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Why Choose Barbwire Bedding for Your Western Decor

Barbwire has long stood as a symbol of strength and toughness in the West. Even those who live in the biggest cities recognize the material for its representation as a barrier for animals and a familiar tool that was used in the Westward expansion. While barbwire has been around for decades, it continues to be a familiar sight on farms, ranches, and other types of animal facilities today. The symbolism and simplicity of barbwire makes it the ideal theme for use in western bedding.

When decorating any room of your home in a western theme, your goal should be to implement as many recognizable features as possible. For example, textured walls and ceilings set the tone for traditional western style decor. Furniture, tables, flooring, and decorative wooden items used to decorate the bedroom should be made from distressed wood. Traditional Western styling also includes leather and geometric patterns to create a comprehensive appeal to the room.

Many of the features highlighted in tips for rustic or western decor include architectural designs such as wood beams or tile floors. For homes in which these features are not a part of the structure, there are less extensive ways of giving your bedroom a more authentic design. For one, use western style rugs that coordinate with your rustic bedding. This can either be a design that specifically showcases your barbwire theme, or a compatible pattern or design that coordinates with your bedding.

Since the bed is the central piece of furniture in the room, a rustic or log style bed is ideal. Natural and distressed wood is a part of the western appeal, and nothing goes more naturally with your barbwire bedding than bedroom furniture made especially for that purpose.

One of the beautiful things about barbwire bedding is that it doesn’t have to stand alone as your western theme. It makes a wonderful accent to the variety of designs and patterns that are a part of the western bedding collection. Whether you choose throw pillows with a moose and bear for decor, or stick with the cowboy-inspired theme, barbwire works as an accent piece to anything western. It sets the scene and complements every other staple or accessory that you want to use.

The Smallest Details

Achieving the decorator-style look you want in your western bedroom requires you to pay attention to the smallest details. The cover plate for your light switch, the wallpaper border around the middle of the walls, the lights, and the accessories on your shelves: all play a role in the authenticity of your barbwire-themed bedroom. Omit those details that you want, to accommodate your personal taste, and replace them with the authentic western decor that will have an atmosphere of the genuine American West.

Decorating with barbwire bedding is also easy as far as choosing the right colors. The bed sets include the comforter, shams, and bedskirt in colors and patterns that coordinate well with each other and with the other decorative items you will find in the western decor collection. The barbwire sheet sets will work with any bedding set you choose. Just pick the color that you prefer and create the ideal barbwire theme for your bedroom. To order your barbwire bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.

Rustic bedding

How to Make Your Home Look and Feel like a Rustic Retreat

Your desire to turn your home into a rustic retreat may be based on fond childhood memories of time spent enjoying nature or simply a matter of creating a relaxing atmosphere that reflects the solitude and beauty of nature. Rustic decorating is simple with the right tools and some tips to make the best use of each piece. Since simplicity is at the heart of the rustic style, placing a piece of rustic wall art here and tossing an animal-themed pillow there are the little touches that combine to turn your home into the rustic retreat you have in mind. Whether you are decorating a real cabin or creating the illusion of one, these tips will help you get the desired effect.

1. Mix Up the Materials – Use the materials that come from nature, including wood and copper. The more natural the materials appear, the more they will fit into your decorating scheme. Items obviously made from synthetics have no place in rustic decorating.

2. Choose Soft Natural Colors – Balance out the rugged materials with softer colors like robin’s egg blue or goldenrod. The contrast will create more visual interest.

3. Mix Fabrics – Items made from fabric to decorate your rustic retreat come in a variety of natural themes. Some, like the coordinated bedding sets, already contain two or more prints that work well together. Don’t be intent on using the same pattern or specific theme such as an animal or print throughout a room or the entire house. Red plaid can be just as rustic looking as a bear print.

4. Focus on the Fireplace – The fireplace in any room will be a central part of your rustic retreat. Using stone and wood around the fireplace with give it a look of authenticity. If there is a mantel, use it to display your rustic themed decorating items. If not, the right piece of rustic wall art will make the perfect addition.

During the time when rustic decorating was the only thing people knew, it was created out of practicality and the need to use the resources that were available. Today, rustic styled decorating is a choice that a growing number of people have learned to appreciate for its simplicity and beauty. Incorporating rustic decorating items into every room in a balanced way and leaving out modern items that obviously do not belong in your cabin makes creating an authentic rustic retreat simple enough for any amateur decorator. To learn more or to order, call Cabin Place at 1 877-884-0248.

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The Beauty of the Past in Today’s Rustic Decor

The popularity of rustic decor has proven the old proverb that everything comes in full circle.  People of centuries ago would probably be amused with how trendy the look is in this era. In their time, they might have wished for carpets rather than bare wooden floors, and plastered walls rather than rough logs.  Thanks to the natural warmth of the organic shapes and textures, it has become as fashionable in the core of the metropolis as it is in the woods.  The rustic style is a great decorating theme even in today’s modern times.

Rustic decor houses have a feeling of connection with a richer ancestry and legacy that is difficult to resist. They suggest a simpler era and give an air of honesty and relaxation.  They offer a great sense of originality especially when it makes ingenious use of the art of repurposing.  The rustic style is big and bold.

While it would be easy to think of rust when the rustic décor is brought up, this decorating theme really does not have anything to do with metals and their corrosive properties.  This theme often involves heavy woodwork.  You can opt for rough-hewn beams in order to architecturally define a space.  These beams are often left unpolished and rough to keep up with the rustic theme.  You can use such beams to delineate doorways, to frame ceilings, to line walls, or even to surround windows and fireplaces. If you wish, you may also include rounded logs, which can lend a bit of charm to your space.

You may also use polished beams against white glossy walls as rustic decor since they can produce an eye-catching contrast. Or, you may put them next to a surface that is not so rugged but is still textural, such as a bead board.

There are so many overly tailored, mass-produced pieces that can break the rustic decor of a room. You should avoid such items and select objects and furnishings with strong, rough profiles instead. However, it is also nice to have a little sleekness to tighten up the look. Clean, simple shelving and cabinetry can keep the space cohesive while still allowing the rustic style to come through.

Rustic decor should be without shine. Your cabin space should not convey a sense of newness since you would want your surfaces to look a little aged. A few examples that can go well together in a characteristically layered way are: reclaimed wood; seeded or wavy glass; and tarnished, distressed, and hammered metals. On the other hand, a little sheen can be interesting amidst all the texture around the space.

The rustic decor colour scheme steers clear of flirty pastels and bright jewel tones in favour of subtle and nuanced colours from the earthy palette. Conversely, lime green and magenta may be part of the earthy palette, but that does not mean they are a suitable choice for rustic design. Moreover, you do not need to stick with just the colour brown. You can also use faded turquoise, golden yellow, denim blue or bright red, particularly if you want to give out a Western vibe.

Cabin Decorating Ideas

Whether your cabin is on a mountainside near a ski resort, on the edge of a lake or nestled deep into a forest, it is a wise idea to decorate it so that it is not only functional for this outdoorsy lifestyle, but pleasing to the eye as well.

Some of the most important furnishings for the decorator are:

• The floor coverings.
• Artwork for the walls.
• Different types of furniture.
• Bedding and drapery.
• Accessories, such as lamps, and sculptures.

When you and your family members walk into your cabin they are likely to bring in soil from the woods, sand from the beach or bits of grass and leaves stuck to their shoes. This is why it is important to have cozy throw rugs at the front and back door. The rugs help catch the debris and prevent you from having to mop, sweep or vacuum as often. If your cabin is situated in the country, try braided or rag rugs to ensure a cozy ambiance. If the cabin is strictly used during the hunting season, sisal rugs or ones with animal prints are a wise choice. These also work well to catch sand from the beach when you and your family traipse back and forth to grab refreshments or extra towels.

Shop for wall artwork that exudes the type of ambiance you desire in your home. For instance, if it is primarily used as a weekend country retreat, hang pictures or other artwork that have country or other peaceful looking scenes. If the cabin is lakeside, choose pictures with marine life, sailboats or picturesque scenes of the sunset over the water.

Upholstered furniture in a cabin should be durable, very comfortable and easy to keep clean. This is because many of your family and guests will enjoy outdoor activities during the day and be ready for cozy comfort in the evenings. Have the fabrics treated with a stain-resistant coating after purchasing the upholstered pieces. This is a smart way to ensure that it looks attractive for many years.

Have plenty of occasional tables, such as coffee and end tables available in the living room or den. These allow the occupants to put down their beverage while watching TV or gives them a place to set their magazines, books or puzzles. Opt for rustic or simple styles that encourage the occupants to rest their feet on the coffee table or simply relax without worrying about a soda can ruining costly furniture pieces.

Select bedding and draperies that reflect the type of atmosphere you want to create in your cabin. For instance, if you use it as a hunting cabin, select western or outdoorsy prints. If it is located near a lake, you may want to choose solid fabrics in pale shades to give the cabin a calm, breezy look. Southwestern prints are another wise choice for country homes.

The accessories you place in the cabin, such as lamps, sculptures and other decor help set the tone. If you desire a Western ambiance, choose lamps with a cowboy print, lassos or horseshoes on the shades. Add bold sculptures and heavy pottery on the occasional tables. A beach side cabin is the perfect place to display your collection of ceramic lighthouses, anchors or other nautical-inspired artwork. Vases and picture frames accented with seashells or hemp are another interesting choice for the decor in your home.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Here’s to a Country Christmas!

Christmas is coming. Manger scenes and sleigh bells, snowflakes and holly, pretty packages with bright bows and family parties…it’s all getting close. Here’s hoping that you and your family enjoy a Merry Country Christmas this year.

We’re finding that more and more people are using cabin décor during the holidays to recreate the warmth and holiday spirit of years gone by. Quality lodge décor featuring items like comfy rustic quilts and woodlands themed accessories really does a lot to bring the country charm out of any home…even if it’s not exactly in the country.

Decorating your home or cabin for the holidays has never been easier. You’ll find lots of creative lodge décor at Cabin Place. Whether you’re looking for rustic lighting, rustic quilts, throws, rustic bathroom décor, or other types of cabin décor, you’ll find it all right there. There’s never been a better, more affordable way to give your home the warmth and country charm of lodge décor.

The holidays are the perfect time to redecorate and using cabin décor is the perfect way to inject the timeless beauty of holidays past into this year’s celebrations. Whether you’re planning a big party and feast for dozens of grandkids or just want a cozy little Christmas for two, you’ll want to decorate your home in holiday cabin décor.

This year, take a step back in time and decorate your home with rustic lodge décor. There’s no better way to make home feel like home for you and all of your guests. You can make your house the one everyone wants to come to on the holidays. Just start with cabin décor and add a feast and lots of hugs and smiles. Voila! Before you know it, your guests have arrived and you have a home full of old fashioned Christmas cheer.

Decorating Your Cabin for the Holidays

You want your cabin filled with warmth, laughter, smiles, hugs, and plenty of holiday cheer this year. Who doesn’t? When it comes to holiday get-togethers with family and friends, your home plays a big part in setting the tone and mood. Rustic décor makes a strong statement about your home. It says that this is a comfortable place, a warm place, a place where friends and family can gather around the fire, kick back, and just enjoy themselves over the long winter months.

Whether you have a cabin in the woods, or just want to create a bit of a country feel to your city home, apartment, town house, or condo, you can use cabin décor to create an environment perfect for having friends and family over for the holidays.

There are lot of things you can do to decorate for the holidays which will create a rustic feel without costing a lot of money. Simply filling a bowl with pinecones and using it as a centerpiece can do wonders for your dining room. A live Christmas tree with rustic decorations like popcorn strings is another wonderful idea.

Even for those items which you need to buy, rustic décor and cabin décor is among the least expensive home décor available. You get more warmth and more country style, all at a comfortable price. You can find fantastic deals on many of the best rustic décor items at Cabin Place. You can find everything from quilts to electrical outlet covers. There are plenty of holiday themed items, along with rustic décor you’ll want for the whole year round.

You can’t go wrong with cabin décor, either for the holidays or any other time of the year. With the holidays coming around, you’ll also want to consider rustic décor items like quilts for gifts. Your friends and family will love the thoughtfulness that went into decorating your home and the thoughtfulness that went into their rustic décor gifts.

Decorating for a True Country Christmas

Most of us have fond memories of Christmases long, long ago. Think back to those iconic images of Christmas that you know and love: We’re willing to bet that your favorite Christmases were country Christmases. The good news is that, with holiday cabin décor and lodge décor, those old fashioned Christmases don’t have to be a thing of the past. You can create the country Christmas memories today that your kids, your grandkids and their kids will be talking about for generations to come.

We all have that special place we used to love to go as a child. Maybe it was grandma’s. Maybe it was a favorite aunt and uncle’s place. Rustic holiday décor can help make your home (or even apartment) that place for your loved ones.

The way you decorate makes a statement. Lodge décor, and especially rustic holiday décor, creates a warm, inviting environment. It says, come on it, sit down, relax and take your boots off. You’re home, whether you live here all the time or not.

Rustic decorating is not only heartwarming, it’s also affordable. You can decorate your entire home or apartment in lodge décor for a modest price. You can find everything you need, from quilts to shower curtains and bathroom décor to lamps, clocks, and outlet covers at Cabin Place. If you want to use rustic décor to make your home the place the whole family will want to come home to during the holidays, you owe it to yourself to check out Cabin Place’s extensive selection of rustic décor.

Get a live Christmas tree. Decorate it in old fashioned popcorn and cranberries (a fun project for the grandkids, by the way). Fill the home with warm holiday lodge décor.  Light the fire and put out the holiday spread. The whole family will want to come back year after year. Cabin Place is also a great place for rustic holiday gift ideas.