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Ho! Ho! Ho! Here’s to a Country Christmas!

Christmas is coming. Manger scenes and sleigh bells, snowflakes and holly, pretty packages with bright bows and family parties…it’s all getting close. Here’s hoping that you and your family enjoy a Merry Country Christmas this year.

We’re finding that more and more people are using cabin décor during the holidays to recreate the warmth and holiday spirit of years gone by. Quality lodge décor featuring items like comfy rustic quilts and woodlands themed accessories really does a lot to bring the country charm out of any home…even if it’s not exactly in the country.

Decorating your home or cabin for the holidays has never been easier. You’ll find lots of creative lodge décor at Cabin Place. Whether you’re looking for rustic lighting, rustic quilts, throws, rustic bathroom décor, or other types of cabin décor, you’ll find it all right there. There’s never been a better, more affordable way to give your home the warmth and country charm of lodge décor.

The holidays are the perfect time to redecorate and using cabin décor is the perfect way to inject the timeless beauty of holidays past into this year’s celebrations. Whether you’re planning a big party and feast for dozens of grandkids or just want a cozy little Christmas for two, you’ll want to decorate your home in holiday cabin décor.

This year, take a step back in time and decorate your home with rustic lodge décor. There’s no better way to make home feel like home for you and all of your guests. You can make your house the one everyone wants to come to on the holidays. Just start with cabin décor and add a feast and lots of hugs and smiles. Voila! Before you know it, your guests have arrived and you have a home full of old fashioned Christmas cheer.

Decorating Your Rustic Cabin for the Holidays

As you are getting ready for the holidays, it means baking, cleaning, shopping, and a flurry of other activities. But don’t get so caught up in these things that you neglect another important element of enjoying the season decorating. Decorating your cabin in cabin decor for the holidays is a great way to increase the Christmas spirit in your home, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it successfully.

Decorating for Christmas of course includes a Christmas tree, wreathes, candles, holly, and maybe some mistletoe. Cabin décor naturally fits in with Christmas themes without looking out of place or forced. Try for a great selection of various cabin décor categories for every room in your cabin, so your visitors will be “˜oohing’ and “˜aahing’ with every room they enter.

Rustic candle votives are a simple but effective addition to coffee tables, and rustic vases featuring some poinsettia or just some pine boughs make lovely dining table centerpieces. To spruce up your couches, add coordinating pillows in bright Christmas colors.

Rustic table runners and placements give your dining room a festive and elegant feel at little expense and hassle, while bringing out special rustic dinnerware can become a tradition year after year.

Changing out your cabin bedding to Christmas and winter themes for the holidays is another great way to add some Christmas cheer to the bedrooms in your cabin. Cabin bedding themes usually include evergreens, firs, pinecones, animals, and colors which go beautifully with everything Christmas.

Purchasing a quality cabin bedding set at sites such as will ensure you can store and enjoy your cabin bedding for many winters and holiday seasons to come. Rustic cabin bedding such as throws are great to throw over the back of your rustic furniture for those chilly winter evenings accessible yet decorative.

Whatever cabin décor you use, it is sure to win you many compliments and be a great addition to your holiday decorating this year.