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Themed Décor: How Much is too Much?

Decorating your home, office, or other space with themed items is generally a good idea. It keeps things concise and gives your space a particular feel that goes along with the theme. However, it is possible to over-do theme décor, causing it to become overwhelming or start to look tacky.

Cabin Place exists to provide themed furniture and décor; items that would look at home in a log cabin. The goal of décor like this is to present a charming and rustic look, but you could easily go overboard with this kind of décor, causing a different look and feel entirely. But, how do you know how much is too much? We’ve put together a little guide to help you keep your lodge décor balanced and tasteful.

1. Be Wary of Using too Much of one Thing: Say you love bears, (or wolves, moons, etc.) it’s perfectly fitting for some of your cabin décor to feature bears, but you don’t want that to be the case with every piece you have. We have a great selection of wilderness themed décor and furniture, so finding one of everything you want, all complete with a bear, wouldn’t be very difficult. However, it wouldn’t end up looking as tasteful or as charming as having a handful of things that feature bears while your other, different pieces add some contrast to your décor.

2. Not Every Single Thing has to be Themed: if you’re decorating a house, this may not be as difficult as it might be when decorating a cabin. A cabin, already feeling like part of the theme itself, may increase the urge to fill it with only country and wilderness themed lodge décor. The truth is, though, this will create an overwhelming environment that lacks the important contrast we talked about previously. Like with the bears, adding in other pieces, in this case ones that aren’t part of the theme, will give the space much needed contrast and make it that much more appealing.

3. Statement Pieces: A statement piece is something that is more intricate, loud, colorful, or eye-catching than what surrounds it. Statement pieces are meant to be the most noticeable item in a room and putting more than one of these in one space together will quickly become more cluttered than eye-catching. Having one large piece of furniture with an intricate design on it or one antler lamp is enough for a single space. If you really must have more than one of something like these, be sure they aren’t in the same room.

Lodge décor is beautiful, rustic, and appealing in so many ways. Just be sure to keep these little tips in mind when you’re decorating your cabin, lodge, or home. Too much of anything can be bad, even too much of a good thing.

Need some ideas for decorating your cabin? Take a look and see what catches your eye.

Make Your Cabin Memorable with Rustic Summer Décor

When you are decorating your summer cabin or lakefront lodge, you probably want to create an atmosphere that is relaxed, welcoming, casual, and fitting to the surroundings. Rustic décor is generally incorporated well into a cabin or cottage that is used for recreational purposes. There is something very welcoming and comfortable about handcrafted wooden furniture and wilderness themed décor pieces. You can let your imagination run wild when you are decorating your retreat for the summer months and incorporate the things and items that make you happy and speak to years of wonderful memories to be had.

Wooden Furniture

One way to make your mountain or lake cottage truly memorable is by incorporating handcrafted wooden furnishings. The simple charm that comes from wooden items fits well with a cozy recreational cabin and will make all of your visitors feel right at home when they walk through the door. Simple Amish furnishings work really well in any room, as do handcrafted items from birch and other native trees. Featuring wood where you can bring its own sense of charm and ease to your summer retreat.

Rugs and Runners

Offset beautiful natural wood floors with sturdy rustic braided rugs in the halls and high traffic areas. Give your sitting area a soft and welcoming look with a fluffy high pile or sheepskin throw rug by the fire, or welcome visitors with a whimsical mat featuring bears or other wildlife. The rugs and runners throughout your cabin can really set the tone of the space and should be carefully considered when going for rustic cabin décor. Choose neutral or earth tones to set the mood or as a base for other décor pieces.

The Cabin Place Difference

Take a look through all of the rustic lodge décor items that we sell here at Cabin Place. We have been the one-stop shop online for all your rustic cabin décor pieces since 1999 and we work hard to keep you coming back with reasonable prices and excellent customer service. We carry everything from bedding to lighting to decorate your home, cabin, or lodge with a rustic theme. Give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 today to learn more or place your order over the phone.