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Have A Jack And Jill Bathroom? Western Bathroom Décor Is Perfect!

Jack and Jill bathrooms are very cute bathrooms that connect two or more rooms, usually children’s rooms. Finding a décor theme for Jack and Jill bathrooms can be difficult though. Kids have strong personalities and they rarely agree on the same things. But decorate your Jack and Jill bathroom in a western theme, and everyone will be happy. Best of all, it’s really easy to do.

Some Jack and Jill bathrooms come with two different showers, or bathtub and a standup shower. You can decorate both of these with western shower curtains and because of the space these take up, you’ll already have a large part of your western bathroom décor scheme down. If a boy and a girl will be sharing the bathroom, designate one space for the girl and hang a cowgirl shower curtain; designate the other space for the boy and hang up a cowboy shower curtain. Of course, if you have a house full of only little cowboys or little cowgirls, you don’t have to mix and match your western shower curtains. Choose the same cowgirl-themed curtain, or different cowboy shower curtains that complement each other.

Once you have your western shower curtain in place, don’t forget about all of your other accessories for your western bathroom décor. Because Jack and Jill bathrooms also usually have two separate sinks, you can mix and match vanity accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and of course, western hand towels with matching towel racks.

You may think that Jack and Jill bathrooms are blessings in disguise: a wonderful convenience that comes with a decorating nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be! Choose western bathroom décor and you’ll get big “œYee-Haw’s” all around! And if you need help choosing any of your western shower curtains or any other western bathroom accessories, come check out all the great items we have in stock. They’re great for decorating a Jack and Jill bathroom, or any other bathroom in your home or cabin!

Wondering What Kind Of Material To Use For Your Rustic Shower Curtains?

You may not think that the fabric you use for your rustic shower curtain matters, but like all those other little design elements, it can help pull the look of the entire bathroom together. Plus, when you’re talking about rustic bathrooms, you want it to feel as authentic as possible and the right shower curtain fabric will help it do just that!

Fabric is the most preferred choice for rustic shower curtains, because it lends that warm, natural feel that is vital to rustic bathrooms. You can get these shower curtains in a very lightweight fabric, or one that has a heavier weave. Generally, those that are heavier will not only be less resistant to static, but they’ll also last much longer.

If you don’t want to invest in a fabric shower curtain, a nylon rustic shower curtain will also work very well in a rustic bathroom. Although these won’t feel quite as natural as fabric shower curtains, they will still have a natural feel and will work well.

Plastic shower curtains can work in rustic bathrooms, and they seem very good for cabin bathrooms because you aren’t there that often and plastic shower curtains are very cheap. There are some plastic shower curtains that have rustic prints and designs but generally, these types of shower curtains will detract from the rustic feel.

And don’t forget the shower curtain hooks either! Rustic shower curtain hooks can add to the rustic décor even further. Add bronze or cast iron shower curtain hooks to western shower curtains to add to that authentic feel, and stainless steel shower hooks can add that bit of sophistication to snow-capped pine tree shower curtains. When you want to decorate your entire cabin bathroom with rustic décor, using the right shower curtain fabric and shower curtain hooks can be a great start! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you just need to get some ideas for your rustic bathroom, come check out the many styles of rustic shower curtains and their matching hooks that we have in stock!