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Need To Kick Start Your Cabin Décor? Go Back To Simpler Times!

When you’re looking for cabin décor ideas, you can find one for every corner of your home or cabin by just looking back to the simpler times when cabins were peoples’ homes, not getaway retreats reserved for long weekends. Imagine that you’ll be leaving the city to really get away from it all, even if you’ll be returning to your cabin retreat every day after work. What are the things that you would really need if you were living off the land? What would be most important for your daily living if you had no television, no computer, and not even electric heat? Thinking about the cabin furniture and cabin décor that was actually used when cabins were the standard home can be just the thing to kick start your cabin décor!

If it’s a bedroom you’re decorating in cabin décor, the place to start is with log cabin bedding. Log cabin bedding doesn’t have to be just about bears, pine cones, and western-style stars and horseshoes, although those are awfully cute in any cabin décor too. But if you really want to go back to what it was like living in those early log cabins, find throws such as Denali throws that can be placed on a simple wooden or metal frame bed. At the end of the bed, place an antique trunk to store extra blankets for colder nights and anything else that you want to keep tucked away.

You can further this idea of using practical elements in your cabin décor by extending it through to common living spaces. In these spaces, set up wooden rocking chairs, birch-bark futons, and other log cabin furniture. Make the simple life feeling come alive even more by arranging the cabin furniture around a woodstove, something that today can be used as a complementary source of heat instead of a primary one, and that adds another stylish and authentic cabin living air.

If you have lots of ideas for your simple cabin décor, and just need the right items to help you do it, come check out our huge selection. We have hundreds of items including cabin bedding, cabin furniture, cabin accessories, and more that will help you take your dream of the olden days and make it a reality today!

Talk A Walk On The Wild Side With Wildlife Bedding

Wildlife bedding is much more than just a fun way to spruce up your bedroom it gives you the chance to turn your entire bedroom into a forest or a lakeside setting! Using moose bedding or bear bedding can be perfect for a hunter’s lodge, while fish can make for a great fisherman’s cabin theme! Even if you’re in the middle of the city, walk through your bedroom door and take one look at your wildlife bedding, and you’ll instantly be whisked away to the wilderness setting you find the most peaceful and relaxing.

While wildlife bedding is perfect for a hunter’s lodge, it’s also great for anyone who’s fascinated with these animals that roam the great outdoors. Animal prints such as moose bedding, deer bedding, or elk bedding can be capped off with small antlers on the bedposts, while bear bedding can be accessorized with a faux fur bearskin rug. Wildlife bedding decorated in a fish design can be topped off with crisscrossed fish hooks decorating the footboard. Filed fish hooks on the wall can hold robes or better yet, a fishermen’s cap. Your wildlife bedding can be just the stepping stone you need to create the perfect scene for doing what you love most in the wild!

A wildlife theme in the bedroom is perfect for anyone who loves capturing what’s out there and bringing it in for supper, as well as for those who just love admiring natural creatures. When you decide to get wild with the theme in your bedroom, beginning by choosing your wildlife bedding can be a great place to start. There are lots of patterns and designs to choose from, so you’ll get lots of ideas; and it can also be the spinoff for all the other rugs, lighting fixtures, and other accessories in your bedroom. When you want to bring the wildlife in, and you want the right wildlife bedding to do it, check out our huge selection. You’ll find whatever you need, and all at great prices too so you can have a different wildlife theme in every bedroom!

From Cowboy Kitsch To Urban Cowboy: Decorating Your Western Bedroom

The western theme is a great theme for any bedroom! The colors are warm, welcoming and relaxing, and the theme lends a playful feel that anyone at any age can appreciate. It’s also very easy to decorate a bedroom in a western theme. Using some western bedding and throwing down some western rugs is a great way to get started because these few items will tie the room together with a western feel. But there is a little more to it than just that, and when you decide on using the western theme in your bedroom, you’ll need to decide which western style you want to use: cowboy kitsch or urban cowboy.

The cowboy kitsch western theme is what many people first imagine when they think of a western theme. With this type of design you may have a floorboard wrought with horseshoes, lassos hanging from every post and hook, and bucking bronco bedspreads or other loud and expressive western bedding. While this western theme is definitely the most playful of the bunch, it can also be a little off-putting for adults and those who want to turn their bedroom into an oasis, not a circus. But it is just this type of loud and fun western theme that is perfect for kids, who’ll fully appreciate spurs or cowboy hats at every turn!

But this doesn’t mean that the western theme is off-limits for adults. The urban cowboy theme is another very popular western style and can reflect the same warmth and charm of the Old West, without the cutesiness. To achieve this type of western theme in your bedroom, place western rugs in earthy tones on hardwood floors and use western bedding that has solid, neutral colors but is decorated with bold rustic stars, Native markings, or trimmed in a horse motif. And if you think neutral is boring, you can also find Western bedding in bold blues, reds, and oranges, to add that splash of color where it’s needed.

When you’re decorating a bedroom in a western theme you can’t go wrong with any style, whether it’s urban cowboy or cowboy kitsch. If you need help decorating in either style, be sure to check out the western bedding, western rugs and other western accessories. They’ll get your décor off to the right start, or complement what you already have in your western themed bedroom!

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Country Haven With Cabin Bedding

Your bedroom is a place for you to relax and unwind and what better décor is there to match that concept than country cabin décor? Not only does country décor reflect a simpler life and getting back to the things that matter, but turning your bedroom into a country haven is as simple as the look it brings. Start with some rustic bedding and you’re well on your way to having that perfectly simple style.

Starting your country theme off with cabin bedding will give you a great head start because bedspreads and comforters are generally very large, and the first thing that the eyes are drawn to when a person enters a room. But their size isn’t the only thing that makes cabin bedding a great place to start there are also so many styles, themes, and colors in rustic bedding that you can start creating any look you want.

There are many different types of country cabin themes and the type of cabin bedding you choose will ultimately determine which type of theme you also choose. If you’re looking for a hunter’s retreat, choose rustic bedding that’s decked out in bears, moose, deer, or other wildlife. If you’re looking for a fisherman style, choose cabin bedding that’s trimmed with trout or salmon. Of course, if you want a simpler look there are many options in warm solid colors such as creams and browns with fine country trim; this can be a great way to add to that ultra simplistic, welcoming look to country bedrooms.

Another reason why using cabin bedding to start off a country haven look is because there are so many different types of it. Whether you want quilts to display by laying over beds, overstuffed comforters that will really keep you warm on winter nights, or just a cabin throw to hang over a chair, there are many different types and styles of rustic bedding, making it all that much easier to convert your boring bedroom into a country haven.

When it’s time to redecorate your bedroom there are many reasons to choose country cabin décor and we have all the rustic bedding options that will help you do it. Check out our full selection, and then let your own brainstorming power take over to fill in the details to create your own country haven.

Camo Bedding Is Perfect For Any Hunter’s Lodge

Bedspreads and comforters are a great way to start decorating any bedroom because the sheer size of beds makes them a great focal point. And whether you’re a hunter, have a little one that’s a hunter at heart, or just want to surround yourself in the great outdoors whether you’re at home or at the cabin, camouflage bedding is a great place to start!

Camouflage bedding, or camo bedding as it’s commonly referred, is a great addition to any room and contrary to what many think, there are all kinds of choices and options that come with it. If you’re looking for something that truly brings in the look of the forest with all of its dark nooks, crannies and crevices, you might choose darker green or blue camo bedding. This will let any hunter snuggle up in comfortable surroundings after a hard day’s work, getting a better night’s sleep.

Of course, if you prefer spending the afternoons in the woods under the bright sunshine, you might enjoy a lighter camouflage bedding set. Camo bedding isn’t just about dark tones, it has a lighter side too and this can make for a really unique camouflage look. One of the most popular, lighter and brighter patterns of camouflage bedding is pink camo, which looks great in any girl’s room, big or small, because hunting is no longer just for men.

If you really want a different look in camouflage bedding, forget the intricate patterns that mimic the look of the forest but that instead, copy the look of the game you’re hunting. Camouflage bedding also comes in different patterns that are decked out with deer or moose antlers. Because camo patterns aren’t reserved to the military, or the big brown-patched patterns found on many hunter’s jackets. There are many ways to disguise yourself, and camo bedding is great for finding new ways to play with this already playful pattern!

Mossy Oak and Realtree are two of the most popular manufacturers of camouflage bedding, and we have all of their best patterns and designs. For the hunter in you, or the hunter you know, check out our huge selection of camouflage bedding. You’ll be surprised by just how much you find!

What’s The Origin Of South-western Bedding?

You may not have given much thought to the history of your cabin bedding before. But some of those comfy blankets and throws that you’ve been snuggling up with actually have a pretty interesting story behind them. And that’s exactly the case with south-western bedding.

When many people think of western comforter sets and south-western bedding, they think of the deep oranges and reds, and sometimes even blue, that not only blends in well with south-western décor, but also has a very Native American feel to it. It’s not surprising; before the cowboys started incorporating stars, horses, and all of the warm colors that can be found in south-western décor, the Native Americans did it first.

But even those who are aware that it was the Native Americans who first brought this décor that’s now known as “˜south-western,’ they still get the origin of this type of bedding wrong, thinking that Native Americans stayed up day and night weaving these elaborate fabrics. They did this in later years but the style first came from the trading posts that the Native Americans used to buy and sell their goods. The people needed garments that would keep them warm on colder mountain nights, but that would also be roomy enough to allow for air flow during the days, which could become very hot. The garments that came in those designs were ideal for what they needed and so, they began using them often. Of course, along with garments also came blankets in these same designs.

Of course the Native Americans lived off the land and the few resources that they had, so it wasn’t long before they were making this type of south-western bedding and other garments themselves. The blankets and throws were especially popular, especially as the settlers began to move in, because they were especially handy for having in the back of wagons. The passengers inside could place these over their legs and keep warm on their journey.

As the Native Americans began to create these blankets and weaves themselves, they also started to incorporate some symbols and images from their own culture. Many of these designs are still very prominent in south-western bedding today, and are a distinct reminder of the origin of these beautiful pieces.

South-western bedding is hard not to fall in love with, especially after you know a little bit about where it came from. Our south-western bedding can be found with many different designs and patterns, and many of them depicting many of the styles and color schemes that helped make these bedding option one of the most popular choices to be found in cabins today!

What Is Donna Sharp Bedding, And Why Is It Perfect For Your Cabin?

Growing up in Kentucky, Donna Sharp was accustomed to seeing four generations before her busy with the newest quilt that they were creating. So the fact that she would grow a passion for it, and then turn that passion into a successful business is really no surprise. Today Donna Sharp bedding is considered to be some of the highest quality and most stylish cabin bedding there is.

Donna Sharp has always been in love with color, and she keeps that with her today as she hand picks each fabric and design element for her bedding products. And if there’s anything that’s more evident in this cabin bedding than Donna Sharp’s love for color, it’s her love of textures. And, with all Donna Sharps, you’ll also find a great deal of attention to detail with intricate designs and detailed borders. In addition to that, each piece of Donna Sharp bedding is stitched at twice the normal rate of hand-quilted quilts, making each quilt stronger and even more valuable. And each quilt also has a reversible backing, so you can switch up the look of any room with Donna Sharp bedding in it, in an instant!

Donna Sharp bedding is some of the best you can find for your log cabin bedding. If you’re looking for stylish quilts that really will last long enough to hand down to your grandchildren as a family heirloom, Donna Sharp is definitely what you’re looking for. Get started on your Donna Sharp collection with any of our Donna Sharp products. And while you’re checking stuff out, make sure you have a look at the camo, rustic, western, and other cabin bedding and rustic quilts that we have available!

Decorate With Versatile Camouflage Bedding!

It was once thought that camouflage was a print that was reserved only for hunters or military men on duty. But camouflage prints are quickly showing up in clothing designs, footwear, and now it’s making its way into people’s homes and cabins! One of the best ways to use camouflage prints in home or cabin décor is to use camouflage bedding. Camo bedding can be used to complete any bedroom that is done in a camouflage or wildlife motif, or it can stand on its own as a bold statement in the center of the room. Whichever you choose, there are many ways you can use camouflage bedding in any bedroom.

If you’re a hunter or just love the wild outdoors, then you might find that you like tan camo bedding. This color is especially useful when used in cabin bedding because it can bring the natural surroundings of the outdoors inside. Because tan is such a neutral color, this camouflage bedding will also let you decorate the rest of the room in just about any way you want. Ducks, fish and deer will look great with this color of camo bedding, as would pine cones, pine trees, and Native American décor.

If you have an adventurous little boy or a military man in the family, green camo bedding might be the way to go. Again, anything can go with this type of cabin bedding and it’s a great way to really make a statement in a room. And green camo doesn’t just mean military either. This can be a great way to complement a jungle theme or the room of a sports fan.

And of course for any girls’ room or any room that just needs a touch of femininity, pink camo bedding is always the clear choice. Pink camo has become hugely popular today and it’s showing up everywhere from backpacks to jeans to shoes. Why not bring this hot trend into your home or cabin by decorating with pink camouflage bedding?

Camouflage bedding isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the loud, simple prints and replacing them are complex designs filled with different tones and colors that seamlessly blend in with any cabin or home décor. Make sure you check out all the different styles of camouflage bedding and other cabin bedding that we have that will instantly redesign any room!

Be Prepared For Cabin Guests Make Sure You Have Enough Blankets!

You love being up at your cabin and everyone else does too! One of the first things you’ll find shortly after renting or buying your cabin is that the setting is so picturesque and so relaxing, that when you want to get away from it all, everyone is going to want to come with you. And being able to take everyone up to the cabin for a weekend getaway is one of the best things about having a cabin! Just make sure that you’re prepared for all of those overnight guests with the right cabin bedding.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to decorate guest bedrooms is with a comforter set or EZ Bed Set (a complete bedding set that includes matching sheets). You can bring out the authenticity of cabin living with some wonderful rustic comforters for your guests. All of our rustic bedding features cabin themes like bears, moose, pine cones, and more. You will find tons of different color and design options in our entire cabin bedding collection that affords you the ability to have a different cabin theme in every bedroom. Our designers have done all of the work in putting these sets together all you have to do is choose your favorite look!

You can also dress up your cabin’s guest room with some of our luxury rustic bedding. These bedding sets feature heavy-duty warmth that will truly make your cabin guests feel even more comfortable, especially during those colder nights that cabins often experience. And they’re not only incredibly warm, but they’re also made from soft and luxurious materials that are sure to make anyone want to snuggle up for a good night’s sleep. For instance, our Green Moose Luxury bedding features a pine green face with a wooded moose scene highlighted in the center of the bedspread. It’s soft, luxurious, and easy to care for fabric is some of the most inviting material in all of nature!

And our luxury rustic bedding comes in many different patterns too, so you can tie it all in with your cabin’s own theme. Bring nature in with our Luxury Moose bedding set or keep it simple and understated with our Tahoe Cabin bedding set that is reversibleaffording you the abilitychange the look of your bedroom as the seasons change. All of our luxury rustic bedding sets come with everything you need for one bed’s linen including sheets, comforters, pillowcases, and bed skirts. But, it’s always a good idea to have extras of those laying around too, so make sure to check out all of our cabin bedding linens that are sold individually too.

Having a cabin means having lots of people staying over to enjoy it with you, and what’s a campfire without a few extra people sitting around it? Make sure that you’re prepared for your guests’ overnight visits with rustic and luxurious cabin bedding!

Need Bedding For Your Cabin? Here Are Some Ideas!

When you want to snuggle up for a good night’s sleep in your cabin, you want to do so with something that will not only be comfortable and warm, but that will also carry that certain cabin charm with it, and that will of course also look nice on your bed. And, you might also want your cabin bedding to be something completely different from your bedding at home; it’ll give you one more reason to look forward to going to the cabin for the weekend. But if you’re stuck on just what that something different is that you want, here are some cabin bedding ideas to get you started.

Antique quilts are not only one of the most popular choices in cabin bedding, they’re some of the most stunning too. Antique quilts can be as simple or as intricate as you would like, and you can find one in any theme you’ve chosen to decorate your cabin in, whether it’s a western, country, or wildlife, or rustic theme. Your cabin can also be a great place to lay out that antique quilt that you were given as a family heirloom. It’ll be a little something special and a conversation piece for your trips at the cabin. Take a look around antique stores too to find quilts, and of course, stop by our section of quilts ( that make great bedding for any cabin, in a huge selection that will fit any design scheme.

And let’s face it. On those really cold nights, there’s nothing better than snuggling underneath a huge comforter that you can barely see over top of. Comforters in rustic themes look terrific in cabins and they’re super easy to wash and maintain, and you can fill your cabin linen closets up with them for when you have visitors, because comforters are some of the most affordable cabin bedding options there are. We have tons of rustic comforters in stock and right now, our Pine Cone Grove ( bedding is on sale. These neutral browns with pine cone motif will look great in bedroom where you just want to bring a little bit more of nature in.

When you’re going away to the cabin for the weekend, you want to know that nothing but pure relaxation awaits, and a huge part of that is getting a good night’s sleep. Besides just your comfort though, also keep in mind cabin bedding options for warmer nights, and bedding for your guests too! Because when you have a cabin getaway, you’re sure to have lots of overnight guests!