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What Theme will you Choose for your Log Cabin or Lodge Décor?

When it comes to decorating your lodge or log cabin, most want to stick to a theme that matches the space itself; wooden furniture, woodsy paintings, etc. But, even then, there are multiple categories to choose from. Knowing what the main categories for this type of décor are will make it easier for you to choose a theme for your log cabin or lodge when it comes time for you to decorate or re-decorate.

• Western: A popular theme within lodges and cabins, the western theme encompasses a bit of the old west with rustic charm. This category includes an array of western décor full of monotone colors and imagery straight out of the old west. Rugs, curtains, and bedspreads are decorated with stars and images of cowboys and cacti. This is one of the more obvious themes on the list, so make sure this style is something you really enjoy before choosing to decorate with western décor.

• Country: A bit more subtle than western, this theme brings together the idea of country charm and simplicity. This theme tends to be more colorful, featuring lots of reds and whites as well as a multitude of pretty patterns. You’ll find that a white and red checkered table cloth or a painting of wildflowers will look right at home in a country themed cabin.

Log Cabin or Lodge Décor

• Traditional Rustic: This theme can almost be seen as a mixture of a few of the others on this list, as it focuses on a general idea of the forest, country living, and the beauty of nature and simplicity. Some great rustic cabin décor may include: Carved wooden wall hangings, handmade wooden rocking chairs, paintings of forest scenes, and handmade wooden spoons.

• Huntsman: Believe it or not, this is an extremely popular theme that you’ve probably seen before in a log cabin. The focus of this décor category is game hunting and all that goes with it. Pieces like an elaborate antler lamp/chandelier, bear carvings, and camouflage bedding sets might show up in a lodge decorated with this theme in mind. This is another more obvious theme that you’ll want to think over before using. It’s also a theme not everyone will enjoy, due to hunting animals being the core of the theme.

So, there you have it; four of the more popular lodge décor themes. If you’re looking to re-decorate your cabin or lodge, take a look at our main website here. Whether you’re looking for western décor, antler lamps, rustic cabin décor, or even something featuring carved bears we’ve got what you’re looking for!

Camo Bedding Sets Bring the Outdoors Into the Bedroom

Themed bedrooms are common all around the world.  There are times when the bedroom themes totally deviate from the dominant theme in the other rooms of the house.  It’s actually like entering a different world altogether with fully decorated themed bedrooms.  It’s a private space wherein the bedroom owner’s own personal preferences reign supreme.  Those who want to bring the outdoors into the bedroom can choose to use a military theme with camo bedding sets.  Pulling off this look is easy enough with a few creative touches.  Varying shades of green and brown are dominant in camo bedding sets and camo-themed rooms.

It is not wise to have everything in the bedroom with camo print.  In fact, some of your accessories and fixtures would best be left in solid colors.  Camo bedding sets are best used either in beds with wooden frames or in bunk style beds.  As an accent, you can have a metal-framed mirror in the vanity with a chain of dog tags hanging from one corner.  A solider’s cap on the study or a framed vintage military jacket would also be great decorative pieces for a military themed bedroom.

There are actually a lot of options available for you when it comes to patterns and colors in bedding sets.  You might think that all camouflage patterns look alike. But, they do come in a variety of distinct designs too.  Make sure that the beddings that you choose are fade resistant and are made of durable fabric. You also have to check the size of your bed. These beddings come in sets to fit beds from single to king-sized.  The right size will ensure the perfect fit, so your beddings stay tucked and straight. Aside from these considerations, you also have to check for fill, specifically for your comforter. Choose those camo bedding sets that offer comfort and insulation.

camo bedding sets

Be sure and pick something that would suit your personality and style.  Don’t go overboard in your military themed room by buying everything with camouflage patterns.  Remember that the room should still be pleasant to the eyes and relaxing to the senses.  You don’t want to feel agitated at the end of the day. Your bedroom should still offer you a respite away from the battles of the real world.

Choose beddings that resist stains and dirt and are easy to clean.  If possible, go with bedding sets that allow machine washing, so that cleaning could be done regularly and would not take up much of your time.  But it would still up to you if you prefer your sets to be hand-washed. Some believe that hand-washing prolongs the color of your patterns and holds off the fading process. Camo bedding sets that have continuous channel quiltings has been known to be very durable and won’t bunch up even with numerous washing.

It is not hard to see the appeal of the camouflage theme to adults and children alike.  It gives you the feeling of being much closer to nature and the great outdoors, feeding your sense of adventure and wonder without leaving the comfort of your homes. To those planning to build their very own outdoor-themed bedroom, finding the perfect camo bedding sets is a very rewarding endeavor indeed.

Beautiful Camo Bedding For a Country Look

Camouflage bedding or camo bedding for short, boasts of stylish and distinctive patterns that will answer the needs of those who long for a more rustic look in a room. An extensive variety is available which includes complete bedding and sheet sets – fitted, flat, pillowcases, bed skirts and shams. Comforters are polyester/cotton top layers that are luxurious and make dressing up a room very easy. With natural camo bedding patterns that match the decor and theme of the home, each set provides a cozy and posh feeling that is desirable to everyone.

It is easy to transform the bedroom into a sophisticated haven with a gorgeous camo bedding set. Duvets have a body-warming polyester fill that can withstand many types of washing with a 200 to 200 thread counts and 100% cotton fabrics. Durability meets comfort and style and is sure to lasts for many years to come.

Camo bedding sets are versatile and can be coordinated easily with existing designs in the bedroom. Subdued earth tones and muted hues are used to elicit a country elegance and charm. In addition, bright prints can brighten any children’s room and are a sure hit with boys and girls ready for a country adventure.

camo bedding

How to use camo bedding in various rooms in your home:

1. Kid’s room

Do the kids enjoy playing combat games and imagine themselves being brave soldiers in battle? Then camouflage prints in their beddings are the answer. Young boys will find their dreams come alive with military and jungle-inspired prints that kindle creativity and stimulate learning for all ages. A wide collection which includes army patterns, hunting, rustic and cabin themes are available to meet the dreamer in the child.

Young girls will enjoy camo bedding sets in sweet pink prints.  There are sets that include pillow shams, bed skirts, and fancy throw pillows. Blooms and nature inspired themes are available in country coordinated hues that are charming and sweet. Add decorative accents to inspire rustic life and create an earthy feel to the room.

2. Teen’s room

Teens who love the feel of nature and the outdoors will be enamored with sets decorated with appliqué and muted shades of green, browns and camel. Camo bedding theme sets that capture game hunting, sports and the peaceful countryside. It will surely add inspiration and joy to any adolescent with an eye for detail and a heart for the outdoors.

3. Adult room

A room that can inspire countryside and rustic living in contrasting tones of browns and prints is a must for everyone. Romantic atmosphere merged with present-day flair can be created using graphic lace motifs that are large and contrasted in pewter colors. Choose camo bedding in earth browns and cool greens to make any room a haven from a hectic day in the office. It can add a soothing effect to the room that makes relaxing easier.

Camo bedding sets are a must for everyone longing for a truly countryside and rustic feel. With the right kind of prints, it can provide elegance, vibrancy and the much needed accent for any room in the house.

Camouflage Bedding Themes

Contrary to what a lot of people might think, camouflage is not only used by soldiers to protect themselves during battle. Camouflage is not only exclusive to animals who can change their appearance whenever they want to hide themselves from their enemies. Nowadays, camouflage can be a versatile design them. Products that use camouflage include camouflage bedding and accessories, pillows, slumber bags, and buck throws.

Realtree and Mossy Oak are some of the official manufacturers of camouflage bedding products. Aside from bedding, other camouflage related products include comforters, pillows, shower curtains & accessories, valances & drapes, shower & curtain hooks, wall paper borders, toilet seats, bath rugs, towels, bear pillows, buck pillows, elk pillows, and lounge pillows.

Mossy Oak’s Treestand camouflage bedding features a new camo pattern that has bare tree limbs silhouetted against a late fall gray sky. The overall pattern lends an appearance of a medium to medium light shade. The overfilled comforters lend extra comfort.

An example of an elegant camo bedding design is the Luxury Oak Camo Bedding. The comforter set comes with a neckroll pillow and two throw pillows for that interior designer look. This pattern features the colors of mid-autumn. It also features neutral-toned design that offers a lot of contrast as compared to other patterns.

camouflage bedding

For a more masculine feel, the Buckmark Green camouflage bedding set is perfect for stylish men. This conventional camo pattern has a contemporary twist. The Buckmark deer head logo is concealed within the pattern. The Browning logo pillows and the flanged shams add a whole lot of appeal to the set. This pattern is perfect to be used in a boy’s bedroom.

Nature-loving women are also not left behind. The Buckmark Pink Camouflage bedding set is the traditional camouflage design, but with a slight quirk. The bedding is colored pink, which does not exactly blend with the surroundings. The Buckmark deer head logo is concealed within the camo pattern. What makes this set even more appealing are the         modern style,     the Browning logo pillows, and the flanged shams. This is a very popular pattern and would look great in a young girl or teenage girl’s bedroom.

While not a camouflage bedding example, the Burgundy Buckmark bedding features tan Browning Buckmark logos on a black plaid and burgundy background. The modest yet traditional design will create a peaceful and calm feeling, which is similar to what people feel out in the lush countryside. Completing this non-conventional camouflage bedding set is a tan sheet with the Buckmark logo print.

Realtree’s Max 4 HD Camo Bedding pattern is a favorite among waterfowl aficionados. The pattern includes millet, cattails, corn stalks, Milo, maple and oak leaves, sunflowers, oak and cedar limbs, and other plant life. The patterns give an overall color of medium to medium light shading. The continuous channel quilting methods help hold down the polyester fill without it bunch up during the washing process. These camouflage bedding sets are also fade-resistant.

In all, camouflage bedding sets are best used by people who love the outdoors. Those who have other design tastes may even come to appreciate what the camouflage pattern has to offer.

Mimic the Look of Nature with a Cozy Camo Comforter

Who wouldn’t want to sleep comfortably with a camo comforter or camouflage comforter? Sleeping with this type of comforter calms the mind and entices an excellent night’s sleep. It is as if one is sleeping under the stars with the surrounding forests, the meadow, or the shoreline. With many designs, camo comforters are inspired by natural elements like wood twigs, the ground, forests and the surrounding foliage, and the sandy shorelines and dunes, among other natural formations.

The design of the camo comforter is derived from the camouflage concept used by military men during defensive or offensive operations whenever these soldiers want to blend into the surroundings.  The same concept is used by animals who adapt their skin color to the surrounding environment to hide from their enemies. Thus, there are manufacturers of these camo-inspired products who use a variety of design inspirations to make their products appealing to interior designers and design aficionados. Some of these manufacturers include Mossy Oak and Realtree.

A camo comforter is one of the world’s most familiar patterns. The camo patterns, which are initially meant for soldiers or sportsmen, have increasingly become popular in every aspect of modern day life. The camouflage pattern can be used in both rustic and contemporary interior design themes. The camouflage pattern often gives a feeling of being connected with nature.  It gives a sense of simplicity and serenity that is called for in today’s hectic and complicated existence.

camo comforter

Aside from a camo comforter or bedding, manufactures of camo bedding products offer complete bedding sets and sheet sets. There are also complementary products in camouflage design like slip covers for furniture, shower curtains for the bathroom, decorative pillows, valances, and drapes. A great way to use camouflage in design is to complement one’s bedroom with simple wooden furniture and neutral colors. In order to not overpower the room, the only camouflage pattern is to be used on the bed. This means that a camo comforter or bedding should be the dominant piece in the bedroom. The accent furniture like chairs should only be in earthen and neutral colors.

There are many home improvement stores that offer customers a wide variety of choices when it comes to picking the right camouflage design for their rustic or contemporary bedrooms. One design offered by Realtree is AP Pink HD Camo Bedding, which is an excellent pattern for female outdoor enthusiasts. The camo comforter in this pattern is overfilled for extra comfort.

A unique camouflage design is the Blaze Orange and Camouflage set. This is perfect for the man who loves the outdoors, especially those whitetail deer enthusiasts. Another camouflage design by Realtree is the Advantage Classical camo comforter bedding, which has a combination of three-dimensional limbs, open spaces, and realistic leaves. The combined patterns give an appearance of medium to medium dark shades.

There are also various patterns of camouflage that can match any interior design theme. Outdoor enthusiasts would also be delighted with the many designs to suit their preferences. Moreover, a camo comforter is one way of showing their love for the outdoors.

Ways to Use a Camo Comforter Set

Many would think that camouflage is only used for concealment purposes. Soldiers use camouflage to hide themselves from their enemies. There are certain animals who have skin changing abilities to hide themselves from predators. However, camouflage design is also used in household items like beddings. A camouflage comforter set or camo comforter set is popular for use in rustic cabins or in homes with rustic interior design themes.

Camouflage patterns are some of the most recognizable and popular patterns used around the world. Originally designed for military tacticians or sportsmen, the camouflage design have also become popular for use among the general population. Camouflage designs allow users to connect and blend in with natural surroundings. This gives people a feeling of simplicity and serenity that is sorely needed in today’s hectic and complicated living. That is why a camo comforter set is a person’s best friend when he or she goes to sleep. The camouflage design enables to person to get a relaxing night’s sleep.

There are many domestic and home improvement retail stores that sell camo bedding products like sheet sets, complete bedding sets, and comforters. These stores also offer valances, drapes, shower curtains, slip covers, and decorative pillows to complement that camo comforter set and to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation.

camo comforter set

Professional interior designers and amateur designers have been experimenting with camouflage designs for many years. The best way in decorating using camouflage patterns is complementing one’s bedroom with simple wooden furniture and earth tone or natural colors. When designing bedrooms, designers always would use a camo comforter set and incorporate some rustic decorative elements like camouflage pillows and curtains to create a theme. The trick is to allow the bedding to be a room accent instead of letting the bedding overpower the room’s theme.

Camo bedding helps by accenting the camo comforter set with a bed skirt of a solid color. By providing breaks in the camo pattern, the beddings do not overpower the room. It also helps by adding neutral colors. A neutral wall color or a neutral-colored rug would do the trick. To add to the rustic effect, a live plant can give the impression that the person is truly in a peaceful surrounding.

Realtree and Mossy Oak are two noted manufacturers of camouflage comforter sets and beddings. The Hardwoods Green HD Camo Bedding pattern is very realistic. It gives the impression that one is really outdoors and in the woods. The camo designs are inspired by realistic brown and green leaves, cottonwoods, and white oak. The pattern lends a medium to medium dark appearance.

Realtree’s Max 4 HD Camo Bedding would appeal to waterfowl enthusiasts as the pattern of the camo comforter set integrates millet, cattails, corn stalks, Milo, maple and oak leaves, sunflowers, oak and cedar limbs, and other plant life. The pattern lends an appearance with a medium to medium light shade.

Camouflage comforter sets are a designer’s dream. There are various designs to choose from. These designs are derived from natural elements like the sandy shores to the lush forests. Customers and designers would be delighted with varieties home improvement stores offer.

Camo Bedspreads in Comfy Themed Bedrooms

Are you thinking about buying camo bedspreads or comforter sets? If you are, then you are in luck. There is a wide assortment of choices in store for you, whether it is for your own bedroom, your child’s room, or your infant’s room, camo bedspreads of different colours and sizes are definitely obtainable. Such bedding sets may include bed sheets, blankets, bed spreads and pillows, duvets, down throws, feather beds, and comforters, all in a camouflage pattern. On some cases, camo curtains may also be part of the set you purchase.

There is a variety of themes for camo bedspreads available on the market. You may choose underwater, airspace, rainforest, or safari camouflage patterns. Or, if you wish to be particular, there are stripes, chequered lines, or other patterns included, as well as real places, animals, or even popular fantasy lands. Among the popular collection include the break up camouflage, blue camouflage, pink camouflage, green camouflage, and advantage camouflage. There is also the All-Purpose, Galaxy, AP Pink, Timber, Max-4, and the Geo.

For your children’s bedroom, you may set themes such as popular fairy tale character, cartoon characters, or military design. For camo bedspreads in cartoon themes, the most popular choices being Scooby Doo, the Mario Brothers, Power Puff Girls, Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse. As for the fairy tale theme, the popular purchases are the Frog Prince, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Thumbelina, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty. You may even find camo bedspreads with characters from blockbuster animated films, such as Ice Age, Shrek, Finding Nemo, and Ratatouille.

camo bedspreads

There are also inclusive camouflage sets for cribs, and King-sized, Queen-sized, double, twin, and single beds. A lot of the fabrics used in producing the camo bedspreads, comforters, pillows, bed sheets, and blankets are hypoallergenic. A hypoallergenic cloth is perfect for you and your children. The skin of a child is sensitive, while some grownups may have allergies that may be caused by non-hypoallergenic fabrics. Hypoallergenic fabrics may be made from silk, wool, or cotton.

Fleece camo bedspreads are also wonderful option since they are made from the natural fibres of sheep. It is comfortable, breathable, soft, and can be hypoallergenic to some extent, as well. You may also opt for satin, which is very special due to the method used in its cloth weaves. Silk is also smoother and shinier compared to any other fabric. It may be produced either synthetically or naturally. If the silk is made out of long fibres, then it is called satin. Meanwhile, it is called sateen if its fibres are made out of cotton. Even though there is an assortment of patterns and colours for satin, people tend to buy it for its smoothness and sleekness rather than for its diverse choices.

The cost of camo bedspreads is also diverse as the contents, fabric, maker brand, size, and designs come into play. Expect a higher price if you wish to include pillows, dust ruffles, comforters, down throws, or curtains for the set purchase.

Add Some Fun into the Bedroom with Camouflage Bedding

As adults we often tend to lean towards anything that is safe or neutral. With age comes practicality.  Most adults do this with everything from picking out a home, to choosing a city to live in and decorating their bedroom. However, once in a while, it is nice to change things up and incorporate a bit of fun into your everyday life. One way to encourage a bit of whimsy and adventure is to change the way your bedroom looks.

 Camouflage Bedding
Camouflage Bedding

The bedroom is the last place we see at night and the first place we see when we open our eyes in the morning. It should not be stiff and boring. It should give us a sense of relaxation and it should be a room we want to be in. An easy and affordable way to spruce up the bedroom is just by changing a few of the key elements. The most obvious change would be to the bed. Changing the bed sheets and the comforter can change the entire look of a bedroom.

A cute way to go bedding wise is to pick out camouflage bedding. Even your kids will enjoy this. This print is actually quite popular and loved by people of all ages. This is a good option for anyone that wants to create a unique look for their bedroom. This is ideal for those that want to bring out the kid in them. Because camouflage bedding is a huge trend these days it is fairly easy to find them in most shopping malls.

Even for those that want a modern look, camouflage bedding can still be a very realistic option. The camo look, as many people refer to it has evolved from your traditional moss green and brown to brighter colors with the same camouflage pattern. Now, you can get the print in colors as bold as pink and orange to more minimalistic colors like black or white. Whatever color scheme your bedroom uses, you will be sure to find camouflage bedding that will match.

Before doing a total makeover it is important to make sure that camouflage bedding is something that you want everyday. You can also incorporate the look into your other bedroom décor. Adding something as simple as matching throw pillows or an area rug to accent your new bedding can make a huge difference in your bedrooms overall look.

Creating an environment that you enjoy is the key to making your own haven of relaxation. There is no better place to lay your head down than your own bedroom so make sure it is a place that you are in love with. It is the little things like changing a duvet cover that make huge differences in our daily lives.

Many people worry that redecorating their home will be an expensive project. However, this is not necessarily the case. A new bedding set or a new lampshade can really transform the feel of a room. Investing in making your home your favorite place to be is the best decision you can make for you and your family.

Turn Your Little Guy’s Room into a Hunter’s Dream

There’s nothing better than country living and the great outdoors. The thrill of a hunt, the fresh air, the casual pace that defines rustic living. Naturally, we want to pass these things down to our kids. It’s never too young to instill a love of rustic living and hunting to our little ones. One easy way to thrill your favorite little outdoorsman is by getting him camouflage bedding.

Camouflage bedding is available in a number of popular hunting styles, such as Mossy Oak and Hardwoods. It’s also available in pink for your little outdoorswoman. Look through our website’s wide selection of camo bedding products. You’ll find all kinds of decorating ideas to outfit your little hunter’s room.

Don’t stop with camo bedding, though. From wallpaper to lighting fixtures to wildlife themed carvings and art, there are all kinds of ways for you to create a taste of the Great Outdoors right in your child’s room.

Check out Cabin Place’s website. It’s easy to navigate (no getting “œlost in the woods” like many websites) and puts all of the best rustic and camo bedding products right at your fingertips. Plus, you’ll find articles and blogs with all kinds of advice about rustic décor and country living.

Your kids will grow up fast. While they’re young, take the time to instill in them your love for the outdoors. And when you can’t actually be in the outdoors together, keep the spirit of the wild alive in their bedrooms with camouflage bedding and décor.

Camo bedding isn’t just for kids, either. There are lots of ways to incorporate camouflage bedding and décor into your home. Any hunter of outdoors enthusiast can appreciate little everyday reminders that the woods are out there waiting for our next hiking or hunting trip. Young and old sportsmen alike will enjoy camouflage bedding and a camo themed room.

When You Can’t Be in the Woods, Bring the Woods Into Your Home

One of the most attractive things about living in a rustic cabin is the closeness one feels to nature by the very material used in the home. Lots of wood, rough-sawn or otherwise close to its natural state used throughout the cabin adds to the ambiance. Using camouflage bedding as a decorative element in a rustic cabin only adds to this. Think of how easy it is to make the transition from outdoors to indoors when your home is filled with the colors, patterns, and materials found in the very woods themselves by using camouflage bedding. How much easier would it be to relax if you could pull camo bedding, richly colored in the greenery of the woods, over yourself before you nod off to sleep?

Using a theme in each room can be one of the most fun things about decorating a rustic cabin. Bedrooms are especially fun to do this with. Think what fun you could have showing friends and guests to “œthe fishing suite” or perhaps “œthe bear’s den”. At you can decorate bedrooms and living space in camouflage bedding or in these other fun themes!

Using camoflage bedding in one of your camo themed bedrooms makes it the perfect suite for the hunter or outdoorsman in your family. has camo bedding featuring patterns by Mossy Oak® and Realtree®, some of the most recognized makers of camouflage patterns today. The camouflage bedding collection features solid colored bed skirts; perfect to offset the richly colored camouflage bedding, and reversible decorative pillows to allow you to adjust the impact of the camo bedding perfectly to the rest of the room.

Using a natural color scheme rich in earth-tones is an ideal way to paint a room to compliment the use of camouflage bedding. Utilizing furniture made of wood close to its natural state and filling the room with plant life will help pull the whole look you began with camo bedding together and help its occupant feel practically as if they were deep in the woods, enjoying the peace and solitude only the forest can bring.

Using camo bedding is just one of the few ways to compliment the peace one feels in a home decorated in the rustic fashion and a sure way to make any occupant feel closer to nature. No rustic cabin is complete without a touch of camo bedding!