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How to Use Texas Star Bedding in Your Home

The lone star has been a symbol for the state of Texas since its origin in 1845, placed on the flag that was used in various battles to stir Texans into action. Throughout history, the meaning of the symbol has been interpreted as standing for leadership, independence, and a desire by the citizens of the state to become a part of the United States. Today, the Texas Star is used as a symbol of bravery, loyalty, and purity, characteristics that many Texans still take to heart today. The use of western star bedding in your home is a beautiful way of adding rustic appeal while symbolizing your individualism and sense of freedom.

Luxury Star Comforter Sets

This western bedding set perfectly exemplifies the strength and history behind the Texas Star, while providing you with the ultimate luxury and comfort you want for your bedroom. The comforter is made from caramel brown micro-fiber suede with a border of Texas Stars, giving a rich, western look that will complement any rustic bedroom. The comforter set comes in twin, full, queen, or king size to fit any size bed. Window treatments and shower curtains are also available to help expand on your Texas Star theme throughout the bedroom and the master bath.

Buckskin Laredo Western Bedding

Similar in design to the Luxury Star comforter sets, the Buckskin Laredo western bedding comes in a natural buckskin tan with coffee brown accents, to create a style that is both neutral and attention-getting. The embroidered Texas Star pattern coordinates easily with the star-embroidered sheet set that is made from 100% cotton. There is also a chocolate Laredo western bedding set that is tastefully designed in chocolate and caramel browns for a perfect western canvas for fine embroidered stars.

Turquoise Star Laredo Embroidered Comforter Sets

Like the Texas Star, turquoise has a place in the history of the Old West. The turquoise Texas Stars embroidered on this bedding set add a splash of color on the buff faux suede fabric for something different in rustic western bedding. Coordinated sheets are available separately, featuring an embroidered barb-wire pattern that adds a perfect accent to your western look.

Texas Star Accessories

There are many items available to help you coordinate your western star bedding with every corner of the room. Beautifully detailed throw pillows will look great on the bed or in a rocking chair in the corner. Round and rectangular rugs have intricately detailed stars to provide an accent to bedroom or bath. Hang an Out West mirror with star details over a rustic table for the perfect place to check your makeup or get a last look at your clothes.

The Texas Star is a versatile feature that gives rustic, western appeal to your bedroom. Although there are many accessories that are made with the Texas Star design, they also offer versatility through the different colors and designs. To place your order for western star bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.


Bedding for the Horse Lover

The equestrian lifestyle is one in which the spirit of the animal and the west permeates everything you do. As the theme of rustic bedding sets, various horse designs represent the various breeds and uses that horses have in western society. Rustic meets luxury in overstuffed comforters with coordinated accessories that capture the heart of the old west and the passion for these majestic animals that continues today.

Cowboys are considered the basis for the traditional western. Equine enthusiasts know that the cowboys wouldn’t have gotten very far without the horses they used for working the fields, driving the herds, and as a primary means of transportation. Horses are as much a part of the western lifestyle as cowboy hats, barbwire, and log furniture.

Equine Bedding Makes the Perfect Focal Point of Your Bedroom

No matter what style of decor you have for your bedroom, the bed will be the focal point and the piece of furniture that sets the theme for the entire room. Your choice in western bedding will determine which accessories you will use throughout the bedroom. For example, the Team Roper bedding has a beautifully detailed roping design in the center with three strands of barbwire all the way around the outside of the design to perfectly frame the image. The bedding is designed in neutral tans and browns in true western spirit. There are many accessories that include the barbwire detailing, including luxurious sheets with intricate barbwire embroidery.

The Denali Red Running Horses bedspread blanket is another example of exceptional equestrian imagery that depicts horses running freely across the Western foothills. The earthy red color is featured against a black background for a striking contrast against the rustic earth tones. There are also matching shams, bedskirts and pillows for a coordinated bed that you will enjoy for its beauty and comfort.

The Great Basin Wild Horses comforter sets make it easy to get the coordinated rustic bedding you want for an equine inspired bedroom. Each set includes the overstuffed comforter, bedskirt, and shams for a perfectly coordinated look. Matching lined drapes with tie-backs feature the same scenery of galloping wild horses in the Great Basin of Northern Nevada. The high quality upholstery-grade fabric of the comforter is backed in chocolate, and trimmed with faux leather, both of which representing the authentic colors and fabrics that are integral to any western decor.

Be sure to look at the variety of equine-themed western rugs that are made to be the perfect complement to your equine rustic bedding. Rugs feature cowboys on horseback, rodeo riders, sheriff’s posse, running horses, and many other designs. The variety of sizes and shapes provide you with the perfect tool to expand your equestrian-themed bedroom to any area of the room. Mix and match styles, colors, and designs to create a unique look that looks like it was created by a real designer. To order your equestrian bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.


Rustic bedding

Why Choose Barbwire Bedding for Your Western Decor

Barbwire has long stood as a symbol of strength and toughness in the West. Even those who live in the biggest cities recognize the material for its representation as a barrier for animals and a familiar tool that was used in the Westward expansion. While barbwire has been around for decades, it continues to be a familiar sight on farms, ranches, and other types of animal facilities today. The symbolism and simplicity of barbwire makes it the ideal theme for use in western bedding.

When decorating any room of your home in a western theme, your goal should be to implement as many recognizable features as possible. For example, textured walls and ceilings set the tone for traditional western style decor. Furniture, tables, flooring, and decorative wooden items used to decorate the bedroom should be made from distressed wood. Traditional Western styling also includes leather and geometric patterns to create a comprehensive appeal to the room.

Many of the features highlighted in tips for rustic or western decor include architectural designs such as wood beams or tile floors. For homes in which these features are not a part of the structure, there are less extensive ways of giving your bedroom a more authentic design. For one, use western style rugs that coordinate with your rustic bedding. This can either be a design that specifically showcases your barbwire theme, or a compatible pattern or design that coordinates with your bedding.

Since the bed is the central piece of furniture in the room, a rustic or log style bed is ideal. Natural and distressed wood is a part of the western appeal, and nothing goes more naturally with your barbwire bedding than bedroom furniture made especially for that purpose.

One of the beautiful things about barbwire bedding is that it doesn’t have to stand alone as your western theme. It makes a wonderful accent to the variety of designs and patterns that are a part of the western bedding collection. Whether you choose throw pillows with a moose and bear for decor, or stick with the cowboy-inspired theme, barbwire works as an accent piece to anything western. It sets the scene and complements every other staple or accessory that you want to use.

The Smallest Details

Achieving the decorator-style look you want in your western bedroom requires you to pay attention to the smallest details. The cover plate for your light switch, the wallpaper border around the middle of the walls, the lights, and the accessories on your shelves: all play a role in the authenticity of your barbwire-themed bedroom. Omit those details that you want, to accommodate your personal taste, and replace them with the authentic western decor that will have an atmosphere of the genuine American West.

Decorating with barbwire bedding is also easy as far as choosing the right colors. The bed sets include the comforter, shams, and bedskirt in colors and patterns that coordinate well with each other and with the other decorative items you will find in the western decor collection. The barbwire sheet sets will work with any bedding set you choose. Just pick the color that you prefer and create the ideal barbwire theme for your bedroom. To order your barbwire bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.

Rustic bedding

Beddings by Donna Sharp

Donna Sharp is one of the country’s foremost designers and manufacturers of quality beddings and home accessories. Donna Sharp bedding comes in the form of high-quality and stunning quilts. These quilts are an example of great value without the need to sacrifice quality. Moreover, these quilts are best suited to be used in Arts and Crafts and rustic interior design surroundings. Donna Sharp bedding features reversible backing and intricately detailed borders. Donna Sharp features a lot of products like signature bedding, patchwork bedding, theme bedding, whole cloth bedding, and promotional sets, among other bedding types.

The Mountain Whispers is one popular Donna Sharp bedding set. This design is meant for the person who loves the outdoors and wildlife in general. The quilted bedding set features appliqued bears, moose, wolves, fish, and eagles. Other elements that complete the stylish quilt are pine trees and traditional quilting elements.

Another Donna Sharp bedding design is Pinecone. The quilt has appliqued pine cones and wildlife. Squirrels, owls, and pine trees are reflected within the pinecone theme in order to bring an outdoor and relaxing theme. The neutral earth colors and pinecone border makes this design adaptable to any interior design theme. The euro shams and dust ruffles provide contrasting colors of black plaid and rustic red.

Donna Sharp bedding

The Wolf Trail Quilt set was conceptualized to create a rustic and subtle wolf theme to the bedroom. The appliqued pine trees and wolves run along the border and give off a unique accent to salmon shades and large green blocks in the quilt’s body. The patchwork and applique is created artistically to give a handcrafted feel and look with the complementary dust ruffle in brown Chambray color, which completes the look.

The Gone Fishing Quilt collection is perfect for people who have cabins by the lake. This is also for people who may live in urban or suburban areas but who want the look and feel of cabins. This quilt has a calm lake scene together with fishing poles, a cabin, fish, and fish lures. The quilt design’s natural earth tones of browns and greens are matched by the black plaid and rustic red euro sham and dust ruffle. People who love life by the lake would want to be inspired by this Donna Sharp bedding set.

The Terra Square quilt is a conventional set that has a patchwork design that incorporates colors like slate grey, dark sienna, sponged olive, tan, and light grey. The effect is that it is inviting and warm and emits a feeling of rustic elegance to a place. The Timberline quilt collection features appliques of prowling bears, moose, and galloping deer that are situated around a cabin scene that has pine tree accents. Some of the incorporated colors are hunter green, navy, tan, brown, and red. Red buffalo plaid is the shade of the bedding set’s bed skirt and euro shams.

Many people would find the rustic life quite comforting. Any Donna Sharp bedding set can add a lot of rustic charm to the place. All one has to do is to shop online or visit physical locations to get the feel of Donna Sharp products.

Quilt Appraisals Great for Insurance, Curiosity

At Cabin Place, we specialize in rustic cabin décor for all the rooms of your home. We have everything you need, from decorations for your bathroom and kitchen to rustic bedding and lighting for the ultimate in rural decoration. One of our most popular products is our rustic quilts. Some of the finest rustic décor designers are featured in our rustic quilts section there, you’ll find only the highest quality rustic quilts available.

Plenty of attention to detail is paid when it comes to our rustic bedding. In fact, our quilts are so beautiful they only get better with age, and you may want to consider quilt appraisals at some point in the future. Quilt appraisals can help you accurately assess the value of a family quilt. Here are some instances when you may want to get your rustic bedding appraised:

  • Insurance Purposes. Although the sentimental value of a rustic quilt can never be replaced, you can at least receive monetary value if something should happen to it. Most insurance adjustors are not well-versed in quilt appraisals, so your best bet is finding a certified appraiser to help you.
  • Selling a Quilt. If you’re thinking of selling a quilt, whether at a market or online, it’s a good idea to have it appraised. You’ll be able to find the value of comparable quilts and can put a fair price on it.
  • General Curiosity. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know how much your rustic quilts are worth. Quilt appraisals can also help you learn about the quilt pattern used and a little bit of history on your particular quilt.

Cabin Place quilts are available in full American sizes, from twin to king, so you can easily find rustic bedding to fit both your bed and lifestyle. We’re sure our well-made quilts will be in your family for generations to come browse our selection of rustic bedding to find the perfect quilt to bring home today.

Giving Your City Bedroom a Cozy, Rustic Feel

Don’t think for one minute that just because you live in the city you can’t finish your living space with cabin decorating. What better way to make an escape from the high-tech, fast paced world than to build a retreat in your own home? Nothing feels homier than rustic décor, and even if you don’t want all of your living space done with cabin decorating, there is no reason not to design a relaxing bedroom using rustic bedding for yourself.

At you’ll find everything you need in cabin bedding to complete the retreat in your home. Cabin Bedding will only add to the serenity a room done in the rustic style and help you feel warm and cozy when you settle in for a long winters nap.

Themes vary from outdoor schemed cabin bedding, like the Cascade Lodge Collection, to those with the sportsman in mind such as, the River Fishing Bedding Collection and the Whitetail Dreams Bedding Collection. These cabin collections and the many more rustic bedding sets offered by are sure to add that final, cozy touch to any bedroom no matter whether you home is in the country or the big city.

Rustic bedding is just the beginning of what you can find to warm up your bedroom space. Cabin bedding at compliments many of the vast arrays of cabin decorating items available there. A warm, wool rug scattered on the floor that brings out the natural colors in the curtain selections all work to compliment wall art and lighting fixtures in the rustic cabin style to truly compliment the rustic bedding of your choice.

Begin with cabin bedding and you’ll be aching to complete the rustic retreat in your city home. And the best thing of all is that you can find everything you need in rustic bedding and everything you need to get your cabin decorating done in one place: cabinplace!