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What’s Not to Love About Denali Throws?

Whether you own a cabin or just wish your home was a cabin, you know that nothing is as homey and warm as rustic bedding and décor. And nothing makes a bedroom or sitting room cozier than lightweight, warm Denali throws.

If you’ve ever snuggled up under a Denali throw, we don’t need to tell you how warm and comfortable they are. And we probably don’t need to point out that they’re lightweight and moisture resistant. But there are some things about Denali throws you may not know. Next time you cuddle up under your Denali throw, keep these things in mind. We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s really nothing not to like about Denali throws:

  • Denali throws are completely made in the United States. Wisconsin, if you want to be precise.
  • Your Denali throw is made by Monterey Mills, a company with over forty years experience making the finest pile fabric products.
  • Denali throws are made with MicroPlush®. They’re lightweight and yet soft, warm and cozy all at the same time.
  • Your Denali throw is completely machine washable. Colors won’t easily bleed or fade.
  • Denali throws resist mildew and odor.

If you don’t have a Denali throw yet, you owe it to yourself to find out why so many people say that being wrapped in one feels like getting a hug. With so many colors and styles available from Cabin Place, they make the perfect Christmas and birthday gifts.

You can’t have too many Denali throws around the home. The warm, lightweight throws can be enjoyed all year long. Take them with you on the boat in the summer, cuddle beside the fire in the winter, or take the chill out in the autumn as you watch the leaves drop. Or, drape them over your favorite chair to add warmth and beauty to the room even when you’re not using them.

Gather “˜Round the Fire with a Bowl of Popcorn and Your Denali Throws

Picture this: the snow is falling gently outside, a warm fire crackles in the fireplace, the Christmas tree light cast a gentle glow over each little face in shades of red, blue, and green. It’s cold outside, and will be for the next two or three months. But inside, you’re all gathered “˜round the fire with a bowl of popcorn and your Denali throws, warm as can be.

Cabin Place offers cabin bedding and Denali throws in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Each is warm, soft, and cozy as can be, perfect for draping over the backs of the chairs or love seat, perfect for cuddling into all alone or with a special someone. One look and we’re sure you’ll agree. Denali throws are the perfect addition to your home or cabin this winter.

Denali throws make the perfect complement to the rest of your cabin bedding. When you don’t want to drag the quilts or comforters out of the bedroom, lightweight Denali throws offer you the warmth and comfort of your favorite quilts while still folding conveniently over the back of the furniture when not in use. They’re perfect for cuddling up with a good book or just watching the snow fall.

So let the snow drift down outside. Or let the winds howl and rage. It doesn’t matter. Inside there’s a nice fire and comfy cabin bedding to keep you warm all winter long. Spring will be here soon enough. With our beautiful rustic cabin bedding, the short cold days and long winter nights won’t give you the blues. You’ll see why so many Denali throws owners like winter time best.

Don’t wait for the snow to actually start falling. Browse through our selection today. Our redesigned website makes it easier than ever to choose and purchase Denali throws, cabin bedding, and other rustic décor.