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Where To Place Lodge Rugs in Your Home

Rugs are often the first impression a visitor has of your home and decorating style. A welcome mat or entry way rug or runner gives a guest an initial glimpse of your style and is a reflection on you as well. Other interior rugs can either further the initial impression or work against it but a cohesive theme is generally recommended. You can use lodge rugs throughout your home to create a rustic and traditional feel that will make all of your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Visit to get cabin decorating ideas and search through their selection of lodge rugs that can be used in almost any area of the home. A welcome mat in a cabin or outdoor theme lets your guests know that you value nature and are probably have an almost old-fashioned decorating sense. Runners and area rugs in a moose, bear or pine cone pattern or simply with natural forest colors or designs also denote a symbiotic relationship with the interior of your home and nature. also offers a beautiful selection of indoor / outdoor patio rugs that help bridge the gap between your sun room, deck or patio and the rest of the home. Any guest will appreciate the feel of a plush rug under their feet during an impromptu barbecue or backyard gathering.

Don’t forget the bathroom and kitchen when considering cabin decorating ideas; find bathroom rugs and kitchen mats at to extend the Western or cabin theme throughout the entire home. You will also find curtains, shower curtains, and other accessories to help you firmly establish a welcoming, rustic theme in every room of the house.

The History Of Log Cabin Décor

Log cabin décor of course, comes from the rustic style of living that log cabin living has to offer. For many it seems like a luxury today to actually own a log cabin in the woods and because of this, decorating our homes in log cabin décor has become a popular trend. But, even though new log cabin decorating ideas are cropping up every day, log cabin décor didn’t originate from aesthetic reasons but rather, from practical ones.

The earliest log cabin living can be traced back to medieval times, when those in England and Scandinavia built log homes from the nearby trees in order to provide themselves with shelter. When they left Europe in search of the New World, they brought those cabin building and cabin living skills with them. Those who came from the British Isles specifically were the ones who brought the timber-frame style of log cabin décor with them. This was because there are few trees in England and so while living there, they had to rely on creating the main structure with timber and filling the rest in with infill, which is much like plaster. It’s from this period that the simplistic concept that comes with log cabin décor originated.

Those who settled in New England brought with them much of what we think of when we think of authentic Early American living. It was these settlers that brought with them wooden rocking chairs and log beds that are covered in quilts. It could be argued that it was from these settlers that some of the most popular log cabin decorating ideas are still alive and thriving today.

It was almost half a century later when the Shakers arrived and settled in New York, Kentucky, and Indiana. The homes of the Shakers were not actually built from logs, but they did rely on timber to frame their homes. And it was inside their homes that they really perfected cabin living. It was from the Shakers that the idea of simplicity was refined even further. These settlers are responsible for the wooden hooks and pegs, wicker baskets, and other bare cabin necessities, meant to hold the little the Shakers needed to use for daily life. The Shakers also created cabin furniture made from fine wood. While there no ornate carvings or minute details in these pieces of furniture, they did show natural bold lines of the grain and woody knots detailing it throughout. These are still some of the most favored pieces of log cabin décor that can be found today, whether or not they were ever actually used in authentic log cabins.

At the end of the 1800s, the American love of all things simple ended and as the Industrial Revolution exploded, so did the people’s need for things, things, and more things stuffing their homes with as much as possible. This put an end to log cabin décor for several years. Today, as people strive to escape from the business of the world to a peaceful retreat, log cabin décor is once again on the rise. Because while material goods may have taken over for a few years, everyone really knows that it’s the simple things in life that are truly the best!

Cabin Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Do you love the warm look and feel of log cabins? There’s just something about the ruggedness of a cabin that makes you feel like snuggling up with a good book, or just with a glass of wine and some good conversation. But, what if you don’t actually have a cabin hideaway to call your own? Or what if you love going up to the cabin for the weekend, only to hate coming home to your modern décor? Just change what you’ve got! You can bring all the charm of a cabin to your home with these easy cabin decorating ideas.

First, think about the type of cabin décor that you like most. Do you want a hunter’s cabin, or a cabin by the lake for fishing? Do you love the idea of a cabin nestled deep into the woods, with nothing but nature surrounding it? Or do you want a cabin fit for a cowboy or cowgirl, complete with lassos on the wall and cowboy hats on the hook? Discovering what theme you want to use for your cabin will help you create a layout for all the little details to fill it up with!

The chances are that the theme of your cabin décor will be something you love, and you can get cabin décor ideas from the things that are your passion too. Go out to your shed or garage and find those fishing lures you’re always bringing up to the lake, or the horseshoes that you’ve had lying in that drawer for years. Bringing cabin décor into your home doesn’t mean going into debt. It just means rediscovering all the things you love most!

And in fact when getting cabin decorating ideas, don’t rush out and buy all the newest things you can buy. While you might want some new things such as cabin bedding and furniture, you can also find a world of treasures at garage sales and thrift stores. Here you’ll find all the older, rustic knick knacks that will help pull the cabin décor in your home together.

If you want even more cabin décor ideas, make sure you check out all of our cabin décor. From the furniture to place in your living room, to the dishes to fill up your kitchen’s shelves with, and everything in between, we have everything you need to make your home look and feel just like your dream cabin!