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Hunting for that Perfect Gift? Camo Bedding is It!

Got a guy that dreams about hunting? Does he wish every weekend was deer camp weekend? Send him off to sleep wrapped in camouflage bedding and your hunter will wake up on the right side of the bed every morning. When you are looking for bedding, you won’t find camo bedding in most stores. Online camouflage bedding websites are a great place to look to find all the bedding and accessories you will need when decorating with camouflage and cabin bedding.

“œDecorating with camouflage is a fun way to create a very masculine space,” said Michigan-based interior decorator Jamie Abode, who has created several rustic home spaces. “œIt is a little unconventional, but that’s part of its appeal. I think a lot of hunters would love it.”

Abode said that decorating with camouflage can be challenging, but it can be done tastefully. In a child’s room, for example, using camo bedding can be a fun way to celebrate their love of hunting or the outdoors. And hunting themed bedding isn’t just for the boys there is even pink camo bedding for young girls and teens.

Camo bedding is also a perfect choice for cabin bedding, where decorating with camo is a fun theme for a log cabin or home that features rustic decor. Decorating with camo can be done in an elegant fashion by using a few tricks, Abode said.

“œKeep the bedroom walls a neutral color, such as beige or gray one that complements the colors found in the print on your camo bedding,” she said. “œThen accent it with room accessories, such as antler chandelier or deer-themed lighting.”

Whatever their age, camouflage bedding is a great choice for cabin bedding and it makes a great gift, too. Though it is hard to find hunting themed bedding in the store, there are many websites that offer awesome options for camo bedding, as well as everything else you need when decorating with camo. So when you want to find a great gift for the hunter or outdoor enthusiast in your life, try camouflage bedding.

Looking To Blend In? Camouflage Bedding Is Just What You’re Looking For!

Camouflage bedding is the perfect accent in any rustic cabin but also works well in a traditionally decorated room as a nod to a love of hunting or trapping. You do not need to start with a completely camouflage decorating scheme or even a fully rustic feel to add a camo blanket to a room. Simply add your favorite pattern to a neutral themed room via window treatments or add a camo comforter to a room decorated in brighter colors.

Camouflage bedding is obviously made to blend in and therefore can be added to virtually any room. The darker greens can accent a room filled with reds or light blues. The lighter camouflage bedding would set off a room filled with darker blues or oranges and bring a touch of hunting pride to the space.

It would be too much to cover a room with camouflage, you don’t want your bedroom to resemble a deer stand but the simple addition of camouflage bedding lets visitors know that the outdoors and hunting are important aspects of your life without being overwhelming.

You can find camouflage bedding at that will blend with any décor in your home. From window treatments to comforters and sheet sets, camouflage bedding is a fantastic gift for the hunters or outdoorsy folks in your life.

The Advantages Of Decorating A Kid’s Bedroom In Camo Décor

What kid wouldn’t like to go play in their own spy room”¦deer stand”¦forest”¦whatever he can imagine he can create in a bedroom filled with camo décor. Camo décor is an easy way to give your child’s room a style and a personality without filling it with animated characters or colors he will grow out of. The somewhat sophisticated color palette alongside the kid-friendly camo bedding is a unique juxtaposition that will delight children of any age.

Start with camo bedding in either the forest green or desert brown color palette that will influence the rest of the design decisions. Next will be the wall coverings, either paint in a coordinating color or camo pattern or the easier wallpaper solution. Move on to window treatments, again in either a camo pattern or specific color picked out from the camo bedding. You can even order camouflage bedding in bright pink patterns for the hunters in your home who also enjoy a splash of girlish color.

Once you have the basics covered, you and your child can explore your creativity in camo décor. Use netting to create fantasy wall art or attach it securely so your child can literally climb his walls. Erect a deer stand facsimile or a duck cover with synthetic moss and branches. Use a camouflage tent to create a covered bed or small reading nook, or fill the tent with small toys for quiet play time.

Any child’s imagination will soar in a room filled with creative options and a color palette that isn’t screaming. Visit to ignite that creative spark and create a bedroom filled with camo décor that your child will truly want to spend time in.

How To Decorate A Bedroom in Camo

Choosing to decorate a bedroom in camo is a bold statement, a declaration that you truly understand and embrace the hunting lifestyle. You can do a camouflage bedroom without feeling like you are in a war zone or deer stand but it requires some restraint and creativity.

Your first choice is based on which bedroom in your home you will decorating with camo style, your own master bedroom or a guest bedroom. If you have a family of hunters who likes to visit, the guest room might be an obvious and entertaining choice. Regardless of which room you choose, start with camouflage bedding and let your imagination run wild from there.

Select either the green camouflage shades common to forests and moss or tree-filled hunting grounds in wet areas or the lighter, brown shades of desert or drier areas. Each has an amazing color palette that will influence the rest of your bedroom décor. Don’t feel limited by your camo bedding, you don’t have to choose curtains or rugs that are also camouflage but they should have the same color palette as your camouflage bedding. Mossy greens or tan curtains, rugs, lamp shades, or wall art help keep the camouflage feeling without devolving into campy or cheesy style.

Once you have decided on a color palette and purchased the larger design elements for the room, you can have fun choosing accessories and smaller items for the room that continue the theme set by the camouflage bedding. Statues depicting camouflaged hunters or more whimsical creations are nice finishing touches.

You can create your camo room, from camouflage bedding to window treatments to lamps, at The wide selection of camouflage gear is perfect for any home or room and is available at prices you can afford. In fact, you might find so many fun and interesting camo creations that you might decide to decorate the master and the guest room!