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A Breakdown of Lodge Accessories To Consider

One of the aspects of filling out your cabin or lodge is not just about furniture. Sure, that is a focal point, but once you have your furnishings chosen and in place, you’ll want to explore a variety of accessories that will tie everything together. Lodge Accessories aren’t just about visual design flow, as they are needed for function as well. Without having something that is fully functional, the best looking items will be nothing more than paper weights. There’s nothing wrong with decoration, but function and design should go hand in hand when you’re trying to go for that rustic appeal of being amidst nature. At first glance this is an easy task, picking out items that will serve a dual purpose, but when you start to run down all the options, you will find yourself dealing with a bit of a painstaking task. It’s for that simple reason that the following compilation of accessories are noted, so that you can make a much easier final decision on what to place in your home.

Lighting Matters

Whether you have electricity, a generator, or you’re doing things all natural, you’ll want to have proper lighting throughout your lodge. Do not make the mistake of missing out on this opportunity, as you will end up in the dark. Candles work great, and having holders is a good thing, but that may not brighten up the area as much as you need. To get more of a view in the dark, especially when the sun goes down, perhaps you should consider table lamps and shades. When highlighting these, consider the components and make sure that they offer both visual design and function. Solid hardwood bases, as well as shades that have a rustic feel are great. A tree stump or branch could work well if it is sturdy and wired correctly. Adding these to end tables, and alongside furnishings is a great way to bring a lasting impression of nature into the home, even if the lighting is not 100% natural.

Lodge Accessories


Towel racks, coat racks, paper holders, and all sorts of shelving is another piece to the proverbial puzzle that you do not want to miss out on. When considering these pieces, look for natural wood that matches the overall décor that you have going. Barnwood, cedar, hickory, and other woods should be either unfinished or treated lightly so that they stand out as complimentary. The last thing you want is for accessories and extra elements to stand out in the wrong way. It’s easy to get pieces that clash with your overall natural motif, so look out for items that have that solid wood finish and are made to last.

The Mighty Porch Swing

If you have a nice wooden deck or porch, you’re going to want to look into the incredible option of a porch swing. Whether you go for a classic design, or you go for something that will hang with supports, you will find that there’s nothing more relaxing than a swing. Putting a solid wood swing on the front porch or the back deck can be illuminating, relaxing, and compliment the rustic nature of having a lodge amidst nature. There are several solutions that you can comply with, and each one will deliver that feeling of relaxation with relative ease. Just remember to consider the raw materials, and the weight maximums when setting these up. You want to ensure that safety is a primary component of your decision making process. Whatever you decide to pick here, you will find that a porch swing can definitely bring about some great days of just enjoying your view.

The Little Things

There are a lot of little things that you can add alongside the aforementioned Lodge Accessories. For instance, you may want to have a footstool. This seemingly simple option can be tricky, especially when you see all the options that are available in this department. Aside from that, you may want to look into brackets, free floating shelves, and even toilet paper holders. All of these play smaller roles in the home, but can accent a room to give you an eye popping push forward. Sometimes it’s the little things that really make the visual design flow of a home stand out, which is why accessories are so important to sift through.

In the end, wait a short while before investing too much into the aforementioned pieces. You want to fill out your large areas and then add an accent piece once they are in place. You’ll find that it’s far easier to go that route than to purchase a great deal of smaller items and then try to fill the room around them.

How to Treat Logs Before Making a Log Bed

Log beds are a category of rustic furniture created using whole log pieces. These pieces are first treated and measured, aligning them to fit together to form a bed structure. This work of art has been passed down from many generations; the expertise is a family secret. Some useful steps in making log beds will make the process easy to understand and carry out at home.

The 3-S preparation process:

  • Selecting
  • The selection of log pieces to make a log bed is a tricky task, requiring a good vision and foresight. There are a lot of calculations needed to ensure the pieces create synergy to form the log bed. While selecting the logs, they need to be free of pits, burrs and other imperfections. The weight and strength needs to assessed, calculating what each piece will contribute to the finished log bed.
  • Staining
  • Before the staining, the wood needs to be wiped off of dirt and dust. Wood conditioner, easily available at stores, will be required to soak the logs. The logs when soaked in the wood conditioner will get rid of burrs. Next, the staining will require impeccable precision. Movement and motion of application will determine the perfect wood staining. Over lapping or double coating will result in uneven finish. For a beautifully stained log, apply the stain generously and then wipe it off. The log then must dry overnight and cleaned again thoroughly in the morning. After cleaning, give it more time to dry properly
  • Sealing
  • The final but most important step is to seal the log, ready for making the log bed. The log as yet is not fit to endure outdoor conditions or wear and tear over time. Applying a layer of polyurethane will create a seal over the logs, making sure it is suited to stand the test of time!

Calculate with cautionlog beds

Once the steps above, are followed to perfection, the log bed will come out looking professional and beautiful. As you reap what you sow, when good finished logs will be used to construct the log bed, the finished product will reflect the hard work of the process. Before construction, multiple calculations are needed, to ensure perfection. Blue prints are a good idea to eliminate the margin of error.

Lack of experience may be hazardous

For people having no prior experience in wood crafting, should refer to a good book, workshop, or take a session with a carpenter. Dealing with tools is a technical and dangerous task, without command over the tools; you may end up getting an injury. The logs, so carefully selected, stained and sealed will also go to waste if the construction part is not thought of. Therefore it would be beneficial, to acquire some training or coaching before beginning with the construction part.

Many online sites offer over the internet classes through interactive sessions. Various video streaming sites also have options to search from. Enroll in a few sessions, to learn basics and then design and build your very own log bed!

The Tale of The Old Rustic Rocking Chair

Rustic décor brings back many warm childhood stories to mind. A grandmothers story time on her rustic rocking chair, a creaky dinner table laden with food and happy meal times, an old study table; companion of many school evenings with endless homework and veranda swings, to enjoy breezy long nights. Beautiful times, weave memories to last a lifetime.

Furniture is often associated with many memories. Being a commodity with durable and long lasting features, it serves consumers for longer periods of time. Therefore, changing or renewing furniture is an exercise that is not exceeded more than four to five times in an average lifespan. Thus, affiliation lasts for over a decade for most people. Depreciation and maintenance should be accounted for, but it is very difficult letting go of a lifeless yet comforting companion. Growing up, furniture and homes have long lasting memories, moving out and getting married, again calls for deep connection. Having children, shopping for baby cots, and nursing chairs, watching the children grow up and the furniture grow old is a beautiful process. Retiring with your spouse and continuing the old year’s again calls for comfort and reliability. Therefore all phases and changes has attached with it; an unforgettable experience.rustic rocking chair

Tale as old as time

Cabin décor such as a rustic rocking chair has many stories to tell. For the art lovers and those who appreciate old fashioned pieces, rustic furniture is a delight. The intriguing wooden patterns, the smell of wood shavings, the feeling of solid firm wood is a pleasure to experience. Luckily, with the demand of rustic décor styled furniture, many manufacturers are creating designs imitating old furniture. The new furniture is processed in such a manner that it gives a rustic look, giving the piece more personality and appeal.

Old is gold

For the Scarlet O’Hara at heart, the old designs are easily available to choose from. Manufacturers have catalogues contained various designs from all the years. Choosing from an old design, will ensure that the excellence of the craftsmen is copied, the expertise is imitated, giving comfort, durability and appeal. A lot of thought was given to work in the old days when things were made with hand. Craftsmen put heart and soul into making a piece, like a brainchild, nurturing it till the finish. Therefore every design had reasons behind it supporting the design and shape of the furniture. Thus sticking with vintage is the best option.

Care and love

The trick of maintenance lies, within the amount of care given to the décor. Over time, rustic décor will get its share of damage, as it consists mainly of wood and log pieces. The best way to ensure durability is investing in a good high quality wood polish. Make it a weekly chore to polish the furniture with care. A soft dust cloth and circular movements ensure good condition of the furniture. Direct sun exposure is harmful for the shape and color, so veranda chairs/tables should be taken out in the evening. For afternoon extravaganzas, you may want to place cushions and mats to protect the rustic piece from drying or cracking out.

Need To Kick Start Your Cabin Décor? Go Back To Simpler Times!

When you’re looking for cabin décor ideas, you can find one for every corner of your home or cabin by just looking back to the simpler times when cabins were peoples’ homes, not getaway retreats reserved for long weekends. Imagine that you’ll be leaving the city to really get away from it all, even if you’ll be returning to your cabin retreat every day after work. What are the things that you would really need if you were living off the land? What would be most important for your daily living if you had no television, no computer, and not even electric heat? Thinking about the cabin furniture and cabin décor that was actually used when cabins were the standard home can be just the thing to kick start your cabin décor!

If it’s a bedroom you’re decorating in cabin décor, the place to start is with log cabin bedding. Log cabin bedding doesn’t have to be just about bears, pine cones, and western-style stars and horseshoes, although those are awfully cute in any cabin décor too. But if you really want to go back to what it was like living in those early log cabins, find throws such as Denali throws that can be placed on a simple wooden or metal frame bed. At the end of the bed, place an antique trunk to store extra blankets for colder nights and anything else that you want to keep tucked away.

You can further this idea of using practical elements in your cabin décor by extending it through to common living spaces. In these spaces, set up wooden rocking chairs, birch-bark futons, and other log cabin furniture. Make the simple life feeling come alive even more by arranging the cabin furniture around a woodstove, something that today can be used as a complementary source of heat instead of a primary one, and that adds another stylish and authentic cabin living air.

If you have lots of ideas for your simple cabin décor, and just need the right items to help you do it, come check out our huge selection. We have hundreds of items including cabin bedding, cabin furniture, cabin accessories, and more that will help you take your dream of the olden days and make it a reality today!

A Few Things To Know About Rustic Furniture

Rustic furniture is one of the best ways that you can bring to life your rustic cabin décor. Each piece will add to the warm and welcoming feel that the rustic look brings. But, because items such as rustic rocking chairs and log-carved rustic beds are made from wood, they have very specific care instructions that must be followed carefully. Otherwise, the wood can soon crack, warp, or otherwise become damaged and your furniture will soon look ratty, not rustic. Here are a few things to now when caring for your rustic furniture.

While a spilled drink on a rustic rocking chair or marker on a cushioned log couch may seem like disaster for your rustic furniture, it’s very important that you don’t use soap and water on the furniture, no matter how tempting it may seem. Water can do incredible damage to wood, causing it to warp, rot and decay, and the irritants and oil in soaps can scratch the wood, as well as warp it. Instead, start by using only a very soft cloth, as a rough cloth can also scratch the wood.

You then need to use a small amount of high-quality furniture polish to act as a cushion between the cloth and the wood. If you’re concerned about using polish on your wood you can choose an organic product, such as a polish that contains orange oil. This will ensure that no irritants are used on your rustic furniture. Polish that leaves residue on your furniture is also another concern in the care of rustic furniture. To avoid this, always use the same type of furniture polish as combining a wax-based polished with an oil-based polish will create the cloudy look that residue brings. Apply polish over the entire surface of rustic furniture and then wipe in a slow, circular motion to loosen old polish, dust, and dirt. Then, continue wiping until dry and the furniture has a smooth, glossy finish.

Rustic furniture is one of the best things you can do for your rustic cabin décor because you can have so many pieces that add to the theme. But it’s important that you take care of your furniture properly so that you can continue to enjoy your rustic rocking chairs, and all the pieces that go with it, for many more years to come! If you have any questions about other ways to care for and protect your rustic furniture, contact us, we’d love to help!

Preparing Your Cabin Furniture For Summer

If you’ve just arrived at the cabin for the first time since you left it last winter, or soon will be, you know that there will be a few things to do. Dusting away cobwebs and checking things like the plumbing system will undoubtedly be first on your list. But don’t forget about your cabin furnishings. These too, need to be prepared for the season ahead and, it will give you a good excuse to get to some of that yearly cleaning that needs to be done at some point anyway.

Start by removing protective covers from cabin furniture that may have been placed over them in the fall. Make sure that wooden cabin furniture is thoroughly polished to restore its luster and gleam. If you have wooden floors, which are very common in cabins, make sure that you sweep and polish those as well.

Any cabin furnishings that are made from fabric, such as cushiony sofas or throw pillows, should be thoroughly vacuumed. You might be able to throw some of these items into the washing machine at your cabin, especially things such as rugs, but always make sure you read the label for care instructions. Regardless, make sure that they are free of dust and ready for a lot of cabin lounging!

Leather cabin furnishings also need attention when you’re preparing the cabin for the summer. All leather furniture will also need to be wiped free of any soiled areas and then have a treatment of polish applied to them. This will make leather furniture last much longer and will bring some of the bounce back to its look!

If you find when you come back from a long winter away that your cabin furniture is just too far gone and you don’t think it will last another year, it may be time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. We have lots of log and cabin furniture that is easy to care for, will look terrific in any cabin, and will last for many years to come!