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Themed Décor: How Much is too Much?

Decorating your home, office, or other space with themed items is generally a good idea. It keeps things concise and gives your space a particular feel that goes along with the theme. However, it is possible to over-do theme décor, causing it to become overwhelming or start to look tacky.

Cabin Place exists to provide themed furniture and décor; items that would look at home in a log cabin. The goal of décor like this is to present a charming and rustic look, but you could easily go overboard with this kind of décor, causing a different look and feel entirely. But, how do you know how much is too much? We’ve put together a little guide to help you keep your lodge décor balanced and tasteful.

1. Be Wary of Using too Much of one Thing: Say you love bears, (or wolves, moons, etc.) it’s perfectly fitting for some of your cabin décor to feature bears, but you don’t want that to be the case with every piece you have. We have a great selection of wilderness themed décor and furniture, so finding one of everything you want, all complete with a bear, wouldn’t be very difficult. However, it wouldn’t end up looking as tasteful or as charming as having a handful of things that feature bears while your other, different pieces add some contrast to your décor.

2. Not Every Single Thing has to be Themed: if you’re decorating a house, this may not be as difficult as it might be when decorating a cabin. A cabin, already feeling like part of the theme itself, may increase the urge to fill it with only country and wilderness themed lodge décor. The truth is, though, this will create an overwhelming environment that lacks the important contrast we talked about previously. Like with the bears, adding in other pieces, in this case ones that aren’t part of the theme, will give the space much needed contrast and make it that much more appealing.

3. Statement Pieces: A statement piece is something that is more intricate, loud, colorful, or eye-catching than what surrounds it. Statement pieces are meant to be the most noticeable item in a room and putting more than one of these in one space together will quickly become more cluttered than eye-catching. Having one large piece of furniture with an intricate design on it or one antler lamp is enough for a single space. If you really must have more than one of something like these, be sure they aren’t in the same room.

Lodge décor is beautiful, rustic, and appealing in so many ways. Just be sure to keep these little tips in mind when you’re decorating your cabin, lodge, or home. Too much of anything can be bad, even too much of a good thing.

Need some ideas for decorating your cabin? Take a look and see what catches your eye.

Perfect Antler Lighting for the Western-Style Home

Your home is your safe haven.  It is the place where you feel most secure and comfortable. A place where one can relax and forget about troubles of the outside world. Naturally, a person wants his home to have everything that he needs.  However, sometimes in your search for functionality you sometimes overlook the element of elegance. A fine way of adding sophistication to your home without compromising functionality is through use of antler lighting.

A perennial decoration piece used by lodges, hotels and homes looking for that rustic and western look and feel, these are lighting fixtures usually made from or reproductions of elk or deer antlers, they evoke a classic charm not usually found in ordinary light pieces. Ranging from bed lamps, stand lamps and chandeliers, there is a wide selection of antler lighting available that will fit your desired feel. Intricately crafted with sturdy build, they are designed to enhance that western touch of your home and are sure to last a long time.

antler lighting

But before going out and buying your antler lighting, you must first study your home so that you will be able to choose the lighting that would best accentuate your place.  In your search for the perfect antler lighting there some things to consider, such as the size of your home and the location that you will put it in, If you are living in a small to medium house, the size of the lighting should be carefully chosen so as not to make the room cluttered and the fixture space-hogging, the best place to put these are in the living room and outdoor patios. Big antler lighting pieces are preferred if you are living in a large house.  If your set pieces are widely-spaced, large dining rooms or lounges are perfect place for these decors.

Another question to be asked is whether it will complement your already existing decorative pieces.  Oftentimes, a person would deck his house with everything that he likes, only to end up with a house that’s over-decorated. This should be easy if your home has already an established western-look to it, if not, place your antler lighting in places with little to no contradicting embellishment pieces. One more important thing to consider is the light requirement the rooms requires, how bright do you need it to be, antler lighting are usually used as accent light source and not the main lighting, set the antler lighting with light sources that are too bright and you might risk to distract the rustic effect from it, with that in mind, set it in rooms that only needs accent lighting.

Antler lighting has always been popular among those seeking for that ageless, regal look in their homes, and it is not hard to see why. Combining function with elegance, it is a quintessential element for the western home and is sure to be a favorite for a long time to come. With the proper use and location, you too will be able to attain that rustic ambiance that you have always wanted.

Bringing the Wilderness in Your Home with Bears Furniture

You can transform your space into a bear-themed paradise by purchasing bears furniture and accessories. For your bathroom, you may opt for bear-themed shower curtains, toilet paper holders, and towel bars. For your living room, you may buy bear rugs, bear statuettes, and other bear decorations. For your bedroom, you may select soft fabrics and pillows that are made out of a bear’s fur or imitate it. There are so many ideas and possibilities to make the look of your space inspired by bears. Bears furniture in themed spaces or rooms are particularly suitable for cabin houses in order to give them a wilder, more animalistic essence into the room.

If you want to furnish your cabin with bears furniture and accessories, you can try to browse through the Internet, or visit old-fashioned shops that offer unique country novelty pieces. Since such decorations are often used in rustic cabins or cottages, you can also look through shops that offer cabin decorations and supplies. You may choose complementary accessories with bears furniture, such as hurricane lamps with bear candle holders. When planning out your bear-inspired theme, consider the home decorations you already have in your cabin, including the den and the bathroom. If you are the imaginative type, you might like to create your own hand-embroidered linens or towels, or whatever out-of-the-box idea you can think of.

Bears furniture

Bears furniture are not limited to trinkets, figurines, and knick-knacks. Rustic light fixtures with an ornamental bear decoration can also be good options to consider. Bear designs applied onto ceiling mounts are an excellent choice for your country cottage, as well. As for the bedroom, you can opt for lamps adorned with bear decorations, as well as bear-themed switch covers or plates.

Aside from the light fixture, you may also add larger bears furniture into your space. This includes a coffee table or a glass tabletop, with its base carved to form a bear, for the den or the living room. This can produce a rustic essence to any country cabin. You should also look for a bookcase with wildlife accents.

Bears furniture added on your walls can add a wonderful accent to the rustic theme of your cabin. You may consider hand-painted artworks of bears within a natural setting. A metal wall decoration with a bear theme can be a smart addition to your entryway, as well.

For a synchronized result of adding different bears furniture in your space, you might want to consider having some of the items custom made to your tastes and preferences in order to really grasp your whole design idea. You might perhaps want a throw pillow for your couch or a quilt or comforter set for your bed, all custom embellished with a bear theme. If you cannot find the bear decorations you want in any specialty shops, there are various online companies that can create a comforter, blanket, or quilt with your own personalized design or logo. If you are still not satisfied, you can print out your own bear design onto a cloth with the use of a laser printer.

Best Wildlife Themes for Your Cabin

Are you looking to decorate your cabin or lodge in a wildlife theme? Wildlife décor is very popular in lake and mountain retreats because it brings a little bit of the outdoors and nature into a warm and relaxing cabin atmosphere. Here are a few of our favorite wildlife themes that use rustic cabin décor:

  • Bears – By far, bears are some of the best animals to use for a wildlife theme in a country cabin. They can be majestic and adorable all at the same time. Bears bring charm to the kitchen, whimsy to the bathroom, and conversation to the living room. There are so many rustic décor pieces that feature bears that you will have no problem using your theme throughout your cabin or lodge. Bears adorn curtain ties, hall trees, brackets, switch plates, wall hangings, and more.
  • Moose – the mighty moose makes for a great wildlife theme in any cabin or lodge. These large and majestic creatures can be found on clocks, shower curtains, rugs, wall art, brackets, and more.
  • Birds – Birds make a great nature and wildlife theme because they can go with almost anything. They are great paired with pinecone décor and other wildlife and make lovely kitchen décor items.
  • Horses – There isn’t a whole lot not to love about a wildlife theme featuring horses. They wild horse can be found on blankets, wall art, rugs, and more. There is just something about the mighty horse that draws people, and you’re sure to get plenty of compliments when you use horse in your decorating scheme or lodge decor.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best wildlife themes to use in rustic décor for your cabin or lodge. The Cabin Place is the one stop shop for everything cabin décor related. We have many items that feature wildlife and nature themes to suit every taste. If you have any questions about our products or want to learn more about how you can create a wildlife theme in your country retreat, give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 today!