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You Don’t Have To Be A Traditionalist To Enjoy Cabin Décor In Your Home Modernize It!

When lots of people think that cabin décor is all about country, that’s not always the case. While the cozy, country theme is very popular when people are decorating their home in cabin décor, it’s not the only style that’s out there. You can keep your modern décor and still have that warm, comfortable feeling that cabins bring. You just have to know how to use modern pieces that fit into the cabin style.

Sometimes when people think of cabin décor, they imagine spacious rooms filled with knickknacks and clutter. While those knickknacks are often cute accessories that blend very nicely into the cabin style, that’s not what you’re looking for when you want to modernize your home’s cabin décor. Instead of hanging wall hangings, quilts, and rustic artwork up, try to leave the walls bare. This will add to the simplistic look of cabin décor but also works very well with the minimalist modern look. To add to the authentic look, also try to have at least one or two walls that are wood, or have exposed wooden beams in your ceiling.

How you choose your cabin furnishings will also be very important when you’re trying to bring the modern look into cabin décor. This can be somewhat tricky because cabin furniture is usually known as being made from wood and kept simple, while modern furniture is also kept simple-looking but includes many chromes and silver finishes. You can still blend the two by using a wooden rocking chair that has bronze details, or installing a wooden counter in your kitchen and topping it off with a brass railing. This will still bring in that cozy, cabin feeling, but will leave the country out of it.

We have lots of cabin furniture and other cabin décor that will help you decorate your home in a cabin theme, whether you’re looking for a country theme or you want to modernize it up. Check out any of our products that can help and if you want more ideas on how to modernize your home in a cabin theme call us at 877-884-0248; we’ll be happy to help!

Preparing Your Cabin Furniture For Summer

If you’ve just arrived at the cabin for the first time since you left it last winter, or soon will be, you know that there will be a few things to do. Dusting away cobwebs and checking things like the plumbing system will undoubtedly be first on your list. But don’t forget about your cabin furnishings. These too, need to be prepared for the season ahead and, it will give you a good excuse to get to some of that yearly cleaning that needs to be done at some point anyway.

Start by removing protective covers from cabin furniture that may have been placed over them in the fall. Make sure that wooden cabin furniture is thoroughly polished to restore its luster and gleam. If you have wooden floors, which are very common in cabins, make sure that you sweep and polish those as well.

Any cabin furnishings that are made from fabric, such as cushiony sofas or throw pillows, should be thoroughly vacuumed. You might be able to throw some of these items into the washing machine at your cabin, especially things such as rugs, but always make sure you read the label for care instructions. Regardless, make sure that they are free of dust and ready for a lot of cabin lounging!

Leather cabin furnishings also need attention when you’re preparing the cabin for the summer. All leather furniture will also need to be wiped free of any soiled areas and then have a treatment of polish applied to them. This will make leather furniture last much longer and will bring some of the bounce back to its look!

If you find when you come back from a long winter away that your cabin furniture is just too far gone and you don’t think it will last another year, it may be time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. We have lots of log and cabin furniture that is easy to care for, will look terrific in any cabin, and will last for many years to come!

Shop Smart In A Tough Economy ““Check Out The Clearance Section For All Your Cabin Decor!

Still have tons of on your “œto do” list for your cabin decorating, but don’t want to go cabin-poor doing it? It is important to take care of every little detail with your cabin décor, and it can be easy to get carried away while you do it. There are so many cabin accessories, cabin furnishings, and more in cabin décor, that it can be difficult to stop yourself from putting more things on your to-do list, never mind getting all of it done! The key is to keep it simple, not to sweat the small stuff right away, and to remember that it’s from the basics that the most beautiful things are born.

Before you rush out buying every Western lampshade or light plate accessories, start decorating your cabin with the larger and more noticeable items first. Put beautiful rustic bedding in all of the bedrooms and hang window treatments to match. These larger items are the best cabin furnishings to start decorating your cabin with because they won’t break your budget, but they will be some of the first things that you see when you walk into your cabin, and will make a dramatic difference right away. Once you have these staples of cabin décor in place, you can fill in the rest of the details such as cabin artwork and bear lamps at your own pace, and when you have room in your cabin décor budget for them.

Of course, you can save even more money by shopping in our Clearance section. We keep this section packed with all kinds of reduced and discounted items, such as rustic area rugs, cabin quilts, shower curtains, and more that will be the perfect addition to any cabin décor, and most of them reduced to half-price or more! And, because there are always different items in Clearance, you’ll be able to find anything you need for your cabin and quickly bring together that complete rustic look that you’ve always imagined for your cabin.

Make sure to check out the Clearance section, and then keep coming back to it again and again. You never know what you’re going to find, but you can be sure that it will all be at a great price, and that you’ll get everything crossed off your cabin décor to-do list before you even know it!