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Western Curtains for Various Home Décor Themes

Western curtains and drapes have the ability to evoke an authentic Western essence into any home, which can be done with the right selection of such decorative elements. The perfect accessories can be able to grasp the Western theme so well that they can even absolutely transform the mood of the entire room.

Natural materials and earthy colours, Western-themed accessories, rustic furnishings, and antiques are some elements that characterize Western style. The window treatments for a Western style can range from basic curtain panels to the elaborate rustic sophistication of leather drapes. The window treatment you should choose for your Western-themed room must blend well with the design of your personal taste, whether it may be a contemporary loft concept of the metropolitan West, a country cottage style, or a simple log cabin design.

Western curtains and panels work well for log cabin and country cottage designs. You can dress up your small windows with Western curtains that have printed patterns. Be sure to use fabrics, which include a colour palette that is already utilized in your design concept, with prints that reflect an item that is distinctive in Western style. For instance, a theme that is typically used is a cowboy’s boot with a spur. You may hang your curtain panels in such a way that a loose pleat drapes from an iron or a wooden curtain rod.

For bigger windows, you can use light Western curtains in a bold colour from your existing palette. Then, top the curtain panels with a stained wooden valance in order to give off a rustic vibe. You may also paint your valance to give it a cottage look. By doing so, you are also adding a rustic depiction that adds aesthetic appeal to your windows.

western curtains

The combination of reed or bamboo shades and Western curtains adds a modern touch to Western motifs, complementing the style with neat outlines whilst maintaining the essence of warmth by making use of natural materials.

Pairing Western curtains with horizontal wooden blinds that have 2-inch slats in stained woodwork can work well with Western styles, as well. The warm look of the wood material has the ability to reflect the Western awareness in a country cottage theme, whilst the neat outlines of the blinds provide a more modern appearance. For a more ancient and rustic appeal, you can use blinds with painted slat on rustic red or ancient white.

Western curtains with drapery use weightier fabrics and provide a more sophisticated effect than what is commonly sought for in Western style. On the other hand, for those rooms that need a touch of sophistication, drapery can merely be considered as an alternative. Leather drapery that is hung in deep pleats can add a highly ornamental component to Western style.

For fabric textile panels, you can choose prints with varied colours and recurring design components, such as blocked cameos of country life or woodland animals. For a more fashionable and more urban-style effect, choose fabrics with graphic patterns and rich colors.

Western Bedding Sets and Other Home Accessories

The perfect way to decorate your living space is by furnishing it with a fresh and unique design. In doing this, you are presented with a wide range of selections, such as western bedding, Western cowboy decor, Western bathroom decor, Western home decor, and so much more. Sometimes, just a few little add-ons here and there, such as western bedding, can already add a new Western charm to your house.

The bedroom is considered by many as the most personal room in the house. It is a place where you may unwind yourself and relax after a long, hectic day. In the busy lifestyle of our modern world, we get too little time for rest and relaxation. And after a stressful day, no one would definitely like to lie down on an uncomfortable bedspread. Western bedding is among the most fashionable options among interior designers and homeowners. Not only is it attractive to look at, but is also hard-wearing and easily obtainable at reasonable costs. Western bedding can provide a very peaceful essence due to its earthy colours and serene designs.

Western Bedding

Western bedding and comforters are available in a wide range of styles and colours. You may select bed sheets and comforters that match with the decorations of your bedroom in order to give the space a fresh new look.  Having certain colours such as red, orange, and brown can give your room the best rustic atmosphere. You can buy western bedding sets in standardizes sizes, such as Full, Twin, King, and Queen. You may then select your bed sheets, accent pillows, and blankets according to your preferences and tastes.

Aside from western bedding, your bathroom may need Western decors, as well. However, only a few people are able to distinguish the importance of the bathroom in terms of interior design. There are a lot of designs available for bathroom decorating and design. For instance, a Western theme may include inspirations from cowboys or the Wild West scenery, whilst a wildlife and nature theme may include the common motifs of the rustic style and era. There are a lot of Western bathroom accessories to choose from, including switch covers, wallpaper borders, toothbrush holders, lotion dispensers, soap dishes, tissue holders, robe hooks, towel bars, shower curtains, and more. You may purchase shower curtains in various materials, such as polyester, vinyl, or fabric, and you may even mix and match them up to your liking. You may buy such bath accessories depending on your requirements and budget. You should remember to keep the design of your bathroom in harmony with the overall style of your house.

Decorating your house in fashionable Western styles needs creativity and imagination. There are a lot of Internet sites available with a huge selection of information about western bedding and Western accessories for your house. You may also look for readymade ideas or wonderful tips to design your house to suit your sense of style. You may try these tips and ideas in order to give your house a unique and cozy appeal.

Create a Warm and Cozy Ambience with Western Décor

No matter where you live or what type of home you have, one can always incorporate some western décor into their humble abode. There is just something about this type of décor that screams ‘welcome to my home’. It is the epitome of the word ‘homey’.

A lot of people think that they can only use western décor for homes that are cabin like or for their vacation homes. However, this is not true. Imagine what a shock your guests would have if you had a modern looking home only to be greeted by unique and fascinating western décor upon entry. It is truly a nice change from all the minimal styled homes where everything is monochromatic.

Those who have tried to decorate their home in a western fashion love it and are very happy with the outcome. If you feel that there is something missing each time you walk through your front door, then you probably need to change your interiors. Having the right atmosphere in your home can change your life dramatically. It can make you happier and it can even allow you to get better rest at night.

For people who are a bit timid when it comes to changing things, a good way to start is by incorporating little western touches here and there. This could be anything from changing a lampshade, getting a new bedspread to buying new throw pillows for your living room couch. This is a good way to test out western décor and to see if it something you want to see on a more permanent basis.

Another alternative for those who are scared of huge changes is to redecorate by room. Start with a room that you do not always use such as a guest room or a guest bathroom. This will give you a feel of the décor, and if you find yourself drifting to those rooms more often than you used to then that means you probably enjoy the western look.

Redecorating your home does not have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, if you are patient enough to visit discount stores, you will most certainly find great deals on western inspired decorations. Visiting department stores during sale season is also a good place to check out when you want to get a good deal. For those that are looking for more unique decorations, shopping online is a good option. This gives you access to a wide variety of sellers without even leaving your home.

If you have the time and a love for Do-It-Yourself projects you may even want to try to make decorations yourself. There is nothing better than handmade decorations to truly make your home feel customized and personal. That is a great way to guarantee that you will never walk into anyone’s home and find the same décor. Western décor is an awesome look that most people love. Incorporate that welcoming and cozy atmosphere into your home today. There is nothing more worth the investment than a home that you cannot wait to come home to.

Blaze a New Trail with Western Decor

Let’s be honest. Most of us aren’t old enough to remember the real “œgood old days.” Those days when echoes of “œGo West Young Man” spread over the prairie like wildfire are long behind us. That doesn’t mean we have to stop yearning for those simpler times, though. Today’s resurgence in western décor suggests that we all have a little of the spirit of the Old West in us, longing for expression.

With western bedding and other western décor, you can recreate the look and feel of the Old West in your home. Whether you’re looking to create the feel of a Chisholm Trail cattle drive or a Navajo sunset, you’ll have no problem finding everything you need to transform your home into a scene from days gone by.

Western décor is classic, a look that never goes out of style, whether you want to decorate your entire home with western décor or just want western bedding for the little buckaroos. For an easy way to find the best western bedding and décor, check out Cabin Place’s website.

We may not be able to travel back to the Old West, but we can keep its spirit alive in our homes and in our hearts. The way we decorate the rooms in our homes makes a statement about who we are and what we value and enjoy. Western décor says that you’re a can-do person who knows how to get things done without giving in to the breakneck pace much of the world wants to inflict on us.

So saddle up, browse over to Cabin Place’s website and look through the wide selection of western bedding and décor. In addition to the best western décor accessories, you’ll find plenty of tips and advice on using rustic, country, and western themes in your decorating.

The 5 Best Decorating Ideas for Your Western Themed Home

Going with western décor for your home? Have a look at these 5 ideas to ensure you get the right cabin décor for look you want:

1. Think rich earth tones overall, splashed with occasion bursts of bright color.

When you think of the vibrant, rich blues, reds and yellows of the west it’s tempting to buy cabin décor to fill your room with the vivid array, but too much in a western theme can overwhelm a room. Remember, rich browns and tans are also colors of the west and western décor that provides a neutral backdrop for that punch of color still makes a visual impact, without overwhelming the eye.

2. Keep your theme subtle to prevent your home from looking like a retail outlet.

Don’t fill a space with the same repeating western theme. Instead, chose a few pieces of western decor you love and work around them. For example, instead of filling a room with horses, use them once or twice, and then pull out the different aspects of horses and riding with cabin décor throughout the room. Use the Wagon Wheel and Saddle Metal Wall Art above the bed covered in the Wrangler Bedding Collection, and the Horseshoe Nightlight to pull your western theme together, all available at

3. Think texture! One of the most wonderful things about western décor is the wonderful textures available.

Think soft plush suede’s and smooth shiny leathers. Think fringes and tassels mixed with hard, rust-colored Texas stars. Layer these wonderful textures in your cabin décor and you’re sure to be happy with the result.

4. Use items that appear re-purposed in your western décor.

A fundamental rule in the old west was to never let anything go to waste. If something could no longer be used for what it was originally intended you’d simply find another way to use it. Some great examples of using this in cabin décor are the Wagon Wheel Chandelier and the Cowboy Boots Canoe Paddle Coat Rack.

5. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when shopping for cabin décor is to shop for comfort.

Remember this is the place where you live and while barbed wire is certainly western, even the most hardened cowboy wouldn’t cover his living space in it. Plush rugs and warm throws add that cozy feel to your western themed room.

Everything you need in western décor and other cabin decor can be found at!

Western Décor Warms up Long Winter Nights

Winter feels like the longest season, as if it will never end. Making it through the dreary, cold months of the year can be difficult without being able to enjoy the outdoors, activities, and the warmth of the sunshine. Spending a lot of time indoors leads to boredom, especially when you are staring at the same four walls, decorated in the same way for the last several years.

Adding a little color, a little interest, and a little warmth to your home during the dreary winter months doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. makes it easy to find affordable western décor and western bedding to do just the thing, all from the comfort and warmth of your home.

Western themes are classic and lend a comforting feel to your home or cabin, as well as some patriotism. Whether or not your home is actually in the west, with western décor, the heart of the wild west will come alive wherever you are.

Western themes such as cowboys and cattle, stars and horseshoes, barbed wire and rope are prevalent in our western décor items for your home, including wall hangings, door mats, shower curtains, kitchen utensils, mugs, western bedding and more.

For those cold winter nights when your blankets just don’t seem to keep out the chill, our western bedding is designed for comfort, warmth, and durability. You won’t be able to get just one comforter set, because your kids will be stealing it off your bed. Our selection of patterns and colors is so varied, you won’t have any problem finding something for every person in your household.

If you just need something to throw around you while reading or sitting by the fire, our throws are great for leaving out all-year-round as functional decorative items. Thrown on the back of a chair, these are easily accessible for chilly winter evenings good for snuggling.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down. Fill your home with new western décor to cheer you and western bedding to warm you up every winter evening.

Christmas, Western style

Christmas is a great season for decorating, whether you want to change the entire theme of your house or add a Christmas feel to what you already have. Popular themes for wild west and cowboy enthusiasts are found in western décor, a great theme for the holidays and all year round.

Western décor is characterized by 5-pointed stars, horses and horseshoes, cowboys and cowboy hats, and much more. This theme is great for ranch style homes and cabins, which have a layout which is particularly suited to bringing out the best in western décor items. Adding some western items to your home around the holidays is sure to add to the down-to-earth and old-fashioned feel of your home’s atmosphere. has a great selection of western-themed décor, including western bedding. Western bedding is practical for the cold winter months as well as decorative, sprucing things up for the holidays. Our selection includes comforters, bedspreads, and coverlets which come with matching throws, pillows, pillow shams and sheet sets.

True western bedding which is not only high quality but a great value can be hard to find, but at Cabinplace, it’s one of our specialties. Our patterns and materials make our products highly valuable keepsakes you’ll want to pass down or purchase as gifts for your loved ones.

Getting a western-style Christmas is as easy as shopping our western décor for items which will bring out the colors, symbols, themes, and feelings of the season. Adding simple items to your bathroom, living room, kitchen and bedroom can instantly give you the atmosphere you want to create. The colors in western style, such as red, green, navy blue, taupe, and mauve are also great Christmas colors, so they will effortlessly blend with your other traditional Christmas décor items.

Bring the rough-hewn charm of the old west into your home this Christmas with western bedding and western decor and discover a theme which will quickly become a year-long favorite.

What Do 5-Pointed Stars In Western Décor Mean?

The 5-pointed star that decorates many houses and barns these days has a long history of rich and varied meaning. Although most people enjoy hanging 5-pointed stars simply because they go well with cabin décor or western décor, it is interesting to take a look into the background of this symbol.

Many view the 5-pointed star often used in western décor as a symbol of Americana, the term used to describe patriotic symbols, decorations, folklore, and the spirit of national pride that goes with them. And the 5-pointed star is definitely a symbol of patriotism, a vital part of the American flag itself, and most of the first states before they joined the Union.

Not only is the star a symbol of Americana in general, it also carries very deep meaning in western culture, which makes it very popular in western décor. Texas is known as the “œLone Star State” because of the single 5-pointed star displayed on its state flag. This represented its stand for independence from Mexico back in the 1800s, when it “˜stood alone’ for freedom.

5 and 6-pointed stars were also worn by sheriffs and deputies in the Wild West, often the only form of law to be had for hundreds of miles into cattle country. Consequently the symbol is associated with bravery, justice, honor, and the often rough, survivalist culture of the west.

Knowing the significance of the 5-pointed star to American culture explains why it is such an integral part of rustic cabin décor. It is a symbol of freedom, grit, bravery, and loyalty that is a great reminder of our country’s struggle for independence and pioneering spirit.

You can show your patriotism and brave, Wild West spirit by displaying 5-pointed stars as part of your cabin décor or western-themed country home. Many retailers carry large rustic-metal 5-pointed stars to display in or outside your home, as well as star patterned bedding, rugs, wall art, and more.

Find everything you need to create a strong western atmosphere in your cabin at, a one-stop convenient online shop for all categories of cabin décor and western décor. carries a wide range of styles western bedding, decorations and household items, all of which make great gift ideas for your down-to-earth friend and family.

Creative Western Wall Art

One of the toughest parts of decorating for most people is deciding what to put up on the walls. It’s no different for those who are using a western décor theme. Western wall art brings out the best in any room, provided:

  • It fits the overall western décor of the room. There’s nothing wrong with a little contrast here and there, but western wall art isn’t the place to put something that clashes with the rest of your western décor. Pick something that complements your color scheme and overall western décor theme.
  • It isn’t overdone. The only thing worse than bare walls is cluttered walls. Western wall art is great, but too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing.
  • It isn’t overly symmetrical. Part of the rustic charm of western wall art and western décor in general is that it hails back to a simpler time, a time when function trumped appearances. That doesn’t mean you should hang western wall art willy-nilly, but it does mean you can relax a little and stagger your western wall art a bit. Whether you hang paintings, photographs, or other kinds of wall art, you should go for a bit of an asymmetrical look.

Above all, western décor is homey and inviting. You want all of your wall decorations to express the overall message and rustic charm your rustic home is designed to convey. Whichever type of rustic or western décor you decorate your home or cabin with, you want to make sure that the western wall art gives off the same warm, welcoming feeling that the rest of your western décor does.

Check out the vast selection of western décor and western wall art at Cabin Place. There’s wall art to meet every western and rustic decorating need, all easy to find and reasonably priced.

The Different Themes In Western Décor

Don’t be fooled by the term “western décor” because it is a bit of a misnomer; there are so many different styles and designs encompassed by the term that is it difficult to define. Basically, western décor is any style or design that is influenced or inspired by the American West, a broad spectrum that covers everything from ranching in Texas to the deserts in Arizona to Native American culture.

Western décor has always been a popular design aesthetic due to the richness of the colors, the typically simple patterns, and our fascination with the “Old West”. From Wild Bill Hickock to the Gold Rush, the lore of the Old West is part of our collective imagination and we are singularly drawn to depictions of the outlaws and heroes of the time.

The western décor focused on themes from the Old West are generally created with washed out colors, a desert sunset palette, and have almost a gritty feel to them. Cattle drives, lone horse riders gazing out over an empty landscape, or saloon scenes with dancing girls and dusty cowboys are all common. Authentic Old West images are often exactly as we imagined they would be; solemn faces, tired horses, and beat-up leather saddles are routinely featured.

In contrast, western décor focused on the Southwest desert and Native American culture offers a more vibrant color palette and style. The natural colors seen in the striated lines of the desert canyons influence the color choices in the blankets, vases, and art from this region. Varying shades of brown, orange, and yellow are typical and can be used to create an entire room full of color. Mesas and valleys, sober Native American faces and desert wildlife are all common western décor themes based in the Southwest.

A painting of a roadrunner passing a cactus while the sun sets beyond the mesa, a Native American patterned blanket, or clay vase with tribal designs are all examples of South western décor themes. You can use western décor throughout your home, as accent pieces or as the focus of your design scheme. Visit to find singular pieces that will bring the romance of the Old West or the stark beauty of the Southwest into your home, wherever that may be.