aesthetic and functional appeal.

The last factor for cabin decor is atmosphere. Atmosphere is the interaction of the factors of functionality and simplicity. Your rustic cabin fixtures should help each other promote the atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. Any fixture that doesn’t add to such themes should not even be included at all, especially if it does not serve any real purpose in the house. When it comes to cabin decor fixtures, the last thing you need is to have too much items cluttering within a room.

Although some items in these theme are big and chunky, you have to think about making use of a combination of accessories that complement and balance each other.  As with other decorating styles, steer clear of loud colors that clash with each other.  Remember that your color choices should also be relaxing and comfortable to the eyes.

Luxurious Lounging with Leather Pillows

Leather pillows can capture the spirit of Western-style interior design. Such pillows are made out of the finest qualities of leather and fabric that feature leather lace stitching, fringe, tassels, hair on hide, embroidery, studs, Conchos, and Western images. The designers have selected the finest accents to add to the pillows, bringing a true Western essence and style into your home, cabin, or ranch. Cowgirls and cowboys alike will also find these pillows very essential as a decoration add-on for their horse trailers.

There is nothing more rich and luxurious in feeling than soft and supple leather pillows. Moreover, leather happens to be among nature’s most beautiful and most hard-wearing material. Archaeologists have discovered various leather items from way back in the Roman Empire Era that are still undamaged even after thousands of years. You will be able to take pleasure in such pillows for several years to come if you apply proper care.

Perhaps the most vital way to give proper care for your leather pillows is to keep them and all fine leather articles away from direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays from the sunlight, which are also responsible for the sunburn on a person’s skin, can cause leather materials to dry out, crack, fade, and have a shorter life span. Keep your pillows away from areas expose to extreme heat, such as a radiator or a heat register. Extreme heat can cause your leather pillows to dry out and lose its natural oils, making them brittle and stiff.

Leather pillows

You must never sit on leather pillows while wearing leather. When you sweat, it may cause a bleeding of the dyes.  Tarnishing and staining may also happen because of this.  Also, keep your pets away from your pillows as much as possible. Everything from urine stains to claws can damage the fine material. If your leather pillow, as well as any other fine leather item, does get stained or damaged, you must clean it right away. The sooner you manage to clean it, the better the outcome will be.

You should never store leather pillows against hard edges or sharp surfaces as they may cause unattractive stretching, dents, or creases to the material. Do not let your pillows get dirty with substances like body oils and grime.  Such dirty substances can become entrenched in the leather material and cause stains which may become hard to get rid of.

If your leather pillows or other leather articles become stained or even damaged, there is a solution to a lot of such unwanted conditions. All protected, finished, or top coated leather materials can be cleaned rather easily by using a leather pillow cleaner. With a leather pillow cleaner, majority of food and beverage stains, oils, dirt, and other sorts of griming can be eliminated without ruining the polish of the leather. Stiffening and hardening of the leather can also be avoided using such cleaners. After cleaning the leather, you should apply a leather pillow conditioner. This can revitalize the natural lubricants and oils that have been reduced by daily cleaning and use.

Cabin Decorating Ideas for Relaxing Yet Creative Spaces

Coming up with the best cabin decorating ideas is probably the most essential step in remodelling your space. While you may have an idea of the design you wish for each of the rooms in your house, it is still hard to determine the kinds of materials and furnishings that should be used in attaining your goal.

The history of the rustic cabin interior design embraces a lot of styles, from simple Arts & Crafts and neat-lined Shaker, to charming Early American and elaborate Victorian. You can be able to turn your log cottage into a relaxing place to unwind by putting the best cabin decorating ideas into effect.

The rustic cabin style is a smart design choice for today’s eventful and hectic lifestyles. It is comfortable and casual, which is just what anyone longs for by the end of an exhausting day. Transform your house into an organic, intelligent, and sometimes out of the ordinary retreat. If you live in a metropolitan area, you may thrive on a particular thrill that only the city setting can offer. At the same time, you may somewhat long for a tranquil refuge away from the modernity. Figure out how to deal with both needs by using your own cabin decorating ideas in order to ensure full satisfaction.

Using cabin decorating ideas in your kitchen can make it look pleasing and workable, as well as boost the overall value of your house. Discover how to add bold rustic colours, wooden details and other aspects, in order to successfully redesign your kitchen. As for bathrooms, fixtures and fittings, lots of storage, good ventilation, and adequate light are needed. Such necessities should also be aesthetically appealing and convenient.

Your bedroom is not just a room for you to sleep in, but it also serves as a cosy refuge from the day’s tiring tasks. You may use cabin decorating ideas and choose to transform it into a laidback comfort zone, a Western paradise, or a vintage rustic retreat, depending on your preferences and budget.

You can go out of the box and a little more creative and wild if you are designing the room for a child. If you prefer to stay away from the more expensive furnishings or accessories, you can paint a bright and lively colour with Western images on the walls. You may choose images such as cowboys, animals, or anything suggestive of the rustic cabin style. By doing this, you get to save money while still making a statement. The same is true for room accessories such as nonslip bathroom rugs and towels. You may also wish to buy a low yet sturdy step-stool and plastic or shatterproof acrylic accessories.

This redecoration process can be an enjoyable project that you and your child can share together. You can share different ideas together, whether it is the choice of colours, the selection of rustic cabin accessories, or the finalization of the theme. You may also get to know your child more through the discovery of his taste and preference.

Western Bedding Sets and Other Home Accessories

The perfect way to decorate your living space is by furnishing it with a fresh and unique design. In doing this, you are presented with a wide range of selections, such as western bedding, Western cowboy decor, Western bathroom decor, Western home decor, and so much more. Sometimes, just a few little add-ons here and there, such as western bedding, can already add a new Western charm to your house.

The bedroom is considered by many as the most personal room in the house. It is a place where you may unwind yourself and relax after a long, hectic day. In the busy lifestyle of our modern world, we get too little time for rest and relaxation. And after a stressful day, no one would definitely like to lie down on an uncomfortable bedspread. Western bedding is among the most fashionable options among interior designers and homeowners. Not only is it attractive to look at, but is also hard-wearing and easily obtainable at reasonable costs. Western bedding can provide a very peaceful essence due to its earthy colours and serene designs.

Western Bedding

Western bedding and comforters are available in a wide range of styles and colours. You may select bed sheets and comforters that match with the decorations of your bedroom in order to give the space a fresh new look.  Having certain colours such as red, orange, and brown can give your room the best rustic atmosphere. You can buy western bedding sets in standardizes sizes, such as Full, Twin, King, and Queen. You may then select your bed sheets, accent pillows, and blankets according to your preferences and tastes.

Aside from western bedding, your bathroom may need Western decors, as well. However, only a few people are able to distinguish the importance of the bathroom in terms of interior design. There are a lot of designs available for bathroom decorating and design. For instance, a Western theme may include inspirations from cowboys or the Wild West scenery, whilst a wildlife and nature theme may include the common motifs of the rustic style and era. There are a lot of Western bathroom accessories to choose from, including switch covers, wallpaper borders, toothbrush holders, lotion dispensers, soap dishes, tissue holders, robe hooks, towel bars, shower curtains, and more. You may purchase shower curtains in various materials, such as polyester, vinyl, or fabric, and you may even mix and match them up to your liking. You may buy such bath accessories depending on your requirements and budget. You should remember to keep the design of your bathroom in harmony with the overall style of your house.

Decorating your house in fashionable Western styles needs creativity and imagination. There are a lot of Internet sites available with a huge selection of information about western bedding and Western accessories for your house. You may also look for readymade ideas or wonderful tips to design your house to suit your sense of style. You may try these tips and ideas in order to give your house a unique and cozy appeal.

Cabin Decorating Ideas

Whether your cabin is on a mountainside near a ski resort, on the edge of a lake or nestled deep into a forest, it is a wise idea to decorate it so that it is not only functional for this outdoorsy lifestyle, but pleasing to the eye as well.

Some of the most important furnishings for the decorator are:

• The floor coverings.
• Artwork for the walls.
• Different types of furniture.
• Bedding and drapery.
• Accessories, such as lamps, and sculptures.

When you and your family members walk into your cabin they are likely to bring in soil from the woods, sand from the beach or bits of grass and leaves stuck to their shoes. This is why it is important to have cozy throw rugs at the front and back door. The rugs help catch the debris and prevent you from having to mop, sweep or vacuum as often. If your cabin is situated in the country, try braided or rag rugs to ensure a cozy ambiance. If the cabin is strictly used during the hunting season, sisal rugs or ones with animal prints are a wise choice. These also work well to catch sand from the beach when you and your family traipse back and forth to grab refreshments or extra towels.

Shop for wall artwork that exudes the type of ambiance you desire in your home. For instance, if it is primarily used as a weekend country retreat, hang pictures or other artwork that have country or other peaceful looking scenes. If the cabin is lakeside, choose pictures with marine life, sailboats or picturesque scenes of the sunset over the water.

Upholstered furniture in a cabin should be durable, very comfortable and easy to keep clean. This is because many of your family and guests will enjoy outdoor activities during the day and be ready for cozy comfort in the evenings. Have the fabrics treated with a stain-resistant coating after purchasing the upholstered pieces. This is a smart way to ensure that it looks attractive for many years.

Have plenty of occasional tables, such as coffee and end tables available in the living room or den. These allow the occupants to put down their beverage while watching TV or gives them a place to set their magazines, books or puzzles. Opt for rustic or simple styles that encourage the occupants to rest their feet on the coffee table or simply relax without worrying about a soda can ruining costly furniture pieces.

Select bedding and draperies that reflect the type of atmosphere you want to create in your cabin. For instance, if you use it as a hunting cabin, select western or outdoorsy prints. If it is located near a lake, you may want to choose solid fabrics in pale shades to give the cabin a calm, breezy look. Southwestern prints are another wise choice for country homes.

The accessories you place in the cabin, such as lamps, sculptures and other decor help set the tone. If you desire a Western ambiance, choose lamps with a cowboy print, lassos or horseshoes on the shades. Add bold sculptures and heavy pottery on the occasional tables. A beach side cabin is the perfect place to display your collection of ceramic lighthouses, anchors or other nautical-inspired artwork. Vases and picture frames accented with seashells or hemp are another interesting choice for the decor in your home.

Nature Comes Home

Making use of a rustic motif in any type of home setting is the ideal way to create an environment that is comfortable, cozy, and welcoming for anyone entering through the doors. From fur rugs to antique, wooden furniture, this type of decorating can guide every piece that is placed within the home. The materials that are ideally suited for decorating include leather, furs, hardwoods, and highly-textured fabrics. The most durable of these possibilities is certainly leather, a materiel that is inviting to the touch, available in a variety of colors, and extremely durable. One way that anyone can incorporate leather into any room of the home that often escapes the ideas for average decorating scheme is to purchase leather pillows. They are an easy addition to any space that can be constantly rearranged, add to the overall beauty that you achieve, and be functional as well.

Leather pillows are ideal for rustic settings, however, they can work with any type of décor. Their rich feeling on the skin and supple texture create an item of interest and a sense of luxury that anyone sitting in their presence can easily enjoy. Leather also makes maintenance of your home décor easier than you ever might have imagined. They resist staining and need very little cleaning over time. The variety of tans and finishes possible for leather pillows also dramatically expand their potential. From modern furniture that uses flat color and elegant lines to the most busy patterns, a leather pillow can be acquired that has been treated for an appropriate surface. These kinds of pillows can be used to create either contrast or harmony on both bedding and traditional furniture.

Making use of leather coverings for every pillow in the home also offers people a comfortable accessory that retains warmth to an extraordinary degree. Couple your leather pillows with a fur throw, and you will never again suffer from a chill during cold winter nights. These pillows offer a unique touch of luxury to bedding as well. Whether they are incorporated as decorative items or pillows used for sleeping, the plush feelings you experience when you slip into bed will take on new life.

Because of the durability of leather, these pillows are the ideal solution for furniture that is placed outside in areas where they have limited exposure to the elements. The surface can resist moisture and other parts of nature that would quickly destroy conventional fabrics that are used in most pillow covers. Should the pillows become saturated by weather, they only need to be placed in the sun for a few hours to dry in order to return to their original condition.

The type of leather and the hide curing process used to produce these pillows can vary widely also. It is not just cattle hide that goes into producing these items of outstanding quality. Zebra skins, buffalo hide, and many other animals provide common raw materials for producing some of the most popular leather pillows on the market. Choose an entire set of leather pillows that are meant to compliment each other or mix and match leather with conventional pillows on furniture or bedding in order to create more dynamic visual interest. There is no better way to connect with nature than to bring a small portion of it into the home.