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Rustic Decor for Summer

Summer is an exciting time to transform your home decor. Whether you’re getting ready for a big family cook-out or rejuvenating your favorite spot to kick off your sandals and sip lemonade, we have fantastic design tips to incorporate your rustic style while creating a professional, polished appearance without the professional price.

For the decorating novice, at first the possibilities can feel overwhelming but never fear- below we’ve compiled a list of several no-fail, go-to themes that are sure to impress and help you get started. These are time-tested motifs that won’t go out of style and require little to no updating from year to year:

  • The Patriot– The combination of iconic red, white and blue tones during the hot season is a timeless crowd-pleaser. Reuse red table cloths and napkins from Christmas and serve up fresh fruit and appetizers on rustic serving trays alongside woodland themed platters. Dust off decorative vases and fill them with hand-picked daisies. Scatter flags, candles and rugged star decor throughout the kitchen and sitting rooms and don’t forget touches of burlap will make you look like a decorating guru. No longer limited to Fourth of July, patriotic decor, when balanced with generous doses of white, is classy enough to be displayed year-round.
  • The Westerner– Bring out your zest for the great American west with rugged browns and red. Hang a used lasso on a wall hook or over the back a rocking chair. Use an old, leather boot to conceal a vase as hand-picked wildflowers drape over top. Put your cowboy hats out for all to see and adorn your dining room table with bandana napkins and western star salt and pepper shakers. Hot glue rope or twine around an empty wine bottle for use as a candle holder and have fun with lucky horseshoe accents. Don’t forget equestrian throw blankets for the couch are a must-have!
  • Beach Bungalow– For many, the word summer is synonymous with sunny images of beaches, glistening water and outstretched docks. Luckily for us, capturing the serenity of the shoreline is effortless with a few well-placed items. Create a stunning table centerpiece by placing sand and seashells collected during your last vacation in a glass bowl with candles and fill with water and floating candles for a whimsical effect. Turquoise, baby blue and seafoam tones pair amazingly with white curtains and beach themed rugs. The key for a genuine-looking beach theme is to keep it light and airy. Don’t forget to add hints of nautical decor throughout, such as a sailboat themed lamp, seashell pillows, and ocean bedding for an upscale appearance.
  • Traditional Cabin– When it comes to the cabin theme, you can’t go wrong with nature and wildlife accenting. Line your outdoor walkways with rustic solar lights and bear signs to welcome guests before they enter your northwoods getaway. Woodland clocks, canoe-shaped coat racks, pinecone table runners, and moose rugs all complement wood furnishings in flawless fashion while checker board designs and flannel fabrics are classic staples you can use in your lodge the whole year-round. Host your next campfire party surrounded by authentic country style.

If you’re a decorating enthusiast who’d rather mix it up than stick to a single theme, here are some general tips to enhance your rustic summer look:

  • Keep it light– White, yellow, gray, blue, pink, purple, and sand hues are ideal for creating a fresh, summer atmosphere. In particular, yellow and gray possess a great wow factor that increases when you add a pop of turquoise or pink. Seasonal throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and place settings are simple, inexpensive items you can easily swap out for a completely updated look with the changing of each season. Remember to save dark, rich tones for colder months and don’t be afraid to blend cool and warm colors.
  • Keep it natural– The best part of summer is highlighting the beauty right outside your front door. Use flowers, shells, fruit, pinecones, berries and anything else majestic Mother Nature provides to enhance your lodge motif. Also, natural wood furnishings, while impressive year round, are perfection during the summer. Rearrange your furniture for a renewed appearance and be sure to bring any Barnwood items to the forefront.
  • Keep it simple– While updating your decor, it can be tempting to go overboard. Resist poorly made, kitschy box store items that clutter surfaces and go out of style and instead shop for well-made, tasteful items you can enjoy for decades to come. Adding an item or two each year ensures you’ll have a growing collection you’ll love.
  • Keep it fun– Now is the time to experiment! For example: put out a bright table cloth and mix and match your favorite napkins and placemats for a colorful look. Swap out lamp shades and dress up patio furniture with new pillows. Refresh your guests by serving cool beverages in nature themed drinkware or mason jars while substituting ice-cubes with frozen fruit. Anything goes, so use your imagination.

The sunshine months are a time for playing with bright colors and experimenting with rough and smooth textures. By being bold and taking chances, you can fashion a festive home environment that’s as unique as you are without breaking the bank. So grab your sunglasses, heat up the grill and express yourself through fun, rustic decor you and your guests won’t soon forget!

Tips For Opening Your Rustic Lodge For The Season

Opening your rustic lodge for the season takes some work if you do it properly.  Here are some tips to help you make sure that you don’t miss any of the important parts of this crucial process.  Follow them and your lodge will be all ready for another season.

Check For Damage

If you have been away from your lodge for a while then you need to check for damage.  Look at the roof, doors, windows, screens, and the whole structure of the house.  Don’t forget to check the porch for loose boards or other problems.  Finally, inspect the foundation to make sure that there are no cracks or other damage.

Check The Heating, Cooling, And Electricity

You want to check all the systems of the lodge.  This includes the heating cooling, electricity, and septic system.  You can test out all the appliances too while you’re at it.  You want to be sure that everything is in good working order before your lodge season officially begins.  This will allow you to fully enjoy your lodge without having to stop to take care of these issues later.

Clean Up Time

You also want to clean the entire lodge from top to bottom, inside and out.  Surely cobwebs, dust, and more have built up on and around the lodge so you want to clean it all up.  It is better to take care of it all in one fell swoop.

Update The Décor

While you’re looking around at the inside, consider updating the lodge décor.  Rustic décor can enhance the appeal of any lodge whether you use it yourself or if you rent it out.  The right summer decorating touches can make the lodge feel like a home and the best place to spend lodge season.

When you get to that last step of summer decorating then come to us.  We have a full line of lodge décor so that you can outfit your cabin with all the rustic style that you want.  You want your lodge to feel like a lodge and our many cabin décor options can help you make that happen.