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Bedding for the Horse Lover

The equestrian lifestyle is one in which the spirit of the animal and the west permeates everything you do. As the theme of rustic bedding sets, various horse designs represent the various breeds and uses that horses have in western society. Rustic meets luxury in overstuffed comforters with coordinated accessories that capture the heart of the old west and the passion for these majestic animals that continues today.

Cowboys are considered the basis for the traditional western. Equine enthusiasts know that the cowboys wouldn’t have gotten very far without the horses they used for working the fields, driving the herds, and as a primary means of transportation. Horses are as much a part of the western lifestyle as cowboy hats, barbwire, and log furniture.

Equine Bedding Makes the Perfect Focal Point of Your Bedroom

No matter what style of decor you have for your bedroom, the bed will be the focal point and the piece of furniture that sets the theme for the entire room. Your choice in western bedding will determine which accessories you will use throughout the bedroom. For example, the Team Roper bedding has a beautifully detailed roping design in the center with three strands of barbwire all the way around the outside of the design to perfectly frame the image. The bedding is designed in neutral tans and browns in true western spirit. There are many accessories that include the barbwire detailing, including luxurious sheets with intricate barbwire embroidery.

The Denali Red Running Horses bedspread blanket is another example of exceptional equestrian imagery that depicts horses running freely across the Western foothills. The earthy red color is featured against a black background for a striking contrast against the rustic earth tones. There are also matching shams, bedskirts and pillows for a coordinated bed that you will enjoy for its beauty and comfort.

The Great Basin Wild Horses comforter sets make it easy to get the coordinated rustic bedding you want for an equine inspired bedroom. Each set includes the overstuffed comforter, bedskirt, and shams for a perfectly coordinated look. Matching lined drapes with tie-backs feature the same scenery of galloping wild horses in the Great Basin of Northern Nevada. The high quality upholstery-grade fabric of the comforter is backed in chocolate, and trimmed with faux leather, both of which representing the authentic colors and fabrics that are integral to any western decor.

Be sure to look at the variety of equine-themed western rugs that are made to be the perfect complement to your equine rustic bedding. Rugs feature cowboys on horseback, rodeo riders, sheriff’s posse, running horses, and many other designs. The variety of sizes and shapes provide you with the perfect tool to expand your equestrian-themed bedroom to any area of the room. Mix and match styles, colors, and designs to create a unique look that looks like it was created by a real designer. To order your equestrian bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.


Rustic bedding

Why Choose Barbwire Bedding for Your Western Decor

Barbwire has long stood as a symbol of strength and toughness in the West. Even those who live in the biggest cities recognize the material for its representation as a barrier for animals and a familiar tool that was used in the Westward expansion. While barbwire has been around for decades, it continues to be a familiar sight on farms, ranches, and other types of animal facilities today. The symbolism and simplicity of barbwire makes it the ideal theme for use in western bedding.

When decorating any room of your home in a western theme, your goal should be to implement as many recognizable features as possible. For example, textured walls and ceilings set the tone for traditional western style decor. Furniture, tables, flooring, and decorative wooden items used to decorate the bedroom should be made from distressed wood. Traditional Western styling also includes leather and geometric patterns to create a comprehensive appeal to the room.

Many of the features highlighted in tips for rustic or western decor include architectural designs such as wood beams or tile floors. For homes in which these features are not a part of the structure, there are less extensive ways of giving your bedroom a more authentic design. For one, use western style rugs that coordinate with your rustic bedding. This can either be a design that specifically showcases your barbwire theme, or a compatible pattern or design that coordinates with your bedding.

Since the bed is the central piece of furniture in the room, a rustic or log style bed is ideal. Natural and distressed wood is a part of the western appeal, and nothing goes more naturally with your barbwire bedding than bedroom furniture made especially for that purpose.

One of the beautiful things about barbwire bedding is that it doesn’t have to stand alone as your western theme. It makes a wonderful accent to the variety of designs and patterns that are a part of the western bedding collection. Whether you choose throw pillows with a moose and bear for decor, or stick with the cowboy-inspired theme, barbwire works as an accent piece to anything western. It sets the scene and complements every other staple or accessory that you want to use.

The Smallest Details

Achieving the decorator-style look you want in your western bedroom requires you to pay attention to the smallest details. The cover plate for your light switch, the wallpaper border around the middle of the walls, the lights, and the accessories on your shelves: all play a role in the authenticity of your barbwire-themed bedroom. Omit those details that you want, to accommodate your personal taste, and replace them with the authentic western decor that will have an atmosphere of the genuine American West.

Decorating with barbwire bedding is also easy as far as choosing the right colors. The bed sets include the comforter, shams, and bedskirt in colors and patterns that coordinate well with each other and with the other decorative items you will find in the western decor collection. The barbwire sheet sets will work with any bedding set you choose. Just pick the color that you prefer and create the ideal barbwire theme for your bedroom. To order your barbwire bedding, call Cabin Place at 877-884-0248.

Rustic bedding

How to Incorporate Nature Themed Rustic Bedding into Your Bedroom

Adding a touch of nature to your bedroom is one of the simplest and most effective ways to turn the room into a comfortable retreat. One of the primary rustic cabin decorating ideas for the bedroom is to pick out your choice in nature-themed rustic bed sets, around which you can build a decorative theme. While the bedding is the primary focus of the room, you will need to add additional touches around the room to create a unified theme that has the impact you are looking for. The themes you have to choose from include those based on the types of land, plants, animals, and water that we all instantly recognize as having their place in the woods.

Focus on Color

Although you may focus on placing a few items with a similar theme into the room, everything from the floors up should incorporate the colors found in nature, to give the room a truly natural impact. It only takes one boldly colored accessory to take away from the natural effect. Although rustic bed sets may combine only a couple of colors, you can add additional colors to the room, as long as they are appropriate choices. Think of the deep burgundy of fall leaves, the wide array of greens in vegetation, and the crystal blues found in streams.


Rustic furniture, particularly the bed, is the ideal way to increase the natural look of your bedroom. Even if you don’t want to invest in larger pieces of furniture, such as the bed and wardrobe, consider adding one or two small accent pieces, such as a nightstand or accent table with mirror, and keep your choices of larger pieces of furniture limited to those made from natural looking wood, copper, or leather materials.

Choosing the Right Accessories

In addition to rustic bed sets, coordinating window treatments, blankets, throw pillows, and area rugs are all tools that will help you incorporate a natural rustic theme into your bedroom. One of the best accessories to bring your look together is a rustic wallpaper border. This decorating tool is one of the most attention-getting rustic cabin decorating ideas you will find.

Additional accessories are those that add to the functionality of the room, while also having the same basic theme. Be careful not to add too many different patterns and contrasting features, to ensure the overall appearance of the room is one that reflects nature, and which creates a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. Keep sculptures separate, instead of putting large numbers of them together, so that they stand out for their unique and realistic design. Consistency of color, materials, and design will allow you to incorporate a natural rustic theme into your bedroom to the degree with which you are most comfortable. While following these guidelines is a good way to create a well-designed room, there is always flexibility to add the features that reflect your personal style and taste. To learn more about designing your bedroom around our nature-themed rustic bed sets, call Cabin Place at 1-877-884-0248.

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Photo Courtesy of cabin place

How to Incorporate Rustic Themes into Your Bedroom

More materials are available today in rustic finishes that make decorating with a rustic theme elegant enough for any home. Creating the perfect getaway in your bedroom starts with beautifully detailed rustic bedding at an affordable price. The bed is the center focus of the room, providing you with the ideal starting point for your rustic theme. Choosing the final touches from the various rustic house decors will bring the room together and create an elegant yet rustic atmosphere where you can escape from the rigors of the day.

Tips on Creating a Rustic Bedroom

The key to creating a bedroom that has the look and feel of an authentic cabin in the woods is to bring the outdoors inside. The natural colors and simple designs used to create the items in rustic house decor will provide you with the perfect touch for every area of the room. Look for items that have a similar theme to the bedding to give the overall decor of the room a unified touch. Getting the authentic rustic results you want for your bedroom call for special attention to detail in a few specific areas, including:

• Materials – Plastic has no place in nature, and it doesn’t belong in the rustic bedroom, either. Use items that are made from natural materials, like copper, wood, and stone. Authentic rustic furniture and decor will look raw and sturdy, as though it was crafted by hand by the home owner.

• Colors – Choose rustic bedding, curtains, and pillows made with the colors of nature. Brown and beige, sage and evergreen, rust red and robin’s egg blue create a natural palette that will look like it was designed by Mother Nature. Stick with neutrals for the main colors and add accents of the deeper hues.

 Seasons – Incorporate the seasons into your bedroom decor just as you would in nature. Heavier bedding is appropriate for winter, with fluffy comforters and decorative throws providing the added warmth you need. In summer, use a bordered sheet from the rustic bedding collection to replace the throw for added comfort and lightweight decorative appeal. You can also use a lightweight comforter that is appropriate for warmer weather to keep you warm during cooler temperatures at night.

• Layers – Shy away from monochromatic linens, and use layers that combine colors and textures to give you’re bedding a multi-dimensional appearance. Start with a bed skirt in a rich shade, and top with themed sheets and a coordinating comforter. One way to accomplish this is by purchasing a coordinated rustic bedding set that has the colors and patterns perfectly matched for you. Add throw pillows on the bed, along with a throw made from faux fur or velveteen as the final touch, for a rustic bed that is as inviting even during the coldest of weather.

Choose Your Animal

Animals such as moose and bear, which are typically part of the scenery in nature, will also be part of your rustic bedroom. Choosing the animal that you want to incorporate into your theme will make it easier to select the right rustic house decor to coordinate the entire room. If your bedding includes images of moose, add some of the decorative pieces to your walls, or with a throw pillow that features a single moose displayed in an obvious spot.

Incorporate Personal Belongings into Your Theme

The best way to give your decor the authentic look of a rustic cabin is to add real items that have special meaning to you. Old fishing equipment makes a great complementary piece for a fishing-themed bedroom, while an old pair of cowboy boots will look great with any western theme. One small addition to your theme can make your entire decor even more personal.

Cabin 2

Quilt Appraisals Great for Insurance, Curiosity

At Cabin Place, we specialize in rustic cabin décor for all the rooms of your home. We have everything you need, from decorations for your bathroom and kitchen to rustic bedding and lighting for the ultimate in rural decoration. One of our most popular products is our rustic quilts. Some of the finest rustic décor designers are featured in our rustic quilts section there, you’ll find only the highest quality rustic quilts available.

Plenty of attention to detail is paid when it comes to our rustic bedding. In fact, our quilts are so beautiful they only get better with age, and you may want to consider quilt appraisals at some point in the future. Quilt appraisals can help you accurately assess the value of a family quilt. Here are some instances when you may want to get your rustic bedding appraised:

  • Insurance Purposes. Although the sentimental value of a rustic quilt can never be replaced, you can at least receive monetary value if something should happen to it. Most insurance adjustors are not well-versed in quilt appraisals, so your best bet is finding a certified appraiser to help you.
  • Selling a Quilt. If you’re thinking of selling a quilt, whether at a market or online, it’s a good idea to have it appraised. You’ll be able to find the value of comparable quilts and can put a fair price on it.
  • General Curiosity. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know how much your rustic quilts are worth. Quilt appraisals can also help you learn about the quilt pattern used and a little bit of history on your particular quilt.

Cabin Place quilts are available in full American sizes, from twin to king, so you can easily find rustic bedding to fit both your bed and lifestyle. We’re sure our well-made quilts will be in your family for generations to come browse our selection of rustic bedding to find the perfect quilt to bring home today.

Tips for Great Rustic Décor

There’s nothing quite like a cozy home or cabin filled with rustic décor to make you feel comfortable. Whether you want to simply use some cabin bedding in the master bedroom for a lodge feel or want to make it the theme of the entire space, rustic décor is both charming and stylish. Here, Cabin Place offers some great tips for incorporating lodge bedding and decorations in to your home.

  • Texture is everything. Rustic décor is all about different textures, one of the most common being wood. Don’t go overboard and make your home look like all the furniture was cut from a single tree, but rather try interspersing it throughout. Try a wooden frame to accent your cabin bedding or a single wooden chair in the living room. Other popular choices include rich velvet, soft fleece and smooth stone.
  • Make it comfortable. Comfort is one of the most important attributes of rustic décor. It provides a nice juxtaposition to the hard wood so often featured in the overall look. Be sure to use soft and inviting lodge bedding to encourage relaxation as well as strategically placing cushions and pillows throughout.
  • Place your colors carefully. Because cabin bedding is generally inspired by nature, earthy tones are the way to go. Try rich greens, browns and gold as base colors and accent them with deep reds, oranges and yellows. One of the best ways to get ideas is to take a stroll through the woods around your home and try to mimic their color palette.
  • Don’t go overboard. Just because you want a Western theme, it doesn’t mean everything needs to remind you of a cowboy on the range. Smaller pieces, such as framed dried flowers or an adobe table can really tie the room together without making it feel forced.

At Cabin Place we have a large variety of lodge bedding, bathroom décor, and anything you need for the perfect rustic look. Be sure to check out our rustic lighting fixtures, rugs and kitchen accessories to complete your look.

Giving Your City Bedroom a Cozy, Rustic Feel

Don’t think for one minute that just because you live in the city you can’t finish your living space with cabin decorating. What better way to make an escape from the high-tech, fast paced world than to build a retreat in your own home? Nothing feels homier than rustic décor, and even if you don’t want all of your living space done with cabin decorating, there is no reason not to design a relaxing bedroom using rustic bedding for yourself.

At you’ll find everything you need in cabin bedding to complete the retreat in your home. Cabin Bedding will only add to the serenity a room done in the rustic style and help you feel warm and cozy when you settle in for a long winters nap.

Themes vary from outdoor schemed cabin bedding, like the Cascade Lodge Collection, to those with the sportsman in mind such as, the River Fishing Bedding Collection and the Whitetail Dreams Bedding Collection. These cabin collections and the many more rustic bedding sets offered by are sure to add that final, cozy touch to any bedroom no matter whether you home is in the country or the big city.

Rustic bedding is just the beginning of what you can find to warm up your bedroom space. Cabin bedding at compliments many of the vast arrays of cabin decorating items available there. A warm, wool rug scattered on the floor that brings out the natural colors in the curtain selections all work to compliment wall art and lighting fixtures in the rustic cabin style to truly compliment the rustic bedding of your choice.

Begin with cabin bedding and you’ll be aching to complete the rustic retreat in your city home. And the best thing of all is that you can find everything you need in rustic bedding and everything you need to get your cabin decorating done in one place: cabinplace!

What’s Not to Love About Denali Throws?

Whether you own a cabin or just wish your home was a cabin, you know that nothing is as homey and warm as rustic bedding and décor. And nothing makes a bedroom or sitting room cozier than lightweight, warm Denali throws.

If you’ve ever snuggled up under a Denali throw, we don’t need to tell you how warm and comfortable they are. And we probably don’t need to point out that they’re lightweight and moisture resistant. But there are some things about Denali throws you may not know. Next time you cuddle up under your Denali throw, keep these things in mind. We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s really nothing not to like about Denali throws:

  • Denali throws are completely made in the United States. Wisconsin, if you want to be precise.
  • Your Denali throw is made by Monterey Mills, a company with over forty years experience making the finest pile fabric products.
  • Denali throws are made with MicroPlush®. They’re lightweight and yet soft, warm and cozy all at the same time.
  • Your Denali throw is completely machine washable. Colors won’t easily bleed or fade.
  • Denali throws resist mildew and odor.

If you don’t have a Denali throw yet, you owe it to yourself to find out why so many people say that being wrapped in one feels like getting a hug. With so many colors and styles available from Cabin Place, they make the perfect Christmas and birthday gifts.

You can’t have too many Denali throws around the home. The warm, lightweight throws can be enjoyed all year long. Take them with you on the boat in the summer, cuddle beside the fire in the winter, or take the chill out in the autumn as you watch the leaves drop. Or, drape them over your favorite chair to add warmth and beauty to the room even when you’re not using them.

You Won’t Have to Hunt for What You’re Looking for on Our New, Easier to Use Website

At Cabin Place, we’ve long had a reputation for providing shoppers the best opportunity to purchase camo bedding, rustic quilts, and other cabin décor on the web. Our customers have been well satisfied over the years with both the quality of the products we deliver, our customer service, and our reasonable pricing. One area where we’ve heard could use improving is the ease with which our website can be navigated.

Well, we listened. You won’t have to hunt for camouflage bedding (or anything else) anymore. Our site is now easier than ever to use, with products clearly described and displayed on click through pages. Our internal search engine will help you find what you’re looking for in no time at all.

We at Cabin Place value your business, and want to make it as easy and pleasant as possible to shop online for camo bedding, rustic furnishings, quilts, and all your other cabin or rustic decorating needs. After all, if you wanted to hunt, you’d be out in the woods stalking game instead of online looking for the best deals for rustic cabin furnishings and décor.

Don’t take our word for it. Try it. We’re sure you’ll agree that our new website layout is as easy to use as it could possibly be. Type camouflage bedding into the search bar, and you’ll immediately see all of our camo bedding: Realtree, Mossy Oak, Denali throws, all of it in one place, making it easy to choose, order and pay.

At Cabin Place, we make every effort to be the one place you look for rustic, western, and hunting themed décor. You’ve known all along that we offer the best camo bedding at fair prices. Now, you can rest assured you won’t have to spend your time hunting through our site to find it.

Brrr”¦Time To Snuggle Up Under Our Rustic Cabin Bedding

Winter is coming, and to all those in temperate climates, this means it’s time to put plastic on the windows, bring out and freshen your winter bedding and your thermal pajamas, and think about snuggling up by the fire with some hot chocolate.

Maybe the cold nights already have wishing you had a better blanket for your bedroom or rustic cabin to keep you warm and toasty all night long, or you have noticed some fading or damage to your old rustic bedding and are realizing it needs to be replaced.

If you are looking for quality bedding at a reasonable price and are someone who enjoys the outdoors and likes to bring a little bit of it inside with you to enjoy all year long, Cabin Place is your source for cabin bedding with rustic themes.

Cabin bedding used throughout the cold months gets a lot of wear and tear. Not only is our rustic bedding, blankets, sheets, throws, and pillow covers designed to fit your rustic or cabin theme, they are made with quality to last, not just one year, but many, so you can pull them out of storage and enjoy them again and again.

Getting a rustic bedding design you like and the quality you require at the price you can afford are sometimes hard to come by in department stores and other online retailers. Cabin Place offers you a great selection of quality cabin bedding without the jacked-up prices of other retailers. Our prices are so good for what you get you’ll want to buy a new quilt, comforter, or throw for every room in your house or cabin.

Sure, a cheaper knock-off version might get you through a few cold nights this winter, but other rustic bedding is not made to last like ours. The quality of materials and generous sizing of our rustic bedding are features we pride ourselves in. Our selection is constantly growing, so you are sure to find something you like whether you enjoy nature, western, moose,bear, pinecone, wildlife, or fishing themes for your cabin bedding and décor.

Shop for your cabin bedding online today for the greatest selection and deals, all at your convenience, so you are sure to be warm all winter long.