The Story of the Beautiful Braided Rug

It's hard to get any more rustic than a beautiful braided rug. After all, it was the original American floor covering. Dating back to the Colonial Period, braided rugs have graced American floors for over 300 years. It's impossible to say exactly where or how the first braided rugs were made, but these rustic rugs undoubtedly had their origins in the New England Colonies. The thrifty colonists threw very little away if it could possibly be re-used. That was just a necessity of life at the time. The original braided rugs were made from the scraps of clothing which had been outgrown or become too worn out to be of further use. 

The initial purpose was to add warmth to the cold floors of the Colonists, but it didn't take long for the rustic cabin rugs to be recognized as things of beauty. In a time and place where creature comforts were few, these colorful cabin rugs soon became prized possessions. Different braiding techniques developed, and different kinds of fabric came into use. Eventually, many braided rugs were made using new cloth rather than castoff clothing. 

Today, these colorful, rustic rugs are often machine made. Available in a variety of colors and styles, braided rugs are a perfect floor covering for any home, but are particularly well suited to rustic homes and cabins. Rustic wood floors benefit from the protection cabin rugs afford, and the braided rugs add a splash of color sure to brighten up any rustic decor. Cabin place offers a wide selection of rustic rugs, including many styles and sizes of braided rugs. Whether you are using a rustic theme for your home or cabin, or going for something more contemporary, braided rugs add beauty and sense of history to any home. After all, these are the same kinds of rustic rugs which were used by our ancestors shortly after they arrived from overseas.