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Time to Get Your Cabin Decorated for the Summer

When the days are long and the weather is warm, all you want to do is throw open the windows and enjoy the beautiful days of summer. You can bring the freshness of summer into your cabin home with cabin decor to add color and style.

You remember the first day of summer camp, checking into your room and finding decor such as log walls, wood floors and bunk beds. This is where many of your best childhood memories were made. With a little cabin decorating, you can go back to the halcyon days of summer, except without all the flashlights and bug repellant.

A Summer Home That Fits Your Style

If your ideal paradise is a summer getaway to a cabin in the woods, your style will most likely include rustic cabin blankets and wool accent rugs. Make your cabin warm and cozy with hickory rocking chairs just like the one at Grandma and Grandpa’s house to feel like a kid again.

If your cabin is near the water, you may choose cabin decor with a fishing theme. At Cabin Place, you will find everything that you need from customizable signs to hand carved toilet seats.

Summer Charm Inside and Out

The accessories and furnishings in your summer cabin should be just a step up from the great outdoors. In fact, with the awesome decorating options available from Cabin Place, you can get that summer feeling all through your home, inside as well as outside.

A log umbrella table is perfect for casual gatherings with your family and friends, yet tough enough for public use. High quality cabin quilts are just as durable as they are beautiful. Spread one out on the lawn for an intimate picnic with someone special or lay back and relax as you watch fireworks on the Fourth of July.

You do not have to throw out all of your old furniture or change every room in your cabin, but you will discover that there are many ways to freshen and lighten up your cabin for a wonderful summer.

Giving Your City Bedroom a Cozy, Rustic Feel

Don’t think for one minute that just because you live in the city you can’t finish your living space with cabin decorating. What better way to make an escape from the high-tech, fast paced world than to build a retreat in your own home? Nothing feels homier than rustic décor, and even if you don’t want all of your living space done with cabin decorating, there is no reason not to design a relaxing bedroom using rustic bedding for yourself.

At you’ll find everything you need in cabin bedding to complete the retreat in your home. Cabin Bedding will only add to the serenity a room done in the rustic style and help you feel warm and cozy when you settle in for a long winters nap.

Themes vary from outdoor schemed cabin bedding, like the Cascade Lodge Collection, to those with the sportsman in mind such as, the River Fishing Bedding Collection and the Whitetail Dreams Bedding Collection. These cabin collections and the many more rustic bedding sets offered by are sure to add that final, cozy touch to any bedroom no matter whether you home is in the country or the big city.

Rustic bedding is just the beginning of what you can find to warm up your bedroom space. Cabin bedding at compliments many of the vast arrays of cabin decorating items available there. A warm, wool rug scattered on the floor that brings out the natural colors in the curtain selections all work to compliment wall art and lighting fixtures in the rustic cabin style to truly compliment the rustic bedding of your choice.

Begin with cabin bedding and you’ll be aching to complete the rustic retreat in your city home. And the best thing of all is that you can find everything you need in rustic bedding and everything you need to get your cabin decorating done in one place: cabinplace!