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A Western-Style Bedroom For Adults

You really want a western or rustic themed bedroom but you don’t want to sleep in a Toy Story box, right? There are many ways to achieve a grown up, even sophisticated Western style in a bedroom without being corny or childish and can help you get there.

To establish a western theme, start with color choices. Aim for natural or desert colors such as earthy browns and tans or rusty reds. You can find western style bedding at that can help you determine the color palette for the rest of the room, with coordinating western curtains and window treatments. Once you have the color palette, you can move on to the bigger furniture pieces. Look for understated beds with a minimalistic or modern take on the western theme rather than giant antlers or grazing cows. A barbed wire inspired metal headboard or beadboard fencing headboard would be a less obvious tribute to the Old West than rifles and saddles.

With the furniture and color scheme in place, play off of the western style bedding theme and colors to find accents that will coordinate and be functional. Start at to find lamps, switchplate covers, sculptures and wall art that will enhance the western look without delving into a corny style.

Of course, you could always choose to style your grown up bedroom with a wink and a nod to the Old West with outrageous and cheesy pieces meant to be fun and exciting rather than understated and sophisticated. Whatever your style, your bedroom is the one room in your home that you can take risks and really make it about you, not about your guests, children, or friends. Find what you love at and make your western room your own.

Have A Jack And Jill Bathroom? Western Bathroom Décor Is Perfect!

Jack and Jill bathrooms are very cute bathrooms that connect two or more rooms, usually children’s rooms. Finding a décor theme for Jack and Jill bathrooms can be difficult though. Kids have strong personalities and they rarely agree on the same things. But decorate your Jack and Jill bathroom in a western theme, and everyone will be happy. Best of all, it’s really easy to do.

Some Jack and Jill bathrooms come with two different showers, or bathtub and a standup shower. You can decorate both of these with western shower curtains and because of the space these take up, you’ll already have a large part of your western bathroom décor scheme down. If a boy and a girl will be sharing the bathroom, designate one space for the girl and hang a cowgirl shower curtain; designate the other space for the boy and hang up a cowboy shower curtain. Of course, if you have a house full of only little cowboys or little cowgirls, you don’t have to mix and match your western shower curtains. Choose the same cowgirl-themed curtain, or different cowboy shower curtains that complement each other.

Once you have your western shower curtain in place, don’t forget about all of your other accessories for your western bathroom décor. Because Jack and Jill bathrooms also usually have two separate sinks, you can mix and match vanity accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and of course, western hand towels with matching towel racks.

You may think that Jack and Jill bathrooms are blessings in disguise: a wonderful convenience that comes with a decorating nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be! Choose western bathroom décor and you’ll get big “œYee-Haw’s” all around! And if you need help choosing any of your western shower curtains or any other western bathroom accessories, come check out all the great items we have in stock. They’re great for decorating a Jack and Jill bathroom, or any other bathroom in your home or cabin!

From Cowboy Kitsch To Urban Cowboy: Decorating Your Western Bedroom

The western theme is a great theme for any bedroom! The colors are warm, welcoming and relaxing, and the theme lends a playful feel that anyone at any age can appreciate. It’s also very easy to decorate a bedroom in a western theme. Using some western bedding and throwing down some western rugs is a great way to get started because these few items will tie the room together with a western feel. But there is a little more to it than just that, and when you decide on using the western theme in your bedroom, you’ll need to decide which western style you want to use: cowboy kitsch or urban cowboy.

The cowboy kitsch western theme is what many people first imagine when they think of a western theme. With this type of design you may have a floorboard wrought with horseshoes, lassos hanging from every post and hook, and bucking bronco bedspreads or other loud and expressive western bedding. While this western theme is definitely the most playful of the bunch, it can also be a little off-putting for adults and those who want to turn their bedroom into an oasis, not a circus. But it is just this type of loud and fun western theme that is perfect for kids, who’ll fully appreciate spurs or cowboy hats at every turn!

But this doesn’t mean that the western theme is off-limits for adults. The urban cowboy theme is another very popular western style and can reflect the same warmth and charm of the Old West, without the cutesiness. To achieve this type of western theme in your bedroom, place western rugs in earthy tones on hardwood floors and use western bedding that has solid, neutral colors but is decorated with bold rustic stars, Native markings, or trimmed in a horse motif. And if you think neutral is boring, you can also find Western bedding in bold blues, reds, and oranges, to add that splash of color where it’s needed.

When you’re decorating a bedroom in a western theme you can’t go wrong with any style, whether it’s urban cowboy or cowboy kitsch. If you need help decorating in either style, be sure to check out the western bedding, western rugs and other western accessories. They’ll get your décor off to the right start, or complement what you already have in your western themed bedroom!

Things To Consider Before Buying Western Décor

Decking a room or your home out in western décor is a great way to surround yourself in a really fun look. And there are so many different western cabin accessories available that whether you’re looking for curtains, fixtures, artwork, rugs, or just odds and ends, there’s always one more piece of western décor out there that will look perfect in your new ranch. But before you run out and start snapping up all the western décor you can find, there are a few things you should consider first.

As with any design scheme, start by choosing colors for your western décor. You’ll probably find that western décor comes in many similar colors such as rusty oranges, warm browns, golds, reds, and dark greens, you’ll want to narrow it down further than that. Choosing one or two of your favorite western colors and using those in your main scheme is a great place to start. You can then accent with other western colors, but make sure that the two main colors are the ones that stand out the most.

Next consider what type of western décor theme you want to use. Do you want a home that looks like a ranch with lots of cowboy artwork, lassos, and horses included in the design? Or do you want a simpler look with large stars being the main design and some simple leather throw pillows topping it off? Even when you’ve chosen western décor there are still many options available. Deciding on one particular western style will help you pick out perfectly matching pieces and help you avoid cluttering your home up with too many mismatched looks.

Lastly, make sure that you keep an eye on how many cabin accessories and pieces of western décor you use. It’s easy to get carried away with a western theme and start buying every piece you see that depicts a cowboy, cowgirl, cowboy hat, boots, or saddle. But if you add too many items, your home really will start to look cluttered and the look can become overwhelming. And plus, decorating in western décor should be fun, and it should never break the bank!

When you’re ready to start decking your cabin out in western décor, make sure to check out our huge and affordable selection. We have delightful western items for every room in your home!

How To Pick Out The Perfect Western Shower Curtain

Whether you live in a ranch-style home, a farmhouse, or an apartment in the middle of a huge city, you can bring western bathroom décor into your home very easily. Western themes work wonderfully in homes but it’s especially easy to pull this theme together in your bathroom. It all starts with the right Western shower curtain! Shower curtains are a great way to start off your western bathroom décor because they cover such a large area in what is usually a pretty small space. But how do you pick out the best one for your bathroom?

Start by thinking about what the rest of your western bathroom décor will be, or what it already is. If you have wallpaper that has a bold pattern or lots of prints, choose a more subtle Western shower curtain such as one that is cream-colored and trimmed with small ropes or cowboy boots. If the rest of your bathroom décor is subtle, then feel free to go crazy with cowboy shower curtains, or shower curtains that are covered in horseshoes and stars! The key is to balance everything so it all comes together to make a beautiful Western bathroom décor, and not just a small space crammed with any Western décor you could find!

Also, don’t forget to think about your other western bathroom décor that you want to incorporate into your bathroom and make sure they match your Western shower curtain. This too, is all about making your Western bathroom streamlined and keeping it in the same kind of décor. Even when you’re going with a Western theme, there are still many ways to make accessories and linens look out of place in a room. Make sure that everything matches or coordinates with each other, and you’ll end up with a beautifully decorated Western bathroom!

When it comes time to decorate your bathroom in a Western theme, make sure you check out all the Western shower curtains and other accessories we have to make your bathroom wonderfully Western!

How To Make Rustic Cabin Quilts

There are many gorgeous rustic cabin quilts on the market today that will be wonderful additions to the cabin décor in your cabin or home. But there’s really nothing like a handmade quilt that you sew yourself to not only enhance your décor, but that can also become a family heirloom, and be passed down to future generations. Making rustic cabin quilts is fairly simple too. All you need are some squares of fabric, batting, and quilting thread. If you want to make it easier on yourself, you may also consider using a sewing machine, but even that’s not absolutely necessary.

The first thing you need to do is choose some squares of fabric that you want to use for your rustic quilt. You can purchase these but many fabric stores often have a bin of scraps available for free that you can choose from. You can also use cut up clothing that you no longer wear into squares (cutting up old jeans to make a Western quilt works very well!) Solid, neutral colors also make for some of the most authentic cabin quilts. Whichever fabric you choose, make sure that you leave two more inches along the edge than you want to be displayed on the quilt. This portion of fabric will be used to sew to trim or another square; and you don’t want to be left with smaller squares than you originally envisioned.

At this point, many people like to draw out a sketch of their rustic quilt so that they know exactly where they are in their pattern when it comes time to actually sew it. If your pattern is simple or fairly repetitive however, you may not need to do this step. Just go ahead and start sewing all those patches of fabric together until your cabin quilt is complete. There are no real guidelines on how large it should be, as rustic cabin quilts come in all different shapes, styles and sizes. Do make sure however, that you measure the edges as you sew, at least roughly, so that you can remain consistent throughout and don’t end up with a quilt that has badly misshapen squares.

When finished, lay your quilt face-down on a large working surface. Lay the batting on top, and then the backing you have chosen on top of that. The backing can be something as simple as a sheet or another blanket, or can even be another rustic quilt so it’s reversible! Once the backing is placed, you then need to pin the quilt along the edges, at the corners, and throughout the middle of the quilt. You’ll need to sew it all together after this, and you definitely don’t want any part of your rustic quilt slipping and sliding while you work.

Then you just need to sew the edges together. Start by first sewing a knot stitch into each corner and then continuing to sew the edges normally. Once the outside of the quilt is sewn you can then sew the middle of the quilt. This will keep the batting in place but also gives you a chance to add even more elements to the quilt by sewing beautiful designs into it. And using a colored quilting thread will add to this design even more!

Once you’re finished, hang your quilt up on a quilt ladder, display it proudly on a wall, or lay it across a bed or couch. You’ll treasure your rustic quilt even more when you’ve made it yourself!

What’s The Origin Of South-western Bedding?

You may not have given much thought to the history of your cabin bedding before. But some of those comfy blankets and throws that you’ve been snuggling up with actually have a pretty interesting story behind them. And that’s exactly the case with south-western bedding.

When many people think of western comforter sets and south-western bedding, they think of the deep oranges and reds, and sometimes even blue, that not only blends in well with south-western décor, but also has a very Native American feel to it. It’s not surprising; before the cowboys started incorporating stars, horses, and all of the warm colors that can be found in south-western décor, the Native Americans did it first.

But even those who are aware that it was the Native Americans who first brought this décor that’s now known as “˜south-western,’ they still get the origin of this type of bedding wrong, thinking that Native Americans stayed up day and night weaving these elaborate fabrics. They did this in later years but the style first came from the trading posts that the Native Americans used to buy and sell their goods. The people needed garments that would keep them warm on colder mountain nights, but that would also be roomy enough to allow for air flow during the days, which could become very hot. The garments that came in those designs were ideal for what they needed and so, they began using them often. Of course, along with garments also came blankets in these same designs.

Of course the Native Americans lived off the land and the few resources that they had, so it wasn’t long before they were making this type of south-western bedding and other garments themselves. The blankets and throws were especially popular, especially as the settlers began to move in, because they were especially handy for having in the back of wagons. The passengers inside could place these over their legs and keep warm on their journey.

As the Native Americans began to create these blankets and weaves themselves, they also started to incorporate some symbols and images from their own culture. Many of these designs are still very prominent in south-western bedding today, and are a distinct reminder of the origin of these beautiful pieces.

South-western bedding is hard not to fall in love with, especially after you know a little bit about where it came from. Our south-western bedding can be found with many different designs and patterns, and many of them depicting many of the styles and color schemes that helped make these bedding option one of the most popular choices to be found in cabins today!

What’s The Difference Between Country Lodge Décor And Western Cabin Décor?

Perhaps because of the term “œcountry western,” people have often thought of country lodge decor and western cabin decor as being one in the same. However, the two are very different and you need to know what those differences are, and what you prefer, before you ultimately decide on your lodge décor.

Western décor often includes cowboys and ranch-style décor pieces, but you don’t have to limit yourself to that. Forests, wildlife, horses, and stars are also great pieces to use when decorating your cabin in a western theme. And if you want to cover your floor with great western cabin décor, there are great western rugs that feature horses, bears and yes, cowboys. Sheepskin rugs are another great way to add to western décor. When decorating with an eye to the west, use darker colors such as warm reds, yellows, and oranges to really pull the theme together.

Country lodge décor is quite different than western cabin décor. This type of lodge décor includes lighter colors such as creams, lighter natural woods, and whites instead of dark, bold colors. Floral prints also work very well in country lodge décor. When looking to accessorize your country décor, use things like candles, dried flowers, pottery, quilts, and lots of ruffles. This is the stuff that makes the charm of country lodge décor, and you’ll get that cozy look you were hoping for.

Whether you like the quaintness of country lodge décor, or want that rustic feel that western décor can bring, we have tons of lodge décor for any theme! Ruffled valances, western-styled rugs, wildlife bedding sets, and wooden furniture – which works well in both! – we have it all!

Metal Wall Art The Perfect Finishing Touch In Western Décor

Metal wall art can be the perfect addition to any ranch or cabin, no matter what the cabin décor. But, this type of artwork works especially well in cabins with a western theme because the color and design of the metal works so naturally and blends so beautifully with the western theme. And, if you pick the right metal wall art for your cabin or ranch, it could be not just the perfect finishing touch, but also the perfect conversation piece.

Metal wall art, and western metal wall art specifically, is becoming extremely popular and so you’ll find that there’s a much wider selection than just the stars and cowboys that were once available. Choose from those as well as beautiful horses, lassos, cowboy boots, and many other different styles. You can also choose a piece that suits your personal lifestyle and tastes. So if you’re very active while out at your ranch and like to spend time sprinting on your horse, you might choose a cowboy design where he’s depicted wranglin’ up the horses. If you prefer the solitude of the western life, and prefer to spend time star gazing, you might choose metal wall art that depicts a cowboy in a moment of silence. The same design could work in so many different ways!

Western metal wall art will also blend in perfectly with any western decor. Because this artwork is made from metals such as copper, brass, and wrought iron, their natural colors blend in perfectly and work great with any style or theme. You can also use metal wall art strictly as artwork hanging on your wall, or you can use them as functional pieces. Metal wall art can be used for a welcome sign, door knockers, or as wall sconces.

One of the best things about metal wall art is that it’s one of the cheapest ways you could decorate your cabin. You can find the design of your choice within any budget, or you can even make them yourself. If you’re not the crafty type and want to check out what kind of metal wall art would work in your western décor, check out our gorgeous designs!