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Rustic Wall Décor Painting Tips

An authentic rustic wall decor can give a unique and charming vibe. Old cabins, medieval castles, and ancient villas convey an exquisite atmosphere that take you back to several decades ago. You can easily bring the alluring quality of rustic walls into your house just with the use of paint. Using a variety of faux painting methods, whether you prefer an earthy wooden grain, a natural stone design, or any other kind of rustic wall decor or texture, you can have your friends and guests wondering if it is the real thing.

You can apply a rustic wall decor and imitate the appearance of a rustic weathered plaster wall. You can do this by using a faux painting method called textured fresco. The procedure starts by painting a textured base coat over your walls with the use of a paint roller. After doing so, gently press and drag a trowel on the coated surface in order to produce an assortment of sculptured figures. Then, choose a base paint colour for applying onto the dried and textured base coat. The last step requires you to apply a glaze onto the walls using a glazing mitt or a large sponge. This is to give your walls an old and weathered appearance.

Another way to give your space a rustic wall decoris with old stones. First, paint a light grey base coat onto your walls. Such base coat will also serve as the colour for the grout contours between the faux rustic stones. Make use of a blue painter’s tape and a measuring tape in order to trace the contour of the piled stones on the walls. Then, sponge on a dark grey glaze onto your walls at random. You may then get rid of the blue painter’s tape after the walls have dried and pat the same region using cheesecloth in order to give it some refinement.

Rustic Wall Hangings

The third rustic wall decor technique is called sponging, which can give an appearance of rustic stoneware or mottled porcelain onto your walls. After the sponging process, clean and prime the walls. Blend an acrylic glaze with dark blue paint, and apply this mixture onto your walls using a paint roller. Then, randomly pat the walls with a damp sea sponge in order to create an aged and rustic look. You should do this by starting at the topmost corner in small wall portions and working your way down. The glaze and paint mixture has to be wet as you pat it off with the damp sponge in order to create the best rustic quality that looks authentic.

The last rustic wall decortechnique is the wooden grain painting method, which can give your walls a rustic quality of natural wood. All you need for this method are acrylic glaze, two shades of brown paint, and the special tools in a wood-graining rocker toolkit. Apply a paint primer, followed by two coats of the brown paint onto the walls. Blend acrylic glaze with white paint and apply it onto a small portion of the wall. Brush a combing tool through the wet mixture to create a wooden characteristic. Lastly, pull a rocker tool over the brushed area to produce fake knotholes.

Nature Comes Home

Making use of a rustic motif in any type of home setting is the ideal way to create an environment that is comfortable, cozy, and welcoming for anyone entering through the doors. From fur rugs to antique, wooden furniture, this type of decorating can guide every piece that is placed within the home. The materials that are ideally suited for decorating include leather, furs, hardwoods, and highly-textured fabrics. The most durable of these possibilities is certainly leather, a materiel that is inviting to the touch, available in a variety of colors, and extremely durable. One way that anyone can incorporate leather into any room of the home that often escapes the ideas for average decorating scheme is to purchase leather pillows. They are an easy addition to any space that can be constantly rearranged, add to the overall beauty that you achieve, and be functional as well.

Leather pillows are ideal for rustic settings, however, they can work with any type of décor. Their rich feeling on the skin and supple texture create an item of interest and a sense of luxury that anyone sitting in their presence can easily enjoy. Leather also makes maintenance of your home décor easier than you ever might have imagined. They resist staining and need very little cleaning over time. The variety of tans and finishes possible for leather pillows also dramatically expand their potential. From modern furniture that uses flat color and elegant lines to the most busy patterns, a leather pillow can be acquired that has been treated for an appropriate surface. These kinds of pillows can be used to create either contrast or harmony on both bedding and traditional furniture.

Making use of leather coverings for every pillow in the home also offers people a comfortable accessory that retains warmth to an extraordinary degree. Couple your leather pillows with a fur throw, and you will never again suffer from a chill during cold winter nights. These pillows offer a unique touch of luxury to bedding as well. Whether they are incorporated as decorative items or pillows used for sleeping, the plush feelings you experience when you slip into bed will take on new life.

Because of the durability of leather, these pillows are the ideal solution for furniture that is placed outside in areas where they have limited exposure to the elements. The surface can resist moisture and other parts of nature that would quickly destroy conventional fabrics that are used in most pillow covers. Should the pillows become saturated by weather, they only need to be placed in the sun for a few hours to dry in order to return to their original condition.

The type of leather and the hide curing process used to produce these pillows can vary widely also. It is not just cattle hide that goes into producing these items of outstanding quality. Zebra skins, buffalo hide, and many other animals provide common raw materials for producing some of the most popular leather pillows on the market. Choose an entire set of leather pillows that are meant to compliment each other or mix and match leather with conventional pillows on furniture or bedding in order to create more dynamic visual interest. There is no better way to connect with nature than to bring a small portion of it into the home.

Creating a Country Styled Home

Having a country styled home can be a beautiful and comfortable experience. Attaining it, however, can be a challenge. Vintage or Antique furniture and accessories can be expensive, not to mention hard to find. Some families choose to keep these items as heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. But if you have the budget and don’t mind a good “treasure hunt”, you too can have a beautiful country styled home.
The first thing you’ll want to do is get the whole family involved. Remember, you’re creating something for all of you to enjoy. Now you can set about choosing a theme for your home and furniture. A few things you’ll want to consider are:

• Do I want my furniture to be made of wood or upholstered?
• What kind of wood do I want to Use?
• What do I want my color scheme to be?
• What kind of lighting will look the best?
• How do I choose the best accessory theme for me?

Wood Vs. Upholstered
Nothing beats the beauty and uniqueness of all natural, hand-crafted wood furniture. It can bring rich country style to any home. Wood also allows for more customization when choosing cushions and fabrics. On the other hand, upholstery is soft and inviting. It lends coziness and warmth. In the end it will be your personal preference as both are excellent choices for any country styled home.

So Many Kinds of Wood
Nature offers us so many varieties of wood to choose from, each with its own character and feel.

Barnwood is becoming increasingly popular in bringing country style to the home. And why wouldn’t it? The wood is reclaimed from old barns then stained and coated in polyurethane for protection. Each piece has its own character, its own life, its own story to tell. That being said, barnwood can be an expensive option.
Cedar is another excellent option. The scent of cedar is said to repel insects. It is also incredibly durable and when properly cared for will bring your family decades of joy.
Hickory is distinguished by contrasting dark and light colored wood making each piece extraordinarily unique. This wood is an excellent choice if you want your country styled furniture to last forever. Hickory is one of hardest and strongest heavy woods in North America.

All the Colors Under the Sun
For a country styled home you’ll want to stick to bold and bright or rich and dark. Jewel tones have been trending, but can make a room look small. To make the best decision you’ll want to consider the type of lighting you prefer. Warm or soft white bulbs will work well with almost any color scheme, although you may need to add more lamps if you like your rooms to be lighter. If you prefer brighter bulbs try to stick to brighter colors.

Time to Accessorize
No matter what accessories you choose to use, you’ll want to keep them natural. Adding some bear pillows or a moose throw will add the finishing touch to any room. Animals aren’t the only option though. Fruits or vegetable themes are great for country styled homes as well. In the end just be sure to make your home just that, your home!

A Home’s Décor Reflects the Taste and Personality of It’s Owners

A home’s décor reflects the taste and personality of its owners, providing a perfect expression of values and preferences. Log cabin furniture is appropriate in any style of home as long as it provides a welcome for friends and a cozy home for family. Some of its desirable characteristics include these:

• durable materials
• perennial style
• elegant wood
• low maintenance
• creative and unique design
• adaptability

Designing a Living Room
A hallmark of log cabin furniture is the comfort that it provides. With styling that accents beauty, a collection of pieces that complement each other furnish a living room in a spectacular way. A sofa is the cornerstone of a living room’s décor, especially impressive in combination with a matching loveseat.

A choice of upholstery fabric in a geometric pattern creates an atmosphere typical of the southwest. A finely crafted chair and ottoman balance the room while providing a handy storage place. Spacious rooms can accept a queen sleeper that encourages guests to stay the night and enjoy a safe ride home in the morning.

Styling a Bedroom Retreat
A unique feature of a bedroom is a distinctive barndoor style bed made from reclaimed red oak. Using wood that served ancestors in the 1800s as tobacco barns adds a coziness that is delightful and welcoming. A collection of hickory bedroom furniture is warm and beautiful in beds, armoires and chests.

Enhancing a Kitchen
Giving a cook a way to personalize a kitchen allows it to take on an identity of its own. Aprons and hand towels, rustic wall clocks and kitchen curtains are small accents that make one of the most popular rooms even more appealing.

Dining in Style
A dining room gives home owners a place to display heritage and tradition with distinctive tables, chairs, benches and a buffet with a hutch. Establishing a homelike atmosphere in the dining room encourages conversation and sharing of a day’s events. Dining in a home that features log cabin furniture allows family and friends to bask in the atmosphere of days gone by.

Luxuriating in the Bath
A bathroom is one of the most often used rooms in a home, but it often lags behind others in decorative design. Hickory is native to America, and the pioneers used it for many purposes. In a bath, the warm wood is appropriate for vanities in widths up to 72 inches. Linen cabinets provide excellent storage space while contributing to an elegant atmosphere in a bathroom. A free standing log toilet paper holder adds a whimsical touch.

Coordinating a Home Décor
Many home owners hire an interior decorator to help them achieve a sense of unity of style. Choosing log cabin furniture allows an owner to select a variety of pieces for each room in the house with confidence that everything works well together. A decorative theme in a home creates an ambiance that is comfortable and relaxing. One that reflects a sense of history with the advantage of up to date styling is an excellent choice.

Finishing with Accents
Area rugs provide a finishing touch that is unifying in a home, along with wall hangings, light switch plates, waste baskets and curtain tiebacks. Accessories that complete a theme add to the ambiance of a home’s décor.

Cabin Décor: Old is Beautiful

Cabin décor is a classic old setting, taking you way back to the classic wooden era, before the birth of the word, ‘contemporary’. Rich, ethnic and traditional décor styles are evergreen and precious. Some things become better and grander with age; wine, cheese and of course your cozy escape from hectic schedules. Within originality lies the essence of beauty, vintage is priceless and cannot be replicated. Sadly, for some who did not belong in the era, where the experience of vintage cabins was real rather than created. There is hope in the thought that with a creative mind and eye for antique items, the ambience can be imitated. True antiques are expensive and seldom fit in decorating budgets. Especially original vintage pieces are a rare collection and thus costly too. So how does one enjoy the old fashioned way without getting bankrupt?

Cabin décor

Vintage for the limited budget

Now you can have your cake and eat it too; without compromising on original look of the cabin décor or spending a large amount of money. You can have the cabin décor of your dreams within your budget using a few creative approaches and surveying for good durable alternatives.

The more the merrier

For honeymooners, the cabin will represent ‘igniting the fire’, while for nesters, the cabin will be a holiday get away, and for the empty nesters, the cabin will hold, ‘memories’ and a peaceful retirement nest. Thus, encourage family and spouses to chip in their feedback to the cabin décor. Discuss what everyone wants and try to reaching a consensus. Combining everyone’s’ synergies is the key success factor for every project. Women are good with budgeting and aesthetics, while men have an eye for looking at the practical aspects and durability. And children of course, children add fun and creativity to the whole process.

What to look for

Cabin décor consists of two basic elements; the interior and exterior which need to be designed and personalized according to your taste; interior choices are needed for the following:

  • Wall designs
  • Beam construction
  • Metal or wood frames
  • Wood structure; Counters, shelves etc
  • Rugs or carpeting
  • Art pieces
  • Fire place
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Heating/cooling
  • Appliances

The exterior of the cabin will consist of the following aspects:

  • Outdoor wall designs
  • Ceiling, roof
  • Window and doors
  • Fences and enclosures
  • Gates
  • Path ways
  • Garden or lawn

Once listed what cabin décor you are looking for, search online; amazing things in top notch condition can be purchased online. Antique stores also stock a lot of relevant items like braided rugs, and old furniture pieces. Other accessories are mostly heirlooms; therefore consider yourself lucky if your grandparents had a passion for cabin living. Some home stores also stock vintage style lighting and lamps to choose from. With a revived demand for old fashioned furniture, many manufacturers are imitating old designs; they might not be as good as the real stuff, but look very authentic and are comfortable.

Enjoy decorating your cabin, and make it a fun experience, with memories to last a lifetime!

How to Treat Logs Before Making a Log Bed

Log beds are a category of rustic furniture created using whole log pieces. These pieces are first treated and measured, aligning them to fit together to form a bed structure. This work of art has been passed down from many generations; the expertise is a family secret. Some useful steps in making log beds will make the process easy to understand and carry out at home.

The 3-S preparation process:

  • Selecting
  • The selection of log pieces to make a log bed is a tricky task, requiring a good vision and foresight. There are a lot of calculations needed to ensure the pieces create synergy to form the log bed. While selecting the logs, they need to be free of pits, burrs and other imperfections. The weight and strength needs to assessed, calculating what each piece will contribute to the finished log bed.
  • Staining
  • Before the staining, the wood needs to be wiped off of dirt and dust. Wood conditioner, easily available at stores, will be required to soak the logs. The logs when soaked in the wood conditioner will get rid of burrs. Next, the staining will require impeccable precision. Movement and motion of application will determine the perfect wood staining. Over lapping or double coating will result in uneven finish. For a beautifully stained log, apply the stain generously and then wipe it off. The log then must dry overnight and cleaned again thoroughly in the morning. After cleaning, give it more time to dry properly
  • Sealing
  • The final but most important step is to seal the log, ready for making the log bed. The log as yet is not fit to endure outdoor conditions or wear and tear over time. Applying a layer of polyurethane will create a seal over the logs, making sure it is suited to stand the test of time!

Calculate with cautionlog beds

Once the steps above, are followed to perfection, the log bed will come out looking professional and beautiful. As you reap what you sow, when good finished logs will be used to construct the log bed, the finished product will reflect the hard work of the process. Before construction, multiple calculations are needed, to ensure perfection. Blue prints are a good idea to eliminate the margin of error.

Lack of experience may be hazardous

For people having no prior experience in wood crafting, should refer to a good book, workshop, or take a session with a carpenter. Dealing with tools is a technical and dangerous task, without command over the tools; you may end up getting an injury. The logs, so carefully selected, stained and sealed will also go to waste if the construction part is not thought of. Therefore it would be beneficial, to acquire some training or coaching before beginning with the construction part.

Many online sites offer over the internet classes through interactive sessions. Various video streaming sites also have options to search from. Enroll in a few sessions, to learn basics and then design and build your very own log bed!

The Tale of The Old Rustic Rocking Chair

Rustic décor brings back many warm childhood stories to mind. A grandmothers story time on her rustic rocking chair, a creaky dinner table laden with food and happy meal times, an old study table; companion of many school evenings with endless homework and veranda swings, to enjoy breezy long nights. Beautiful times, weave memories to last a lifetime.

Furniture is often associated with many memories. Being a commodity with durable and long lasting features, it serves consumers for longer periods of time. Therefore, changing or renewing furniture is an exercise that is not exceeded more than four to five times in an average lifespan. Thus, affiliation lasts for over a decade for most people. Depreciation and maintenance should be accounted for, but it is very difficult letting go of a lifeless yet comforting companion. Growing up, furniture and homes have long lasting memories, moving out and getting married, again calls for deep connection. Having children, shopping for baby cots, and nursing chairs, watching the children grow up and the furniture grow old is a beautiful process. Retiring with your spouse and continuing the old year’s again calls for comfort and reliability. Therefore all phases and changes has attached with it; an unforgettable experience.rustic rocking chair

Tale as old as time

Cabin décor such as a rustic rocking chair has many stories to tell. For the art lovers and those who appreciate old fashioned pieces, rustic furniture is a delight. The intriguing wooden patterns, the smell of wood shavings, the feeling of solid firm wood is a pleasure to experience. Luckily, with the demand of rustic décor styled furniture, many manufacturers are creating designs imitating old furniture. The new furniture is processed in such a manner that it gives a rustic look, giving the piece more personality and appeal.

Old is gold

For the Scarlet O’Hara at heart, the old designs are easily available to choose from. Manufacturers have catalogues contained various designs from all the years. Choosing from an old design, will ensure that the excellence of the craftsmen is copied, the expertise is imitated, giving comfort, durability and appeal. A lot of thought was given to work in the old days when things were made with hand. Craftsmen put heart and soul into making a piece, like a brainchild, nurturing it till the finish. Therefore every design had reasons behind it supporting the design and shape of the furniture. Thus sticking with vintage is the best option.

Care and love

The trick of maintenance lies, within the amount of care given to the décor. Over time, rustic décor will get its share of damage, as it consists mainly of wood and log pieces. The best way to ensure durability is investing in a good high quality wood polish. Make it a weekly chore to polish the furniture with care. A soft dust cloth and circular movements ensure good condition of the furniture. Direct sun exposure is harmful for the shape and color, so veranda chairs/tables should be taken out in the evening. For afternoon extravaganzas, you may want to place cushions and mats to protect the rustic piece from drying or cracking out.

Why It’s Worth It to Invest In Quality Cabin Décor

When it comes to your cabin décor, it’s worth it to invest in quality items. A cabin retreat is a place where you want durable furnishings and décor items so that you can relax and enjoy your summer and winter activities. Investing in high quality pieces means that they will last longer and serve you and your family for years to come. Durability and familiarity is part of what makes country cabins and lodges so appealing. Form one year to the next, your family wants to be able to enjoy your cabin retreat just the way you let it the last year.

If your lodge décor isn’t up to the challenges of everyday life while you and your family are vacationing, you may even end up spending more to replace the original items when they break or wear out. When you have décor pieces with the quality to last, that means that you won’t be buying the same piece year after year when the first one inevitably breaks. Investing in high quality décor items has both financial and emotional benefits for your family.  Your family will appreciate the way that they can count on your cabin getaway to remain the same year after year, and you’ll save a lot of money by not having to replace décor pieces every year.

Cabin Place has been selling rustic décor since 1999. We are proud to provide you with items of the highest quality for the lowest prices around. We have worked hard over the last few years to become your one stop shopping place for cabin and lodge décor pieces with a rustic theme. If you’d like to learn more about our products or speak to a friendly customer service representative, please give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 today.

Rustic Guest Rooms Done Right

Do you want to decorate your guest room in the rustic style but aren’t sure how to go about it? There are many different elements to decorating a room in the lodge décor style, and you want to make sure that every piece is just right to give that cozy cabin feeling to your guest room.

  • Bedding – This is the centerpiece of your rustic décor and should feature either elements from your main theme, like bears, moose, or nature scenes, or consist of complimentary colors, particularly earth tones to match the theme of the room.
  • Bed frame – Roughhewn log frames or stick frames make a great bed for a guest room decorated with cabin décor items. Make your bed fit right in by getting the frame to match the other elements of the room.
  • Window Treatments – Curtains, valences, or shades should feature elements of your overall theme. Pine cones could match a nature theme, or bears may be prefect for a wildlife or woodland theme.
  • Lighting – A wooden chandelier made from either sticks or an old wagon wheel makes a great addition to rustic themed guest room. Table lamps as well could be hand carved with elements of the overall theme of the room.
  • Switch plates – Many of us never think of the switch plates, but this tiny little detail can really pull the look of the room together. You can get them with nature themes, wildlife themes, or even made to look like tree bark.
  • Rugs – A great area rug featuring either elements from your theme or consisting of complimentary earth tones is a big part of your rustic themed guest room.

Cabin Place has everything you need to make a really great rustic guest room. The guest room is often the one room of the house where you can get truly whimsical, and giving it a homey cabin feel is a great way to welcome guests into your home. Check out all of our bedroom items here or give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 to learn more!

Bringing the Down Home to Your Home

Do you want to bring that down home feeling to your home, cabin, or lodge? With the right rustic décor items you can give any room or home the feel of homes from a simpler time and place. Whatever your vision of down home is, you can bring it to reality by looking for pieces that reflect cabin life.

  • Quilts. Quilts have been used as bedding, wall art, and couch throws for years. These typically handmade items are an art that’s still with us. Having several well placed quilts in your home can give it that down home feel.
  • Tin Signs and Wall Art. Decorating your walls with tin signs and cut metal art is another way to bring the down home into your home. Simpler folks were never able to afford fancy art for their homes, but tin was cheap and readily available to be turned into art.
  • Braided Rugs – Braided rugs were very common in many households from long ago because they were simple to make and could be created from cast off rags and other such extra pieces of cloth. Braided rugs are a great way to give your cabin décor that down home look and feel.

Find everything you need to bring the down home to your home right here at Cabin Place. We have lodge décor and rustic accessories for every room of the house. If you’re looking for high quality functional décor pieces to bring you vision to life, check out all of the unique products we have to offer. Since 1999 we have been dedicated to becoming the one stop shop for everything rustic and cabin related for the home. If you’ve got any questions at all or would just like to place your order over the phone, give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 today. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents are standing by to take your call!