Add Pizzazz to Any Room With Antler Lamps

Finding the right type of decor for your home is important. A decorating style can help bring a specific feel to your house and even your entire home. Warm colors and rich fabrics can make it feel inviting even on cold winter days. The use of airy fabrics and light colors can help make even the darkest space feel full of light. There are many ways to add a sense of character to your home. If you like the feel of a rural environment where the outside is brought inside, consider a country look for your home. Country style often involves the use of natural woods, plain fabrics and homemade items. 

One of the most commonly used items in a country style decorating scheme is an antler lamp. Antlers are large, bony, protruding appendages that male deer grow. The antlers reach a certain height and width each year and then fall off. Afterwards, the deer grow new antlers. People have often found these discarded antlers and used them in decoration. An antler lamp is a lamp that uses the deer antlers as a base. Electric hardware is attached to the base to provide light. Antler lamps can be fashioned from a single pair of antlers or even multiple pairs of antlers. A single pair of antlers can serve as a scone. Several pairs can be fashioned into larger light fixtures including large chandeliers. A classic antler lamp designed to fit on a table usually has the prongs of the antlers arranged to provide stable support for the lamp. On top of the base is a light fixture and a shade. 

More elaborate antler lamps can make use of several antlers and multiple shades. Floor lamps made from antlers are also widely available. Usually the base of the lamp has antlers around it as does the shade. The rest of the lamp is made from more traditional materials such as metal and fabric. Lamps created from stacking antlers upright and then pulling hardware through the antlers are also common. An antler lamp can be created from actual authentic antlers. Lamps that have been crafted from material designed to resemble antlers are also commonly used. 

Some stores will make a custom designed antler lamp for you from antlers you already own. You can also make your own if you are comfortable working with electrical hardware. decorating with antler lamps requires some advance planning. Think carefully about where to place the lamp and what to use with it. A large antler floor lamp can serve as a focal point in any room. The eye will be drawn to it as someone enters a room. Smaller lamps can act as accent pieces. Use several small antler table lamps to create a mood of country comfort in a small space. Antler lamps go well with certain other types of furniture. Place one underneath a painting of an outdoor scene. Use a larger one in a large room with knotty pine paneling. The warm brown tones and texture of the lamp will help bring out the sheen in the wood. When used with care, an antler lamp is an ideal way to add a welcoming touch of the outdoors to any home.