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Get Rustic with a Variety of Quilt Themes

Whether you’re using them in the family cabin or your home bedroom, rustic quilts are a great way to add a little kitsch to any kind of décor. Quilts from Donna Sharp (Quilts by Donna, originally) are high quality quilts with plenty of attention paid to detail. At Cabin Place we have a huge selection of Donna Sharp quilts and cabin quilts in general to give your home or lodge a truly rustic feel.

We have a number of different themes when it comes to our rustic quilts at Cabin Place:

  • Bear Quilts. The bear is a fascinating animal. Whether black or grizzly, the bear exudes a quiet sense of strength and curiosity. From our Midnight Bear Quilt to our understated Bear Creek Quilt, you’re sure to find bear-themed rustic quilts to fit your style.
  • Pinecone Quilts. For years, cultures have been using pinecones in arts and crafts projects due to their simple beauty. Whether you’d prefer the lively Whispering Pines Quilt with its colorful mosaic of patchwork or the muted tans and olives of the Barn Raising Pine Cone Quilt, these Donna Sharp Quilts are destined to become family heirlooms.
  • Fishing Quilts. What’s a trip to the cabin without a little time spent outdoors casting your line? With Cabin Place’s Gone Fishing Quilt you can let everyone know how you like to spend your leisure time. Bring the lake inside and have pleasant fishing dreams with this beautiful, earthy cabin quilt set.
  • Nature Quilts. You could probably qualify most of our cabin quilts as nature quilts. The majority of our rustic quilts get their inspired designs from the natural world. Many of our Donna Sharp quilts are available with matching sheets and accessories for a streamlined look.

At Cabin Place, we appreciate the subtle beauty of a lake at dawn or a majestic conifer, and our rustic quilts reflect our admiration. Donna Sharp quilts are of the finest quality available and are both attractive and durable. Browse our great selection to find the perfect cabin quilts for your favorite getaway.

Country Quilts for Springtime

Ah, the fresh smell in the air, the first blades of green grass peeking out from under the snow, the first leaves starting to appear on the trees. Before long, the air will be fragrant with lilacs and roses and filled with the song of the robin and bluebird. But don’t pack those cabin quilts away just yet.

Springtime may mark the end of winter, but early spring nights can still get plenty cold. Rustic cabin blankets can keep you and your loved ones snug and cozy while you wait for the warmer days ahead.

If you love country living and rustic décor and are looking for creative decorating ideas for your home, stop by Cabin Place’s website. It’s easy to navigate (even for the less tech-savvy amongst us), and chock full of products (like cabin blankets, cabin quilts, rustic throws, and more) and ideas to help you get that down home feeling.

While you’re getting ready for spring and warmer weather, it’s a good idea to keep your cabin blankets handy. Cabin quilts look great draped over a favorite chair or couch, and this keeps them easily within arm’s reach for those chilly days when there’s still a touch of winter in the air.

In a few months, it’ll be time to put the cabin quilts away for the year, but don’t do it yet. Wait until spring is giving way to summer. The early months of spring offer plenty of opportunities to snuggle into warm cabin blankets.

Even after you put your cabin quilts away, it’s a good idea to keep a few rustic throws and cabin blankets around. They offer a homey, rustic feel to your cabin or rustic home, great for any time of the year, especially if your home is decorated with a country or rustic theme.

New Quilts for a New Year”¦Perfect for Any Cabin

Quilts often bring us a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of chilly winter nights snuggled deeply in our beds, perhaps listing to a nighttime story or the crackling of a cheery fire. A beautiful quilt can quickly become the star attraction in any bedroom and Donna Sharp Quilts are specially designed for homes featuring rustic décor. Cabin quilts are almost a fundamental part of any room in which you what to bring a homey, rustic feel to. This year, start off by ordering from the Donna Sharp Quilts private label collection offered by

The rich blues and greens in the Midnight Bear Quilt Collection are the perfect starter to a bedroom beautifully decorated in classic colors. The same can be said of the Donna Sharp Quilts designed with muted neutral tones in the Campfire Quilt Collection or the earthy colors in the Woodland Quilt Collection. Both cabin quilts offer the perfect start to a color scheme perfectly suited to rustic cabin design.

These Donna Sharp Quilts and many other cabin quilts can all be found in the bedding section of They are all beautiful and high quality quilts, making it hard to decide on which of these stunning works of art should grace your bedroom. But don’t think you have to decide on just one! If you find there is more than one pattern you absolutely love, why not get several cabin quilts, and switch them out from time to time!

Each of these Donna Sharp Quilts are made with high quality material, sewn with a very high stitch rate, and bears the embroidered signature of Donna Sharp along with its production year on the reverse. Cabin quilts are reversible, with the reverse color equally appealing in any cabin décor.

Whether you’re looking to buy one or several cabin quilts for your home, you can’t go wrong with a quilt from the Donna Sharp Quilts collection at!

Donna Sharp Quilts are All About Color, Color, Color!

Anyone who knows anything about quality professional cabin quilts knows the name Donna Sharp. This Kentucky native is a 5th generation quilter, and it shows. Passing on her wealth of inherited knowledge received from her family’s legacy, she adds her own unique, artistic touches to each quilt she creates, so that each is truly a work of art.

Donna Sharp quilts are not only unique, artistic, and a result of the collective skill of several generations, they are unquestionably colorful. Cabin quilts created by many other designers are lackluster and uncreative. Not so with Donna’s cabin quilts.

Browse through her quilts offered by many high-profile retailers, and you will discover a world of color and imagination that still radiates that rustic, home-grown vibe. No matter the colors of your room, Donna Sharp quilts are bound to have something which goes perfectly and becomes the focal point upon entering it.

The vivid colors Donna Sharp displays in her quilts are evident when you browse through any of her creations. She manages to create rustic cabin quilts in colors that are not usually seen in common cabin decor, such as orange, pink, red, yellow, and blue. You are sure to find a cabin quilt for every bedroom in your cabin, from children’s rooms to the guest room and master bedroom.

On the extremely bold and colorful Donna Sharp quilts, you will find a variety of traditional and unique patterns. Her cabin quilts are especially fitting for log cabins, portraying wooded scenes, deer, bears, moose, pinecones, and other rustic themes.

The beauty and creativity of Donna Sharp quilts would be worth nothing if not also coupled with quality craftsmanship. All of her quilt designs are made with double the amount of stiches found in other quilts, adding security and durability, as well as enhancing their beauty.

Find a large selection of Donna Sharp quilts also at great prices when you shop at, an online retailer of the talented quilt artist. Bed quilts are available on the site in generous American sizes and come with accessorizing pillows, shams, and valances to enhance their beauty. Shop from the convenience of your home today and find that heirloom-quality quilt you’ll be proud to pass on to your loved ones.

Appliqué Quilts Are Some of the Most Rustic There Are!

Whether you actually have a cabin or are just going for that rustic feel in your home décor, rustic quilts (and especially rustic appliqué quilts) can really give you that stylish, down home look that you’re going for. They’re warm, inviting, and designed to really highlight the rustic feel you know and love.

Appliqué quilts come in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement any rustic setting. While simple patterned cabin quilts are available (and also a good option for rustic homes), appliqué quilts offer the ultimate in comfort and rustic charm.

Appliqués come in a number of styles. Among the most popular rustic appliqué quilts are ones featuring pine or oak trees, autumn leaves, and woodland critters such as bear, moose, and deer. Nautical themed appliqué quilts are also popular among rustic cabin quilts.

The best part about choosing appliqué quilts is that it allows you to really express yourself in your rustic decorating. While all quality cabin quilts will brighten and warm your home or cabin, appliqué quilts take it to the next level by allowing you to customize your home.

Many people choose different appliqué quilts for each room, and build the rooms’ overall décor around the cabin quilts. While it’s best to keep to one overall theme (i.e., nautical themed or woodland themed) for your home, there’s certainly nothing wrong with having one room themed with bears, another with moose, and a third with some other kind of appliqué quilt and matching artwork.

Whatever theme you choose, appliquéd quilts are among the most rustic, coziest ways to warm your heart and your home. No rustic cabin should be without at least one, and some would even argue that no room in a rustic home should be without one of its own. Check out the wide selection of rustic quilts and appliqué quilts at Cabin Place.

How To Make Squares For Cabin Quilts

It can be wonderful to collect the odd scrap of material here and there, until you have enough to make your own quilt; and doing this with special items like baby clothes for a baby’s quilt can be even more wonderful. But if you want an authentic log cabin quilt, you’ll need to follow a specific pattern when creating the squares. Log cabin quilts are unique quilts that involve many different colors and sizes of squares, all perfectly lined together to make one beautiful and intricate square. And this pattern is repeated over and over again. These quilts are the perfect addition to any cabin décor, and the squares are really easy to make too!

First, start collecting fabric in seven different colors. For a really authentic look, try to use the same color but different tones of that color, or that color in different patterns that look nice when placed together. Then begin with the lightest color and cut it into 2″ x 2″ squares. Then cut the second-lightest tool into another 2″ x 2″ square. Create a 1/2″ seam with the two squares and sew them together. Then to prevent bunching and to make it easier to complete the rest of the square for your log cabin quilt, iron the seam so that both squares lay flat. Again using the second-lightest color, cut a 2″ x 3 1/2″ square. Sew this new square to the bottom of material that has the same color and the lightest color. Iron the seam open once again.

You’ll then need to use a third fabric to cut one square that’s 2″ x 3 1/2″, and one that’s 2″ x 5 1/4″. Sew the smaller piece to the along the left side of the small square you’ve already made, iron the seam and then sew the larger piece of the third fabric to the top of the log cabin quilt square you’re creating. Again, finish that piece by ironing the seam open.

With the fourth fabric, you’ll want to do much the same as you did with the third fabric, but the pieces will be slightly larger and you’ll need to attach them onto the right side of the quilt square. One of these pieces will be 2″ x 5 1/4″ and the other will be 2″ x 7″. Sew the smaller piece to the right side of the square, and the larger piece onto the bottom of the quilt square.

The fifth fabric will be used to cut one piece that’s 2″ x 7″ and one that’s 2″ x 8 1/2″. The smaller piece needs to be sewn along the left edge of the main cabin quilt square, while the larger piece should be sewn along the top. Just like the other squares, after you’re finished sewing each onto the main square, iron the seam open.

The sixth fabric needs to be cut into one square 2″ x 8 1/2″ in size and one in 2″ by 10″ in size. Use the smaller piece to sew along the right side of the quilt square and then iron the seam open. Then using the larger piece, sew it along the bottom and iron the seam. Lastly, use the seventh, darkest piece of fabric to create one 2″ x 10″ square and one 2″ x 11 1/2″ square. Sew the smaller piece along the left and iron seam the open and then sew the larger piece along the top and iron the seam again.

Continue to do this until you have enough cabin quilt squares to sew together an entire quilt of any size you please!

How To Make Rustic Cabin Quilts

There are many gorgeous rustic cabin quilts on the market today that will be wonderful additions to the cabin décor in your cabin or home. But there’s really nothing like a handmade quilt that you sew yourself to not only enhance your décor, but that can also become a family heirloom, and be passed down to future generations. Making rustic cabin quilts is fairly simple too. All you need are some squares of fabric, batting, and quilting thread. If you want to make it easier on yourself, you may also consider using a sewing machine, but even that’s not absolutely necessary.

The first thing you need to do is choose some squares of fabric that you want to use for your rustic quilt. You can purchase these but many fabric stores often have a bin of scraps available for free that you can choose from. You can also use cut up clothing that you no longer wear into squares (cutting up old jeans to make a Western quilt works very well!) Solid, neutral colors also make for some of the most authentic cabin quilts. Whichever fabric you choose, make sure that you leave two more inches along the edge than you want to be displayed on the quilt. This portion of fabric will be used to sew to trim or another square; and you don’t want to be left with smaller squares than you originally envisioned.

At this point, many people like to draw out a sketch of their rustic quilt so that they know exactly where they are in their pattern when it comes time to actually sew it. If your pattern is simple or fairly repetitive however, you may not need to do this step. Just go ahead and start sewing all those patches of fabric together until your cabin quilt is complete. There are no real guidelines on how large it should be, as rustic cabin quilts come in all different shapes, styles and sizes. Do make sure however, that you measure the edges as you sew, at least roughly, so that you can remain consistent throughout and don’t end up with a quilt that has badly misshapen squares.

When finished, lay your quilt face-down on a large working surface. Lay the batting on top, and then the backing you have chosen on top of that. The backing can be something as simple as a sheet or another blanket, or can even be another rustic quilt so it’s reversible! Once the backing is placed, you then need to pin the quilt along the edges, at the corners, and throughout the middle of the quilt. You’ll need to sew it all together after this, and you definitely don’t want any part of your rustic quilt slipping and sliding while you work.

Then you just need to sew the edges together. Start by first sewing a knot stitch into each corner and then continuing to sew the edges normally. Once the outside of the quilt is sewn you can then sew the middle of the quilt. This will keep the batting in place but also gives you a chance to add even more elements to the quilt by sewing beautiful designs into it. And using a colored quilting thread will add to this design even more!

Once you’re finished, hang your quilt up on a quilt ladder, display it proudly on a wall, or lay it across a bed or couch. You’ll treasure your rustic quilt even more when you’ve made it yourself!

What’s The Difference Between A Cabin Comforter And A Cabin Quilt?

When it comes to your cabin bedding, you may be trying to decide between cabin comforters or cabin quilts. Either is a good choice, and will be beautiful additions to your cabin. But, there are some differences between the two, and it’s a good idea to find out what they are before stocking your cabin’s linen closet.

Cabin comforters are generally very large and bulky and are filled with stuffing. There are different types of stuffing that can be used, including cotton batting, which can make the comforter even bigger; matted down cotton, which will make the comforter thinner, heavier, and warmer; or down comforters, which are filled with feathers. Down comforters will be the warmest, but are also the most expensive.

The most popular comforter option is a polyester filled comforter. Polyester is a man made product that has the same properties of containing warm like down. These types of comforters are more economical and definitely easier to take care of making them the best choice for cabin beds.

While cabin comforters are very warm, they aren’t always the best option. If you want to have some blankets out on your couch in the living area, or on a porch, you’ll probably find that comforters are too large and unwieldy for such use.

Cabin quilts are another beautiful choice for your cabin and these too, will keep you very warm. However, cabin quilts are much thinner and aren’t always filled with batting, although some are. They do usually have a backing to them, but that’s more to complete the look of the quilt and to attach the patchwork than it is to provide warmth. These quilts though are just the thing when you want to have some blankets out for guests, or for when you’re out on your cabin’s porch sipping hot chocolate in the evening. Cabin quilts are also known for their decorative look and so have many more uses such as wall hangings, artwork when displayed on a quilt rack, or placed as an heirloom in a hope chest.

Both cabin comforters and cabin quilts come in a large variety of styles although comforters tend to have themes to them or be decorated in a solid pattern, while quilts use patchwork to typically lay out a pattern. This pattern can be repeating, or it can also show a picture.

It also used to be thought that cabin quilts were generally more expensive than cabin comforters. However that’s not true today and both types of cabin bedding can be found in many different price ranges. All of the prices on our cabin quilts and cabin comforters are very affordable and come in many different styles. Make sure to check them all out when you’re trying to find the perfect cabin bedding for your neck of the woods!

Indoor Cabin Fun

Sure, some of the best things about being up at the cabin are that you can go out to fish, hike, sit around the campfire, or just spend time enjoying the great outdoors. But sometimes, storm clouds encroach, or the wind and cold pick up, making it far too nasty to go outside to play. But that doesn’t have to stop you from having some good ol’ cabin fun. Often, the best thing about being up at the cabin, is being in the cabin. So when the weather’s stopping you from going out, or you just want an indoor day, here are some ways to still have great fun at the cabin!

One great thing to do on a rainy day in the cabin is to cook! Cooking is great when you’re on your on your own, but it’s even more fun when you can get the kids in the kitchen with you! Bring them in and teach them some basics about preparing a meal, grocery shopping, and eating healthily. You can even set up a herb windowsill garden to teach them about growing your own things from nature to eat. Or, just have them pull out some rustic dinnerware and set the table. Cooking is not only an activity that the whole family can become involved in, it’s also practical. Take this time to make and freeze whole meals and casseroles and when the sun comes back, you can go out and enjoy rather than sit in the cabin and cook!

Of course, lodge quilts are a must for any rainy day up at the cabin. Lodge quilts are great for snuggling up under when watching a movie, a great rainy day time-passer, or for building forts! When the kids get a little bored, have them pull out all the Western bedding that they can find and then drape them over couches, cardboard boxes, or anything else that will hold them up. Make the fort extra-fun by serving lunches and dinners in there, just like a real saloon! Pour apple juice into Mason jars for a really authentic feel, and give the kids chips and hot dogs in baskets lined with paper towels. They’ll have so much fun living in the West that they won’t even realize they aren’t able to go outside!