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How to Make Your Home Look and Feel like a Rustic Retreat

Your desire to turn your home into a rustic retreat may be based on fond childhood memories of time spent enjoying nature or simply a matter of creating a relaxing atmosphere that reflects the solitude and beauty of nature. Rustic decorating is simple with the right tools and some tips to make the best use of each piece. Since simplicity is at the heart of the rustic style, placing a piece of rustic wall art here and tossing an animal-themed pillow there are the little touches that combine to turn your home into the rustic retreat you have in mind. Whether you are decorating a real cabin or creating the illusion of one, these tips will help you get the desired effect.

1. Mix Up the Materials – Use the materials that come from nature, including wood and copper. The more natural the materials appear, the more they will fit into your decorating scheme. Items obviously made from synthetics have no place in rustic decorating.

2. Choose Soft Natural Colors – Balance out the rugged materials with softer colors like robin’s egg blue or goldenrod. The contrast will create more visual interest.

3. Mix Fabrics – Items made from fabric to decorate your rustic retreat come in a variety of natural themes. Some, like the coordinated bedding sets, already contain two or more prints that work well together. Don’t be intent on using the same pattern or specific theme such as an animal or print throughout a room or the entire house. Red plaid can be just as rustic looking as a bear print.

4. Focus on the Fireplace – The fireplace in any room will be a central part of your rustic retreat. Using stone and wood around the fireplace with give it a look of authenticity. If there is a mantel, use it to display your rustic themed decorating items. If not, the right piece of rustic wall art will make the perfect addition.

During the time when rustic decorating was the only thing people knew, it was created out of practicality and the need to use the resources that were available. Today, rustic styled decorating is a choice that a growing number of people have learned to appreciate for its simplicity and beauty. Incorporating rustic decorating items into every room in a balanced way and leaving out modern items that obviously do not belong in your cabin makes creating an authentic rustic retreat simple enough for any amateur decorator. To learn more or to order, call Cabin Place at 1 877-884-0248.

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Luxurious Lounging with Leather Pillows

Leather pillows can capture the spirit of Western-style interior design. Such pillows are made out of the finest qualities of leather and fabric that feature leather lace stitching, fringe, tassels, hair on hide, embroidery, studs, Conchos, and Western images. The designers have selected the finest accents to add to the pillows, bringing a true Western essence and style into your home, cabin, or ranch. Cowgirls and cowboys alike will also find these pillows very essential as a decoration add-on for their horse trailers.

There is nothing more rich and luxurious in feeling than soft and supple leather pillows. Moreover, leather happens to be among nature’s most beautiful and most hard-wearing material. Archaeologists have discovered various leather items from way back in the Roman Empire Era that are still undamaged even after thousands of years. You will be able to take pleasure in such pillows for several years to come if you apply proper care.

Perhaps the most vital way to give proper care for your leather pillows is to keep them and all fine leather articles away from direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays from the sunlight, which are also responsible for the sunburn on a person’s skin, can cause leather materials to dry out, crack, fade, and have a shorter life span. Keep your pillows away from areas expose to extreme heat, such as a radiator or a heat register. Extreme heat can cause your leather pillows to dry out and lose its natural oils, making them brittle and stiff.

Leather pillows

You must never sit on leather pillows while wearing leather. When you sweat, it may cause a bleeding of the dyes.  Tarnishing and staining may also happen because of this.  Also, keep your pets away from your pillows as much as possible. Everything from urine stains to claws can damage the fine material. If your leather pillow, as well as any other fine leather item, does get stained or damaged, you must clean it right away. The sooner you manage to clean it, the better the outcome will be.

You should never store leather pillows against hard edges or sharp surfaces as they may cause unattractive stretching, dents, or creases to the material. Do not let your pillows get dirty with substances like body oils and grime.  Such dirty substances can become entrenched in the leather material and cause stains which may become hard to get rid of.

If your leather pillows or other leather articles become stained or even damaged, there is a solution to a lot of such unwanted conditions. All protected, finished, or top coated leather materials can be cleaned rather easily by using a leather pillow cleaner. With a leather pillow cleaner, majority of food and beverage stains, oils, dirt, and other sorts of griming can be eliminated without ruining the polish of the leather. Stiffening and hardening of the leather can also be avoided using such cleaners. After cleaning the leather, you should apply a leather pillow conditioner. This can revitalize the natural lubricants and oils that have been reduced by daily cleaning and use.

How To Design A Color Scheme For Your Cabin

There is little that is more exciting than decorating your cabin, and choosing rustic colors, textures, and fabrics to truly make your cabin a log dream home. But, decorating a cabin comes with its own challenges and mainly, that comes in the form of the cabin’s color scheme.

Because log cabins are by their very nature made of wood, you will already have one color that you must work with. The wood inside and outside of log cabins are beautiful and working with any wooden color shouldn’t be a problem. However, you will have to keep that color in mind when designing the color scheme of the cabin because everything else will play off that color. In your cabin’s color scheme, this is known as the primary color.

Another challenge that comes with decorating log cabins is that they typically have an open floor plan. While this adds to the charm and coziness of any cabin, it also makes choosing the color scheme of the cabin more difficult. You don’t want to make all the areas the same color, even though they’re technically all one big room. However, you also need to avoid combining colors that are too contrasting, or that don’t blend together nicely. These colors are known as the secondary colors in any color scheme.

Lastly, you’ll want to choose your accent colors. These are the colors that will be used for things like furniture, window treatments, accessories, and appliances. The great thing about accent colors is that they can really be any color that you want, and they can even be very bold against the primary and secondary colors. Choosing to use dark blue throw pillows in a room where the walls are a light cream or pale yellow color is a great way to use a strong accent color against a soft secondary color.

Once you figure out what you want your cabin’s color scheme to be, you’ll be amazed at just how easily the rest of your cabin décor falls into place. The color scheme is at the bottom of every design scheme and the case is no different when it comes to your rustic log cabin!

Bring The Wildlife In When Decorating Your Cabin!

There are so many great things about using wildlife when decorating your cabin! You’ll be surrounded by nature even when you’re indoors! When you choose to decorate with wildlife, you have a whole world of design elements at your fingertips. If it’s alive, and it lives outside, it’s fair game. And you’ll have a stunning cabin that is also truly authentic!

You can’t have a wildlife theme and not display some animals. Your cabin is the place to go crazy with this! Display moose heads; deer heads; bright, vibrant fish; flying mallards; or any other wildlife that strikes you as the most beautiful. Of course, you don’t actually have to go out and hunt these animals. Wooden statues work just as well, for those who still want to be kind to our outdoor friends. But of course, if you have a certain trophy that you want to display, you can always add that to the collection too.

When using wildlife décor, it’s important to incorporate it into every room in the cabin. Kitchens can be decorated with items like canisters with wildlife décor ( and cabinets can be decorated with rustic images of bears, moose, whitetail deer, or elk. And what design element is more natural and popular in a bathroom than fish? You can use a fish theme in your bathroom to keep with the wildlife theme but instead of using tropical and aquarium fish, choose fish that you would catch yourself. We have an entire set to outfit your entire bathroom! (

And don’t forget accessories! There are tons of wildlife accessories that you can use to decorate your cabin. Things like antler chandeliers, bear lamps, and miniature statues placed in strategic places can also help to pull the entire wildlife theme together.

Just be careful that you don’t overdo it. There is no end to the amount of wildlife furnishings, accessories, and décor that you could use and with this design scheme particularly, it’s easy to go overboard. Use enough so that you surround yourself in wildlife, but remember that you and your guests still want to know that they’re inside!