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How to bring a camouflage bedding pattern into your bedroom!

What do you do when your significant other comes home and says “œHoney I want to put camouflage bedding in the bedroom?” Well, rest easy. There are fashionable ways of decorating your bedroom with camouflage patterns that are tasteful if done properly.

The first thing you want to do is look at the overall layout of the bedroom. Obviously, the bed is going to be the focal point, but look at the size of the room and how much light comes in the room from both the windows and the light fixtures. Camouflage (Camo) bedding patterns come in many shades and colors. While having up to ten different colors in a camo pattern, the “œoverall” appearance is what you need to be concerned with given how light or dark you want the room to appear. In a smaller bedroom, you would want to use a camouflage pattern that is lighter in appearance. The opposite can be said with a larger room.

The two largest manufacturers of Camouflage patterns are Realtree® and Mossy Oak®. They have been making camouflage patterns for hunting since the mid 1980’s and they offer some really nice looking patterns. All of these camo patterns are based on a principle of layering branches, leaves, and bark over a vertical background that gives a three-dimensional appearance. Today’s camo designs are developed by using sophisticated computers and cameras to give a photo-realistic appearance on the fabric that gives a true sense of being out in nature.

So how do you go about bringing camouflage into the bedroom? Today, almost everything from rugs, lampshades, and light switches can be found in a camouflage pattern. However, the best way to start is with the bed. Camouflage comforter sets have been created by professional designers that allow the camouflage pattern to be brought into the room but not overpower it. They do this by blending in a solid color into the bed set. Typically the bedskirt and the reverse side of the pillows will be made in a solid color in order to provide a nice contrast to the camo pattern.

In regards to camouflage patterns, each manufacturer has their most popular. Realtree® makes Hardwoods Green, Advantage Classic, Max 4, and All Purpose (AP). Hardwoods is based on upland hardwoods trees like oak and cottonwood which gives a medium to medium dark appearance. Advantage Classic is one of the original camo patterns that has a medium dark look to it. Max 4 is a pattern that was designed for waterfowl hunters. It is deigned with a marsh look of reeds and cattails plus a variety of other plant life. This pattern offers a lighter look and is one of the most popular patterns for bedding. All Purpose or AP is the newest woodland pattern to be developed and is quickly becoming a favorite. This pattern also has a lighter appearance.

Mossy Oak® has two patterns that are used in camo bedding. The New Break Up pattern is based on their original Break Up pattern. Its enhanced detail of leaves and tree branches create shadows in the pattern and gives a medium dark appearance. Treestand is a newer design that features bare limbs silhouetted against a gray sky which gives a medium to medium light appearance.

One of the newest patterns to come out is the Bone Collector Series. This pattern is not actually a camouflage pattern but a pattern that was designed from Michael Waddell’s popular outdoors TV show – The Bone Collector. This very popular bedding package features the Bone Collector logo on a solid brown background. For the female outdoor enthusiast, All Purpose (AP) Pink has been created. This pattern was developed from the Realtree® All Purpose pattern that is lightened up with a pink background.

Kids will also want to have camo bedding in their rooms. Individual camouflage comforters and sheet sets are available for when you do not need to have a complete comforter set. This can be a cost effective way of bringing in camo bedding into their room. They are available in many of the same popular patterns from twin sizes on up.

One of the most important things to do is find out which pattern that your loved one likes.People are very passionate about the camouflage patterns they like. You can ask them directly or look at the clothing they wear. In every licensed camouflage pattern, you will find the Realtree® and Mossy Oak® brand with pattern name blended in the pattern itself. It will be in small print, but it will be there. If he or she has a favorite pattern, you will discover that ALL of his/her clothes are labelled with the same pattern.This is a good trick to know if you are buying camo bedding or clothing as a gift.

Once you have picked your pattern, add other things from nature in the room. A glass bowl filled with pine cones or a large vase filled with branches standing on the floor will enhance the outdoor feel to your bedroom. Live plants always look good and are a “œgreen” way to go when decorating. If you are feeling ambitious, add some neutral colors to the room by painting the walls. Camouflage bedding can be fun. Use it a beginning to your bedroom makeover and let your imagination go “œwild” with nature!

How To Design A Color Scheme For Your Cabin

There is little that is more exciting than decorating your cabin, and choosing rustic colors, textures, and fabrics to truly make your cabin a log dream home. But, decorating a cabin comes with its own challenges and mainly, that comes in the form of the cabin’s color scheme.

Because log cabins are by their very nature made of wood, you will already have one color that you must work with. The wood inside and outside of log cabins are beautiful and working with any wooden color shouldn’t be a problem. However, you will have to keep that color in mind when designing the color scheme of the cabin because everything else will play off that color. In your cabin’s color scheme, this is known as the primary color.

Another challenge that comes with decorating log cabins is that they typically have an open floor plan. While this adds to the charm and coziness of any cabin, it also makes choosing the color scheme of the cabin more difficult. You don’t want to make all the areas the same color, even though they’re technically all one big room. However, you also need to avoid combining colors that are too contrasting, or that don’t blend together nicely. These colors are known as the secondary colors in any color scheme.

Lastly, you’ll want to choose your accent colors. These are the colors that will be used for things like furniture, window treatments, accessories, and appliances. The great thing about accent colors is that they can really be any color that you want, and they can even be very bold against the primary and secondary colors. Choosing to use dark blue throw pillows in a room where the walls are a light cream or pale yellow color is a great way to use a strong accent color against a soft secondary color.

Once you figure out what you want your cabin’s color scheme to be, you’ll be amazed at just how easily the rest of your cabin décor falls into place. The color scheme is at the bottom of every design scheme and the case is no different when it comes to your rustic log cabin!

Don’t Sweep Your Décor Under The Rug Decorate With Them!

If you want to change up the look of your cabin, there’s no easier way to do it than with rugs. Rugs come in many different materials and sizes and there is no end to the patterns and prints that are available. Rugs can also be used for practical purposes while still looking great, and they can also help to break up the different areas of a room. Along with all of this, rugs are a great way to bring to life different color schemes and design elements in the different rooms of a cabin. Best of all, decorating with rugs can do all of this and can do it cheaply too! But even though it’s very easy to decorate with rugs, there are still some things to keep in mind.

The first thing to remember is that you want your rugs to match your furniture. They don’t have to be an exact match but if you have lighter furniture, you’ll want to get lighter rugs. In addition to your furniture, you should also take into consideration your other décor, and how a rug will fit into it. The general rule of thumb on this one is that a rug should contrast your other décor. So for instance, if you have very ornate and intricate wall decorations, you’ll want to choose a simpler, more basic rug. Likewise, if you’ve left your walls and other décor fairly plain, you can really brighten up a room using a loud and busy rug.

You may also find that you want to use more than one rug in one room. While this can be done, it’s best to use rugs that are different sizes but that still complement each other and be similar in color and texture. We have many rustic and western rugs ( that will look great in any cabin, and with any of your other décor. So whether you’re looking for a rug to welcome people into your home, or an area rug to cuddle up on in front of the fireplace during the cold winter nights, make sure you check out our selection. You’ll be amazed at just what you can do when you decorate with rugs!

Cheap Ideas for Decorating a Log Cabin

Cabins have come a long way from the old log cabins that were once built by our forefathers. Even with the more modern cabins of today, people still want to decorate and really make it their own. Making it a cozy retreat for your family is what its all about. But you don’t need to become cabin-poor to show off your flair and personality with cabin flair. You just need to know how to decorate your cabin for cheap!

Start by thinking about your furniture. This is what you’re actually going to be living in, lying on, and relaxing on so you want this to be exactly what you want, and you can build the rest of your log cabin décor around it. Generally, the interior walls and cabinets are all done in woodwork in log cabins so it’s usually a good idea to stick with this idea when choosing your furniture. To get the exact look you want, and to get a custom color wood to go with the rest of your interior décor, buy some wooden furniture at a garage sale and refinish it. You can choose a light or dark varnish and do the job yourself, which can save you hundreds of dollars on furnishing your log cabin.

Nature, nature, nature! Log cabins are all about nature so bring the outdoors in when choosing your log cabin décor. Place a wicker basket as a centerpiece on the coffee table or in the dining room and fill it up with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Or, when you’re out walking around the area, pick up items like pine cones, rocks, or anything else that peaks your interest and use them around your cabin as accessories. This is a great, and very cheap way to decorate your log cabin.

And of course, keep coming back here to check out our clearance ( items. We’re always filling up our clearance racks with new items that have just gone on sale, and this is a great way to decorate your cabin for cheap. Here you’ll find all the accessories, furnishings, rugs, lighting options, and everything else that you need to decorate your cabin in style and for cheap too!

Bring The Wildlife In When Decorating Your Cabin!

There are so many great things about using wildlife when decorating your cabin! You’ll be surrounded by nature even when you’re indoors! When you choose to decorate with wildlife, you have a whole world of design elements at your fingertips. If it’s alive, and it lives outside, it’s fair game. And you’ll have a stunning cabin that is also truly authentic!

You can’t have a wildlife theme and not display some animals. Your cabin is the place to go crazy with this! Display moose heads; deer heads; bright, vibrant fish; flying mallards; or any other wildlife that strikes you as the most beautiful. Of course, you don’t actually have to go out and hunt these animals. Wooden statues work just as well, for those who still want to be kind to our outdoor friends. But of course, if you have a certain trophy that you want to display, you can always add that to the collection too.

When using wildlife décor, it’s important to incorporate it into every room in the cabin. Kitchens can be decorated with items like canisters with wildlife décor ( and cabinets can be decorated with rustic images of bears, moose, whitetail deer, or elk. And what design element is more natural and popular in a bathroom than fish? You can use a fish theme in your bathroom to keep with the wildlife theme but instead of using tropical and aquarium fish, choose fish that you would catch yourself. We have an entire set to outfit your entire bathroom! (

And don’t forget accessories! There are tons of wildlife accessories that you can use to decorate your cabin. Things like antler chandeliers, bear lamps, and miniature statues placed in strategic places can also help to pull the entire wildlife theme together.

Just be careful that you don’t overdo it. There is no end to the amount of wildlife furnishings, accessories, and décor that you could use and with this design scheme particularly, it’s easy to go overboard. Use enough so that you surround yourself in wildlife, but remember that you and your guests still want to know that they’re inside!

Things To Consider When Choosing Window Treatments For Your Cabin

Window treatments can truly make or break the overall design scheme of any cabin. If they’re too understated, they’re just going to look plain and boring. But if you work in too many different styles and patterns, window treatments just start to overpower the rest of the design scheme, and they’ll end up making the entire space looking too busy. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful window treatments in every room of your cabin though.

When choosing cabin window treatments, you can choose different patterns and prints for different rooms, but never mix patterns within the same room. Also, choose bold and dramatic window treatments for the main living areas of the cabin and leave understated treatments for other areas. This doesn’t mean however that the drapes in your cabin’s living room need to be colorful and bright and filled with prints and patterns. Dramatic window treatments can be as simple as full-length curtains or pleated drapes.

Incorporate the design theme of other rooms when choosing the window treatments for other parts of the cabin. A great choice for kitchens is to use a sheer curtain with a country or rustic valance. Valances also work great in bedrooms, where they can don the top of Venetian blinds and still greatly add to the design scheme of the room.

If you know the style of cabin window treatments that you want to use, but are still aren’t sure as to what style of window treatments you really want, come check out our huge selection ( We have valances, tabbed curtains, tie-back curtains, and more that come in many different cabin and country themes. Plus, they also match many of our cabin bedding options, so you can coordinate your entire cabin!

Need Bedding For Your Cabin? Here Are Some Ideas!

When you want to snuggle up for a good night’s sleep in your cabin, you want to do so with something that will not only be comfortable and warm, but that will also carry that certain cabin charm with it, and that will of course also look nice on your bed. And, you might also want your cabin bedding to be something completely different from your bedding at home; it’ll give you one more reason to look forward to going to the cabin for the weekend. But if you’re stuck on just what that something different is that you want, here are some cabin bedding ideas to get you started.

Antique quilts are not only one of the most popular choices in cabin bedding, they’re some of the most stunning too. Antique quilts can be as simple or as intricate as you would like, and you can find one in any theme you’ve chosen to decorate your cabin in, whether it’s a western, country, or wildlife, or rustic theme. Your cabin can also be a great place to lay out that antique quilt that you were given as a family heirloom. It’ll be a little something special and a conversation piece for your trips at the cabin. Take a look around antique stores too to find quilts, and of course, stop by our section of quilts ( that make great bedding for any cabin, in a huge selection that will fit any design scheme.

And let’s face it. On those really cold nights, there’s nothing better than snuggling underneath a huge comforter that you can barely see over top of. Comforters in rustic themes look terrific in cabins and they’re super easy to wash and maintain, and you can fill your cabin linen closets up with them for when you have visitors, because comforters are some of the most affordable cabin bedding options there are. We have tons of rustic comforters in stock and right now, our Pine Cone Grove ( bedding is on sale. These neutral browns with pine cone motif will look great in bedroom where you just want to bring a little bit more of nature in.

When you’re going away to the cabin for the weekend, you want to know that nothing but pure relaxation awaits, and a huge part of that is getting a good night’s sleep. Besides just your comfort though, also keep in mind cabin bedding options for warmer nights, and bedding for your guests too! Because when you have a cabin getaway, you’re sure to have lots of overnight guests!