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Rustic Comes Alive with Western Area Rugs

Creating a rustic look can be exciting. The intriguing colors of rust and forest green, outlined on a soft beige background, delivers inspiration that is only found in the world of nature. The selection of products today, is immense in turning your home into a forest of warmth and beauty. Regardless of the living space, western area rugs can help tie your new rustic decor into the perfect atmosphere.

Darling Deer and Elk

A family of deer or elk, stopping to drink from a nearby pond, can literally take your breath away. Catching one of these rare events can be even more rewarding, when caught on film. Blow up your photo and place in an oak frame. Hang in the entry way, along with mini-mirrors, to bring a smile to all that visit. Lay a long western area rug, dotted with pine cones and tall evergreens, on the floor for accent.

Bathe in the Wilderness

The bathroom is a place where quiet solitude is cherished. Rugs that display simple, western scenes, can relax the mind while soaking in a hot, sudsy tub. The element of nature is not hard to create when prompted by rugs of mosaic, or stamped with shadowed bears. Place candles, smelling of evergreen, in tin holders and place around the tub. Let the power of the wild take hold in wonderful bliss.

Quaint, Happy Kitchens

The kitchen should be a loving spot for family and friends to gather. Wood, antique paraphernalia, and cotton curtains, will set the pace for warm and remembered conversation. Western-styled throw rugs will protect your floors from crumbs and dirt, and make guests feel right at home. Pine cones, bear, trout, or a favorite Indian weave, on washable throw rugs, adds flavor and serves a purpose.

Fireplace Magic

Enjoying a crackling fire, brings a feeling that is not easily replaced. Having a fireproof rug, displaying adventurous shapes of the forest, just seems to fit it with the natural feel of burning wood. Choose western area rugs that have a bit of mystery in their message, like silhouettes of wild game, longhorns, or wagon wheels. The memory of this rug will be formed, right along with the good times.

Comforting Slumber

The bedroom is where the west can really take center stage. Wood floors, rustic bed frames, and plain cotton curtains, are not boring when decorated with Western-styled bedspreads and colorful throw rugs. Indian patterns of zig-zags or other symbols of the West can bring a natural atmosphere into the room. The warm presence of simplicity and forest colors, will bring a restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

More Ideas

Western area rugs are a perfect way to complement other areas, as well.

  • In front of a favorite chair
  • Outside the front door
  • Under a coffee table

Different materials and textures of Western area rugs, make it simple to stay worry-free over spills and tracked-in dirt. Select from stain-resistant olefin, nylon or jute for easy cleaning. For a more luxurious look, 100% wool can deliver toe-sinking pleasure.

Rustic decor is a fine way to enjoy the pleasures of a home, and fun to decorate. Learn to enjoy the simple things in life by keeping nature close by with the selection of western-styled curtains, throws, and rugs.

Great Ways to Use Cabin Rugs

The truth is that if everyone could afford it, they would probably change the way their cabin homes looked yearly. However, it just is not realistic. Everyone has utility bills to pay, some people have children that they need to send to school and others even have student loans to pay off which makes upgrading their home almost impossible. The good thing is changing a home’s look does not necessarily mean one must undergo a major renovation. Something as simple as buying new cabin rugs can make a huge difference in the appearance of a home.

Buying a new cabin rug is the perfect way to give any room a new and fresh look. Many times lodges have a cold feel to them and adding a rug brings warmth to an otherwise unwelcoming room. There are a variety of different rugs and ways that they can be used to complement your existing furniture and décor. This is also an ideal way to keep your expensive hard wood floors protected. So, in a way these rugs act as an investment piece as well as an accent to your cabin.

Some rooms look very drab because they lack décor, have bad lighting or just do not have the right furniture. One way to spruce up a space like that is by adding a colorful accent rug. With the right cabin rug, the room can be a much livelier area to spend time in. Accent rugs come in many colors which will make it easy to find one that matches your home décor perfectly.

Cabins tend to have a cold and hard feel to them which is not exactly the ambiance you want for your home. Buying a throw rug is one way to give a room a cozy and intimate feel. These cabin rugs can be used in almost any room in the home and add just the right amount of softness to create that inviting ambiance that just screams relaxation.

Cabin rugs are also useful when it comes to keeping homes warm during the colder months. Buy a few rugs and use them all around your cabin. This will prevent having to walk on chilly hard wood floors when the snow starts falling.

When you own a cabin it is almost a must to have a welcome mat outside of your front door. That is, if you want your home to stay free of dirt. Welcome mats encourage guests and the people that live in the home to wipe their feet before entering the clean home. Welcome rugs are also a fun way to give your guests a preview of what to expect in your home. These rugs come in a variety of designs that can reflect your homes décor.

When you start shopping for cabin rugs, make sure to keep your current homes motif in mind. You do not want to end up with something that totally clashes with everything that you already have in your home. A safe way to go would be to purchase neutral colors that can be mixed and matched even if you decide to redecorate the rest of your home.

Don’t Get Frozen Toes”¦Cover Those Bare Floors With Rustic Cabin Rugs

Hardwood floors look great, and are easy to clean and maintain. If you have hardwood floors, you take pride in them. But when it comes to cold weather, things are feeling a bit bare, and we know exactly what you’re missing. Hardwood floors don’t offer you the comfort, style, or cozy feel of our rustic rugs or cabin rugs.

If your hardwood floors are new and the weather has been warm, you probably haven’t noticed any discomfort. If anything, hard, bare floors are nicer in the summer because they feel cool and refreshing to the feet. But as soon as the weather turns cold, you will notice the difference, especially if you like to walk around barefoot.

Rustic rugs for your cabin or home are a great and practical solution to this seasonal problem with cold, bare floors. At Cabin Place, our cabin rugs come in all shapes and sizes for every room and section of flooring in your home, no matter how big or small.

If you are an outdoor-lover who loves to decorate in rustic cabin themes, our rustic rugs are the perfect pick for you. Not only will your floors be warm and cozy on bare feet; they will fit in with your nature-themed décor, and pull your whole look together.

If you own a cabin, cabin rugs are the ideal solution to the bare, simple feel of your cabin which would be disrupted by any other type of rug.

While your decorating and warming up the floors of your house or cabin with our colorful, themed cabin rugs, don’t forget to lay a welcome mat or patio rug for all your guests to use and enjoy as they enter your home this holiday season.

And, last but not least, while you are shopping for your rustic rugs on our convenient site, don’t forget to pick up some non-slip rug pads to keep your rugs right where you want them, warming your feet.

Pull Out Those Rugs From Storage and Get Them Ready for Fall!

Fall is fast approaching, meaning it’s time to air out your cabin, beat your cabin rugs, and prepare them for the highest-trafficked season. If you’ve had a cabin for a while, you’re probably a pro at cleaning it. But cleaning cabin rugs can get tricky, especially if you’ve never been taught how to properly care for and maintain them.

First of all, it is important to make sure your cabin rugs are clean and dry when you put them into storage each year. This will save you some time cleaning cabin rugs in the fall when you just want to settle in and maybe decorate your cabin. However, if you are like most people, you probably didn’t take the time to do this last year, and now your cabin rugs need to be cleaned. Follow these tips for the best results.

  • Vacuum the back of your cabin rugs as well as the tops to get out the most dirt. Beating also works, but creates a lot of dust. It is helpful to know what materials your rugs are made of, so that cleaning cabin rugs will not cause more wear and tear. Beware of sucking up fringe or tassles, causing them to fray.
  • Follow the instructions for care on your rugs; the manufacturers know best. Do not assume that you can use carpet products on rugs. Carpet cleaners are meant for wall-to-wall carpet, made of different materials than most rugs. If your care instructions indicate it is okay to use a mild cleaner, make sure you remove all off the soap when you rinse. Otherwise, the soap will attract dirt. Check your rugs for colorfastness by blotting them with a damp white, cotton cloth.
  • Extend the life of your cabin rugs by purchasing rug pads for them. These keep your beautiful rugs from slipping, scratching or transferring stains to the floor, and allow air to circulate to fend off mildew.
  • If it is not recommended that you clean your rugs by hand, you may need to employ the services of a professional rug cleaner. These companies are experts at cleaning cabin rugs, and will ensure your rugs are not damaged in the cleaning process.

If you can’t find any care information for your rug on the tag, check with the manufacturer you bought it from. Some online rustic rug stores provide this information when you browse their sites.

The Story of the Beautiful Braided Rug

It’s hard to get any more rustic than a beautiful braided rug. After all, it was the original American floor covering. Dating back to the Colonial Period, braided rugs have graced American floors for over 300 years.

It’s impossible to say exactly where or how the first braided rugs were made, but these rustic rugs undoubtedly had their origins in the New England Colonies. The thrifty colonists threw very little away if it could possibly be re-used. That was just a necessity of life at the time. The original braided rugs were made from the scraps of clothing which had been outgrown or become too worn out to be of further use.

The initial purpose was to add warmth to the cold floors of the Colonists, but it didn’t take long for the rustic cabin rugs to be recognized as things of beauty. In a time and place where creature comforts were few, these colorful cabin rugs soon became prized possessions. Different braiding techniques developed, and different kinds of fabric came into use. Eventually, many braided rugs were made using new cloth rather than castoff clothing.

Today, these colorful, rustic rugs are often machine made. Available in a variety of colors and styles, braided rugs are a perfect floor covering for any home, but are particularly well suited to rustic homes and cabins. Rustic wood floors benefit from the protection cabin rugs afford, and the braided rugs add a splash of color sure to brighten up any rustic décor.

Cabin place offers a wide selection of rustic rugs, including many styles and sizes of braided rugs. Whether you are using a rustic theme for your home or cabin, or going for something more contemporary, braided rugs add beauty and sense of history to any home. After all, these are the same kinds of rustic rugs which were used by our ancestors shortly after they arrived from overseas.