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How to Use Texas Star Bedding in Your Home

The lone star has been a symbol for the state of Texas since its origin in 1845, placed on the flag that was used in various battles to stir Texans into action. Throughout history, the meaning of the symbol has been interpreted as standing for leadership, independence, and a desire by the citizens of the state to become a part of the United States. Today, the Texas Star is used as a symbol of bravery, loyalty, and purity, characteristics that many Texans still take to heart today. The use of western star bedding in your home is a beautiful way of adding rustic appeal while symbolizing your individualism and sense of freedom.

Luxury Star Comforter Sets

This western bedding set perfectly exemplifies the strength and history behind the Texas Star, while providing you with the ultimate luxury and comfort you want for your bedroom. The comforter is made from caramel brown micro-fiber suede with a border of Texas Stars, giving a rich, western look that will complement any rustic bedroom. The comforter set comes in twin, full, queen, or king size to fit any size bed. Window treatments and shower curtains are also available to help expand on your Texas Star theme throughout the bedroom and the master bath.

Buckskin Laredo Western Bedding

Similar in design to the Luxury Star comforter sets, the Buckskin Laredo western bedding comes in a natural buckskin tan with coffee brown accents, to create a style that is both neutral and attention-getting. The embroidered Texas Star pattern coordinates easily with the star-embroidered sheet set that is made from 100% cotton. There is also a chocolate Laredo western bedding set that is tastefully designed in chocolate and caramel browns for a perfect western canvas for fine embroidered stars.

Turquoise Star Laredo Embroidered Comforter Sets

Like the Texas Star, turquoise has a place in the history of the Old West. The turquoise Texas Stars embroidered on this bedding set add a splash of color on the buff faux suede fabric for something different in rustic western bedding. Coordinated sheets are available separately, featuring an embroidered barb-wire pattern that adds a perfect accent to your western look.

Texas Star Accessories

There are many items available to help you coordinate your western star bedding with every corner of the room. Beautifully detailed throw pillows will look great on the bed or in a rocking chair in the corner. Round and rectangular rugs have intricately detailed stars to provide an accent to bedroom or bath. Hang an Out West mirror with star details over a rustic table for the perfect place to check your makeup or get a last look at your clothes.

The Texas Star is a versatile feature that gives rustic, western appeal to your bedroom. Although there are many accessories that are made with the Texas Star design, they also offer versatility through the different colors and designs. To place your order for western star bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.


Cowboy Themed Bedding

Many kids love to fantasize about the western life and what their days would have been like when living in the Old West. Thanks to a wide variety of rustic western bedding, living out the western fantasy isn’t just for the little cowboy any more. Beautifully detailed western bedding that is as comfortable as it is visually appealing is the ideal start for creating a western themed room. There are designs for the smallest cowgirl and the roughest, toughest cowboy, alike.

Setting the Theme

When decorating your bedroom with a cowboy theme, the bed will be the central focus of the room. The style of bedding you choose will be the key feature that you use to decorate the rest of the room. Even if the room wasn’t crafted with the same types of materials that you might expect to see in a traditional western bedroom, there are techniques you can use to give the room the authentic touch that you have in mind.

The more coverage you add to your walls, the more you can add to your rustic cowboy theme. One option is to paint walls in coordinating colors to match your western bedding and add the appropriate western themed wall art. You can also use wallpaper borders and murals to add real western scenes or symbols that expand on the design of your bedding.

Choosing Your Accessories

Every accessory you choose for the bedroom will contribute to the authenticity of the cowboy theme. A log bench at the foot of the bed, or a western style throw pillow in the hickory rocking chair in the corner will have a tremendous impact on the appeal of your design. Not only do the little touches matter, but the number of touches you add will combine to have a greater impact than simply adding a few details with a common theme. Coordinate your window covers to your rustic western bedding and add a couple of carefully chosen throw rugs to make the decor look unified.

Additional Western Themed Details that Can Combine for Greater Impact:

  • Lamps
  • Switchplate and outlet covers
  • Fan pulls
  • Nightlights
  • Sculptures
  • Shelf brackets
  • Throws and pillows

When accentuating the bedroom, there are also some things that should be omitted. Even a single significant item that belongs to a different era can take away from your decorating efforts. Lava lamps and strobe lights are some obvious no-no’s for a cowboy themed room. There are also many others that have a modern look which would belong in a different setting.

You may also want to find some authentic western tack to display in the room. An old saddle, printed feed sacks, and spurs are some examples of items that will add real-life western appeal. You could also look for worn cowboy boots to place on a shelf, or a cowboy hat to throw onto the bed post. Once you choose the right western bedding to set the tone of the bedroom, there are lots of ways to add to the theme to create a luxuriously rustic bedroom that cowgirls or cowboys of any age will enjoy. To order your rustic western bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.

Western bedding

Feel Like a Cowboy in the Bedroom with Western Comforters

The bedroom is one of the most important part of your home.  It is the place where you get to relax and unwind after the day’s grind is over.  If you are a fan of Western or Southwestern styles and decorations, you can transform your own bedroom with a few touches here and there.  You can easily achieve that rustic and homey ambiance of a western-style bedroom.  Depending on how far you want to take your decorating project, you can go from something as simple as picking out western comforters and other bedroom linen to something as big as a total renovation with all the bells and whistles.

The most inexpensive way to have that western look is of course to choose the right western comforters.  It’s not as easy as just picking out a design from a catalog.  You have to consider several aspects when choosing your comforter.  Before you even consider the aesthetic appeal of the beddings you are choosing from, you have to think about the material, the maintenance, and how it complements the rest of your room’s décor.  Western comforters come in a variety of materials and have different fills.  Your choice should depend on what would feel most comfortable and would be easiest for you to maintain.  If you have allergies, you have to pay attention to the fill as well.

It is also important to have one that would match the size of your bed for maximum effect.  And because comforters are designed to provide warmth, choose western comforters that are adequately filled to keep you warm and cozy during those cold nights.  The best comforters hug your body well and ensure a long and restful sleep to recharge your tired body.

western comforters

Popular colors in western comforters include denim blue, brown, rust, tan and copper.  It’s easy to get carried away with all the patterns and prints.  Always take a step back and think about whether or not the patterns in the comforters clash with the rest of your bedroom décor.  Select one that would blend well with the overall aesthetics and color palette of your room.

Western comforters are normally cared for by regular washing.  There are, however, different ways to care for different types of comforters.  You have to make sure that you read the care instructions and follow them to the letter.  Improper washing can ruin your comforter.  This is why it is important for you to check the care instructions even before you buy your comforter.  Do not buy a comforter that you cannot properly care for.  Maintaining your western comforters is a good way to prolong their life and avoid having to buy replacements.  They are, after all, not exactly cheap.

The western home theme is often relaxed yet friendly and vibrant.  It showcases the adventurous spirit and the boldness of the people living in the home, reminiscent of cowboys and ranch-life.  It is not a surprise why this kind of theme has kept up with decorating trends and still remains to be one of the most popular themes around.  Through thoughtful and careful selection of home accent pieces like western comforters, it is possible to have that dream western home and bedroom.

Southwest Bedding in Distinctive Style Prints

Southwest bedding collections give a western, rustic and rugged style to a room. Earth tone palettes dominate in warm shades of browns, tans, grays, greens, auburns and reds, among others. A muted color scheme to mimic natural colors found in rocks, moss, trees and dirt are used for a truly country western theme. Southwestern inspired patterns like cowboys, horses, deer, moose, forest backgrounds and Native American designs are evident in each design. Geometric designs from the Southwest as well as the vibrancy of the colors are all infused in the patterns of the prints.

Each set includes comfortable quilts, shams, bed skirts, pillows and sheets in colors and patterns that coordinate well with the decor of the room. These are also available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. To complete the Southwest bedding collection, decorative pillows can be used as well as beautiful matching drapes and window treatments can be used. You don’t have to make your room rustic or country to enjoy the lovely ensemble. These eye-catching patterns, stylish flair and the country-rich colors of the outdoors will transform any room to a provincial and homely place.

Durability and function makes these Southwest bedding a joy to own or to give as gifts. These are manufactured using high quality fabrics that are made to last for years to come. Quality accents are embellished in the patterns like Conchos, leathers and fringe.

Western Bedding

Boys will love the cowboy-inspired themes for their rooms. Now, they can have endless hours of dreaming about the old West, the mighty horses and of course, the mighty Native American Indians. All southwest bedding sets are versatile and provide a striking accent.

Little girls will love theme sets in solid colors of dark red and blue denim, a sharp contrast to a plaid pattern that can be easily mixed and matched. One can also use a brown paisley printed patterns littered with a mix of flowers, horse shoes, stars and heart designs. The combination hues of bright pink and chocolate brown will delight any cowgirl.

For the rustic lass who love Nashville and all things country, solid colors in auburn and plaids are sure hits. Cowhide coverlets add charm to any bed as well as lacy duvets that are both practical and stylish. Boys will surely love the solid brown palettes and rodeo themes that are available in the southwest bedding sets. These are all sure to please teens eager with the taste for the West.

Master bedrooms will look great with large, elegant printed fabrics in auburn, red or dark blue mixed with solid warm tones in browns and tans. Discover the art of mixing deep undertones of greens with interesting patterns in nature like animals and leaves in southwest bedding. Soft wool blended coverlets and faux fur fabrics can be used to complete the provincial look.

Southwest bedding sets are ideal for all children’s rooms, teen’s rooms, guest bedrooms and the master bedrooms. Generously sized to fit most beds, they are a great investment and are durable and timeless.

Western Quilts Go Beyond Being Just Another Bedroom Accessory

While almanacs, paintings, and books often depicted the Western culture as a monarchy of manly adventure, a dispute between nature and men or between Indians and white men, women also played important roles in the voyage and settling of the West. On the other hand, the demands of the cultural norms and frontier life limited the women’s opportunities for inventive and artistic expression. However, scholars have recently found that the significant contributions of early Western women didn’t go unrecorded. Aside from journals and diaries, women also documented their everyday lives through Western quilts.

Western quilts were the most fashionable type of needlework in the 19th century. Such quilts were a way of both emotional and physical comfort on the frontier settlements or the westward trails. Moreover, they were utilized or added into coffins, as well.

The Western quilts, which were created by the early Western women, often depicted the flora and fauna that was experienced in the ancient West. Stars, peonies, hawks, and honeysuckle have been found on quite a number of quilts from the era. Migration was a major theme, as well.

Western quilts

Other Western quilts or pieces celebrated accomplishments, weddings, arrivals, or births. In spite of their commemoratory motifs, the method of crating the quilts was rather complex. It demanded meticulous skill and long hours, and often in very hard conditions, too. They also became a mode of community building because of the frequently isolated and harsh settings on the frontier. Before the migration to the West, a couple of quilting bees were organized by the women in order to inspire unity and cooperation in work ethics. These bees then became ceremonies for farewell. Friendship Western quilts, which were inscribed with the wishes and names of old friends, were popular and cherished mementos of the life and culture left behind, as well.

Western quilts come in three types of style: embroidery, appliqué, and patchwork. The most common among these types is patchwork, which can be found on several cottage beds. A lot of patchwork designs are very complicated and are never written down. Instead, they are remembered by heart and passed from generation to generation.

Applique styles are found throughout the Western area, as well. Small fabric squares are cut out, and its edgings are turned under and stitched onto the block cloth. Meanwhile, embroidery Western quilts are the area of expertise of some nomadic clusters, particularly the Saami. In general, such quilts utilize a coloured thread and a big piece of patched or whole fabric, and have embroidery stitching designs running through all the fabric’s layers.

There are a lot of communities and areas that have their own patterns and colours in their quilts. The conventional colours of the Western quilts are known as satrangi, which means seven colours including purple, blue, dark green, yellow orange, red, black, and white. On the other hand, some communities may prefer to add other colours. For instance, the Hindus like light green and pink, while the Jogis like orange and brown.

Deciding on Southwestern Bedding

If you like the idea of unique designs, have an eye for flair and colour, as well as a keen passion for your personal space and time, then a Southwestern bedding set may just be the kind of accessory you need. Everyone knows that the main function of a bedroom is to provide the relaxation and peace that people deserve after a productive day. People naturally yearn for a bedroom that is fully theirs to personally indulge in, whether alone or with a partner.

When deciding if a Southwestern bedding set is suitable for you, the first thing you need to do is to weigh your options. Do you find a rustic kind of bedroom to be relaxing and comfortable, or do you think that you would much rather have a more traditional and simpler style with standard colours and designs? Southwestern bedding and design is thought of as an unorthodox way of decorating rooms and spaces. In this style, just about everything and anything goes.

There are a lot of varied factors to consider when selecting the right Southwestern bedding for your redecorated bedroom. Western touches, as well as Native American, Spanish, or Mexican accents are all types of rustic Western cabin styles and they can work well in bedrooms. It is just a matter of your taste and preference. There is a wide range of options in various stores for you to choose from.

Southwestern bedding

An increasingly fashionable Southwestern bedding option is the Native American style. A rustic bed framed by pine logs, whether natural or stained, can set a great vibe for the room when adorned with Southwestern bedding. You may also opt for a stylish bedspread that reflects the Western Indian culture such as the use of furs and hides, which can add texture and warmth into the room. The Native American history is very interesting and its style involves unique artefacts with historical depth. Such artefacts may include artworks depicting Western Indian village scenes and images. The culture of the Native Americans is one to be appreciated as it brings with it several stories relayed throughout the centuries past.

Aside from Southwestern bedding, you can also beautify your bedroom floors by adding an attractive woven through runner or rug in order to spark interest and provide a creative accent. Such floor rugs can not only minimize the noise of footsteps, but can also warm up your floors. Try to select an appealing rug with compatible colours and geometric patterns.

The last polishing touches that can make your Southwestern bedding and space go from simple to exquisite are the accent fixtures that you use. You can mix and match them to suit your personal style. Hand selected pieces such as baskets, throw pillow, pottery, a kiva ladder, feathered lampshades on wrought iron lamps, hand painted hides, and artwork, whether painted or sculpted, are just a couple of ideas that you may include in your bedroom. Surround yourself with things you appreciate and get ready to feel a wonderful, relaxing Southwestern ambiance.

The Wild West Theme and Western Décor

The Wild West is one of the country’s favorite design themes that is used in many homes, commercial establishments, and theme parks. This western decor theme has been translated into many household items like bedding, accessories, bedspreads, duvet covers, rugs, curtains & drapes, blankets & drapes, pillows, wall art, shower curtains, lighting, bath accessories, kitchen décor, and glassware.

When it comes to decorating the home, western decor has been popular for many decades and has been used in many homes across the country. This type of décor brings out the inner cowboy and men would usually favor this design theme. The inner cowboy would be delighted with the selections of wall art related to the Wild West. The inner cowgirl would also come to appreciate the style, selection, and product quality.

Western decor is not only limited to beddings and accessories. Cowgirls and cowboys would be delighted to decorate their homes with pillows, rugs, antler lighting, western lighting, and bathroom hardware related to the Wild West. Home improvement and home retail stores have window treatments and drapery that match Wild West-inspired beddings. Western decor accessories are not only limited to the bedroom.

There are also western kitchen accessories like dinnerware and glassware. For the bathroom, stores offer towel bars, towels, towel rings, and other bathroom accessories that can be at home in a western setting. These home improvement shops also sell other western decor like switch plates and western gifts. Here are some products that pay homage to the Wild West.

Western bedding features matching and complementary throws, pillows, shams, and bed skirts. There are also cowboy bedding sets that feature embellishments like fringes, conchos, and leather, which may appeal to any cowgirl or cowboy. The horse lover would be delighted with designs of bronco riders and running horses.

Western decor like western accessories add a lot of character to a room or home. Some of these accessories include switch plates, paddle coat racks, tissue box covers, welcome signs, night lights, waste baskets, curtain tie backs, and garment racks, among other western accessories. Themed rugs also add a lot of character to a room.

Themed rugs are also western decor that feature horses, western themes, and cowboys. These floor rugs are made with a thick pile and blended with rich and warm colors. These rugs also come in various sizes and this makes it easier for the user who may want to use two smaller rugs in a particular floor area instead of a larger rug.

Western lighting is also considered western decor and some of these lighting include wall sconces, chandeliers, pendants, and ceiling lights. A pretty design is the Aspen Chandelier that has metallic aspen leaves and branches on top of the lighting fixture. This adds a lot of beauty and depth. The simpler wall sconce gives one the option of selecting the image one would like on the lighting fixture and the color as well.

Because of the diversity of décor, many men and women would be delighted when it comes to decorating their personal spaces.

Beddings by Donna Sharp

Donna Sharp is one of the country’s foremost designers and manufacturers of quality beddings and home accessories. Donna Sharp bedding comes in the form of high-quality and stunning quilts. These quilts are an example of great value without the need to sacrifice quality. Moreover, these quilts are best suited to be used in Arts and Crafts and rustic interior design surroundings. Donna Sharp bedding features reversible backing and intricately detailed borders. Donna Sharp features a lot of products like signature bedding, patchwork bedding, theme bedding, whole cloth bedding, and promotional sets, among other bedding types.

The Mountain Whispers is one popular Donna Sharp bedding set. This design is meant for the person who loves the outdoors and wildlife in general. The quilted bedding set features appliqued bears, moose, wolves, fish, and eagles. Other elements that complete the stylish quilt are pine trees and traditional quilting elements.

Another Donna Sharp bedding design is Pinecone. The quilt has appliqued pine cones and wildlife. Squirrels, owls, and pine trees are reflected within the pinecone theme in order to bring an outdoor and relaxing theme. The neutral earth colors and pinecone border makes this design adaptable to any interior design theme. The euro shams and dust ruffles provide contrasting colors of black plaid and rustic red.

Donna Sharp bedding

The Wolf Trail Quilt set was conceptualized to create a rustic and subtle wolf theme to the bedroom. The appliqued pine trees and wolves run along the border and give off a unique accent to salmon shades and large green blocks in the quilt’s body. The patchwork and applique is created artistically to give a handcrafted feel and look with the complementary dust ruffle in brown Chambray color, which completes the look.

The Gone Fishing Quilt collection is perfect for people who have cabins by the lake. This is also for people who may live in urban or suburban areas but who want the look and feel of cabins. This quilt has a calm lake scene together with fishing poles, a cabin, fish, and fish lures. The quilt design’s natural earth tones of browns and greens are matched by the black plaid and rustic red euro sham and dust ruffle. People who love life by the lake would want to be inspired by this Donna Sharp bedding set.

The Terra Square quilt is a conventional set that has a patchwork design that incorporates colors like slate grey, dark sienna, sponged olive, tan, and light grey. The effect is that it is inviting and warm and emits a feeling of rustic elegance to a place. The Timberline quilt collection features appliques of prowling bears, moose, and galloping deer that are situated around a cabin scene that has pine tree accents. Some of the incorporated colors are hunter green, navy, tan, brown, and red. Red buffalo plaid is the shade of the bedding set’s bed skirt and euro shams.

Many people would find the rustic life quite comforting. Any Donna Sharp bedding set can add a lot of rustic charm to the place. All one has to do is to shop online or visit physical locations to get the feel of Donna Sharp products.

Western Bedding Sets and Other Home Accessories

The perfect way to decorate your living space is by furnishing it with a fresh and unique design. In doing this, you are presented with a wide range of selections, such as western bedding, Western cowboy decor, Western bathroom decor, Western home decor, and so much more. Sometimes, just a few little add-ons here and there, such as western bedding, can already add a new Western charm to your house.

The bedroom is considered by many as the most personal room in the house. It is a place where you may unwind yourself and relax after a long, hectic day. In the busy lifestyle of our modern world, we get too little time for rest and relaxation. And after a stressful day, no one would definitely like to lie down on an uncomfortable bedspread. Western bedding is among the most fashionable options among interior designers and homeowners. Not only is it attractive to look at, but is also hard-wearing and easily obtainable at reasonable costs. Western bedding can provide a very peaceful essence due to its earthy colours and serene designs.

Western Bedding

Western bedding and comforters are available in a wide range of styles and colours. You may select bed sheets and comforters that match with the decorations of your bedroom in order to give the space a fresh new look.  Having certain colours such as red, orange, and brown can give your room the best rustic atmosphere. You can buy western bedding sets in standardizes sizes, such as Full, Twin, King, and Queen. You may then select your bed sheets, accent pillows, and blankets according to your preferences and tastes.

Aside from western bedding, your bathroom may need Western decors, as well. However, only a few people are able to distinguish the importance of the bathroom in terms of interior design. There are a lot of designs available for bathroom decorating and design. For instance, a Western theme may include inspirations from cowboys or the Wild West scenery, whilst a wildlife and nature theme may include the common motifs of the rustic style and era. There are a lot of Western bathroom accessories to choose from, including switch covers, wallpaper borders, toothbrush holders, lotion dispensers, soap dishes, tissue holders, robe hooks, towel bars, shower curtains, and more. You may purchase shower curtains in various materials, such as polyester, vinyl, or fabric, and you may even mix and match them up to your liking. You may buy such bath accessories depending on your requirements and budget. You should remember to keep the design of your bathroom in harmony with the overall style of your house.

Decorating your house in fashionable Western styles needs creativity and imagination. There are a lot of Internet sites available with a huge selection of information about western bedding and Western accessories for your house. You may also look for readymade ideas or wonderful tips to design your house to suit your sense of style. You may try these tips and ideas in order to give your house a unique and cozy appeal.

Using horses in your Western Décor.

When you want a home design that makes you want to giddy up and go, try Wild West décor. Western décor is stylish and timeless. The equestrian look never goes out of style. It can be easy to go overboard when using Wild West décor, but with some simple tips, you can create a room whether it is a bedroom or a rec room that is tasteful and fun.

“œIncorporating horses, western décor and a Wild West décor look can be tricky because you don’t want it to look overdone or cartoonish,” said Michigan-based interior decorator Jamie Abode. “œYou want to add some subtle equestrian elements, such as horse shoes and rope detailing to give your western décor a look of elegance and polish.”

Whether you are looking for a full range of western décor for your cabin or just some touches, such as western bedding, for a bedroom, you can go online to find Wild West décor on specialty websites that cater to rustic decorating and have loads of ideas for western décor for your cabin.

“œIf you want to design a bedroom with a western décor theme, then there are a lot of fun options that won’t look too hokey,” Abode said. “œGet a fun horse print bedding and pair it with a knotty wood bed frame that looks like a fence.”

Abode suggests that you add rope-adorned picture frames and horseshoe-shaped hooks to hang clothes and robes on to keep the theme flowing.

When you are looking for western décor for your cabin, you can make you living room or kitchen fun by pairing rustic decor with equestrian items. Large horse-print rugs can warm up a wooden floor or fancy up a plain cabin wall. The horseshoe theme can continue to the kitchen, with equestrian inspired cabinet knobs, horseshoe hooks and Wild West décor, such as printed kitchen towels and placements.

“œEven little touches can make a boring room very fun and keep the horse theme going,” Abode said. “œPlus, Wild West décor has been is style since, well, the Wild West.”