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Cheap Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

There are so many great things about log cabin decorating! It’s easy, it’s fun and most of all, it can be really cheap! You don’t have to lose your entire savings just to decorate your log cabin or your home in lodge décor. Just keep a few key things in mind about log cabin décor, and you’ll see how easy cheap lodge decorating can be!

It’s important to remember that new and perfect isn’t always right for log cabin decorating. In fact, it’s usually the worn and distressed look of furniture and accessories that gives that warm log cabin feel. However, it’s also equally to important that gently used or gently worn is much different than things that are just plain broken or are too used to hold any appeal. These things will just end up looking tacky and won’t add to your log cabin décor. Looking for some used items is fine, just remember that people no longer want those items for a reason, and you’ll have to really dig to find the treasure you’re looking for.

Cabin window treatments are great for cheap lodge decorating. Instead of spending nearly a hundred dollars on just a curtain rod, consider using things that would normally be lying around a cabin anyway. Things like oars and horseshoe hooks hang curtains beautifully and really make your cabin décor pop!

Another great place in your home or cabin to make the most of cheap lodge decorating is on your walls. While there are many rustic plaques and Western art that are available for cabin décor, you can also use things that you have lying around and won’t cost you a thing to hang on your walls. Look for maps that you have of the area, pictures of nearby hiking trails, dried flowers, or horseshoes. If you have a canoe that you love to take out on the lake, hanging this on the wall can also make for beautiful and cheap lodge decorating, and it can be a real conversation piece too!

Lastly, tap into your nostalgia and you’ll find more cheap cabin decorating ideas than you’ll be able to fill your cabin or home with. Place glass milk jars strategically around the kitchen or paint a wooden tabletop in a checkerboard pattern. These types of items really bring that simpler time back into the feeling of the cabin, and can also provide for things to do on those rainy days!

Of course, when you need the cheapest lodge decorating ideas, always stop by to see what we have on Clearance. We’re always putting some of our most popular items on sale so that you can get everything you need for lodge cabin decorating, but at even lower prices!

What’s The Difference Between Country Lodge Décor And Western Cabin Décor?

Perhaps because of the term “œcountry western,” people have often thought of country lodge decor and western cabin decor as being one in the same. However, the two are very different and you need to know what those differences are, and what you prefer, before you ultimately decide on your lodge décor.

Western décor often includes cowboys and ranch-style décor pieces, but you don’t have to limit yourself to that. Forests, wildlife, horses, and stars are also great pieces to use when decorating your cabin in a western theme. And if you want to cover your floor with great western cabin décor, there are great western rugs that feature horses, bears and yes, cowboys. Sheepskin rugs are another great way to add to western décor. When decorating with an eye to the west, use darker colors such as warm reds, yellows, and oranges to really pull the theme together.

Country lodge décor is quite different than western cabin décor. This type of lodge décor includes lighter colors such as creams, lighter natural woods, and whites instead of dark, bold colors. Floral prints also work very well in country lodge décor. When looking to accessorize your country décor, use things like candles, dried flowers, pottery, quilts, and lots of ruffles. This is the stuff that makes the charm of country lodge décor, and you’ll get that cozy look you were hoping for.

Whether you like the quaintness of country lodge décor, or want that rustic feel that western décor can bring, we have tons of lodge décor for any theme! Ruffled valances, western-styled rugs, wildlife bedding sets, and wooden furniture – which works well in both! – we have it all!

What To Consider When Buying Rustic Area Rugs

Cabin floors are very often wood, because this lends to the natural and charming look and feel of lodges and cabins. But that wood can often become cold, and can also be a boring design element. But rustic area rugs take care of that. By throwing a rug down you can instantly change and completely revamp your entire cabin’s décor, and you can bring some of the warmth back to the log cabin. There are many different cabin area rugs out there; but when it comes to buying area rugs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, think about what design would look good on a cabin area rug in your lodge. If you have a country cabin, think about rustic area rugs that depict animals, wildlife, cute patterns, or floral prints. If you have a hunting cabin, you might be more interested in area rugs that show deer, moose, or other game that you enjoy chasing. The chances are that you already have many of these design elements set in place so your new cabin area rug will fit right in.

The next thing to think about when buying area rugs is the shape of the rug that you want. Rustic area rugs come in all different shapes but the most common are square, rectangle, circle, and oval. Mostly the one you choose will depend on your personal preference but the shape of a rug can greatly add to the design scheme. Large square rugs can break up a large common area into different sections and can utilize different spaces for different things. Smaller, circle area rugs can be used as accent pieces or to make a particularly high traffic area a little warmer and more comfortable.

One of the things that many people overlook when buying area rugs is the non-slip underlay that should go underneath. Cabin area rugs don’t usually come with their own non-slip backing and on smooth wooden floors, you definitely want to make sure that they don’t slip out from under someone. You can usually find underlays for cabin area rugs in the same place you found the rug itself.

If you’re thinking about buying area rugs for your cabin, we have all the rustic area rugs, and the safety underlays to go with them, that will be the perfect addition to any space in your cabin.

Cabin Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Do you love the warm look and feel of log cabins? There’s just something about the ruggedness of a cabin that makes you feel like snuggling up with a good book, or just with a glass of wine and some good conversation. But, what if you don’t actually have a cabin hideaway to call your own? Or what if you love going up to the cabin for the weekend, only to hate coming home to your modern décor? Just change what you’ve got! You can bring all the charm of a cabin to your home with these easy cabin decorating ideas.

First, think about the type of cabin décor that you like most. Do you want a hunter’s cabin, or a cabin by the lake for fishing? Do you love the idea of a cabin nestled deep into the woods, with nothing but nature surrounding it? Or do you want a cabin fit for a cowboy or cowgirl, complete with lassos on the wall and cowboy hats on the hook? Discovering what theme you want to use for your cabin will help you create a layout for all the little details to fill it up with!

The chances are that the theme of your cabin décor will be something you love, and you can get cabin décor ideas from the things that are your passion too. Go out to your shed or garage and find those fishing lures you’re always bringing up to the lake, or the horseshoes that you’ve had lying in that drawer for years. Bringing cabin décor into your home doesn’t mean going into debt. It just means rediscovering all the things you love most!

And in fact when getting cabin decorating ideas, don’t rush out and buy all the newest things you can buy. While you might want some new things such as cabin bedding and furniture, you can also find a world of treasures at garage sales and thrift stores. Here you’ll find all the older, rustic knick knacks that will help pull the cabin décor in your home together.

If you want even more cabin décor ideas, make sure you check out all of our cabin décor. From the furniture to place in your living room, to the dishes to fill up your kitchen’s shelves with, and everything in between, we have everything you need to make your home look and feel just like your dream cabin!

Shop Smart In A Tough Economy ““Check Out The Clearance Section For All Your Cabin Decor!

Still have tons of on your “œto do” list for your cabin decorating, but don’t want to go cabin-poor doing it? It is important to take care of every little detail with your cabin décor, and it can be easy to get carried away while you do it. There are so many cabin accessories, cabin furnishings, and more in cabin décor, that it can be difficult to stop yourself from putting more things on your to-do list, never mind getting all of it done! The key is to keep it simple, not to sweat the small stuff right away, and to remember that it’s from the basics that the most beautiful things are born.

Before you rush out buying every Western lampshade or light plate accessories, start decorating your cabin with the larger and more noticeable items first. Put beautiful rustic bedding in all of the bedrooms and hang window treatments to match. These larger items are the best cabin furnishings to start decorating your cabin with because they won’t break your budget, but they will be some of the first things that you see when you walk into your cabin, and will make a dramatic difference right away. Once you have these staples of cabin décor in place, you can fill in the rest of the details such as cabin artwork and bear lamps at your own pace, and when you have room in your cabin décor budget for them.

Of course, you can save even more money by shopping in our Clearance section. We keep this section packed with all kinds of reduced and discounted items, such as rustic area rugs, cabin quilts, shower curtains, and more that will be the perfect addition to any cabin décor, and most of them reduced to half-price or more! And, because there are always different items in Clearance, you’ll be able to find anything you need for your cabin and quickly bring together that complete rustic look that you’ve always imagined for your cabin.

Make sure to check out the Clearance section, and then keep coming back to it again and again. You never know what you’re going to find, but you can be sure that it will all be at a great price, and that you’ll get everything crossed off your cabin décor to-do list before you even know it!

Inviting Bears Into Your Lodge Décor

Decorating with wildlife has always been very popular in lodge décor and today, bears are big! There are many animals you could choose to decorate your cabin in from moose to mallards to deer. But, the bear is the animal that has been emerging as one of the biggest rustic trend in cabin décor! This is partly because bears represent strength with a side of softness, and because there are just so many ways to bring bears into your rustic décor.

One of the most popular ways to use bears in your lodge décor is with bear rugs. These are most commonly placed in front of fireplaces, and while this certainly makes for a cozy spot, you can decorate with bear rugs any place you want to bring the bears in! While this is definitely one of the most dramatic ways to decorate with bears, there are also many more subtle ways you can add to your rustic décor using bears. Lampshades, light plates, wall art, and much more can be found when you decide to include bears as part of your cabin décor.

One of the most popular ways to decorate a cabin with bears is with carved bear statues. These statues are not only one of the most popular cabin accessories, but the most popular chainsaw sculptures. Artists carve these bear statues out of a giant log of wood, which makes them blend in perfectly with any rustic décor, whether you’ve used bears in the rest of your theme or not. You can find carved bear statues that are designed with incredible detail and intricate designs, or you can find a statue that looks much rougher and much more rustic. Whether you’re looking for a carved bear statue depicting a bear hunting in the stream or woods or a cute, cuddly carved bear statue, these statues are not only wonderful on their own, but they greatly add to any rustic décor.

Still don’t know how to bring bears into your lodge décor? Check out the many carved bear statues that we have. You’ll find that once you bring one in, you can’t bear to stop!