Antler Lamps to Enhance Your Western Décor

Antler lamps are a wonderful way to enhance the Western look of your home. These lamps can add appeal to your space better than any other common lighting fixture. If you have a Western cabin or a mountain cottage, the rustic quality of the antlers with their innovative colour variations and shapes can provide your area with the perfect old Western style that you have been yearning for. Interior designers for contemporary log cabins, as well as the ranch owners themselves, have used antler lamps for plenty of decades now. This is because such lamps have an attractive rustic lighting that can blend well with the overall Western look of a home. Because of its natural-looking qualities, there is a unique magnificence in the antlers themselves which superbly goes along with any assortment of cabin style furnishings. There is also something vibrant about an antler lamp that blends all the elements and evokes a chic country vibe within the space. These lamps have the ability to easily enhance the rustic appearance in any setting, as well Antler lamps can go along well with a lot of other rustic aspects in home interior decoration.

In Northern woods or states, antlers may be placed on snow shoes and matched with rawhide lampshades in order to create fashionable eye-striking wall sconces. The rawhide lacing of the snow shoes and the light colour of the wood, together with the pleasing radiance of the rawhide shade and leather binding, can make a harmonious combination. Whether you prefer to decorate your antler lamps with dark Western rawhide lamp shades or light rustic rawhide lamp shades, the end result will always look wonderful. Almost all of the time, the lamps with the finest quality are using rawhide lamp shades. Small antler lamps are sometimes made out of the antlers of a whitetail deer, while the larger ones may consist of several antler tiers of large elks.

Throughout the year, associations and groups such as the Boy Scouts usually look for the award winning shade designs. This is an exciting event that a lot of people enjoy, and you can bring this kind of thrilling ambiance into your log cabin. There are varied methods of creating antler lamps, as well. A number of lamp makers may simply stick the antlers together with an adhesive, while others may tie them together using rawhide to make it look more natural. To boot, some of the most attractive lamps may utilize a combination of lacing, screws, and glue with the holes fastened shut for a more earthy feeling. Because each antler is somewhat different in colour and shape, any antler lamp can be a unique and treasured addition into your home whilst still maintaining its lighting functionality. You can also try other antler lamps with different kinds of lamp shades and then check with the design of your room in order to ensure that you satisfy your taste and preferences. Not only that, you can also have a uniquely inviting ambiance in your Western themed home.