Best Rustic Bedroom Décor

If you are decorating a bedroom in your home, lodge, or cabin and you want it to reflect the coziness of a real rustic cabin we can help you find some of the best rustic decor. Bedroom decor items have a few elements that make them feel warm and authentic. Here are a few of the best rustic cabin decor items for the bedroom.

  1. Wooden Bedframes. A bedframe made of hand carved or naturally colored wood is perfect for a rustic style bedroom. Other options include frames made from natural sticks or logs to give the room a really rustic feeling.
  2. Quilts. Handmade quilts can really give a room a homey feeling. If you're going for a theme in the bedroom, perhaps quilts featuring certain animals, pinecones, or wilderness themes would work best. The quilt is often the centerpiece of the bedroom as it is what first draws the eye upon entry.
  3. Comforters and Bedding sets. Another option for bedding is to get a set that features a certain them or color palette. Earth toned bedding or sheets with wildlife or woodland embroidery make a nice complement to your rustic style bedroom.
  4. Window coverings. An often overlooked aspect of lodge decor is window coverings. Try to choose window treatments that wither match your bedding or have complementary colors. You can find many different styles of curtains featuring different creatures like bears, moos, or birds, as well as woodland themes like pine cones or trees.

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