Best Cabin Décor for Your Lake Cottage

Are you trying to find great ideas to help you decorate your lake cottage this summer? Why not consider cabin decor inspired by the colors and area around the cottage? A lake cottage can be a place of summer recreation, fishing, and relaxation, so a lake decor theme that ties in well with the use of the cottage will make the space feel more relaxing and more like a retreat from the everyday. If you typically do a lot of boating or canoeing while at the cottage, then decor that features these items could inspire you to get out on the lake. Lake cottage decor should inspire you to engage in the activities that you most enjoy while at your summer home.

The first thing you should look at when coming up with a rustic decor scheme for your lakeside cottage is the base color palette. Shades of blue and cream go really well in a lake cottage, as do yellows and lighter greens. Whatever color palette you choose to use, make sure it transitions well from the indoors to the outdoors where your cottage is located. If you are on a mountain lake, maybe adding in some vibrant greens to match the forest outside would be a nice touch.

Once you've chosen a color scheme, you can add in inspiring decor items. These could be things like oars, fishing poles, fish or lake themed kitchen and bath items, or anything else that inspires you through the summer. If there are lots of bears in your area (or you just have a special affinity for the bear), then adding some bear themed items could work very well. Your lakefront cottage should feature items that you personally enjoy looking at and being around, as well as soft cozy rugs and throws for nights when the temperature drops.

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