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How to Incorporate Bar Furniture with Your Kitchen Decor

The kitchen is one of the most lived-in rooms in any home. Not only do you want a kitchen that is functional, but one that has the perfect ambiance to make it a joy to spend time there with your family members. Log cabin decor ideas for the kitchen often suggest incorporating bar furniture into the kitchen as a way to make the room even more inviting. A variety of tables, chairs, and stools can be used to complement your log home furniture for a room that is as traditionally rustic as it is livable.

Like any kitchen today, those in log cabin styles homes are often made with a bar and/or an island. There are many styles of bar stools and counter chairs to choose from to add the perfect complement to your log home kitchen furniture. The right choice in bar seating will help you get professional looking results. You will be surprised at how the right chairs or stools will elevate the style in your kitchen.

Choosing Your Materials

One of the features of using log cabin decor ideas in your home is that the materials all need to be natural, but they don’t have to coordinate. For instance, you might have beautifully custom designed hickory kitchen cabinets, a barnwood kitchen table, and cedar log counter stools. Bringing together different types of log home furniture will give your log cabin style kitchen the appearance of having been collected randomly instead of having each piece of log home furniture coordinate with the next. This gives you more options for choosing the seats that you like best, without straying from your decor theme.

Choosing the Style

Although all of the seating choices you have available to you may be appropriate for use with the log home furniture in your kitchen, some styles will probably look better than others. You will want to consider whether you want simple bar stools that offer no support, or bar stools that are more like a chair, complete with arms. If the seats will be used to eat meals and spend any significant time there, the stools with arms will provide you with a better sitting experience.

Measure the Height

A normal kitchen counter top is 36-inches high, while the normal height of a bar is 42 inches. These are industry standards and will help you when it comes time to picking out bar stools. Be sure to measure the height of your area so that you know the size of chair or stool that will fit underneath. Bar stools that are 24 inches in height are designed for counters, while those that are 30 inches high are for bars.

Kitchens without a Bar or an Island

If you do not have a bar or island in your kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you can’t implement log home furniture for the bar into your kitchen. A variety of table styles and sizes are available that you can coordinate with the log cabin bar stools to create a unique and rustic dining and/or entertaining area in your kitchen. To learn more about log cabin style bar furniture, call Cabin Place at 1-877-884-0248.

Wood Chair

Themed Décor: How Much is too Much?

Decorating your home, office, or other space with themed items is generally a good idea. It keeps things concise and gives your space a particular feel that goes along with the theme. However, it is possible to over-do theme décor, causing it to become overwhelming or start to look tacky.

Cabin Place exists to provide themed furniture and décor; items that would look at home in a log cabin. The goal of décor like this is to present a charming and rustic look, but you could easily go overboard with this kind of décor, causing a different look and feel entirely. But, how do you know how much is too much? We’ve put together a little guide to help you keep your lodge décor balanced and tasteful.

1. Be Wary of Using too Much of one Thing: Say you love bears, (or wolves, moons, etc.) it’s perfectly fitting for some of your cabin décor to feature bears, but you don’t want that to be the case with every piece you have. We have a great selection of wilderness themed décor and furniture, so finding one of everything you want, all complete with a bear, wouldn’t be very difficult. However, it wouldn’t end up looking as tasteful or as charming as having a handful of things that feature bears while your other, different pieces add some contrast to your décor.

2. Not Every Single Thing has to be Themed: if you’re decorating a house, this may not be as difficult as it might be when decorating a cabin. A cabin, already feeling like part of the theme itself, may increase the urge to fill it with only country and wilderness themed lodge décor. The truth is, though, this will create an overwhelming environment that lacks the important contrast we talked about previously. Like with the bears, adding in other pieces, in this case ones that aren’t part of the theme, will give the space much needed contrast and make it that much more appealing.

3. Statement Pieces: A statement piece is something that is more intricate, loud, colorful, or eye-catching than what surrounds it. Statement pieces are meant to be the most noticeable item in a room and putting more than one of these in one space together will quickly become more cluttered than eye-catching. Having one large piece of furniture with an intricate design on it or one antler lamp is enough for a single space. If you really must have more than one of something like these, be sure they aren’t in the same room.

Lodge décor is beautiful, rustic, and appealing in so many ways. Just be sure to keep these little tips in mind when you’re decorating your cabin, lodge, or home. Too much of anything can be bad, even too much of a good thing.

Need some ideas for decorating your cabin? Take a look and see what catches your eye.

Need A Solution For Decorating Your Rec Room? Rustic Décor Is It!

A rec room is the perfect location for rustic décor and you can really go all out with your design scheme. Give in to your instinct to put the moose head on the wall, add the matching bear lamps and other wildlife statues and install an antler chandelier. You can find log cabin décor at its finest at that will allow you to create the rustic atmosphere you desire without sacrificing quality.

There are critics out there who claim that log cabin décor must be cheesy or old-fashioned but the truth is that rustic décor is a constantly evolving market that holds on to traditional values and styles while utilizing new green manufacturing methods and updating patterns and fabrics to meet the demands of today’s consumers. Many of the blankets and rugs available at are created from recycled fibers or trendy fleece fabric.

A rec room is perfectly suited to warm log cabin décor because the room is typically used for hunkering down for board games or movies. A modern or contemporary style rec room is not inviting for you or your guests and doesn’t encourage snuggling up with a blanket and a good book. The feel of a rustic log cabin, however, is a welcoming environment that almost forces you to sit down, relax, and enjoy the slower pace of organic living.

You can find everything from wallpaper to curtains; trash cans to lamps at that can help you put together a stylish, rustic rec room. Choose from wildlife prints, nature or leaf prints, or simply organic natural color schemes that evoke the feeling of napping in the great outdoors. Whichever rustic route you choose, trust to offer the best selection at competitive prices.

The History Of Log Cabin Décor

Log cabin décor of course, comes from the rustic style of living that log cabin living has to offer. For many it seems like a luxury today to actually own a log cabin in the woods and because of this, decorating our homes in log cabin décor has become a popular trend. But, even though new log cabin decorating ideas are cropping up every day, log cabin décor didn’t originate from aesthetic reasons but rather, from practical ones.

The earliest log cabin living can be traced back to medieval times, when those in England and Scandinavia built log homes from the nearby trees in order to provide themselves with shelter. When they left Europe in search of the New World, they brought those cabin building and cabin living skills with them. Those who came from the British Isles specifically were the ones who brought the timber-frame style of log cabin décor with them. This was because there are few trees in England and so while living there, they had to rely on creating the main structure with timber and filling the rest in with infill, which is much like plaster. It’s from this period that the simplistic concept that comes with log cabin décor originated.

Those who settled in New England brought with them much of what we think of when we think of authentic Early American living. It was these settlers that brought with them wooden rocking chairs and log beds that are covered in quilts. It could be argued that it was from these settlers that some of the most popular log cabin decorating ideas are still alive and thriving today.

It was almost half a century later when the Shakers arrived and settled in New York, Kentucky, and Indiana. The homes of the Shakers were not actually built from logs, but they did rely on timber to frame their homes. And it was inside their homes that they really perfected cabin living. It was from the Shakers that the idea of simplicity was refined even further. These settlers are responsible for the wooden hooks and pegs, wicker baskets, and other bare cabin necessities, meant to hold the little the Shakers needed to use for daily life. The Shakers also created cabin furniture made from fine wood. While there no ornate carvings or minute details in these pieces of furniture, they did show natural bold lines of the grain and woody knots detailing it throughout. These are still some of the most favored pieces of log cabin décor that can be found today, whether or not they were ever actually used in authentic log cabins.

At the end of the 1800s, the American love of all things simple ended and as the Industrial Revolution exploded, so did the people’s need for things, things, and more things stuffing their homes with as much as possible. This put an end to log cabin décor for several years. Today, as people strive to escape from the business of the world to a peaceful retreat, log cabin décor is once again on the rise. Because while material goods may have taken over for a few years, everyone really knows that it’s the simple things in life that are truly the best!

Ideas For Decorating A Hunting Lodge

Choosing a hunting lodge décor is great for anyone who likes to actually get out and shoot some game, or those who just love being in the great outdoors bird-watching or just taking a hike and looking at all the wildlife that surrounds them. A hunting lodge décor is all about bringing the outdoors in and just going outside and taking a look around can be a great way to start getting lodge decorating ideas.

First, look at the colors that surround you; those will be the colors that you use to decorate your hunter’s lodge. Use the same brown that’s on the trunk of the trees to use as your bathroom tile or as your inspiration for your rustic curtains. Let the green of the lush trees and shrubbery serve as your guide when choosing lodge décor such as your cabin bedding, rustic rugs, or other lodge accessories. Letting nature be your color palette is a great way to get ideas for decorating a hunter’s lodge because all of the colors are naturally coordinated.

Use your imagination when choosing the furniture for your hunter’s lodge. Hunters don’t only go into the woods to get that night’s supper, they also have to go chop wood for the basic elements of their lodge, such as their furniture. Use this concept when considering your lodge décor and picking the right pieces will be easy; choosing only the sturdiest wooden furniture will make sure that all your lodge décor blends in together, because it all comes from the same place the great outdoors!

Hunting lodge décor also includes curtains and beddings and even the roughest and most rugged hunters need to think about these design elements but they’re very easy by following your passion! Do you like to spend your days out on the lake fishing? Choose cabin bedding and drapes that are decked out in fish. Or do you prefer big game like moose, bear, or deer? There are many different styles for each of these, and more, that will win over any hunter’s heart.

It’s easy to get lodge decorating ideas just by looking at the outdoor surroundings and the things you’re passionate about hunting, or at least looking at. If you need more ideas, make sure to check out all the lodge décor that we offer, and if you already know what you’re looking for, we’re sure to have that too!

Cheap Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

There are so many great things about log cabin decorating! It’s easy, it’s fun and most of all, it can be really cheap! You don’t have to lose your entire savings just to decorate your log cabin or your home in lodge décor. Just keep a few key things in mind about log cabin décor, and you’ll see how easy cheap lodge decorating can be!

It’s important to remember that new and perfect isn’t always right for log cabin decorating. In fact, it’s usually the worn and distressed look of furniture and accessories that gives that warm log cabin feel. However, it’s also equally to important that gently used or gently worn is much different than things that are just plain broken or are too used to hold any appeal. These things will just end up looking tacky and won’t add to your log cabin décor. Looking for some used items is fine, just remember that people no longer want those items for a reason, and you’ll have to really dig to find the treasure you’re looking for.

Cabin window treatments are great for cheap lodge decorating. Instead of spending nearly a hundred dollars on just a curtain rod, consider using things that would normally be lying around a cabin anyway. Things like oars and horseshoe hooks hang curtains beautifully and really make your cabin décor pop!

Another great place in your home or cabin to make the most of cheap lodge decorating is on your walls. While there are many rustic plaques and Western art that are available for cabin décor, you can also use things that you have lying around and won’t cost you a thing to hang on your walls. Look for maps that you have of the area, pictures of nearby hiking trails, dried flowers, or horseshoes. If you have a canoe that you love to take out on the lake, hanging this on the wall can also make for beautiful and cheap lodge decorating, and it can be a real conversation piece too!

Lastly, tap into your nostalgia and you’ll find more cheap cabin decorating ideas than you’ll be able to fill your cabin or home with. Place glass milk jars strategically around the kitchen or paint a wooden tabletop in a checkerboard pattern. These types of items really bring that simpler time back into the feeling of the cabin, and can also provide for things to do on those rainy days!

Of course, when you need the cheapest lodge decorating ideas, always stop by to see what we have on Clearance. We’re always putting some of our most popular items on sale so that you can get everything you need for lodge cabin decorating, but at even lower prices!

Cabin Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Do you love the warm look and feel of log cabins? There’s just something about the ruggedness of a cabin that makes you feel like snuggling up with a good book, or just with a glass of wine and some good conversation. But, what if you don’t actually have a cabin hideaway to call your own? Or what if you love going up to the cabin for the weekend, only to hate coming home to your modern décor? Just change what you’ve got! You can bring all the charm of a cabin to your home with these easy cabin decorating ideas.

First, think about the type of cabin décor that you like most. Do you want a hunter’s cabin, or a cabin by the lake for fishing? Do you love the idea of a cabin nestled deep into the woods, with nothing but nature surrounding it? Or do you want a cabin fit for a cowboy or cowgirl, complete with lassos on the wall and cowboy hats on the hook? Discovering what theme you want to use for your cabin will help you create a layout for all the little details to fill it up with!

The chances are that the theme of your cabin décor will be something you love, and you can get cabin décor ideas from the things that are your passion too. Go out to your shed or garage and find those fishing lures you’re always bringing up to the lake, or the horseshoes that you’ve had lying in that drawer for years. Bringing cabin décor into your home doesn’t mean going into debt. It just means rediscovering all the things you love most!

And in fact when getting cabin decorating ideas, don’t rush out and buy all the newest things you can buy. While you might want some new things such as cabin bedding and furniture, you can also find a world of treasures at garage sales and thrift stores. Here you’ll find all the older, rustic knick knacks that will help pull the cabin décor in your home together.

If you want even more cabin décor ideas, make sure you check out all of our cabin décor. From the furniture to place in your living room, to the dishes to fill up your kitchen’s shelves with, and everything in between, we have everything you need to make your home look and feel just like your dream cabin!

Metal Wall Art The Perfect Finishing Touch In Western Décor

Metal wall art can be the perfect addition to any ranch or cabin, no matter what the cabin décor. But, this type of artwork works especially well in cabins with a western theme because the color and design of the metal works so naturally and blends so beautifully with the western theme. And, if you pick the right metal wall art for your cabin or ranch, it could be not just the perfect finishing touch, but also the perfect conversation piece.

Metal wall art, and western metal wall art specifically, is becoming extremely popular and so you’ll find that there’s a much wider selection than just the stars and cowboys that were once available. Choose from those as well as beautiful horses, lassos, cowboy boots, and many other different styles. You can also choose a piece that suits your personal lifestyle and tastes. So if you’re very active while out at your ranch and like to spend time sprinting on your horse, you might choose a cowboy design where he’s depicted wranglin’ up the horses. If you prefer the solitude of the western life, and prefer to spend time star gazing, you might choose metal wall art that depicts a cowboy in a moment of silence. The same design could work in so many different ways!

Western metal wall art will also blend in perfectly with any western decor. Because this artwork is made from metals such as copper, brass, and wrought iron, their natural colors blend in perfectly and work great with any style or theme. You can also use metal wall art strictly as artwork hanging on your wall, or you can use them as functional pieces. Metal wall art can be used for a welcome sign, door knockers, or as wall sconces.

One of the best things about metal wall art is that it’s one of the cheapest ways you could decorate your cabin. You can find the design of your choice within any budget, or you can even make them yourself. If you’re not the crafty type and want to check out what kind of metal wall art would work in your western décor, check out our gorgeous designs!

Cheap Ideas for Decorating a Log Cabin

Cabins have come a long way from the old log cabins that were once built by our forefathers. Even with the more modern cabins of today, people still want to decorate and really make it their own. Making it a cozy retreat for your family is what its all about. But you don’t need to become cabin-poor to show off your flair and personality with cabin flair. You just need to know how to decorate your cabin for cheap!

Start by thinking about your furniture. This is what you’re actually going to be living in, lying on, and relaxing on so you want this to be exactly what you want, and you can build the rest of your log cabin décor around it. Generally, the interior walls and cabinets are all done in woodwork in log cabins so it’s usually a good idea to stick with this idea when choosing your furniture. To get the exact look you want, and to get a custom color wood to go with the rest of your interior décor, buy some wooden furniture at a garage sale and refinish it. You can choose a light or dark varnish and do the job yourself, which can save you hundreds of dollars on furnishing your log cabin.

Nature, nature, nature! Log cabins are all about nature so bring the outdoors in when choosing your log cabin décor. Place a wicker basket as a centerpiece on the coffee table or in the dining room and fill it up with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Or, when you’re out walking around the area, pick up items like pine cones, rocks, or anything else that peaks your interest and use them around your cabin as accessories. This is a great, and very cheap way to decorate your log cabin.

And of course, keep coming back here to check out our clearance ( items. We’re always filling up our clearance racks with new items that have just gone on sale, and this is a great way to decorate your cabin for cheap. Here you’ll find all the accessories, furnishings, rugs, lighting options, and everything else that you need to decorate your cabin in style and for cheap too!