5 Best Tips for Your Rustic Bathroom Décor

Rustic decor for your home does not have to be limited to just the living room, or the bedroom. Bathrooms are one of the places in our homes which are heavily used but artistically and decoratively neglected. You might think there aren't many ways to incorporate your love of rustic decor into rustic bathroom decor, but here are five tips to help you explore your creativity and personality in using rustic bathroom decor.

The first tip is to pick a theme and stick with it. The bathroom is so small that small things will make a huge impact, and you don't want too many themes competing for attention in too small of a space. Pick which rustic bathroom decor theme best suits you, your family, and what that particular bathroom is used for. You might want to use multiple rustic themes in multiple bathrooms.

The second tip is not to underestimate the power of coordinating pieces. Places like cabinplace.com offer matching sets of rustic decor shower curtains, shower curtain hooks, toilet brush covers, tooth brush holders, soap dishes, towels, and bath rugs. These sets make it easy to coordinate without spending excess time shopping for things which match.

The third tip is to use decorative versions of the things you use regularly. For instance, featuring a rustic decor themed soap pump is a cheap and easy way to add a rustic touch to your bathroom without sacrificing space for something else which is more functional. If you don't tissues in your bathroom all that much or don't have the counter space for a cute but oversized tissue holder, don't buy it just because it matches.

The fourth tip is to think of ways to save space while decorating. Light switch covers don't take up any space you use, but add a unique touch. Rustic themed towel holders and hooks actually serve and organizing function in the bathroom, which gives you more space. The fifth and final tip is not to be afraid to utilize your creativity and reveal your personality. A bathroom is a small room which can express a lot, and you should think of it as one more room in which to show yet another side of your unique self. Unleash your decorating gifts by exploring rustic bathroom decor.