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Making Your Rustic Decor Lighter

Deciding to adorn your home or cabin in a rustic theme is an exciting prospect that will allow you to express your artistic side while transforming ordinary rooms into beautiful and unique areas. Congratulations on choosing a classy, timeless motif. The next step is to begin acquiring quality, rustic items that will build a stylish, welcoming atmosphere. Because rustic decor is usually characterized by the darker, richer elements found in nature, blending in light accenting is crucial.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of walking into an antique store where the shelves were laden with trinkets, signs, dinnerware, etc., and you had to navigate around high-backed sofas and oak dining tables while your eyes darted in all directions, unsure where to focus. The aisles felt crammed and the store cave-like; this effect is similar to what can happen when a home has been over-decorated and saturated in dark tones. The key is learning how to strike a balance. Below are tips and tricks on how to do just that.

Getting started– Ask yourself the following questions about the room(s) you’re decorating:

  • How big is the area?

Small/narrow/windowless rooms need light and neutral wall colors to prevent creating a closed-in feeling. Large/open floor plans allow more leniency to play with rich tones.

  • How high are the ceilings?

Tall ceilings are great for showy chandeliers/hanging lights while short ceilings will mean a “less is more” approach for both lighting and wall hangings. Overcrowding makes rooms of any size appear smaller.

  • What atmosphere do you want to create?

When selecting color, you should go beyond appearance to also consider the moods they elicit. According to, here are a few popular colors and their potential effects:

Orange– stimulating, active, cheerful and sociable

Purple– soothing, calming, and represents abundance/prosperity

Grey– neutral, calm, and quiet

Brown– comfortable, grounding, and stable

Red– activating, stimulating, passionate, exciting, powerful, and expanding

Yellow– happy, uplifting, warm, stimulating, and expansive

Green– calming, balancing, healing, relaxing, and tranquil

Blue– calming, healing, soothing, and relaxing

Black– sophistication, power, elegance, and modernity

White– clarity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, purity, hope, expansiveness, and openness

Pink– sedating and calming

  • What does my budget look like?

Decorating doesn’t have to mean spending exorbitant amounts of money. A modest budget and a gallon of paint can easily transform any room into a gorgeous woodland getaway. Buy only items you love, knowing you can add others over time.

Working with wall color– If you have a lot of dark/nature decor (pinecone lights, rugged furniture, wood signs, etc.), you should consider offsetting your rich accents with a neutral wall shade. Some time-tested colors include variations of sand and tan, grey, light blue, taupe, beige, and, of course, creams and white. For larger rooms, you’ll be able to get away with bolder shades on all walls or for accent walls. Some go-to tones for cabin themes are crimson, burnt orange, chocolate brown, and olive green.

If you have log walls or paneling, focus on selecting rustic items that will add pops of color, such as a lively window treatment, wall hanging, throw blanket, etc.

Work with what you’ve got– Remember to use smaller items in smaller rooms to balance out the space. That means smaller rugs, less furniture, fewer wall hangings, and lighter tones. Use window treatments that are light airy. Large rooms, on the other hand, are where you’ll want to show off your oversized lodge rugs, grand furniture sets, darker accent walls, and that collection of Northwoods paintings.

The balancing act– Consider items you want to showcase and keep the area around them clear of clutter and/or put them where your eye is naturally drawn when you walk into the room. Remember neutral paint will bring out your pictures while allowing your eye to roam to your cabin rug or wildlife chandelier.

Don’t be afraid to experiment– You can easily turn a rugged cabin into a chic suite with a few smart changes. Imagine your dining room with a coat of icy-blue paint to highlight a moose antler chandelier suspended beautifully above a Barnwood table while pinecone curtains adorn the windows nearby. Perhaps you could cover those brown living room walls with beige so your cedar furnishing and lake themed throw pillows can take the spotlight. Even swapping out opaque lampshades for cream ones can sometimes make all the difference.

Creating a rustic atmosphere isn’t about overwhelming the senses in dark wood and wildlife images, it’s about choosing thoughtful decor that will enhance what you already have while balancing it with complimentary light tones. Be fearless. Flex your creative muscles and watch your rustic motif come to life.

For more decorating ideas and/or to find the perfect rustic decor for your home or lodge, visit us at today.

Bedding for the Horse Lover

The equestrian lifestyle is one in which the spirit of the animal and the west permeates everything you do. As the theme of rustic bedding sets, various horse designs represent the various breeds and uses that horses have in western society. Rustic meets luxury in overstuffed comforters with coordinated accessories that capture the heart of the old west and the passion for these majestic animals that continues today.

Cowboys are considered the basis for the traditional western. Equine enthusiasts know that the cowboys wouldn’t have gotten very far without the horses they used for working the fields, driving the herds, and as a primary means of transportation. Horses are as much a part of the western lifestyle as cowboy hats, barbwire, and log furniture.

Equine Bedding Makes the Perfect Focal Point of Your Bedroom

No matter what style of decor you have for your bedroom, the bed will be the focal point and the piece of furniture that sets the theme for the entire room. Your choice in western bedding will determine which accessories you will use throughout the bedroom. For example, the Team Roper bedding has a beautifully detailed roping design in the center with three strands of barbwire all the way around the outside of the design to perfectly frame the image. The bedding is designed in neutral tans and browns in true western spirit. There are many accessories that include the barbwire detailing, including luxurious sheets with intricate barbwire embroidery.

The Denali Red Running Horses bedspread blanket is another example of exceptional equestrian imagery that depicts horses running freely across the Western foothills. The earthy red color is featured against a black background for a striking contrast against the rustic earth tones. There are also matching shams, bedskirts and pillows for a coordinated bed that you will enjoy for its beauty and comfort.

The Great Basin Wild Horses comforter sets make it easy to get the coordinated rustic bedding you want for an equine inspired bedroom. Each set includes the overstuffed comforter, bedskirt, and shams for a perfectly coordinated look. Matching lined drapes with tie-backs feature the same scenery of galloping wild horses in the Great Basin of Northern Nevada. The high quality upholstery-grade fabric of the comforter is backed in chocolate, and trimmed with faux leather, both of which representing the authentic colors and fabrics that are integral to any western decor.

Be sure to look at the variety of equine-themed western rugs that are made to be the perfect complement to your equine rustic bedding. Rugs feature cowboys on horseback, rodeo riders, sheriff’s posse, running horses, and many other designs. The variety of sizes and shapes provide you with the perfect tool to expand your equestrian-themed bedroom to any area of the room. Mix and match styles, colors, and designs to create a unique look that looks like it was created by a real designer. To order your equestrian bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.


Rustic bedding

Why Choose Barbwire Bedding for Your Western Decor

Barbwire has long stood as a symbol of strength and toughness in the West. Even those who live in the biggest cities recognize the material for its representation as a barrier for animals and a familiar tool that was used in the Westward expansion. While barbwire has been around for decades, it continues to be a familiar sight on farms, ranches, and other types of animal facilities today. The symbolism and simplicity of barbwire makes it the ideal theme for use in western bedding.

When decorating any room of your home in a western theme, your goal should be to implement as many recognizable features as possible. For example, textured walls and ceilings set the tone for traditional western style decor. Furniture, tables, flooring, and decorative wooden items used to decorate the bedroom should be made from distressed wood. Traditional Western styling also includes leather and geometric patterns to create a comprehensive appeal to the room.

Many of the features highlighted in tips for rustic or western decor include architectural designs such as wood beams or tile floors. For homes in which these features are not a part of the structure, there are less extensive ways of giving your bedroom a more authentic design. For one, use western style rugs that coordinate with your rustic bedding. This can either be a design that specifically showcases your barbwire theme, or a compatible pattern or design that coordinates with your bedding.

Since the bed is the central piece of furniture in the room, a rustic or log style bed is ideal. Natural and distressed wood is a part of the western appeal, and nothing goes more naturally with your barbwire bedding than bedroom furniture made especially for that purpose.

One of the beautiful things about barbwire bedding is that it doesn’t have to stand alone as your western theme. It makes a wonderful accent to the variety of designs and patterns that are a part of the western bedding collection. Whether you choose throw pillows with a moose and bear for decor, or stick with the cowboy-inspired theme, barbwire works as an accent piece to anything western. It sets the scene and complements every other staple or accessory that you want to use.

The Smallest Details

Achieving the decorator-style look you want in your western bedroom requires you to pay attention to the smallest details. The cover plate for your light switch, the wallpaper border around the middle of the walls, the lights, and the accessories on your shelves: all play a role in the authenticity of your barbwire-themed bedroom. Omit those details that you want, to accommodate your personal taste, and replace them with the authentic western decor that will have an atmosphere of the genuine American West.

Decorating with barbwire bedding is also easy as far as choosing the right colors. The bed sets include the comforter, shams, and bedskirt in colors and patterns that coordinate well with each other and with the other decorative items you will find in the western decor collection. The barbwire sheet sets will work with any bedding set you choose. Just pick the color that you prefer and create the ideal barbwire theme for your bedroom. To order your barbwire bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.

Rustic bedding

Choosing a Rustic Dining Room Set

Many people mistakenly interpret the word “rustic” as meaning furnishings that are worn or somewhat broken down. In reality, the rustic style is popular not only for its exceptional beauty, but for the superior materials and craftsmanship used to make it last for years. That’s why you want to select rustic dining room furniture that will accommodate your needs for a long time. The central focus of the dining room is the table and chairs. That should be the starting place for furnishing your rustic dining room.


Rustic house decor is made from a variety of materials found in nature. Hickory, cedar log, and barnwood are used to build strong furniture with a rough, natural finish. The very nature of rustic design allows you to bring together a variety of materials and styles instead of being limited to coordinating the wood finishes like you do with other styles. This gives you more flexibility to add accessory pieces to the dining set of your choice instead of limiting the furniture pieces that will blend in.

Shapes and Size

Dining tables come in round, rectangular, square, and oval shapes. They may be made of rough boards or of logs. They come in heights that accommodate either regular dining chairs or benches. Some offer more flexibility by having extensions that allow you to expand your dining area. Before choosing which size and shape of dining table you need, you will need to consider how much seating room you need and the available space in your dining area. Measure the available space in the room. Leaving between 42 and 48 inches of space between the table and the wall or furniture on each side, how much room does that leave for the table?

Each diner requires approximately two feet of space to eat comfortably. If you only have larger numbers of guests on occasion, an expanding table may be your best option. To better visualize what a certain sized table will look like in your dining room, use a bed sheet folded to the exact dimensions in the area where the table will be placed.

Chairs and Accessories

The chairs you choose to complete your rustic dining room set will make a big impact on the overall style of the furniture. Cutout arm chairs feature trees, ducks and other rustic themes that give instant rustic appeal to the room. There are also upholstered and plain log chairs from which you can use a single design or mix-and-match for a more unique look. Benches in a variety of styles are also available to use with specially designed dining tables.

Although the dinette set is the focus point of your dining room, the right accessories can give a sense of unity to your theme. Buffets, hutches, and display cabinets can be used for needed storage and to add to the beauty of the dining room decor. Choose display items carefully to ensure they are the best way to take advantage of the beautiful rustic furniture instead of taking away from the rustic theme. To learn more about our rustic dining room furniture or to place your order, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.

Hickory 36_Table and 24_Stools#595F (80x53) - Copy

How to Make Your Home Look and Feel like a Rustic Retreat

Your desire to turn your home into a rustic retreat may be based on fond childhood memories of time spent enjoying nature or simply a matter of creating a relaxing atmosphere that reflects the solitude and beauty of nature. Rustic decorating is simple with the right tools and some tips to make the best use of each piece. Since simplicity is at the heart of the rustic style, placing a piece of rustic wall art here and tossing an animal-themed pillow there are the little touches that combine to turn your home into the rustic retreat you have in mind. Whether you are decorating a real cabin or creating the illusion of one, these tips will help you get the desired effect.

1. Mix Up the Materials – Use the materials that come from nature, including wood and copper. The more natural the materials appear, the more they will fit into your decorating scheme. Items obviously made from synthetics have no place in rustic decorating.

2. Choose Soft Natural Colors – Balance out the rugged materials with softer colors like robin’s egg blue or goldenrod. The contrast will create more visual interest.

3. Mix Fabrics – Items made from fabric to decorate your rustic retreat come in a variety of natural themes. Some, like the coordinated bedding sets, already contain two or more prints that work well together. Don’t be intent on using the same pattern or specific theme such as an animal or print throughout a room or the entire house. Red plaid can be just as rustic looking as a bear print.

4. Focus on the Fireplace – The fireplace in any room will be a central part of your rustic retreat. Using stone and wood around the fireplace with give it a look of authenticity. If there is a mantel, use it to display your rustic themed decorating items. If not, the right piece of rustic wall art will make the perfect addition.

During the time when rustic decorating was the only thing people knew, it was created out of practicality and the need to use the resources that were available. Today, rustic styled decorating is a choice that a growing number of people have learned to appreciate for its simplicity and beauty. Incorporating rustic decorating items into every room in a balanced way and leaving out modern items that obviously do not belong in your cabin makes creating an authentic rustic retreat simple enough for any amateur decorator. To learn more or to order, call Cabin Place at 1 877-884-0248.

Rustic cabin lighting



Themed Décor: How Much is too Much?

Decorating your home, office, or other space with themed items is generally a good idea. It keeps things concise and gives your space a particular feel that goes along with the theme. However, it is possible to over-do theme décor, causing it to become overwhelming or start to look tacky.

Cabin Place exists to provide themed furniture and décor; items that would look at home in a log cabin. The goal of décor like this is to present a charming and rustic look, but you could easily go overboard with this kind of décor, causing a different look and feel entirely. But, how do you know how much is too much? We’ve put together a little guide to help you keep your lodge décor balanced and tasteful.

1. Be Wary of Using too Much of one Thing: Say you love bears, (or wolves, moons, etc.) it’s perfectly fitting for some of your cabin décor to feature bears, but you don’t want that to be the case with every piece you have. We have a great selection of wilderness themed décor and furniture, so finding one of everything you want, all complete with a bear, wouldn’t be very difficult. However, it wouldn’t end up looking as tasteful or as charming as having a handful of things that feature bears while your other, different pieces add some contrast to your décor.

2. Not Every Single Thing has to be Themed: if you’re decorating a house, this may not be as difficult as it might be when decorating a cabin. A cabin, already feeling like part of the theme itself, may increase the urge to fill it with only country and wilderness themed lodge décor. The truth is, though, this will create an overwhelming environment that lacks the important contrast we talked about previously. Like with the bears, adding in other pieces, in this case ones that aren’t part of the theme, will give the space much needed contrast and make it that much more appealing.

3. Statement Pieces: A statement piece is something that is more intricate, loud, colorful, or eye-catching than what surrounds it. Statement pieces are meant to be the most noticeable item in a room and putting more than one of these in one space together will quickly become more cluttered than eye-catching. Having one large piece of furniture with an intricate design on it or one antler lamp is enough for a single space. If you really must have more than one of something like these, be sure they aren’t in the same room.

Lodge décor is beautiful, rustic, and appealing in so many ways. Just be sure to keep these little tips in mind when you’re decorating your cabin, lodge, or home. Too much of anything can be bad, even too much of a good thing.

Need some ideas for decorating your cabin? Take a look and see what catches your eye.

The Beauty of the Past in Today’s Rustic Decor

The popularity of rustic decor has proven the old proverb that everything comes in full circle.  People of centuries ago would probably be amused with how trendy the look is in this era. In their time, they might have wished for carpets rather than bare wooden floors, and plastered walls rather than rough logs.  Thanks to the natural warmth of the organic shapes and textures, it has become as fashionable in the core of the metropolis as it is in the woods.  The rustic style is a great decorating theme even in today’s modern times.

Rustic decor houses have a feeling of connection with a richer ancestry and legacy that is difficult to resist. They suggest a simpler era and give an air of honesty and relaxation.  They offer a great sense of originality especially when it makes ingenious use of the art of repurposing.  The rustic style is big and bold.

While it would be easy to think of rust when the rustic décor is brought up, this decorating theme really does not have anything to do with metals and their corrosive properties.  This theme often involves heavy woodwork.  You can opt for rough-hewn beams in order to architecturally define a space.  These beams are often left unpolished and rough to keep up with the rustic theme.  You can use such beams to delineate doorways, to frame ceilings, to line walls, or even to surround windows and fireplaces. If you wish, you may also include rounded logs, which can lend a bit of charm to your space.

You may also use polished beams against white glossy walls as rustic decor since they can produce an eye-catching contrast. Or, you may put them next to a surface that is not so rugged but is still textural, such as a bead board.

There are so many overly tailored, mass-produced pieces that can break the rustic decor of a room. You should avoid such items and select objects and furnishings with strong, rough profiles instead. However, it is also nice to have a little sleekness to tighten up the look. Clean, simple shelving and cabinetry can keep the space cohesive while still allowing the rustic style to come through.

Rustic decor should be without shine. Your cabin space should not convey a sense of newness since you would want your surfaces to look a little aged. A few examples that can go well together in a characteristically layered way are: reclaimed wood; seeded or wavy glass; and tarnished, distressed, and hammered metals. On the other hand, a little sheen can be interesting amidst all the texture around the space.

The rustic decor colour scheme steers clear of flirty pastels and bright jewel tones in favour of subtle and nuanced colours from the earthy palette. Conversely, lime green and magenta may be part of the earthy palette, but that does not mean they are a suitable choice for rustic design. Moreover, you do not need to stick with just the colour brown. You can also use faded turquoise, golden yellow, denim blue or bright red, particularly if you want to give out a Western vibe.

Successfully Pulling Off a Rustic Cabin Decor

Incorporating rustic cabin decor into your home may seem like an exhausting task, but the end result is very rewarding.  You can start by selecting an overall rustic theme. A lot of people prefer the wildlife motifs for cabin design, such as ducks, elks, wolves, bears and moose. Or, you can opt for nature themes such as maple leaves, pine trees, and pine cones. Other interior design themes for your log cabin are named from eras and areas, such as the Adirondack style, South-western style, North Woods, the Lodge look, Western Ranch, and Lake Cottage style. Each of these themes will look wonderful and several rustic decor furnishings and accents can be bought in such themes.

Do not hesitate to mix up rustic cabin decor themes any way you prefer. You can select various rustic design items from different stores. You may even decorate different rooms with various rustic themes for that rugged country appeal.  Another interesting idea would be an assorted mix of imported items and antiques.

When planning out your rustic cabin decor design, you can start by choosing rustic light fixtures. A cabin-themed combination fan and light can serve as the design anchor of the whole room. You may also choose various dominating elements, such as the fireplace. The log mantle and stone hearth can inspire cabin decorating motifs, such as pine trees and birch bark canoes, moose coat hooks and bear switch plates, metal art ceiling lights, twig fixtures, or a wrought-iron fireplace silhouette screen.

You may also start planning your rustic cabin decor design in the smallest room of the house. This can make the planning simpler to envision during the planning stage. Thing about making your bathrooms to stand out by adding wrought-iron towel bars or rustic hardware. Add moose or bear light switch covers or a beautiful outdoor-themed mirror.

Your rustic cabin decor can be overpowered by the colossal look of wood. With panelling on the ceiling, hardwood floors, and log walls, the dominant visual element is wood. Some people may appreciate this, but others might prefer to have some colors splashed into the mix in order to complement the timbers’ and logs’ attractive golden wood tones.

Never hesitate to set up some drywall onto your interior walls. You can use this as your blank canvas to add color to your room. You can also add texture to your walls by using plaster to give them depth. While bright colours will reflect the lighting of the cabin and brighten up the whole area, subtle earth tones will complement with the logs’ rich tones and blend well with the entire log cabin theme.

The floors are among the most important elements in rustic cabin decor design. However, their significance is often minimized and overlooked. The selections you make for your cabin flooring will somewhat dictate the entire look and design of your log cabin. You may choose to make your flooring the significant element or make it a mere background for your show pieces, such as wrought iron benches, rustic wood tables, or soft leather couches.

Rustic Wall Décor Painting Tips

An authentic rustic wall decor can give a unique and charming vibe. Old cabins, medieval castles, and ancient villas convey an exquisite atmosphere that take you back to several decades ago. You can easily bring the alluring quality of rustic walls into your house just with the use of paint. Using a variety of faux painting methods, whether you prefer an earthy wooden grain, a natural stone design, or any other kind of rustic wall decor or texture, you can have your friends and guests wondering if it is the real thing.

You can apply a rustic wall decor and imitate the appearance of a rustic weathered plaster wall. You can do this by using a faux painting method called textured fresco. The procedure starts by painting a textured base coat over your walls with the use of a paint roller. After doing so, gently press and drag a trowel on the coated surface in order to produce an assortment of sculptured figures. Then, choose a base paint colour for applying onto the dried and textured base coat. The last step requires you to apply a glaze onto the walls using a glazing mitt or a large sponge. This is to give your walls an old and weathered appearance.

Another way to give your space a rustic wall decoris with old stones. First, paint a light grey base coat onto your walls. Such base coat will also serve as the colour for the grout contours between the faux rustic stones. Make use of a blue painter’s tape and a measuring tape in order to trace the contour of the piled stones on the walls. Then, sponge on a dark grey glaze onto your walls at random. You may then get rid of the blue painter’s tape after the walls have dried and pat the same region using cheesecloth in order to give it some refinement.

Rustic Wall Hangings

The third rustic wall decor technique is called sponging, which can give an appearance of rustic stoneware or mottled porcelain onto your walls. After the sponging process, clean and prime the walls. Blend an acrylic glaze with dark blue paint, and apply this mixture onto your walls using a paint roller. Then, randomly pat the walls with a damp sea sponge in order to create an aged and rustic look. You should do this by starting at the topmost corner in small wall portions and working your way down. The glaze and paint mixture has to be wet as you pat it off with the damp sponge in order to create the best rustic quality that looks authentic.

The last rustic wall decortechnique is the wooden grain painting method, which can give your walls a rustic quality of natural wood. All you need for this method are acrylic glaze, two shades of brown paint, and the special tools in a wood-graining rocker toolkit. Apply a paint primer, followed by two coats of the brown paint onto the walls. Blend acrylic glaze with white paint and apply it onto a small portion of the wall. Brush a combing tool through the wet mixture to create a wooden characteristic. Lastly, pull a rocker tool over the brushed area to produce fake knotholes.

The Tale of The Old Rustic Rocking Chair

Rustic décor brings back many warm childhood stories to mind. A grandmothers story time on her rustic rocking chair, a creaky dinner table laden with food and happy meal times, an old study table; companion of many school evenings with endless homework and veranda swings, to enjoy breezy long nights. Beautiful times, weave memories to last a lifetime.

Furniture is often associated with many memories. Being a commodity with durable and long lasting features, it serves consumers for longer periods of time. Therefore, changing or renewing furniture is an exercise that is not exceeded more than four to five times in an average lifespan. Thus, affiliation lasts for over a decade for most people. Depreciation and maintenance should be accounted for, but it is very difficult letting go of a lifeless yet comforting companion. Growing up, furniture and homes have long lasting memories, moving out and getting married, again calls for deep connection. Having children, shopping for baby cots, and nursing chairs, watching the children grow up and the furniture grow old is a beautiful process. Retiring with your spouse and continuing the old year’s again calls for comfort and reliability. Therefore all phases and changes has attached with it; an unforgettable experience.rustic rocking chair

Tale as old as time

Cabin décor such as a rustic rocking chair has many stories to tell. For the art lovers and those who appreciate old fashioned pieces, rustic furniture is a delight. The intriguing wooden patterns, the smell of wood shavings, the feeling of solid firm wood is a pleasure to experience. Luckily, with the demand of rustic décor styled furniture, many manufacturers are creating designs imitating old furniture. The new furniture is processed in such a manner that it gives a rustic look, giving the piece more personality and appeal.

Old is gold

For the Scarlet O’Hara at heart, the old designs are easily available to choose from. Manufacturers have catalogues contained various designs from all the years. Choosing from an old design, will ensure that the excellence of the craftsmen is copied, the expertise is imitated, giving comfort, durability and appeal. A lot of thought was given to work in the old days when things were made with hand. Craftsmen put heart and soul into making a piece, like a brainchild, nurturing it till the finish. Therefore every design had reasons behind it supporting the design and shape of the furniture. Thus sticking with vintage is the best option.

Care and love

The trick of maintenance lies, within the amount of care given to the décor. Over time, rustic décor will get its share of damage, as it consists mainly of wood and log pieces. The best way to ensure durability is investing in a good high quality wood polish. Make it a weekly chore to polish the furniture with care. A soft dust cloth and circular movements ensure good condition of the furniture. Direct sun exposure is harmful for the shape and color, so veranda chairs/tables should be taken out in the evening. For afternoon extravaganzas, you may want to place cushions and mats to protect the rustic piece from drying or cracking out.