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Make The Most Out Of Your Cabin Bedding!

Rustic bedding is a great way to dress up your cabin bedroom in a way that brings the whole room to life. There are so many options these days for cabin bedding that is can get a bit overwhelming trying to make a decision.

After all, you want to invest in cabin bedding that will be a lasting addition to your cabin, not something you are forced to get rid of because you didn’t really know what you wanted and needed, or because the “˜great deal’ you got equated to poor quality. To help you find just the right rustic bedding for your cabin, here are some tips to keep in mind while you shop.

  • Keep a mental note of the décor that you already have in place in the room you will be using your rustic bedding. If you have a particular color that will blend or clash with certain colors, you need to consider this when purchasing bedding, just as any other type of cabin accessory. It would be awful to get your beautiful bedding set home only to discover that it is not the right piece for your room.
  • Search for cabin bedding in a pattern you like that is classic and gives off a rustic feel. Rustic bedding most often comes in animal patterns, tree/pinecone patterns, and other nature scenes. Beware of fads and bold colors as these may appeal to you at first, but will not stand the test of time. Generally, if you shop at a store that specializes in cabin décor, you will be safe.
  • Look at the quality of the bedding as well as the appearance. You may find cheaper bed sets that have great patterns but will not survive more than a few months of use. If you’re fine with something that’s mostly for looks, great. As long as you know that the better quality of quilt or comforter, the more it will be able to stand wear and tear and give you years of use.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, you are ready to shop. Find quality, great patterns and styles, as well as great prices at Browse through their many choices of cabin bedding. Chances are you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Want To Give A Hug? Give A Denali Throw!

When you picture sitting in a cabin by the fireplace in the winter, you probably unconsciously imagine yourself wrapped in a huge, warm, soft blanket. That’s because cabins, winter, and blankets just seem to go together. Wrapped in that soft blanket, as snug as can be, you are hugged in warmth and kept safe from the chill outdoors, the picture of comfort and relaxation.

What greater gift for your family members this winter season than a Denali throw, one of the finest, warmest throw blankets created? Denali throws were designed in 1998 from a cutting edge type of material, and have quickly gained popularity ever since. These extra-soft blankets have yet to be rivaled, having outshined the former top dog of plushy blankets — fleece.

The material that created and used in the Denali throw is known as Microplush. This extremely innovative material is composed of a very thin, lightweight acrylic fiber that allows it to be even softer and lighter than fleece, while still very thick and plush. Denali throws are often said to feel like a hug.

While Microplush ensures that every Denali throw is soft and warm, it also makes the throw easy to maintain because it’s machine washable and stain, mildew, and odor resistant.

Denali throws are very popular and sold by many retailers, particularly online, so you should have no trouble finding them. Some retailers, such as have a large selection of patterns and colors to choose from so you can find one for all of your family and friends.

Although the hug-like feel of a Denali is its greatest feature, a Denali throw doesn’t look any better than when thrown over the back of a rustic rocking chair or at the end of a log bed. With the affordable prices offered by the experts at, you can afford to get one which perfectly accents your rustic cabin décor.

Shop for Denali throws and show your family how much you care this year by giving a gift that will wrap them in the warmth of a hug sent from you all winter long.

What are Denali Throws?

Denali Throws are the ideal choice for your cabin bedding. Made out of a fine acrylic fiber, the Denali Microplush ® makes the Denali Throw the perfect blend of comfort, quality and rustic charm. The Denali throw is double sided and machine washable, and is available in a Faux Fur line, Rustic Lodge line or Home Décor line. Cabin Place is sure to offer the ultimate match for your cabin bedding.

What are Denali Throws? They are the ideal choice in comfort for your family in your cabin or lodge. Whether you are hunting, fishing or simply enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors, you will have the perfect ending to your perfect day nestled in the plush warmth of your Denali Throw. When you are sitting in front of a fire or when it’s time for bed, the perfect blend of comfort, quality and rustic charm that the Denali Throw offers will only enhance your cabin’s natural appeal.

Designed with the family in mind, Denali Throws are 60″ x 72″. Their double thickness provided warmth and comfort that is unmatched by fleece blankets or throws. With multiple colors and patterns, your Denali Throw from Cabin Place is perfect for any room in your cabin. The soft plush warmth of the Denali Throw is a must when choosing your cabin bedding.

With over 20 years of experience, the quality and design of the Denali Throw is unmatched. They are double sided with quality stitching that will meet the demands of an active family. The Denali Microplush ® is naturally water resistant, it will maintain it’s color and is odor, stain and mildew resistant. No matter if your Cabin is for weekend getaways or where you call home, the Denali Throw is easy to care for and leaves you more time to enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

What are Denali Throws? They are your first choice for your cabin bedding. They are your first choice for style and design. They are your first choice in comfort and charm. Offering the perfect blend of comfort, quality and rustic charm, Denali Throws are what will make your cabin feel like home. Cabin Place is your first choice to find the perfect Denali Throw for your cabin or lodge.

Time to pull the cabin blankets out again! What to do with them now?

Summer’s here and it is time to head up to the cabin again! Though you’ve likely been looking forward to it all winter long. One thing you are likely not looking forward to is washing bedding. Cabin bedding of all types and sizes can be cleaned without a pricy trip to the dry cleaner.

  • Washable comforters: If your cabin blankets and comforters can easily fit into a washing machine and are made of poly-fill, cotton or other washable materials, then you can easily wash them in your regular washing machine. Washing bedding in the washing machine is quite easy. Use the gentle cycle, on cold, and wash with gentle detergent, such as Dreft. Once done washing, hang on a line or over a railing to dry and fluff in the dryer with several scented dryer sheets. Cabin blankets and bedding can also be dried in the dryer on low heat or tumble dry.
  • Down comforters: For cabin bedding stuffed with down or artificial down filler, some extra care must be taken. Caring for bedding made with down is trickier, but can be done using your home washing machine or laundry mat machine. Since down can clump easily and distort the comforter shape, washing bedding in a front loading washing machine, which won’t twist the comforter and clump the down too much. In addition, using a larger washing machine helps, as the down bedding needs more room to avoid clumping. Use the most delicate setting and wash with cold or warm water. Another trick to avoid clumping is to toss in a pair of clean white canvas shoes into the wash with the down comforter, which helps keep the comforter from twisting or clumping. Hang over railing to dry. Cabin bedding made from down takes hours to dry. Never put down cabin blankets in the dryer.
  • Oversize cabin blankets: Do not try to stuff oversize cabin bedding into a regular washing machine. Use an industrial size washing machine found at a laundry mat. They are more expensive to use than the regular machines, but much cheaper than dry cleaning.
  • Microsuedes and other non-washable fabrics: If your cabin blankets are not machine-washable, use a warm damp cloth and small sprays of upholstery cleaner to spot clean stains. To eliminate odors, try a fabric refreshing spray and allow to air dry.

For cabin bedding that is easy to care for, there are many options available online at rustic décor and bedding websites, where you can find cabin blankets and comforters that not only look great, but are easy to care for too.

Hunting for that Perfect Gift? Camo Bedding is It!

Got a guy that dreams about hunting? Does he wish every weekend was deer camp weekend? Send him off to sleep wrapped in camouflage bedding and your hunter will wake up on the right side of the bed every morning. When you are looking for bedding, you won’t find camo bedding in most stores. Online camouflage bedding websites are a great place to look to find all the bedding and accessories you will need when decorating with camouflage and cabin bedding.

“œDecorating with camouflage is a fun way to create a very masculine space,” said Michigan-based interior decorator Jamie Abode, who has created several rustic home spaces. “œIt is a little unconventional, but that’s part of its appeal. I think a lot of hunters would love it.”

Abode said that decorating with camouflage can be challenging, but it can be done tastefully. In a child’s room, for example, using camo bedding can be a fun way to celebrate their love of hunting or the outdoors. And hunting themed bedding isn’t just for the boys there is even pink camo bedding for young girls and teens.

Camo bedding is also a perfect choice for cabin bedding, where decorating with camo is a fun theme for a log cabin or home that features rustic decor. Decorating with camo can be done in an elegant fashion by using a few tricks, Abode said.

“œKeep the bedroom walls a neutral color, such as beige or gray one that complements the colors found in the print on your camo bedding,” she said. “œThen accent it with room accessories, such as antler chandelier or deer-themed lighting.”

Whatever their age, camouflage bedding is a great choice for cabin bedding and it makes a great gift, too. Though it is hard to find hunting themed bedding in the store, there are many websites that offer awesome options for camo bedding, as well as everything else you need when decorating with camo. So when you want to find a great gift for the hunter or outdoor enthusiast in your life, try camouflage bedding.

What is Rustic Bedding?

The term rustic bedding is not easily defined and shouldn’t be limited to traditional cabin bedding with animal or nature prints. Rustic bedding encompasses a broad spectrum of styles and themes from basic patterns in organic colors to patterns depicting moose, pine cones and other more typical cabin themes.

Rustic bedding should not be relegated to mountain cabins or masculine dens but can be used throughout the house to ground the home in nature and traditional patterns. Don’t assume that rustic bedding is old-fashioned or only created in boring patterns and colors. The current designs and fabrics reflect both new developments in manufacturing with recycled fibers and the traditional comfort of fleece and other woven fabrics. The organic colors used in most rustic bedding runs the gamut from faded sunset colors such as burnt orange and ochre to forest or mossy greens. But that’s not all, cabin bedding also includes the bright autumn colors that are so appealing.

Rustic or cabin bedding is a unique way to combine the old and the new, traditional and modern in every room in your home. The decorating experts at offer the full range of rustic bedding options; colors and patterns that can be added to and will add to any décor in your home. As a part of a fully rustic room, cabin bedding is the finishing touch. As the only rustic accent in a more modern room, rustic bedding adds an always welcome natural accent.

Looking To Blend In? Camouflage Bedding Is Just What You’re Looking For!

Camouflage bedding is the perfect accent in any rustic cabin but also works well in a traditionally decorated room as a nod to a love of hunting or trapping. You do not need to start with a completely camouflage decorating scheme or even a fully rustic feel to add a camo blanket to a room. Simply add your favorite pattern to a neutral themed room via window treatments or add a camo comforter to a room decorated in brighter colors.

Camouflage bedding is obviously made to blend in and therefore can be added to virtually any room. The darker greens can accent a room filled with reds or light blues. The lighter camouflage bedding would set off a room filled with darker blues or oranges and bring a touch of hunting pride to the space.

It would be too much to cover a room with camouflage, you don’t want your bedroom to resemble a deer stand but the simple addition of camouflage bedding lets visitors know that the outdoors and hunting are important aspects of your life without being overwhelming.

You can find camouflage bedding at that will blend with any décor in your home. From window treatments to comforters and sheet sets, camouflage bedding is a fantastic gift for the hunters or outdoorsy folks in your life.

Donna Sharp Quilts And Quilt Accessories Are The Most Envied!

Searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list? Donna Sharp quilts and accessories are the answer.

Every home can benefit from the warm embrace of a Donna Sharp quilt, regardless of season, temperature, location, or design aesthetic. The private label quilts offered at are designed specifically for the consumer searching for heirloom quality quilts in the best designs, styles and price range. All Donna Sharp quilts are created with top quality fabrics and twice the stitch rate so you are guaranteed durability and comfort.

Donna Sharp quilts are not limited to one color palette or theme but cover a broad range of rustic designs. You can find everything from the vibrant colors of the Midnight Bear quilt to the subdued palette of Terra Square. Sink into the Woodland quilt or snuggle in with Moose Crossing on those cold winter nights. From Logan Bear to Campfire, Earth Patch to Bear Lake, you can find a design and color palette that will please every gift recipient and coordinate with every bedroom.

Don’t give your loved ones a cheap quilt that you found at the mall, give them an heirloom quality quilt that will stand the test of time. Not only will the seams not fray or stretch, but the colors won’t fade or bleed. You can rest assured that Donna Sharp quilts are the best on the market and available at a price you can’t resist.

Christmas, birthdays, house warming or weddings, Donna Sharp cabin quilts are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Pine Cone Décor Can Be Functional Too!

Pine cone décor does not have to be limited to hunting cabins set deep in the woods or log homes sitting at the base of a mountain. In fact, pine cone décor is one of the most versatile rustic motifs available that can easily be inserted into any home, regardless of location, style, or budget.

Sure, pine cone bedding is almost expected in a cabin or lodge setting but you can inject a little rustic flavor into even the most modern home with pine cone décor without jarring the senses too much. Consider pine cone décor to be a multifunctional tool that merges the contemporary with the traditional. The accessories and bedding found at can help you bridge the gap.

Take a guest bedroom full of sleek lines, black furniture, and minimal accoutrements and add a bedspread with a simple pine cone pattern. Guests will feel welcomed and comforted and may not even be sure why; it is the rustic, traditional touch that gives off a welcoming energy. Guests might be wary of touching expensive knickknacks placed around the room but will feel no such discomfort when snuggling into soft, snuggly pine cone bedding.

Maybe you just want to add a touch of whimsy to a utilitarian living room with pine cone accents. A throw blanket, pillow, or embellished pine cones themselves can add a touch of fun to an otherwise boring room. is your source for rustic and whimsical cabin or pine cone décor. Many items, including the pine cone bedding, are made from recycled fibers or materials so you can be good to the environment while bringing a bit of the wild into your home.

Rustic Bedspreads Are Perfect In Any Season, For Any Home

You could change your decorations for each season, you could roam your home and remove any seasonal items and exchange them for the new season’s décor. Or you could relax into your rustic cabin blankets, read a good book, and enjoy the changing weather.

Rustic bedspreads can be added to virtually any home, regardless of the current style in the home. A modern and streamlined home benefits from the grounded, traditional style of rustic cabin blankets. A home decorated with light and breezy colors can also accommodate rustic bedspreads, perhaps in a more masculine den or single room with darker shades or even just to acknowledge the winter months despite the beachy feel of the rest of the home.

Obviously fall and winter days, especially in colder climates, were made for rustic cabin blankets but they certainly have a place in the home in the spring and summer months. Air conditioning that is too cold, nights with the windows open, one of those days when you simply need the comfort of snuggling up with a soft blanket; all days meant for rustic bedspreads.

When you recognize that your home could use the traditional look of rustic cabin blankets, visit to find the best selection of rustic bedspreads and other cabin décor. Every blanket on the site is created from 100% pre-consumer recycled fibers so you can feel good about your purchase from both an environmental and a snuggly viewpoint. Ground your home in comfort and tradition; can help you get there.