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Turn Your Little Guy’s Room into a Hunter’s Dream

There’s nothing better than country living and the great outdoors. The thrill of a hunt, the fresh air, the casual pace that defines rustic living. Naturally, we want to pass these things down to our kids. It’s never too young to instill a love of rustic living and hunting to our little ones. One easy way to thrill your favorite little outdoorsman is by getting him camouflage bedding.

Camouflage bedding is available in a number of popular hunting styles, such as Mossy Oak and Hardwoods. It’s also available in pink for your little outdoorswoman. Look through our website’s wide selection of camo bedding products. You’ll find all kinds of decorating ideas to outfit your little hunter’s room.

Don’t stop with camo bedding, though. From wallpaper to lighting fixtures to wildlife themed carvings and art, there are all kinds of ways for you to create a taste of the Great Outdoors right in your child’s room.

Check out Cabin Place’s website. It’s easy to navigate (no getting “œlost in the woods” like many websites) and puts all of the best rustic and camo bedding products right at your fingertips. Plus, you’ll find articles and blogs with all kinds of advice about rustic décor and country living.

Your kids will grow up fast. While they’re young, take the time to instill in them your love for the outdoors. And when you can’t actually be in the outdoors together, keep the spirit of the wild alive in their bedrooms with camouflage bedding and décor.

Camo bedding isn’t just for kids, either. There are lots of ways to incorporate camouflage bedding and décor into your home. Any hunter of outdoors enthusiast can appreciate little everyday reminders that the woods are out there waiting for our next hiking or hunting trip. Young and old sportsmen alike will enjoy camouflage bedding and a camo themed room.

Still Too Muddy to Get Out in the Woods? Bring the Woods Inside

If you’re the kind of person who believes there are only two seasons, “œhunting” and “œthe rest of the year,” the endless months from the end of winter until the leaves start to change again can drag on. Early spring, when the woods are soggy and it’s too early to start scouting for next year are the worst. Camo décor, while not quite the same as being “œout there” can help keep the spirit of the wild alive when you find yourself stuck inside.

These days, there are all kinds of camouflage décor items available. From camo shower curtains to camo bedding to camo light covers, hunters (or anyone who loves the outdoors) can bring the look and feel of the woods inside.

Camo décor is available in many of the famous hunting camo patterns, including RealTree and Mossy Oak. With accents like natural antler lamps, it’s a snap to decorate your entire home or cabin with a camouflage/hunting theme.

We’d all prefer to be out in the woods setting our sights on a trophy buck, but until that time of year rolls around again, we’ll make do with decorating our homes to with camo décor to remind us of good times in the Great Outdoors.

Camo bedding also makes a great way to decorate a young outdoorsman’s room. Even if you aren’t decorating your entire home in camo (or even rustic décor), you can bring the feel of the woods and the hunting trail into your favorite hunter’s room.

For camo décor ideas and products, visit Cabin Place’s website. There, you’ll find lots of great ideas for camo décor. You’ll also find the products you need to pull your hunting themed décor off, from camo bedding to lighting and more. It’s a long time until hunting season. In the meanwhile, you might as well live in a home that reminds you that the best season of the year hunting season- is coming, even if it can’t come quick enough.

When You Can’t Be in the Woods, Bring the Woods Into Your Home

One of the most attractive things about living in a rustic cabin is the closeness one feels to nature by the very material used in the home. Lots of wood, rough-sawn or otherwise close to its natural state used throughout the cabin adds to the ambiance. Using camouflage bedding as a decorative element in a rustic cabin only adds to this. Think of how easy it is to make the transition from outdoors to indoors when your home is filled with the colors, patterns, and materials found in the very woods themselves by using camouflage bedding. How much easier would it be to relax if you could pull camo bedding, richly colored in the greenery of the woods, over yourself before you nod off to sleep?

Using a theme in each room can be one of the most fun things about decorating a rustic cabin. Bedrooms are especially fun to do this with. Think what fun you could have showing friends and guests to “œthe fishing suite” or perhaps “œthe bear’s den”. At you can decorate bedrooms and living space in camouflage bedding or in these other fun themes!

Using camoflage bedding in one of your camo themed bedrooms makes it the perfect suite for the hunter or outdoorsman in your family. has camo bedding featuring patterns by Mossy Oak® and Realtree®, some of the most recognized makers of camouflage patterns today. The camouflage bedding collection features solid colored bed skirts; perfect to offset the richly colored camouflage bedding, and reversible decorative pillows to allow you to adjust the impact of the camo bedding perfectly to the rest of the room.

Using a natural color scheme rich in earth-tones is an ideal way to paint a room to compliment the use of camouflage bedding. Utilizing furniture made of wood close to its natural state and filling the room with plant life will help pull the whole look you began with camo bedding together and help its occupant feel practically as if they were deep in the woods, enjoying the peace and solitude only the forest can bring.

Using camo bedding is just one of the few ways to compliment the peace one feels in a home decorated in the rustic fashion and a sure way to make any occupant feel closer to nature. No rustic cabin is complete without a touch of camo bedding!

Keep the Winter Chills Out of the Hunting Cabin with Camo Bedding

Before the leaves have finished falling, every hunter knows it’s time to get out the hunting gear and head for the woods in hopes of bagging “˜the big one.’ Although a dedicated hunter would never dream of leaving behind his rifle or bow, his ammunition, or his camo clothing, he might forget to make sure he has warm camo bedding to snuggle up in at the sparsely heated and furnished hunting cabin during the unforgiving winter weather.

Sure, a warm blanket in the evenings will not necessarily help you hunt better”¦or will it? When you’re not shivering from the cold, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and be more alert when that deer finally walks past your blind. So, you see, camo bedding really is a hunting essential.

At, camo bedding comes in every trademark style of Realtree and Mossy Oak camo, so your blanket or bedding will match your favorite pattern for your hunting gear and other camo décor. Made out of the warmest, most heavy-duty materials, our camo bedding for your hunting cabin is sure to last you many winters. We also carry matching sheets, pillow cases, throws and pillows, so your bed, futon, or cot will be completely ready for some serious snoozing.

While you’re shopping for great camo bedding, be sure to check out other camo décor such as curtains, valances, pillows, and even shower curtains so your entire cabin will be themed. We make interior decorating easy and obtainable for the hunter, who has more important things to focus on.

As fun as hunting is for the outdoors enthusiast, there is no better way to end the day than warm and cozy in an accommodating, comfortable cabin complete with camo bedding and other camo décor. So don’t forget these other hunting necessities while you are planning the big trip. Buy your camo bedding and camo décor ahead of time so you can be packed and ready to go, with no worry for the cold.

Keep the Memories of Hunting Season Alive All Year with Camoflage Bedding

It won’t be long before this year’s hunting season will be just a fading memory. The rifles, shotguns, and archery gear will be tucked safely away for next year, leaving us a long winter to reflect on rewarding times spent in the outdoors hunting. Successful or otherwise, nothing beats being out in the American wilderness hunting our big game. Camo bedding could never replace those experiences, of course, but it does allow us to bring a little taste of the spirit of the wild right into our homes to enjoy year round.

Whether you’re looking for hunting cabin décor for your lodge or cabin, or just want to add a little bit of the hunting spirit to the bedroom of your favorite hunter, Cabin Place has everything you need. If camouflage bedding isn’t enough for you, consider adding these additional touches to your hunting themed room or home:

  • Camouflage shower curtains, when you just can’t get enough hunting.
  • Camouflage Drapes and Curtains, perfect for the hunting cabin.
  • Camouflage Throw Blankets by Denali for the ultimate in comfort and warmth.
  • Camouflage Slipcovers, perfect for making a temporary (or permanent) transition of your current furniture.

Camouflage bedding comes in several styles, depicting woodlands, hardwood, breakup and duck blind patterns. Popular camo bedding brands feature Realtree, Mossy Oak and other popular hunting patterns. Cabin Place even features pink camouflage bedding for the lady hunter in your life.

Hunting season may be almost over, but with camo bedding and hunting cabin décor, you’ll have more than the eight point trophy mounted on your wall and venison in your freezer to remind you that in ten short months, the leaves will start to change and hunting season will descend upon us again. We know your heart’s out in the woods. With camouflage bedding, the rest of the world will know it, too. Or, at least those you let in your bedroom.

When It’s Time For Gift-Giving, It’s Time For Camo Bedding!

Are you having trouble thinking of gift ideas for your great-outdoors-loving family members this year? If they are avid hunters or wildlife trackers, they probably have all the accessories they could ever need or want, including an assortment of camouflage clothes. Don’t give up, yet. If you’re looking for something unique, meaningful, and useful which will be treasured and displayed for years to come, you’re solution is camouflage bedding.

Hunters who are serious know their camouflage. Each type of camo is used for a different purpose, season, or terrain. There are widely-recognizable types of camouflage created by those who know hunting best – companies like Realtree and Mossy Oak. These companies know what it takes for outdoorsmen to blend in to their surroundings and get those close encounters with wildlife.

Once a hunter finds a type of camouflage which works well for him, he tends to sticks with it.  Just as his camo becomes signature to his style of hunting, it often becomes a part of his everyday life and style, which can be represented by camo bedding.

Camo bedding is a great gift to help your outdoorsman bring a little of the outdoors (their favorite place) into the comfort of their home or seasonal cabin. By accenting a comforter with neutral earth tones such as beige or hunter green, as well as rustic accessories, camouflage bedding can make any bedroom feel like an extension of the outdoors.

Your family and friends will love you for taking the time to purchase such a thoughtful gift as camo bedding — something that will help them feel almost as at home indoors as they feel out in the woods and fields. Check out the great selection at, where you can choose complete camouflage bedding sets for gifts, your own home, or perhaps that rustic cabin by the lake.

Cabinplace carries the quality camouflage patterns of camo bedding the people on your shopping list know and love, patterns that define their hunting or tracking, the woods they love, the seasons they most enjoy, and most of all – themselves. Give the gift of camouflage bedding this season, and you’ll be giving the gift of the great outdoors.

Hunting for that Perfect Gift? Camo Bedding is It!

Got a guy that dreams about hunting? Does he wish every weekend was deer camp weekend? Send him off to sleep wrapped in camouflage bedding and your hunter will wake up on the right side of the bed every morning. When you are looking for bedding, you won’t find camo bedding in most stores. Online camouflage bedding websites are a great place to look to find all the bedding and accessories you will need when decorating with camouflage and cabin bedding.

“œDecorating with camouflage is a fun way to create a very masculine space,” said Michigan-based interior decorator Jamie Abode, who has created several rustic home spaces. “œIt is a little unconventional, but that’s part of its appeal. I think a lot of hunters would love it.”

Abode said that decorating with camouflage can be challenging, but it can be done tastefully. In a child’s room, for example, using camo bedding can be a fun way to celebrate their love of hunting or the outdoors. And hunting themed bedding isn’t just for the boys there is even pink camo bedding for young girls and teens.

Camo bedding is also a perfect choice for cabin bedding, where decorating with camo is a fun theme for a log cabin or home that features rustic decor. Decorating with camo can be done in an elegant fashion by using a few tricks, Abode said.

“œKeep the bedroom walls a neutral color, such as beige or gray one that complements the colors found in the print on your camo bedding,” she said. “œThen accent it with room accessories, such as antler chandelier or deer-themed lighting.”

Whatever their age, camouflage bedding is a great choice for cabin bedding and it makes a great gift, too. Though it is hard to find hunting themed bedding in the store, there are many websites that offer awesome options for camo bedding, as well as everything else you need when decorating with camo. So when you want to find a great gift for the hunter or outdoor enthusiast in your life, try camouflage bedding.

Looking To Blend In? Camouflage Bedding Is Just What You’re Looking For!

Camouflage bedding is the perfect accent in any rustic cabin but also works well in a traditionally decorated room as a nod to a love of hunting or trapping. You do not need to start with a completely camouflage decorating scheme or even a fully rustic feel to add a camo blanket to a room. Simply add your favorite pattern to a neutral themed room via window treatments or add a camo comforter to a room decorated in brighter colors.

Camouflage bedding is obviously made to blend in and therefore can be added to virtually any room. The darker greens can accent a room filled with reds or light blues. The lighter camouflage bedding would set off a room filled with darker blues or oranges and bring a touch of hunting pride to the space.

It would be too much to cover a room with camouflage, you don’t want your bedroom to resemble a deer stand but the simple addition of camouflage bedding lets visitors know that the outdoors and hunting are important aspects of your life without being overwhelming.

You can find camouflage bedding at that will blend with any décor in your home. From window treatments to comforters and sheet sets, camouflage bedding is a fantastic gift for the hunters or outdoorsy folks in your life.

How To Decorate A Bedroom in Camo

Choosing to decorate a bedroom in camo is a bold statement, a declaration that you truly understand and embrace the hunting lifestyle. You can do a camouflage bedroom without feeling like you are in a war zone or deer stand but it requires some restraint and creativity.

Your first choice is based on which bedroom in your home you will decorating with camo style, your own master bedroom or a guest bedroom. If you have a family of hunters who likes to visit, the guest room might be an obvious and entertaining choice. Regardless of which room you choose, start with camouflage bedding and let your imagination run wild from there.

Select either the green camouflage shades common to forests and moss or tree-filled hunting grounds in wet areas or the lighter, brown shades of desert or drier areas. Each has an amazing color palette that will influence the rest of your bedroom décor. Don’t feel limited by your camo bedding, you don’t have to choose curtains or rugs that are also camouflage but they should have the same color palette as your camouflage bedding. Mossy greens or tan curtains, rugs, lamp shades, or wall art help keep the camouflage feeling without devolving into campy or cheesy style.

Once you have decided on a color palette and purchased the larger design elements for the room, you can have fun choosing accessories and smaller items for the room that continue the theme set by the camouflage bedding. Statues depicting camouflaged hunters or more whimsical creations are nice finishing touches.

You can create your camo room, from camouflage bedding to window treatments to lamps, at The wide selection of camouflage gear is perfect for any home or room and is available at prices you can afford. In fact, you might find so many fun and interesting camo creations that you might decide to decorate the master and the guest room!

Camo Bedding Is Perfect For Any Hunter’s Lodge

Bedspreads and comforters are a great way to start decorating any bedroom because the sheer size of beds makes them a great focal point. And whether you’re a hunter, have a little one that’s a hunter at heart, or just want to surround yourself in the great outdoors whether you’re at home or at the cabin, camouflage bedding is a great place to start!

Camouflage bedding, or camo bedding as it’s commonly referred, is a great addition to any room and contrary to what many think, there are all kinds of choices and options that come with it. If you’re looking for something that truly brings in the look of the forest with all of its dark nooks, crannies and crevices, you might choose darker green or blue camo bedding. This will let any hunter snuggle up in comfortable surroundings after a hard day’s work, getting a better night’s sleep.

Of course, if you prefer spending the afternoons in the woods under the bright sunshine, you might enjoy a lighter camouflage bedding set. Camo bedding isn’t just about dark tones, it has a lighter side too and this can make for a really unique camouflage look. One of the most popular, lighter and brighter patterns of camouflage bedding is pink camo, which looks great in any girl’s room, big or small, because hunting is no longer just for men.

If you really want a different look in camouflage bedding, forget the intricate patterns that mimic the look of the forest but that instead, copy the look of the game you’re hunting. Camouflage bedding also comes in different patterns that are decked out with deer or moose antlers. Because camo patterns aren’t reserved to the military, or the big brown-patched patterns found on many hunter’s jackets. There are many ways to disguise yourself, and camo bedding is great for finding new ways to play with this already playful pattern!

Mossy Oak and Realtree are two of the most popular manufacturers of camouflage bedding, and we have all of their best patterns and designs. For the hunter in you, or the hunter you know, check out our huge selection of camouflage bedding. You’ll be surprised by just how much you find!