Appliqué Quilts Are Some of the Most Rustic There Are!

Whether you actually have a cabin or are just going for that rustic feel in your home décor, rustic quilts (and especially rustic appliqué quilts) can really give you that stylish, down home look that you're going for. They're warm, inviting, and designed to really highlight the rustic feel you know and love.

Appliqué quilts come in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement any rustic setting. While simple patterned cabin quilts are available (and also a good option for rustic homes), appliqué quilts offer the ultimate in comfort and rustic charm

Appliqués come in a number of styles. Among the most popular rustic appliqué quilts are ones featuring pine or oak trees, autumn leaves, and woodland critters such as bear, moose, and deer. Nautical themed appliqué quilts are also popular among rustic cabin quilts.

The best part about choosing appliqué quilts is that it allows you to really express yourself in your rustic decorating. While all quality cabin quilts will brighten and warm your home or cabin, appliqué quilts take it to the next level by allowing you to customize your home.

Many people choose different appliqué quilts for each room, and build the rooms' overall décor around the cabin quilts. While it's best to keep to one overall theme (i.e., nautical themed or woodland themed) for your home, there's certainly nothing wrong with having one room themed with bears, another with moose, and a third with some other kind of appliqué quilt and matching artwork.

Whatever theme you choose, appliquéd quilts are among the most rustic, coziest ways to warm your heart and your home. No rustic cabin should be without at least one, and some would even argue that no room in a rustic home should be without one of its own. Check out the wide selection of rustic quilts and appliqué quilts at Cabin Place.