Beautiful Camo Bedding For a Country Look

Camouflage bedding or camo bedding for short, boasts of stylish and distinctive patterns that will answer the needs of those who long for a more rustic look in a room. An extensive variety is available which includes complete bedding and sheet sets - fitted, flat, pillowcases, bed skirts and shams. Comforters are polyester/cotton top layers that are luxurious and make dressing up a room very easy. With natural camo bedding patterns that match the decor and theme of the home, each set provides a cozy and posh feeling that is desirable to everyone. It is easy to transform the bedroom into a sophisticated haven with a gorgeous camo bedding set. Duvets have a body-warming polyester fill that can withstand many types of washing with a 200 to 200 thread counts and 100% cotton fabrics. Durability meets comfort and style and is sure to lasts for many years to come.

Camo bedding sets are versatile and can be coordinated easily with existing designs in the bedroom. Subdued earth tones and muted hues are used to elicit a country elegance and charm. In addition, bright prints can brighten any children's room and are a sure hit with boys and girls ready for a country adventure. How to use camo bedding in various rooms in your home:

1. Kid's room Do the kids enjoy playing combat games and imagine themselves being brave soldiers in battle? Then camouflage prints in their beddings are the answer. Young boys will find their dreams come alive with military and jungle-inspired prints that kindle creativity and stimulate learning for all ages. A wide collection which includes army patterns, hunting, rustic and cabin themes are available to meet the dreamer in the child. Young girls will enjoy camo bedding sets in sweet pink prints. There are sets that include pillow shams, bed skirts, and fancy throw pillows. Blooms and nature inspired themes are available in country coordinated hues that are charming and sweet. Add decorative accents to inspire rustic life and create an earthy feel to the room.

2. Teen's room Teens who love the feel of nature and the outdoors will be enamored with sets decorated with appliqué and muted shades of green, browns and camel. Camo bedding theme sets that capture game hunting, sports and the peaceful countryside. It will surely add inspiration and joy to any adolescent with an eye for detail and a heart for the outdoors.

3. Adult room A room that can inspire countryside and rustic living in contrasting tones of browns and prints is a must for everyone. Romantic atmosphere merged with present-day flair can be created using graphic lace motifs that are large and contrasted in pewter colors. Choose camo bedding in earth browns and cool greens to make any room a haven from a hectic day in the office. It can add a soothing effect to the room that makes relaxing easier.

Camo bedding sets are a must for everyone longing for a truly countryside and rustic feel. With the right kind of prints, it can provide elegance, vibrancy and the much needed accent for any room in the house.